The Chronicles of Han Storm

 004 Thumbnail Negotiating Limier

Cosmic, Universal and Planetary Recordings (Akashic Records)

Excerpt from Negotiating Limier.

"I was going to enter my very own recordings at the Source Entry. They cannot deny me entering my own recordings. I was entitled to do so.

    If I was prepared to see the unbiased, unabridged recordings kept of every bit that has ever happened to me, that was the question to be answered.

    As individuals, we build a picture of ourselves that we portray to the world and eventually we believe this picture of ourselves as the truth.

    Sometimes it was not the truth, and when you visit the unaltered Cosmic Recordings of yourself, you see the actual happenings and not the amended ones that are kept in the Universal Recordings.

    Yes, recordings can be altered, mostly unconsciously by steadfastly believing your very own version of happenings, or on purpose by people who know they can do so, so the only place to actually go for the whole truth, the entire picture of all your adventures from the instant you have been created, was the Cosmic Recording Halls.

    And, unfortunately, not everyone is allowed there.

    But I had always been allowed to enter these unaltered versions of my own Recordings and that was where I was heading today . . .

    The Cosmic Recordings were not a physical place, neither was it a spiritual place as I was used to visit around the planets, the Higher Planes of Existence within a physical environment of a Universe.

    The Cosmic Recordings were situated in a non-physical plane of existence I could gain entry to by using the Passage of Nothingness. One of the doors usually leads directly to this area, and although one experiences a time-depletion in the physical world where you reside, visiting your own Cosmic Recordings do not feel as if time is present at all."

Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han, Negotiating Limïer, Creata Adventure, Part 12. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2020

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