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60. Being Different

November 13, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“     Aquil turned around to face me, gently asking for permission to speak telepathically and I opened myself to him.

      *I am sorry, Father Hanitswa, for the dishonour your people unknowingly show you. I know I was not to have followed the silent conversation, but in our close connection, I sometimes pick up on what you experience when you are emotionally not in control.

      What Handler Elts has shown you hurt you deeply, I am aware of this. But heed my explanation, that all of this area of Creation is infinitely thankful for what you are.

      Most Clans know you are not human and you will never be, even if you look like us and have emotions just like us. Your specific body is merely the vessel you have chosen to be able to interact within this environment between the entities you are here for.

      Embrace your difference. There is only one of you, yet you can intermingle with us, share with us, live like us, experience similar to us, while being worlds apart from us.*

      He smiled at me and I thought it funny that I should get so upset with the small things. I was trying to save a planet and open up a Universe again.

      Besides the point of being different, it was a whole bigger issue I was dealing with and I needed to be who I was in order to do what I did.

      Stepping up to him, I touched his shoulder.

      *Thanks Aquil* I told him, before teleporting to the underground chamber where the activation crystals were housed.         “


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