The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Part 8

Reclaiming of Duback

Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han


Excerpt - The Chronicles of Han Storm - Creata Trilogy - Reclaiming of Duback - Chapter One


*** One ***        

        We stepped through the Portal into a tremendous snow storm.

        Jade's hand was ripped from my grasp and we skidded apart on the ice.

        Caught within the clutches of the wind, I was swept away from her.

        Tumbled into a cocoon of snow and ice, all reality of orientation disappeared within the freezing grip of the cold.

        Silence followed with sleepy warmth underneath the heavy covering of snow . . .



        A purple woman with weaved braids adorning her head stood waiting for me within a tunnel of light.

        There was no panic surrounding my body and my spirit knew that my new body could not die. I left it lying under the snow, confident that my team would find it.

        The woman did not introduce herself, but led me through this tunnel to Duback's version of 'The Other Side'.

        We entered hallways that seemed solid and sterile within their reflective steel finish.

        Sound was very prominent within this quiet environment and our footsteps echoed down the passages.

        Stopping in front of mirrored doors, the woman pushed one door open, nodding at me to enter.

        A panel of purple people, very similar as to what I had come to know on Creata, stood facing me.

        There were six people all together. The eldest of them all, a man dressed in a gold tunic and pants, greeted me with a smile.

        "We are honoured to be within your presence, High Lord. We are most fortunate that you have decided to grant us a visit so early. As you have experienced within your physical form, Duback's weather is not of the most manageable these days."

        "You may call me Han" I requested. It made me uncomfortable to be addressed by my Universal title. I had so much more to learn before I would actually feel comfortable in wearing this title outright.

        "As you wish, Han" the Elder replied. "I am called Layok and we will assist you with whatever you need from this Planet to move us forward into evolution."

        "My first request is to have access to Duback's history, to re-establish the correct weather patterns" I told Layok. "I would also need the most recent history, in order to be able to make our acquaintance with your current physical leaders."

        "We had foreseen these requests and have prepared a single file for your perusal. Please follow Asla. She will show you to the space where you may download this information in private.

        Afterwards, she will escort you back to your body. Universal speed, Lord Han. We will follow proceedings closely."

        As I followed the purple woman out of the chamber, I reflected on the preciseness of these people, the halls and even the language they used.

        It must be a terrible burden to have one's home planet in turmoil if her people used to be such perfectionists.

        Asla showed me to a door further down the hall.

        "Only you may enter" she informed me. "I will wait here until your return. We hope the way we have compiled the information for you will be compatible to your spirit."

        "I am sure I would be able to figure it out" I told her.

        Opening the metal door, I entered a glistening, mirrored space. Hundreds of reflections of myself were staring back at me. I looked over at Asla, but she had her eyes averted, not even peeking.

        I closed the door behind me and stepped into this mirrored space.

        On closer inspection, I found myself to be within a crystal housing with many facets. Each facet seemed to have multiple layers, causing the light penetrating the sides to not only reflect off the inner 'walls' of the crystal, but within the layers themselves. This created a cascade of swirling colours and rainbows, creating the illusion of huge space although the top of the crystal was within arms reach.

        I had no clue as to how to proceed. There was absolutely no memory of anything like this ever coming across my path.

        Interesting. There were still new things Han Storm could learn.

        Duek, my Dark Guardian, had not been allowed to enter here and he was guarding my body on Duback. At least that much I knew.

        I never really had a communicative relationship with my Light Guardian, other than feeling it around me from time to time. For the very first time, I was wondering if it could be a source of information. Maybe this was an opportunity to finally become friends, instead of retaining a working relationship only.

        "Hi" I told my Guardian, "I really need an indication of how to communicate with these Dubackian spirits and their version of Permanent Residence."

        Waiting, I relaxed my own spirit, investigating this crystal phenomenon up close.

        A pushing sensation tipped me off balance and I steadied myself against the inner barrier that this crystal was creating, landing with both 'hands' against the crystal.

        As if by magic, the downloads started.

        Each facet of the crystal contained carefully selected information. As I touched each separate facet of the crystal, a piece of information would be gained and a layer of crystal would disappear.

        This was such an amazing experience that at first, I did not give a lot of attention to what content was being downloaded into my spirit. But after a while, I gave more conscious attention to what information had been placed at my disposal.

        I soon found that the top layer which I touched first, or the inside of the crystal, contained more of the current knowledge or recordings of what was happening on Duback at the moment.

        When I reached the outer layers, wearing the crystal structure thin, I came across the histories of this Planet.

        At one stage I scrutinized an exciting section containing shield technology, including shields for Planets and body shields that could even stop psychic blasts.

