The Chronicles of Han Storm


Who wants to live forever?

Extracts from The Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Trilogy

"     For the first time since I had returned from Death, I had a glimpse of what it meant to be immortal.

      And it made me depressed.

      If I could not train my current team and loved ones in the art of longevity, or if they did not desire to re-home their spirits within a donated body, I would eventually be the only one left living within this physical realm.

      Their bodies would grow old and fragile. They would either move into retirement or ultimately Pass Over into the spiritual realms, while I was stuck in this body for a considerable amount of physical time.   "

* * *

      “I am a child of the Cosmos, created freely to do as I please and see fit to make my own way within Creation” Hulo informed me. “I have chosen to first experience everything this Universe has to offer before contemplating moving on to another milieu.

      The body I currently have is almost nine hundred years old, Dau-Gaoucom. And you do not need to look so shocked, you still portray yourself exactly as I had known you in that ancient time in Altneght.

      Do not concern yourself with me. You did not meet me personally in Altneght. I was but a lowly servant boy to my master, the High Priest that had summoned you to heal the King.

            I learnt my skill from a Mountain Clan that practiced the art of longevity. And here I still am, having avoided tragedy and death to this body for much longer than anyone I know of.”

      “And you do not find it revolting to live this long?”

      “No, I do not find this long life difficult. I have found a niche where I have been happy, fulfilled and totally content for many years. I am able to walk in both realms, just like you do, having found balance in my abilities.

      I have many loved ones that stay around me in spiritual form if they move on, or they simply re-incarnate into physical form and we continue our quests together. Sometimes one of my wives would take over a donated body, where the owner wanted to leave and had given me her body for this joyous occasion of a swap over.

      I am never alone.

      But I can see that this troubles you greatly.”

      Sighing, I nodded yes.

      “It has been said that I am easy to live with” Hulo told me. “I know this and it makes it easy for entities to choose to stay with me.

      I am aware that this is not the case in your regard. Even in that lifetime in Altneght I had shared briefly with you, it had been said that very few could handle Hanuman.

      Even there you were seen as untouchable, a beloved champion for good, but also a god with such powers that we shivered when we were disobedient and the Priests told us that they would unleash your powers on us. They never called you in though. Just the mention of your name would straighten us out.

      I am truly saddened that joy eluded you within that lifetime. My desire for you is to attain some within this one.”                “

* * *

“      “Are you well?” I asked my 70 + year old subject, still lying with closed eyes on the massage bed.

      He opened his eyes, a new twinkle in them.

      “Amazing! You keep on surprising me. You took me out of my body again and I saw how you worked on me. It is a familiar feeling now and I was not concerned, seeing how waves of energy were pulsed from your hands into my body. Absolutely amazing. But I was again saddened to return to my body. And now I’m back and feeling wonderful. Tired, yes, but wonderful.

      Thank you, Han.”

      He looked fit and well and I knew this session will bring him a lot more joy than what he had had before.

      He had his warnings and I had discussed with him how his body was going to react when the re-activated glands were going to start flushing his body with hormones again.

      He was content to have to go through an induced puberty period. I thought of it as ‘reverse puberty’ for we wanted the body to revert back to a certain age and stay there, obtaining maximum preservation and optimum functionality.

      If people knew that they could do this by themselves, become Longevites by keeping their bodies from ageing or ageing prematurely, more people could live long, healthy and productive lives.

      But it takes mental exercise of an unnatural nature, discipline and untold will-power; and not many are prepared to look after themselves and their bodies in this absolute way.

      But it could be done. Just look at Hulo and Mara. They did it and there were many other people in Racewater’s Clan that were hundreds of years old, yet not showing their age within their bodies.            “




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 Published 13 April 2014


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