The Chronicles of Han Storm

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71. “You still know NOTHING!”

November 22, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      “What do you want with me?” I asked him, still irritated with him, irritated and annoyed that I did not understand this situation, that I did not understand what was going on with me at the moment. My world seemed to have been turned upside down with all the new information and these new ways of being I had come into contact with.

      Quaba turned serious, all laughter and fun suddenly out of the equation. “Just to do what you had been prepared for” he informed me. “What you have learned up till now.”

      He became quiet, pensive, as if weighing up his options what to tell me.

      Opening up the shield around me, I sent Duek away. I wanted to know what Quaba knew and was prepared to use the Gaoucomian method to find out.

      My efforts were successfully blocked and it felt as if I came up against a soft, flexible barrier that gently pushed me back within myself.

      “Gaoucom cannot enter here, my boy” Quaba told me sternly, staring straight at me with his sightless eyes. “He never completed the prescribed courses to be able to infiltrate our beings, our minds, our thoughts.”

      I stared at him in utter shock and fascination. Gaoucom was the wisest and highest Wisniathat I knew. Were there others that were more advanced?

      “My dear Han. For all that you have learnt so far, you still knownothing!” he told me, spitting the last word out harshly.

      Intrigued, I softened to Quaba. He was right. With everything that I know so far, I knew that there were so many millions of unanswered questions running around within my being that I did not know where to start asking.

      “Please . . . teach me” I begged softly.

      “Why should I? Give me one good reason!” Quaba exclaimed, sitting up, creating a shield around himself, just as I had done.

      It was fascinating to watch it happening around someone else, and I realized that I had never seen anyone else do this.

      I did not even have to think about an answer.

      “Because I am constantly terrified that I would destroy my own worlds with the powers I know I possess, but also know I do not have conscious control over. I am as a little child left to play at the controls of a battle ship with live ammunition. Any inappropriate button pushed may mean total destruction to those around me.”

      “Ah!” Quaba replied. It seemed as if my answer was the exact one he had hoped for. “Then you are aware that the knowledge I can bring to you will bring even more responsibility to your life?”

      “I am well aware” I sighed at him.

      “And are you, as your body-consciousness, as Han Storm, prepared to sacrifice everything you currently portray, to obtain this very specialized knowledge?”

      I sat quietly in front of the old man, my heart feeling like breaking, all other emotions having been stripped to the core. The nakedness I had felt earlier sat exposed in front of this Great Being encased within a body.

      “I have no more to give” I told Quaba sadly. “I had sacrificed MySelf to bring to this world the entity they know as Han Storm to help these people along within their physical experiences and growth opportunities.

      I had sacrificed Han Storm to be able to become different, to change this body into something else completely in order to serve My Master, and those around me.

      I just am. Yet, I am not. I do not know any more.”

Quaba dropped his shield, opening himself up until he sat just as exposed to me as I to him.

      “Then join with me Han. Become something new, something unexpected and something that has never happened before within Creation.”               “


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