The Chronicles of Han Storm


Many individuals have asked how old my soul is. How can one answer this question not to upset people? I've told the truth to worthy followers who know whom I truly am. Some accepted my truth, some found it hard to do so. It is my opinion that most people do not understand the concept of soul age or time-lines as it is not something that is familiar knowledge, apart from acknowledging that 'past lives' do exist and some can be traced and proven. The rest is 'hearsay'. 
In the end it still does not matter. I am Han, and these are my life memories . . .


.Soul Age - Excerpt from Negotiating Limier, Part 12, The Chronicles of Han Storm: 

    "Can you accept your duty now?" I ask Kin-Allan.

    "I am sure I do," he confirmed. "But honestly, please, Han. I know you are Hanuman. I know you were here in the time of Altneght. The murals are irrevocable proof that it is your history, that it is you.

    What I want, no, need to know, is why? How do you fit in with Creata? Why was Madge so upset when you stated you are this Tngri-yin person I have never heard of? What is your interest in Creata? Specifically, and not the bull-dust you usually spew about Universal orders and Divine Missions!"

    Both watched me expectantly while I wondered if they would be able to comprehend my life.

    "Creata is special to me. I have witnessed her birth, the day she had been created. I have seen her grow. I have helped stabilize her ecology. I have helped to release the seeds of the first life on her, the organisms, the planktons, the plants, the animal kingdoms.

    I have helped build these cities we live so comfortably in. I have settled the first humanoids.

    I, and others, living today on Creata, are the original builders. I remember clearly the crystals we installed in the cities. That is why I have an affinity with the crystals in Altneght and Sunloen. I placed them there. I know them intimately. We are old friends.

    I love Creata with my whole heart. As a father loves his child. Would I then not become involved when she had grown old and weary to save her, give her another chance at renewal, to start a new cycle of life?

    Can you comprehend, even a tiny amount of what I feel for this planet?"

    They heard what I said.

    They were processing the information.

    Kin-Allan was the first to recover from my words of passion about my planet.

    "But, Han. If what you state is true, it makes your Soul-Spirit millions of years old . . . " 

    I could see how he struggled to come to grips with what I had disclosed.

    He closed his eyes, both hands resting on the table, breathing deeply.

    Kosima seemed to have a better understanding. She was pursing her pretty lips, eyes narrowed, watching the empty mug in front of her.

    "Some things are so huge and profound that we can not wrap our tiny human minds around it," Madge declared behind me.

    He gathered our mugs, taking it through to the kitchen to start on more coffee.

    Waiting for the water to boil, he stood in the entrance to the kitchen. "I would suggest you do not make such claims again," he warned me. "We accept you as being different and unique. It is already a stretch to live what you do, to be whipped through a wormhole between planets and to be teleported from one destination to the next.

    We do not understand, but we accept that it is happening to us, for the betterment of our life opportunities.

    We are living in exciting times of adventure, but some things are still too much for the human mind."

    "The concept of physical time you are talking about is totally insane, Han," Kin-Allan finally stated, still trying to come to grips with my words.

    "Why?" Kosima asked him, remarkably calm. "Is it so incomprehensible that Souls could be so old, or even older?

    Are the other planets not older than Creata? Are the other Galaxies not older? Does this not prove Ma-Han's point? He knows some of the planets before we travel there. Now tell me, does he not know this Universe already? Has he not traversed it previously for him to be so familiar with so much?"

    Madge brought mugs of coffee over, setting it down in the middle of the table so each person could help themselves.

    He took a seat.

    Kin-Allan breathed deeply, took a sip from his coffee, relaxed as best he could. "I can only live one day at a time. I choose to rather not think about such things as what Han had disclosed.

    I understand now where his passion comes from, but as Madge has stated, it would be best not to divulge this as fact. It is too upsetting. Life is fragile enough as it is. We have many adventures to live in front of us, adventures we would not have had without Han.

    But what Han remembers is just too much for the average person to ponder on. It would surely lead to insanity."


Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han, Negotiating Limïer, Creata Adventure, Part 12. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2020


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