The Chronicles of Han Storm

70. Vibrational Medication

November 19, 2012

      The down side of operating within heightened energetic vibrations is that the normal 3rd dimensional rules start falling away. Medicine does not work any longer and the need for food diminishes. Being connected to the spirit world allows you to draw on Source Energy all the time, without being consciously aware of doing so.   You are no longer ‘grounded’ although you are more a part of everything going on around you than ever before.

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      Panam entered as softly as he could, but still, I could not help wincing with pain as the door closed.

      “I see you are still suffering” Panam whispered, tip-toeing over to me, seating himself next to me on my meditation carpet.

      “Yes” I whispered back.

      Keeping to hushed tones, Panam asked if I thought that some pain-killing tablets would help alleviate the discomfort.

      Nodding the affirmative, he handed me a bottle of water and two tablets.

      As the tablets touched my left palm, the screaming headache immediately lessened to a dull throb.

      How could this be? The tablets were meant to be taken internally, not to work on a vibrational level.


      Placing the bottle in front of me on the floor, I carefully balanced both tablets on the lid. The headache returned immediately.

      Again, I placed the tablets on my palm, with the exact same result of the headache becoming bearable.

      Vibrational medicationpopped into my head.             Homeopathy, Vibrational Tinctures, where you place the positive or helpful vibrations of something like a plant or a specific type of crystal in a pure water base.

      Or like wearing a specific type of crystal around your neck or on your person.

      Just now, with me, it is working with pharmaceutical substances through touch!

      It suddenly made sense as I know now that the latest version of my body vibrates a lot higher than normal entities around it. And as the Groxes insist on making most medicines malfunction, maybe this vibrational route would be the best one to follow at the moment.

      Darn. It is just so much easier to pop a pill and the problem is solved.

      “Are you working things out for yourself?” Panam asked.

      “I think I have found one of your solutions as to why certain substances do not work on me any longer” I told my friend.

      “Please do not keep me in suspense” he encouraged me to continue with the explanation.

      “It seems that because of all the changing, the only way my body can cope with certain things are to match vibrations.”

      “I do not understand you, but please continue.”

      “With all these changes, normal everyday Creata third dimensional medication is no longer able to help this body.”

      Panam did not seem too shocked. He had been suspecting this scenario for quite some time.

      “But?” he encouraged.

      “But, seeing that vibrations still work the same way at the moment, and that my blood gets excited because of energetic vibrations, my body tries to match the vibrations of the medication, enabling me to still receive benefit from external factors. At least those that I consciously accept and authorise.”

      “I cannot even start to comprehend what you are going through” Panam told me sympathetically, with an edge of hysteria to the tremble in his voice. He was in over his head and we both knew it.

      “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked, totally overwhelmed.

      “I do not think there is anything anyone on Creata can do for me at the moment.”              “


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