The Chronicles of Han Storm

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73. "Leave him be"

November 23, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      “And who do I have in my defence?” I queried the Universal Council members.

The doors to the chambers opened with a crash and Tempodium walked rapidly over to come and stand between me and the Council members.

      “I am Hanuman’s defence!” Tempodium claimed.

Everyone kept quiet, the council members seemingly wanting to disintegrate on the spot.

      No-one could face the walking energy field that was Tempodium. No-one could face the Master of Time and Dimension.

      “You will leave him be” Tempodium told them. “That is the order I have received directly from The Creator.          What Hanuman does is between him and The Creator. He will be held responsible for his actions only by our Maker, and by no-one else.

      This manner of being is as new to Hanuman as it is new to this area of Creation. If he succeeds in coming to terms with what he has become and if it is seen as a success in experimentation from the Creator,more of us will be given the opportunity to consciously be aware of who we are while in physical form.

      If it does not work out, no Dimension will be worse off than before.

      As has been instructed, Han will not be reclaimed and he will have to learn to cope and live with all of his Universal and Cosmic experiences while contained within a physical body.”

      The Council members conferred for a moment, making their final decision before the original speaker stood up with their ‘verdict’.

      “We have come to the conclusion that we are genuinely dealing here with one of the Creator’s Servants, and as such, it is not our place to interfere or alter Hanuman’s path as planned by The Creator.

      He is free to go under one condition.”

      Tempodium stared at the Council member, daring him to continue.

      “Hanuman is not to announce to free-willed entities that which he knows about beyond the borders of normal physical dimensions. Not within this lifetime. Not within the body-consciousness of Han Storm” the speaker of the Council declared. “


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