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66. Un-fairness

November 16, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      “There is an irritation within me for the people that surrounds me” I disclosed my deepest feelings. “There is still so much physical work I am expected to do, with very little support from those around me. I constantly have to juggle my emotions that swing from love to disappointment to rage at the unfairness I feel I receive from this ‘game’ called life.”

      Grox nodded. “I see a lot of sadness, heartache and remorse on your part that need to be dealt with within yourself. Especially in the way you perceive the lives of your loved ones that had been cut short without prior knowledge, leaving you heartbroken, upset and angry at the perceived unfairness of the Universe.”

      Grox mused by himself, contemplating on how to explain this really serious issue to me.

      “Unfairness” he announced, sitting back in his chair. “Inequality or injustice, being dishonest or unethical. Not being in accordance with principles of conduct that are considered correct, to the philosophical study of the moral values of human conduct and of the rules and principles that ought to govern free-willed entities. Having no virtue or respect. Or not being genuine.”

      I frowned upon his explanation of the word ‘unfairness’ I have used. He sat forward, focussing his attention on me before starting to explain.

      “When things do not go our way, we consider life to be unfair. But when was physical ‘life’ ever fair in the first place.

      Before we take on a physical incarnation, we plan what we need to do, and free-willed entities what they need or want to do.

      It is such a huge commitment that ages of planning and preparation goes into it and it is a sad day when we place our spirit within the womb of a physical person to grow a body and be born into a world where you only know for the first year or so who you really are.

      After that, the ‘amnesia’ settles in and we struggle our way back home to the Higher Worlds, some of us feeling bitter and dissatisfied with this insufferable ‘unfairness’ within the world, which we had brought about ourselves.

      Now, within physical form, we want to complain about this life we have chosen for ourselves or agreed to serve in, stuffing up when we do not follow our hearts to stay on our planned paths, being influenced by other people to be a certain way and behave a certain way. We make mistakes, we learn, we carry on and survive and eventually our bodies give out and perish, then we return to our real lives where we see what we had done with the time spent within physical form.

      A great percentage of free-willed Soul-Spirits leads honest, ‘good’ lives and are satisfied that they have retained the moral values as stipulated for a specific planet on what is considered ‘good’ by most people ofthatplanet.

      But for you, the lines are blurred between ‘good’ and ‘not-so-good’ and sometimes it is the same thing where you need to step into the dark to bring balance to the light. The never ending battle of balance. This brings confusion and the sense of ‘unfairness’ into your Soul-Spirit.

      There is so much going on ‘behind the scenes’ of any single planet. Those entities that explore a bit further find that there are many different paths being led and lived in, on and around a single planet. Some of these hidden aspects are revealed to other people by those that have explored the alter realms of their own planets.

      Butyousee a larger picture than that shown to individuals or groups, sometimes. Only a handful of people can see the larger picture, the rest tend to see only that which they are interested in and see only the tiny bit that is available in front of them.

      This brings us back to ‘un-fairness’.

      Has the Creator ever been unfair with any of Its Creations?

      What seems unfair to humans or higher evolved souls within the tiny worlds they live in has nothing to do with the Creator. He had created free-willed entities for one purpose and one purpose only.


      And do they entertain The Creator greatly, all the time.

They also challenge their Maker to have to rethink situations and keep an active control over Creation. It is seldom that The Creator can relax and just enjoy.

      Most of the free-willed entities He had created are dissatisfied with physical life, with physical conditions, even if they chose circumstances for themselves. They want to blame someone for their own inadequacies. They blame The Creator, for He had created them.

      It is seen as immensely funny in the Higher Worlds, and in most regards people will also laugh at themselves when they return home and see the childish things they complained about. Including stating that this life is ‘unfair’.

      You may think that the Creator has been immensely unfair towards you as an individual Soul-Spirit. But you should not complain. You are given more growth opportunities than any other Servant I have ever come across.

      True, what is asked of you is not easy and this life is far from idyllic. You should remember that you are a Servant. You should know your place. Our Creator can do whatever He wishes with us and it will still be fair as seen from The Creator’s perspective.

      We are Servants. The Creator can do with us as He sees fit. That is our function. We cannot now complain about, what we were created as, created for, now can we?”

      I shook my head sadly in the negative. Grox was correct. I should remember who I am and where I come from. Why I was created in the first place. I should remember that the final word, the final decision regarding me and mine will always be The Creator’s decision.

      “Han, you know all this, but I can see that you are not okay with it. You are judging yourself harshly for perceived wrongdoings, for going through what you had.

      Now hear me out.

      If you had not obtained the experience of what you had gone through, you would not have become who you are at the moment. You would not have changed into something entirely new within your body-consciousness upon this plane of existence, to be able to serve The Creator and humankind better.

      Un-fairness? The only unfairness I see around here is yourself towards yourself. Events within your life have transpired as they should have, for you to become who you are right now. If it did not happen in the way it did, you might have had an easier physical life, but you would not have been who you are today.”       “



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