The Chronicles of Han Storm

 Coh Series

76. Stubborn Hanuman

November 25, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      These different ways of existing, of being, of experiencing was scrambling what little human brain I had, playing with my sanity. Was it not enough that I had to deal with everything going on around me already?

      “You should really not sulk” Tempodium told me. “This is an opportunity for growth as no-one else had been given in all my time serving within this part of Creation.”

      He looked at me, flipping his hood down so I had to stare at his shimmering form.

      He froze all of himself for the few seconds he had to say what he had to. “Our Creator wants YOU, stubborn Hanuman, to learn all these things. If I was Him, I would have spanked you a long time ago.

      Now stop complaining and get down to studying. This is important and we have our orders regarding you.

      Not that our orders make sense to us, but you are making life difficult for all of us and you should know, we do not want The Cosmos to get upset with us.”

      He pulled his hood back over his head, composing himself before continuing with the lecture as if nothing had interrupted.

      I drifted in the dark, listening attentively, still feeling miserable that The Creator should deem me so special to train me in all these different things.

      I could either commit myself to this eternal change, this eternal upgrade, forever.

      Or I could refuse to take up this burden, this function I knew I had been created for, and stagnate for all eternity.

      I had already made the decision to move forward, but was still grumbling and complaining about all the work that was involved and the effort it takes to grow with the changes. I was not yet fully committed to my given task.

      For a moment it seemed unfair to be the Jack of All Trades, able to do a bit of everything.

      But only for a moment.

      Did I not, in my stubbornness, enjoy being able to do all I could do? Did I not secretly love being so totally different from others?

      Was it not my deepest desire to experience all there was out there within Creation to experience?

      Not necessarily within the physical realms. But at the moment within the physical form?

      Was I not constantly changing into different ways of being, into different beings while, essentially, retaining true physical and spiritual form?

      “You are what you are and The Creator will change you in advance into whatever It needs you to be. ”     “


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