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59.In the presence of The Creator

November 13, 2012

Extracts: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“     Turning on my side I slipped into semi-sleep, listening to Jade humming in the shower, the water splashing on the glass and tiles . . .

      “She belongs to me. She is as solid as a rock and I named her Tsanika at the instant of her creation.”

      The familiar Voice of my Maker, The Creator, reverberated through my Soul-Spirit, slamming my body with such a shock that I tumbled off the bed.

      It was so loud that I though, surely Jade must have heard it. But the water continued to run in the shower and the overwhelming energy of my Creator had already retracted.

      Stunned, I sat next to the bed, shivering in Duek’s cold inquiring energy, open and attentive in full psychic mode, waiting for further instructions, if there were any to be.


* * *


      I walked into a brightly lit room. Not lit with light as we knew it to be on a physical environment, just an incredible shining, as if from everywhere, making it hard to discern any form.

      Still not feeling threatened, or panicked, I stood just inside of the door that had been closed behind me.

      The brightness of the area started to gain pink and crimson flecks and I immediately knew that my Creator was around, condensing Itself into a form that was discernable and safe to communicate with Its Creations.

      I went down on my knees, prostrating myself before My Creator, knowing Him so intimately that it felt strange to feel Him so contained between these perceived walls of this Celestial Building.

      “You have turned the full attention of The Creator to this Area of Creation” Hadihachmoni informed me.

      In the brightness of the Aura of The Creator, I did not even dare look up to try and find Hadihachmoni where he was basking in this indescribable, wonderful energy.

      “I knew this would happen” Hadihachmoni informed me. “Your task is clear. You have all the available skills, but not all the tools.

      This was the easiest way of bringing you consciously, directly into the presence of The Creator. Bear this discomfort and become better than you have ever been.”

      Hadihachmoni retreated. I felt the door open and close behind me. I felt the Consciousness of my Creator expand around my Soul-Spirit.

      I opened my spiritual eyes and saw a vortex of pastel colours drawing me into bliss as I have never experienced before. I knew that this was how it would be if I was to ever be allowed to become one with The Creator.

      Nothing mattered any longer. I could not care about anything, least of all staying an individual entity . . .

* * *

      I was present within my current body-consciousness as we woke before dawn. Deciding that we needed more rest, we settled down, just to be called to the Higher Worlds of this planet.

      Here we were reminded of lives lived before on this planet.

      Afterwards I was requested to go to a Hall, and He stood there in one of His forms that make Him adaptable to interact directly with His Creations.

      My Creator came over to me, telling me that He is so proud of me and that I am such a special entity. He laughed at my current situation, finding it hugely amusing that people see my current incarnation in front of them and all He sees is this splendid entity that He had placed upon this planet for various reasons.

      Standing within the presence of my Creator, I felt humbled and privileged, for this was an honour as I know is very seldom granted to anyone.

      He held open his arms towards me, for within this form His Creations could come within direct contact with Him without threat of destruction.

      I fled into His outstretched arms and He hugged me, telling me that I am doing great.

      I replied that I was remembering most of my memories but not yet everything, especially not the memories of this planet.

      He laughed and said there was one memory He had to show me, re-awaken me to, in order for me to know how very special I am to Him.

      He touched my brow energy point, pouring searing hot energy into it that made my world whirl, releasing the memory that was not allowed free access . . .

      And I returned from this memory to portraying my body-consciousness within the Higher Worlds of this planet and I cried until I wiped my eyes, apologising profusely for my crying.

      He just laughed at me, giving me a fond hug and I could say nothing more but repeating Thank You.


      Now how am I to go forward, knowing what I know, remembering all that I do?

      I know who I am, I know what I am, I know what I have done and where I have been. I know the politics behind the scenes of Creation. And nothing on this planet I find MySelf on has changed from that time. Nothing!

      But who will believe me, after all my adventures?

      I am told that it does not matter what these people believe. It will be as I have felt within my heart.

Legends, Hearsay, Ancient Myths of the far past.

Unsubstantiated retellings by folklore.

Who would believe it anyway?   “


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