The Chronicles of Han Storm

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72. From Darkness to Light

November 22, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      *These lives are not from this Universe* I told Duek, my Dark Guardian.

      “*It is not memories from this Dimension. It is from parallel worlds you had served in previously*” he informed me, cooling the atmosphere to cold uncomfortableness as he gathered himself around me.

      *It has nothing to do with me, now, within this lifetime. It has nothing to do with who I currently am. Why would I specifically be reminded of these terrible events?*

      “*It has everything to do with YOU. With your Soul-Spirit. You need to regain the lessons learnt from so long ago. You need to release those events, forgive yourself for any perceived wrongdoings. Move on into this new way of being you are starting to experience.*”

      *I killed people! How could I do such a thing?*

      “*How long did it take your friend to find out that killing people did not right his world, did not make the heartache go away? The blood of thousands of people could not satisfy his need for revenge. Eventually he had to stop, stand back and take life in from a mature angle.

      In order to become an Ascended Master, capable of leading his part of the Universe that was entrusted to him by the Creator, with wisdom and love, he had to manage to experience everything his Soul-Spirit needed, within a single physical lifetime.

      He still borrows a body from time to time, using a Medium to channel through when he is needed to teach people on the planets he resides over.*”

      *But I did it time and again. I was involved in these horrible activities throughout many lives, killing and maiming without thought, without regret. Why?*

      “*Because it used to be one of your functions. As a Servant you could give free-willed entities the experiences they wished, without retaining the blemish of self-blame they do.

      The Creator could remove you from one stage, placing you within the next, without any harm done, without you having to be reclaimed from these extreme negative experiences.

      He could move you around as he wished and saw fit. You have served him well in this regard.*”

      *He cannot use me this way any longer* I sighed, tears welling up within my eyes as more horrible events played before my mind’s eye.

      “*That He cannot, but you are to be used to destroy Rogue Lords. You must steel yourself and become the original Hanuman when you do these functions for the Universe. You would not survive otherwise.

      When you are called on to perform within your negative side, remember Gaoucom, remember these memories you had been reminded of so harshly.          Remember that it will only be a very small but vital function to be performed. A mere speck of dust in time.*”

      A speck of dust.

      Sounds reasonable in the greater scheme of things.

      Closing my eyes I allowed the memories that had been brought to my attention to gain perspective, scrutinizing them from all angles.

      When I was young in Soul-Spirit, but a mere uneducated Servant Entity, I simply did as I was ordered, doing as my Master instructed, following orders without any thought except to perform my tasks to the best of my abilities, making my Master proud and happy with me.

      As I grew in knowledge and interaction with free-willed entities, physical lives lived from a negative angle became an interesting affair, where I also started wishing for more than just to serve the Creator, doing what I had to do.

      A few more life-experiences later and I had progressed to be able to interact successfully in society, still taking human form in order to assist specific people in helping to turn events into Universally Planned outcomes.

      These were not easy lives, having to live away from the close connection with my Creator. It was extremely educational though, and I learnt at a heck of a rate.

      I was moved around constantly between planets, universes, parallel worlds, galaxies and dimensions.

      I served where I was needed, never being allowed to settle down, to become indulgent within a physical life.             Always knowing that this was only temporarily, that I could be called to service somewhere else at any given point in time.

      As I carefully flitted through eons of memories of physical lives lived, it dawned on me that this current lifetime was the very first immortal body I had.

      I had been told before that this was a very special body, but I did not understand the absolute immensity of what I was asked to do, of the task I would have to perform within this lifetime . . . until now.                 “


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