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74. Recordings of physical experiences

November 24, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      “How do personal recordings work? I mean, I had so many life opportunities on different planets, within different universes and parallel worlds. Where are my personal recordings housed? And now, with us starting to travel between planets, how are our own personal recordings being dealt with?”

      Grox took the question.

      “Planetary recorders and recording systems record faithfully that which happens within the physical on their own specific planet.

      The Cosmic recording system keeps a record of everything that happens to an individual Soul-Spirit and it is here where a person can ‘regress’ to, to find out where his Soul-Spirit has come from.

      You, yourself, have constant access to your personal Cosmic Recordings, slipping effortlessly from physical to spiritual environment, having an extremely close contact with the Creator Itself.

      Your personal recording files within the Higher Worlds surrounding Creata only contain your individual experiences on Creata. When you started working on Duback, a new recording section for the Off-Worlders were created within the Recording Section in Duback’s Higher Worlds, and new, individual entries are made on each physical incarnated Soul-Spirit.

      In effect, each one of you that travels to other planets, will, in some small part, become a part of that planet, even if it is only within its Higher Recordings.”

      “Then, if someone on Creata enters my personal recordings in the Higher Worlds on Creata, they would not find my adventures on Duback?”

      “That is correct. They will only have access to what had been recorded regarding your physical experiences on Creata, with ‘time’ gaps during those times that you had travelled to other planets.

      The same goes for Duback. Its Higher World’s recordings and your new personal recording file will only contain that which has happened to you on Duback. It will have gaps where you were busy somewhere on another planet.”

      “Then the only place where one can find a persons’ entire recording is within their individual Cosmic Recordings?” I wanted to confirm.

      “Yes. And no-one without proper authorisation, except yourself, may enter there to share your very personal files.”

      “These Cosmic recordings, do they stay within the ‘system’ as you call it, even if we decide to become one with the Creator again?”

      “They do. It is a permanent recording that cannot be altered or destroyed. It is available to those with authorisation, if and when it is needed.”

      “Say, for instance, I had previous lives on a planet, are these incorporated within the new files of Han Storm?”

      “No, as you have experienced for yourself, the ‘character’ you portrayed at a certain time within that Planet’s history is recorded and stored under that time-frame. You have many doors leading to your personal experiences on certain planets. Each one opens to a lifetime within another timeframe. You find your own recording when on a specific planet by knowing who you had been within a previous life, or you will be escorted by the Record Keepers to the correct place for your files.”    ”


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