The Chronicles of Han Storm

 002 Web Reclaiming Duback

58.Being revered

November 12, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic

“       Jade joined me in the shower, gently washing my body with lightly quivering hands, her own body’s vibrations having been raised to uncomfortable levels.

      There was awe and wonder within her aura and she made me feel embarrassed with her soft scrutiny.

      *Don’t do that* I told her.

      *I cannot help feeling like I do* she countered, allowing me to rinse myself while she started on washing her own body.

      *Then try at least to look at me as your husband and not a divine being.*

      She smiled at me. *How can I? I have known you were special all along, just not how special until now. And now I am in turmoil to be allowed to share my life with you. Who am I, Jade, not even a proper psychic or anyone special, to stand before you, to work besides you, to have love being made to me . . . *

      Tears suddenly rolled over her cheeks and she brushed them away, annoyed with herself.

      I turned her towards me, pushing her under the water before kissing her softly for a few seconds before she broke the connection, pushing me from her.

      She turned away, stepping out of the shower and I felt lost as her aura left the immediate vicinity of my body.

      *Jade. Please.*

      She did not turn around and I could not see her features, but her aura told me that she was tortured, unsure of what to make about what had just happened between us.

      Closing the water, I grabbed a towel and stepped up to her, touching her shoulder, but not turning her to me.

      *I cannot live without you. I will not survive without you. You are the only thing keeping me here, anchored within the expanses I reside within. You are the only light to guide me home. Please. I will not survive without you.*

      She turned to me, grabbing hold of me, crying into my shoulder.

      *Oh, Han! But I am just a human and you are a supernatural being. How can you be so dependent on one single being? On me!*

      Hugging her close, I thought about that.

      *Because life will just not be worth continuing when you are not there.*

      She did not answer and I peeked into her thoughts using the Gaoucomian Telepathic Disclosure Technique.

      ‘Han would be doing his function, even if he had never met me. He will continue on without me if I should come to harm. He does not have a choice in the matter. And neither do I.’

      Of course I knew she was right.

      No matter what happens to those around me, The Creator was not going to allow me to deviate off the path He had Ordained for this section of Creation.

      I will continue with my functions. I will carry on, even if all those that I loved dearly at the moment had perished in physical form, moved on to other areas of existence.

      I will remain.

      Doing what The Creator wants me to.

      I will finish my tasks, unless He deems my services indispensable somewhere else.

* * *

      It seemed as if this was a private flight, for we were the only passengers. We did not even have cargo on board and it was not something the CMC ordinarily did. They did not usually waste an opportunity to move cargo between planets.

      Asking Racewater about this, he stared so long at me that we were already exiting the Portal on Duback before he answered.

      “You really, truly still do not get it, do you?” he asked softly, amazed at my inability to comprehend the obvious.

      I shook my head in the negative at him, thoroughly uncomfortable with his scrutiny.

      The Toowin had turned around, waiting for the Portal to be set to outgoing to Creata.

      “Han Storm” Racewater eventually spoke to me. “Do you not comprehend that you are the most valuable cargo within this Universe?

      Do you not understand that without you, nothing of what we are experiencing at the moment would have been possible? Can you not realize that we will do everything within our power and our limited abilities to keep you with us for as long as we possibly can?”

      Staring at him, I wondered if I was supposed to feel flattered?

      Was I supposed to feel honoured?

      All I felt was this hole within my heart and the enormous weight of the burden the people of this Universe was placing upon my shoulders.

      It created an ache that did not want to let up, strangling the life energy out of me.

      I was just before the point of no return.

      I closed my eyes, struggling to come to terms with what I may and may not do. What I have control over, or actually none whatsoever.

      Billions of souls clamoured for my constant attention.

      Billions of souls prayed for me to make the right choice within their choosing.

      Billions of souls encouraged me to play nice and continue to help them expand their own life experiences.

      I closed my ears, shutting out their prayers.

      But it reverberated through my energy fields.

      Billions of people had their attention upon me at the same instant and the sheer intensity of the energy it created drowned me.

            As we exited the Portal on Creata, it overwhelmed me completely, the acute force of the concentrated energy rendering me unconscious . . . “


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