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Reclaiming Duback

Excerpt from Past Life book Reclaiming Duback

Memories from before life officially began on Planets:

"      We anxiously awaited the results of the test phase of the new moulds. As yet, only a few entities had been able to experience physical life, and then mostly with disastrous results.

        Saith had just returned from such an experience. He had a rough time with his body being destroyed by one of the predators. We were to see him in the medical ward for first hand feedback. We were not satisfied that this mould would be able to sustain life long enough for us to experience physical life.

        Saith had courage beyond wisdom. He was laughing when we reached the ward, refusing to stay in bed any longer.

        "You should have been there," he told us excitedly. "To feel the air fill your lungs and smell the growth of the new world. There are no words to describe it!

        And the absolute terror when you know that the body you reside in had no hope of surviving the attack of the predator!

        I need to go back, to experience more of these physical feelings. When will the new moulds be ready?"

        "We all want a chance to experience this physical life" the Druid replied to Saith's question. "

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