The Chronicles of Han Storm

001 Dohr Chronicles of Han


Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr

Subject - Astral Travel

Duek condensed himself around me, making me shiver in his cold.

    "*Relax as best you can, leave your body in the hands of the healers, for they are the only ones that can assist you.*"

    Annoyed that he was suddenly back with me, I refused to acknowledge his presence, but heeded his advice in any case, turning on my back, calming my body down to where I felt the slight tremor as separation of spirit from body occurred.

    Then I drifted above myself, looking down upon the pale and drawn face of the body lying on the narrow bed, the heart-rate monitor indicating a sudden drop in mobility, blood pressure dropping so low that the body would be seen as going into a coma.

    Even brain function would show a decrease of activity with only vital functions still activated. For all purposes, it was an empty husk, set on automatic, to sustain survival of the flesh until the owner, which was truly the Soul-Spirit, should return to it.

    Aquil was aware of my departure where he sat on the edge of his seat, calling Panam on his comm.

    They would not be too concerned about my departure. They knew that when one left in the Astral, this was the typical symptoms a body displayed.

    Still, it was a stressful situation for those monitoring a body, for they did not know when, and if, a spirit would return to reclaim the body.

    With me, as long as the body was breathing, even shallowly, they knew I was still attached to it and would return.

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