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The Risks of exposing your Self/OverSelf while in incarnated form

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han: Taming Encha

        "I'm sure you are doing fine, physically," my doctor informed me, not bothering with an examination. "Racewater has informed me of a difference in you that we need to address before I can allow you to continue with your duties."

        Doc G faced me, producing papers from an inner jacket pocket.

        Racewater kept a low profile, trying to melt away in the chair in the corner of the cubicle.

        "This is a sheet from the notes you made at Hei's house," Doc G told me, "and this is the name of the Planet you gave Racewater last night."

        He handed both samples of paper to me and I could only smile at their confusion.

        Did they not know that different personalities write differently? Could they not comprehend that Han Storm's handwriting would differ from Hanuman's.  

        Han Storm, my body-consciousness was created with certain inert personality traits to enable him to blend into the human society, to make him available for mankind.

        His handwriting was precise, the letters evenly spaced, sloping to the right, indicating an honest, trustworthy and hard working person.

        The name 'Mirragona' was written in regular, strong, upright letters and any graphologist would have told them that the character was artistic, a good organizer and a pioneer as well as someone that could be tactful. 

        "Racewater is afraid that your body has been taken over by someone else, similar to the crisis they had with you in Sunloen, originally," Doc G tried to explain their concern. "We do not have a clairvoyant on hand to ascertain that you are Han or not, therefore you will have to be your own defence."

        "What do you think, Sheldon?" I queried Doc G. "You are a medium and clairvoyant as well. You can see a person's aura. Now tell me what you see. Tell Racewater what you see."

        Doc G sighed.

        "It is still you, just so much more of you that I do not know how to explain it to anyone else," he sighed at me.

        Racewater sat up in his chair, eyeing us both suspiciously. "It still does not feel that way and those papers in your hands prove it!" he stated, stubbornly.

        "Then let Han explain himself, let him defend himself!" Doc G ordered.

        "Well?" Racewater encouraged me to explain this new scenario to them.

        This was such a ridiculous situation that I laughed out loud, running my hand through my hair.

        What to explain to these people! What to say to them to make them understand!

        Thinking back across the time since knowing Racewater, I came to the most logical conclusion I could.

        "Once you told me that when I changed, became different, someone else, you did not know me," I told Racewater. "At the start of these adventures, you and Thornton wanted to terminate me because of this difference you saw in me, yet after a while you realized that I was not dangerous to you or your missions and that I was just different. You learnt to work around this difference in Han Storm, to come to a point of acceptance of the new being in front of you.

        Such is the time now, for as you have once said, you had lost Han Storm a long time ago. When I work where I am ordered to by The Cosmos, I cannot stay Han, for Han cannot do what I can, therefore I have to become more of myself. Han has to become his Overself, his Higher Self, in order to accomplish what is needed, for you. For all of you. For this area of Creation.

        Then I become MySelf and people cannot deal with me, but they can deal with Han Storm for he is familiar to them and they can relate to him. Yet, when you see and perceive Me, his Overself, within this particular body-consciousness, you become nervous and suspicious.

        Despite this distrust, you expect my body-consciousness, you expect Han Storm, to perform to the best of his abilities at all times. You put pressure on him to get up and carry on as if nothing has happened to him.

        You are aware that he works all the time, yet you still see only the waking moments as working moments.

        You humans are insensitive and selfish. Han Storm gives his all, to the extent that he sacrifices himself to become all of HimSelf in order to assist you.

        I have come to the conclusion that it is not wise to be all of myself within physical form and I will return Han to you.

        Just know that he will not have all the faculties available to him that I have. He will be a lesser entity while in true physical form as himself.

        I will retreat now, for I can see that this area of Creation is not ready for what I am."

        I closed my eyes, feeling my heart breaking for I knew that I either had to hide my true Self from now on, pretending an illusion to all the people around me that I was truly, simply, just Han Storm and not the great entity that I knew I was and wanted desperately to bring to this world.

        Or, I could truly leave, just go, knowing that I did not have to keep my soul within this body-consciousness at all times. I could work in a separated way. My spirit-consciousness could still be Han Storm, but I could separate my soul, that which is me, and retire it to the Realm of Life near this area of Creation, keeping an active hold on my spirit and physical body that was still involved within this area of creation.

        *It would not be wise to split yourself,* Arbodehien reprimanded me. *You are to start working as a Navigator soon and then you would need all of YourSelf to be available, not just the spirit within the body of Han Storm.*

        *Then what must I do? How must I negate this issue, for it is a grave issue for me?*

        *You are the Master of Illusion, are you not?* she wanted to know from me.

        *Yes; so?*

        *Then prove yourself to me. If you are as great as I have heard tell, you can easily negate this situation. As far as I know, you have all the skills available to you, and more, now that you are almost truly you.*

        She was right.

        I was a stubborn entity, just thinking about myself, what a wondrous creation I am and how little Creatans will really know about me and what I truly do for them.

        At the end of the day, it did not matter.

        I was Hanuman.

        So what?

        They needed me to be Han Storm. So play the role as ordained by your Master.

        I, Hanuman, did not matter.

        Han Storm mattered.

        What I did now mattered.

        How I acted now mattered.

        How Han Storm related to this physical life right now mattered.

        I inhaled deeply, burying my heartache and MySelf deep within my Soul, sacrificing MySelf for the understanding and sanity of those humans around me.

        It was as if the whole Universe had held its breath.

        As I exhaled, there seemed to be a Cosmic release of tension that could be felt throughout, or just by me?

        I was not sure, but I felt free for the first time since my conscious journey within this body began almost two years ago.

        Opening my eyes, I watched Doc G hovering in front of me, enquiringly watching my face.

        "Hi" I greeted. "We were waiting for you. I see they have you working around the clock as well. Are you not supposed to just look out for me?"

        "N . . . no? I'm here to help whenever I'm needed. Are you well?" he wanted to know from me.

        "Of course. Never felt better. I had a long rest and am ready to face this person that has requested my presence. I cannot wait to meet him."

        Doc G took vitals, carefully monitoring every physical function. Racewater sat forward in his chair for the verdict. Which was nothing special as everything was as it should be.

        "I just need you to fill these forms in and sign at the bottom" Doc G stated. "It is the new ones for the insurance. We all have to do so and they had neglected to give it to you back on Duback."

        "Not a problem" I advised him, taking the clip-board from him, answering the personal questions on the questionnaire section, making sure I used Han's original handwriting and signature.       

        "Here you go" I told Doc G cheerfully, handing him the clipboard.

        "Thank you" he replied, quickly glancing at the handwriting, giving Racewater a thumbs up behind his back.


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