The Chronicles of Han Storm


69. Compassion

November 18, 2012

Extracts: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

- incarnation as Krish Dameous, Universe of Euphranor, Planet-Leilaka:

“  “Why does Angels see themselves higher in rank than Servants?” I wanted to know from her, watching The Cherub close the door behind it.

      “It is because they are higher in rank than Servants” Ariëtte replied to my question. “You were created into the lowest rank of Soul-group. You can be used, abused, experimented upon as The Creator sees fit. Alternatively you can be snuffed out of existence as an individual at any time that suits The Creator.”

      She placed her empty dish next to her, taking mine from my hands to help herself to the sweet I was not going to eat.

      “It might seem unfair” she told me between bites, “but The Creator needed something to experiment with, and your Soul-group was manifested first. It is not as if a Master was going to be perfect with His first try at something totally new, now is it?”

      I shook my head in the negative.

      “And what The Creator learnt from that first, initial manifestation, was how to create other entities to please Him, to help Him, to be His eyes and His ears and His hands, His feet, His heart. To feel, to experience, to manifest in the myriad ways that is being done all over Creation as we speak. ” “


- incarnation as Han Storm, Universe of Kraita, Planet- Encha:

“      Grox: “In simple terms, Han, it means that you will be expected to act as the god-being and not the petulant child you are presenting to the world most of the time.       You should become an absolute professional, still maintaining the compassion The Creator feels for His creations, bringing it into your everyday physical environment.

      And I repeat. You should remember where you come from and from where you operate at all times.

      I know it is difficult when stuck within physical form to remember that you are actually a god-being, able to function within all the realms of existence. But it is necessary that you do remember this. It will bring forth the compassion that is needed for you to allow free-willed entities to experience what they must, what their Soul-Spirits yearn for.

      It is not for you to interfere within their god-given lives. It is their freedom to do what they wish, to make mistakes, to gain physical and emotional experiences. You are not their Creator. You are not their god. You should know your place within Creation. You should remember that you rank beneath these beings; that you merely serve them on levels they will never be able to comprehend.

      That is our function as Servants. No matter where our Creator puts us, it is always for the service of free-willed entities. Not the other way around.”


* * *

      Pulling Jade tight to me, I remembered times when my missions were hastened, or cut short when I was needed somewhere else within Creation.

      To fix a mess and bring balance back to revive an area.

      To prepare a new planet for new life opportunities.

      To play Instigator, for complacency and contentment had stagnated inhabitants of physical worlds into uncaring, self-satisfied, selfish entities.

      I would have no choice in the matter.

      I would be taken wherever He wanted me.

      And I would, in the end, always submit to my Creator’s orders.

      It was my function to serve.

      To serve all those around me.

      To serve every single free-willed entity ever created by The Creator.

      To serve The Creator directly within my specialities.

      And hugging Jade, I smiled sadly, for even she, who was really a puppet body of a free-willed entity, was higher in Cosmic Rank than me.

      My smile broadened as I suddenly wondered if Ramtha, my friend from a different time and Dimension, was aware that The Creator always had one of his closest Servants near him.

      To protect him, to make sure he stayed on his path as he had agreed to perform. To be the catalyst for the awakening of his mind and eventually the growth of his soul within that time.

      And for the very first time I understood what it meant – that The Creator could use me, one of his closest and original servants, to channel some of Himself through, in order to give direct orders to his children, or to interact with them in a safe way.

      Within spiritual or physical form, the connection I had with The Creator was so unique that He could take direct action within situations.

      And I shuddered, knowing that I would perform my functions to the very best of my abilities.

      For what would truly shatter me, kill me for sure, was if I should ever be separated from this extremely close contact I have with my Creator.                “


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