        At long last all of the crystal was incorporated within my spirit. I was not sure as to whether this information was supposed to have been accessed over days, or all at once. But, as Duek was looking after my body, I guessed that it should be fine.

        Standing within an empty room, I thanked my Guardian for his friendly push.

        Asla was still waiting outside the door and took a quick peek into the room as I left.

        "Oh, my!" she exclaimed.

        "We did not mean for you to take everything at once" she chastised. "Physical bodies cannot cope with such a load of information, not all at once. You are going to make yourself suffer severely when you return to your physical form."

        Now really? This was not even half of the information I had brought back from Limïer.

        "We do not have time to take things slower" I explained. "I have to know all this that you have given me, for without it, I cannot help your people."

        Leading me back along the passages towards the tunnel of light, she softly exclaimed "I hope you are as good as we have been told."




        Within the confusion raging in my mind, of new knowledge that was somehow also old knowledge, Jade's loving voice became a beacon of sanity and hope.

        Relief flooded the telepathic connection between us.

        *Universe, Han, we thought we had lost you. You did not respond. Are you truly back with us?*

        I wanted to answer her, but vertigo overwhelmed my senses and I slammed the connection shut on her for her own protection.

        Turning on my side, I faced the wall of the Thermo-tent. Panam was not with us. I picked up on his aura outside the shelter, busy with people inside an adjacent tent.

        *Han?* Jade carefully tested my telepathic response to her.

        How could I face her, if I could not even face the confusion within myself at this moment? Refusing to answer, I closed my eyes instead, checking on the physical condition of my body.

        It was intact, functioning perfectly, as I knew it would.

        "You need to contact Quill" Jade told me, rather switching to speech. "We had some trouble finding you and a few of the team ran into the Trazik creatures. Please, Han. We need you to tell Quill that we cannot dial out from our side until this storm is over, or at least placated."

        "I will see if I can get hold of him" I replied non-committantly.

        Jade sighed, touching my shoulder gently. "Please Han, come back to us. We need you."

        Shrugging her hand off my shoulder, I pulled the thermo blanket closer around me.

        This was important. I had to find Quill.

        "I will be next door if you need me" she said emotionally, before leaving my section of the tent.

        Closing my eyes against the visions of past and present and my own memories of this place called Duback, I prayed that I would be able to contact Quill and relay the message.

        Placing all my concentration on this one entity's vibration somewhere out in the cold of this Universe, I slipped my conscious awareness along the energy thread that was our wormhole, the only connection between Duback and Creata.

        It was terrifying to discover that the wormhole was not very strong, representing a flimsy wisp of energy hanging in dark space.

        And we had entrusted it with the lives of twenty people!

        It was a miracle that we had all arrived safely on Duback!



        Quill was lying on the sick-bay bed in Sunloen, apprehensive and stressed. Captain Heraldt had not received any communications from us and was starting to lose his temper.

        Quill had told him that this could take time, even days, that they would have to give us the benefit of the doubt in the event that I may not manage to make contact with him.                

        As with Jade, utmost relief flooded our connection.

        *You made it. Finally. Your connection is different?* Quill told me, relaxing his body.

        *This is a different type of telepathic communication, more like a blending. It is easier for me and at such a distance more acceptable.*

        *What is the message you wish me to repeat to James?*

        Down to business, Quill immediately realized that this 'messenger function' was draining my energies severely.

        *We cannot open the portal to outgoing* I told him. *We stepped into a storm of great proportions and had to find shelter. All of us made it through the tunnel, but the wormhole is not strong. Ask Hack to look into enhancing it for the return journey. I will contact you again when we are ready to come home.*

        *Thank you. I will tell them.*

        I disengaged myself from my friend and opened my eyes in my body on Duback.

        Vertigo returned and I closed my eyes on this howling, spinning world.

        My body was exhausted by the output of energy due to the distance of our communication. Yet, it did not want sleep. Neither did it want rest, nor physical movement.

        Racewater entered my section of the tent.

        "Were you successful in communicating with Quill?" he wanted to know.

        "Yes" I replied.

        "Panam asked me to check your vitals. Please sit up so I can continue."

        I sat up, allowing him to do his duty. He asked me to open my eyes. Submitting to his request, nausea almost overwhelmed me. I swallowed hard.

        "You are not responding as you should. Your energy seems to be depleted. Would you like some food, or coffee perhaps?"

        "No, I do not feel like any" I told him, closing my eyes again, lying back down on the mattress.

        "Jade is next door if you need her, okay?" he said before leaving.

        I did not listen in on the short conversation between Jade and Racewater. I did not feel like doing anything at all, not even thinking.



        Within this onset of listlessness, I found myself residing in a half-world. Not fully committed to live and continue my function in this physical life, yet also not wishing to move on and join the spiritual world.

