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Universal Readings

An example as to how Han does readings for clients. It has not changed much.

Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr

    "I have heard so much about you," the General told me. "I do not know if half the things they say you did, or can do, is true. This I know. You change peoples' lives wherever you go.

    Whenever you touch someone, they change.

    I want to change too. I want to see where I am going, why I am here, what I should be doing.

    I need to know if I am going to be okay in the choices I am making, the decisions I am instigating.

    Can you . . . ?

    Would you be able to foresee for me?"

    I relaxed back into my seat, contemplating what this person in front of me was asking of me.

    'I am not going to beg,' the General thought at me.

    "Will you be able to live with whatever I see, if I foresee for you?" I asked, leaning forward, focussing all my attention on the man in front of me.

    "I will not keep anything you tell me today, against you," he assured me.

    "That is not what I asked you," I warned him.

    "Will I be able to live with whatever you disclose?" he inquired and I nodded.

    "That is what I am here for," he confirmed.

    "I can only see the probable paths set out by your own choices. I can only see from the viewpoint you are standing at right at this moment.

    Whatever I foresee may change with any choice you make from this point forward, so whatever I do foresee might not come to pass because of what you may change by knowing beforehand what your probable outcomes might be.

    The Creator gave us free will to choose whomever we want to be.

    Our stars and moons we were born under only give us guidelines to make life more joyous, for to Know Thyself in a nutshell is better than to waste a lifetime seeking Oneself.

    I can give you a glimpse into your Planned Self, your Planned Path, but it is up to you to fulfil your own destiny.

    Do you agree to my terms?

    Do you agree that whatever I say here today, in front of this witness of my choice, will stay only with us and go no further?"

    "I agree to your terms. What is it going to cost me?" he suddenly paled, understanding that this was not a free service.

    "A favour when I ask for it," I concluded.

    "A favour . . . ?" he mulled it over, wondering if this was the wisest decision to continue with this insane request.

    He sighed deeply.

    "I promise one favour," he replied, sitting up straight in his chair, mimicking me.

    Hack carefully kept himself out of the conversation, watching from the one to the other as we spoke.

    "I would need your hands to be able to make a physical connection," I guided the General on the next step.

    "But you will then read me?" he asked nervously, having been warned about this Psychic skill I had.

    "I might have a spontaneous glimpse, but I have asked for what you have asked of me, thus am expecting to be going into a vision," I tried to calm him, which did not seem to work.

    "No," I tried to reassure him, "I am not going to read you. I just need to make a connection. You do not even have to give me your hands, just the back of one hand would suffice."

    He seemed to be more content with this, hesitantly holding out his right arm to bridge the space between us, moving his body sideways, as if this would somehow protect him from the full force of my so-called Psychic Powers.

    Both Hack and I almost burst out laughing at the General's hesitant behaviour, restraining ourselves as best we could.

    It was an absurdly hilarious situation to be in.

    Calming myself, I prepared to take the General into Teleportation Mode, thinking to myself that this was exactly what I was discussing with myself that I should be avoiding.

    It was too late to change my mind. The General was waiting for me to do my 'thing'.

    I smiled at him. He turned his head away, not wanting to see what I did next.

    I touched the back of his outstretched hand with my left fingers, taking us for a millisecond into Teleportation before solidifying us almost instantly.

    The General would not have felt anything.

    Hack seemed surprised at the sudden change in energy, watching me where I again curled up in my chair, tucking my feet under me, keeping my eyes closed so that whatever needed to happen should happen.

    The connection had been made.

    I had received everything that the General had, to be scrutinized at leisure.


    I was waiting for the Universal answers to his inquiry.

    Sitting thus, it came, images of his probable future starting to display in front of my eyes with exaggerated speed.

    From this point forward our destinies were intertwined. Whatever I decided, would have immense influence over every entity connected to Creata.

    I saw, not only for him, but for Creata and myself, the next twelve months clearly, further probabilities after that depending on outcomes still in the balance.

    I was not content with what I foresaw, knowing that I would have a lot of work to do while aiming for more amiable outcomes.

    I gave the vision time to enhance, for me to be able to see more detail, pushing for the finer details, the secondary visions that would allow me to know in advance what to change.

    Groaning, as if in pain, I squinted my eyes, frowning in concentration, aware that the General was sitting forward in his seat, Hack holding up a hand so that he would not disturb me.

    It came. The little things most Psychics missed out on due to only concentrating superficially on the main vision.

    These little titbits of information have saved me years of negotiations already, streamlining my choices, saving time for Creata.

    The vision faded.


    I sat back in my seat, breathing deeply, relaxing after the ordeal, wondering what should be shared with these people, what I should keep for myself.

    The General cleared his throat, as if this action might disturb me enough to return me to them.

    I opened my eyes, looking over at Hack.

    *Water,* I thought at him.

    Hack stood up to pour a glass of water for me, returning to us, carefully handing it over, making sure I had motor skills available to actually take the glass by myself.

    I did, drinking all the water, handing the glass back to Hack before turning my attention to the General.

    He sat forward in his seat, intent not to miss a single word.

    "They gave me about eighteen months."

    The General moaned. This was not what he had had in mind.

    I proceeded to stipulate points that I have been alerted to in the General's life for the next year and a half.

    He kept quiet, not interfering, allowing me to continue with my elaboration until I had finished.

    He did not look impressed with some of the news I gave him.

    Sitting back in his chair, he digested what he had heard from me while I also rested, again curling up in the chair, exhaustion making my body shiver, as if cold.

    Hack stood up, went to the bedroom, returned with a blanket and draped it over me.

    "You said that I could change things if I do not like what you have seen?" the General asked.

    "Some things you can change. Some are unchangeable and part of the Higher Plan," I slurred, so tired I could just drop off to sleep.

    "Hmm," he replied. "Then I will have to consider some choices carefully. Would you mind if I push on your button again for clarity?"

    I nodded tiredly.

    "It will cost you though," Hack told him.

    "I understand. Major Storm does not work for free . . . I can now see why. It takes its toll on one."

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