The Chronicles of Han Storm


65. Slow release of Cosmic memories

November 15, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“      Harmony and balance is needed to maintain all the realms of Creation.

      That is where I come in. Being of a mostly unbalanced nature, I always strive to bring balance into an area.

The Creator places me where he needs change of any kind. Good or bad, dark or light, it does not matter. I can function within any realm, wherever He places me.

      Funny thing that, after having to battle through so many things in this physical life, I would only now start to remember all of this on a conscious level. I sometimes wondered if it would not have been better to have been able to remember everything regarding myself from the beginning of being placed in the physical body I now called Han Storm.

      “What would have happened if I had all my memories available to me from the beginning of my physical birth?” I asked Grox.

      “Like Sensaii?” he wanted to confirm the question.

      “Yes, like Sensaii.”

      “You might have become an arrogant person, set in his ways, knowing that you have all this power at your disposal. It is very easy to become a Rogue Lord and, although the Creator does not find fault with your loyalty towards Him, there are always those on the prowl to mislead you and draw you away from your original function.

      Being born to human form makes you as vulnerable to deception as any other normal human being. To safeguard you, your memory was withheld until you were required to start performing within your given functions.”

      “But because I grew up mostly human, I am finding it hard now to come to terms with the fact that my Soul-Spirit isnothuman, not free-willed. I am something else and it is very difficult for me to come to terms with who I really am.”

      “We have come to realize that. That is why we only allow memories to surface that you can actually deal with, come to terms with before we allow the next release.”

      “And this will happen with every physical life I take in the future?”

      “Probably, so we know you are safe. It was your own request in the first place.”

      I sighed. I remembered that it was my own request to be opened to my functions slowly, and not all at once. I knew that because of my stubborn nature I could ruin myself to the Creator’s functions if I had everything returned to me all at once within a single moment.

      I had made that mistake once before, within a previous lifetime lived in another Dimension, upon another planet.

It was a disaster. I closed that chapter carefully, making sure the files stayed well hidden under everything that had happened after that episode . . .   “


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