        Not that the latter option was available to me.

        As long as Grox' children resided within my physical body, I was immortal. For the first time since I had returned from Death, I had a glimpse of what it meant to be immortal.

        And it made me depressed.

        If I could not train my current team and loved ones in the art of longevity, or if they did not desire to re-home their spirits within a donated body, I would eventually be the only one left living within this physical realm.

        Their bodies would grow old and fragile. They would either move into retirement or ultimately Passing Over into the spiritual realms, while I was stuck in this body for a considerable amount of physical time.

        Duek tried to steer me into positive thinking, insisting that I move my body from the warm comfort of the full-length thermo bag, to sit in the middle of my designated area, resuming my meditative position.

        It did not do much for my state of mind, but I obliged him. At least it gave me something to concentrate on, other than my disrupted psychic sensing.

        Duek was stern, his voice bordering on malice, ready to reprimand if I should indicate stubbornness. He knew me well enough to know that I would listen to what he had to say. He was not the type of entity you intentionally made angry.            

        "*The information you have received from Duback's Higher Worlds will flow. It takes planet time for the integration into the physical system. You know this. It will flow like the energy it becomes within your body.

        In this dense environment on this Planet, you need to learn to force the integration period. Your integration of informational downloads used to be three planet days on Creata. It can no longer be so. You need to form new alliances, and for this very reason your psyche, as well as your body, need to open up on an energetic and vibrational level to be able to handle and wield even higher energy vibrations.

        That is why you have this new body. Why you are immortal. This body can cope with whatever you throw at it, especially from an energy and vibrational level.

        You are capable of handling all the information of lifetimes of entities, as well as lifetimes of Planets, Galaxies and Universes.

        It might not feel this way at the moment, and you might suffer initially with feelings of being overwhelmed. But in the end, feelings are but emotions that need to be experienced in order to enrich the spirit of the bearer.*"

        Within the acknowledgement of this information came peace of mind. At least I could comprehend what was needed from me. At least I could commit myself to the correct path of action.

        It did not help much with the vertigo or the triplicate vision I was experiencing when opening my physical eyes.



        The wind had died down to soft spurts of whispers. Racewater was speaking to Jade in the adjoining section of our thermal tent.

        "He is not himself" Racewater told Jade. "Please talk to him. We cannot afford him going through another change on this Universe-forsaken planet."

        "I will try, but he is not responding to my telepathic probing. Maybe we should ask Panam to speak to him. Panam always seems to get through to Han."

        "Panam is tending to the injured. It will have to be you. Canning could really do with his healing skills right now."

        Racewater left. Jade zipped the tent closed and walked over to my side of the shelter.

        The partition grated softly. She stood behind me where I was sitting on the floor.

        "Hi" she ventured, not sure if she was interrupting me. She did not even try telepathy.

        I did not blame her, not after the shun she had received from me the previous times she had tried to invade my chaotic head.

        "May I please speak with you?" she asked.

        Nodding my head in the affirmative, she moved around me and sat down in front of me.

        My eyes were still closed but I could follow her every move from wherever she was.

        I could follow everything without having to physically see it. It made me sick to my stomach. It was worse when I had my eyes open.

        "You are scaring us, Han. You are so different that even Canning picked up on it, and that is saying a lot, for he is usually as thick as an ox where it comes to handling you. Please, if you could clearly explain yourself, we will stop worrying."

        My voice was level and without emotion when I answered her.

        "Imagine yourself unexpectedly in possession of knowledge beyond your comprehension. Of such a vast amount of knowledge that it just does not want to stay contained in the small little space you have in this human body.

        You know you need to find a way of passing this information on, but no information is forthcoming, yet you know it is there, inside your head.

        And in between all of this going on, you know that you can never, ever go back to the person you had been before you received all this new information, information you still do not have access to.

        At the moment, I am lost as surely as I had been in the snowstorm the first few hours after we arrived here on Duback.

        Universe, Jade. I am barely myself, what else do you require from me?"

        "I am relieved that you could phrase your problem as clearly as you did, but it is, unfortunately, still your problem. We cannot help you with it.

        Besides, no-one else is really interested in your perceived problem. We need to have you functioning properly as soon as possible. It is my assignment to help keep you functional, to keep you available to serve others.

        What we need from you right now is to pull yourself together. Find the old Han and get yourself over to the emergency tent. The guys need you to help heal the injured."

        She was right, of course. The world could not stop every time I felt different, or had a different experience, I, myself, could not cope with.

        Sighing deeply, I stood up and opened my eyes, swallowing down the bile with the sudden onset of triplicate vision.

        "Please lead the way" I requested Jade.

        She handed my thick jacket to me and I shrugged into it before following her outside into the snow.                       "




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