The Chronicles of Han Storm

 A life in Progress - Chronicles of Han Storm by H Gibson

75. “No-one said Creation was not complicated”

November 25, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      “The Universal Council had been granted their application” Tempodium told me. “You are deemed highly evolved and more than able to deal with everything you experience, even if it is within different realms and dimensions at the same time.

      You will have to be very careful in future how you refer to yourself. You are aware that you are your Soul-Spirit, that you are Hanuman, contained, at times, within a physical body that you refer to as Han Storm. Therefore you know you are combined when you are fully contained within your body, or both, when you are separated from it.

      I, personally, beg to differ upon the report that you see your body as a puppet body, for you perceive yourself as Hanuman, looking exactly like Han Storm.

      You have always perceived yourself this way. Whenever you portray yourself upon the Higher Worlds, you portray the body-consciousness of Han.

      Therefore, to me, you are Han, yet, I know you are Hanuman as well.

      Confusing? Definitely. No-one said that Creation was not complicated.

      What you are not allowed to do, is to disclose what had happened here, with you as Hanuman or as Han Storm. When you return to your body as a Creatan, you are not to disclose that you had to act as aDestroyer,that you had been incorporated as a Cosmic Guardian.

      This information is not for the normal free-willed entities. They do not need to know. Not yet, anyway.

      It is hard enough to keep Creation in balance at the moment. But when the time is right and The Creator’s children are ready to move on to experience other, and Higher Realms of Existence, the information will be disclosed and they will be able to decide for themselves whether they wish to keep on having physical experiences, or to move up, beyond the physical, beyond anything they have ever experienced before.

      Do you understand your Cosmic task?” Tempodium wanted to ascertain.

      “Yes” I nodded, so tired that it really did not make a difference to me. I had no intention to mention to anyone what I knew in any case, or to talk about what had happened to me, what I had to do.

      It felt such a waste of time and effort for this free-willed Universal Council to be concerned about the obvious.

      Of course I was not going to disclose who I truly knew I was. Of course Panam and the CMC was going to judge me and think I had gone over the edge if I should disclose that I knew I was High Lord Hanuman and that I saw my body as Han Storm as a mere mortal weakling.

      Of course I was frustrated to know what I could do, who I was, where I really come from and then having to be stuck in dimensions that did not have a clue as to what went on within Creation.

      Really! It was not as if I could care about their petty concerns when I was stuck in my body. All my faculties were contained and I had so much work that I was constantly swamped, where would I find the time to worry about knowing I was Hanuman and trying to cope within a physical body within a physical environment.    ”


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