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004 Thumbnail Negotiating Limier

No rest for the Servant

Excerpt from Negotiating Limier.

"    Some people say the brain is a super computer by itself. To me the physical receptor within this body was indeed the brain. But the brain held the non-physical extension of the consciousness called the mind.

    And the mind was a maze of conscious and unconscious information, able to store and retrieve this knowledge and information.

    Personally, I saw it as a library. I even had a librarian, an imagined extension of myself whose sole duty it was to sort out, file and make sense of all the information I received from everywhere.

    Thus, to me, sleep was not the blessed period of re-charge and rest of the faculties, body, mind and spirit, as people usually see it as.

    Most people rested while sleeping, waking refreshed and able to labour at another day's experiences.

    To me, if I was really lucky, I slept in this state of refreshment for a few minutes in a sleeping cycle.

    The rest of the time I was busy, either out of my body, or investigating information on a conscious or subconscious level in this library or storing facility of my mind.

    I knew why I was bleeding. I knew that it was a releasing mechanism of the pressure build-up when doing what I did, uploading to the mind the conscious information of overwhelming proportions, as if I was a super-computer.

    The problem was that the physical space I had available was becoming full. This necessitated more release, more shut down episodes to reboot correctly while not dumping any of the information, for most had not been seen to yet.

    I had a lot of work ahead of me. I needed time to sort myself out.

    Time I did not have.

    Thus in this sleep state of apparent rest, I was aware of being in the Toowin, flying on our way to Sunloen, while being aware of the conversations going on around me, while scrutinizing and trying to make sense of the issue around our orders being changed, as well as giving some of my conscious attention to what I had found in Racewater's files.

    It felt like tumbling down a portal as the information was brought up, touching here and there, and everywhere, except making sense, with another set of information hovering at the edges, wanting, needing to be scrutinized.

    Eighty thousand planets were lined up. More than a lifetime's work to be done, with no end in sight . . . "



Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han, Negotiating Limïer, Creata Adventure, Part 12. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2019


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