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 00 Excerpt upon the brain - Preserving Creata

Upon the Brain as a physical receiver, Spirit Hospitals, Burning to Death, Cremation, becoming a non-entity.

Preserving Creata, Book 1, page 708 in printed version.

“I give you the Leader of the Resistance.

Long live Huii!

At least he’ll last for dinner.”

The creature called Kzan swirled back to me.

I saw a grey fist coming for my face,


blackness . . .


My whole body was freezing.

Something smelt of burnt flesh.

I could hear people chanting.

I gave my attention to the noise.

“Burn for breakfast, turn for lunch, crisp for dinner. Hail Kzan our leader! Hail Kzan our master! Hail Kzan our god!”

I was, mercifully, and at last, released from this blackened thing that used to be a human body.

I floated up, to about the height of the tops of the trees.

Looking down, I could see the horde of cannibals climbing over each other to reach the tender bits first.

I felt lost, at a loss of where to go. My unerring beacon of my own body’s particle path was missing. I still had no psychic perceptions, even after separating from that thing down there.

A dark shadow crept over me.

Recognition came with the sudden fear of the unknown.

Duek had found me!

Everything that had happened to me the last few hours came crashing down around me.

I surrendered to the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by a friend and shut myself down . . .


I was lying in a strange room.

At my feet was a glass-stained window with light spilling through the panels. My consciousness was seeking a pattern within the frames, but could not perceive any. The colours were radiant but soft in different greens, turquoise, sky blue, dark blue and violet.

I could hear the sea through a window on my left-hand side. I managed to turn my head to have a look.

Sensaii was sitting next to me, giving me a huge grin.

“Welcome back. We thought you were never going to come back to us.”

“Where am I? Did my body perish? Am I dead?”

“Not so fast. Calm down. You are going to be perfectly fine” he soothed.

Tucker came into my view, also smiling with relief.

“We will answer a few questions and then you will have to rest, okay?” he said.

I was not in my body, and my foremost concern was for it.

“Is my own body still functional?” I wanted to know.

Sensaii answered. “Yes, it is in a comatose state at the moment, but Panam and your team is looking after it really well, so you do not need to worry. It will be completely functional when you return to it.”

“Where am I right now?”

Tucker took the question. “You are in a Hospital. This is where spirits or souls come that have experienced either physical or mental trauma in their physical lives.

You had both.

You will not be allowed to continue with your physical mission until you have worked through what had happened to you. In short, you are here to make sure your spirit heals completely before you move forward again.”

The fresh memories of my failed assignment flooded over me. Anger such as I had not known before washed through me. Every particle of my perceived self reflected red and inflamed. I seemed on fire with a blue haze around me.

Sensaii and Tucker backed away from the bed.

Tucker was stern with me. “If you do not calm down right now, they will remove you from here and your mission will be considered a failure. Get a grip on yourself. Allow us to explain what went wrong.”

It took great effort to calm myself.

Eventually, with loving thoughts of Moira and the painful memory of what my family had to sacrifice so far, I brought myself under control.

As the anger subsided, it was replaced with despair.

From the one end to the other. Typical of human nature.

“Please do not sulk. I have told you before not to do so.” Tucker knew me better than I did myself.

I sat up, hugging my legs. Placing my chin on my knees, I stared at the soft colours of the window. “What happened?”

Tucker continued “You were sent to Encha. Arrangements had been made with Huii, the person whose body you had occupied, to host you.

Unfortunately, events on Encha did not play out strictly according to plan. A third force entered the scene and your host was killed shortly before your planned arrival.

You did indeed arrive in a ‘dead’ body.”

“Why could I not use any of my psychic functions. I did not even pick up on Duek who was supposed to have accompanied me to Encha.”

“Huii’s body was severely damaged. In the case of such traumatic head injuries it is common for the higher receptors to be destroyed. You could not use a non-functional body as a psychic receiver or transmitter. You were literally ‘stuck’ where you were.

This happens when neurons malfunction in the physical realm. The body is damaged and the spirit gets stuck and cannot go either way until released by death. It is a very traumatic experience for any spirit to be stuck in such a situation.”

“Then why did Duek only embrace me when I was severed from the body?”

Tucker answered with a lot of patience and sympathy. “Because you could not transmit your whereabouts, we lost you for a while. We were only able to pick up on you when you were freed from the body.”

“And if that body did not perish, would you have found me?”

It was Sensaii’s turn to answer. “Of course. We were already seeking you out by your life energy. That is why Duek found you so soon, unfortunately not in time to free you from your predicament. We all apologize for that.”

“Why did my body perceive the burning as cold. I am still freezing, although I know my spirit is safe here.”

Tucker hooked a chair nearer and they both sat down next to the bed. He took my left hand in both of his.

“Physical death by fire is the worst possible death there is. It not only destroys the body, but harms the spirit severely. The only other thing that can harm the spirit is addictive drugs, but that is an entirely different story.

The spirit experiences the burning sensation as cold. The hotter the fire, the colder the burn to the spirit. The spirit literally freezes and the memory involved is usually long-lived and extremely traumatic. Most burn victims come here, to a hospital, to be debriefed and re-integrated into the spirit world after successful rehabilitation.”

“Then what about the Clans that cremate their people immediately after death, or does it not matter to burn after you are dead?” I wanted to know. This was fascinating information.

“There are different ways this works. Most people with a spiritual background, those that believe in life after death, leave their bodies immediately, cutting the particle path or ‘cord’ instantly to be able to move on unhindered.

These people usually know their bodies are going to be cremated, or chose to be cremated after death. To them, it does not matter in which way the body is disposed of, because they are no longer attached to it.

In people not of the belief that there is life directly after death, those that believe that they go to a halfway place for a while, or the lazy ones that do not want to make up their minds as to where they want to go after the perishing of their bodies, might end up with a hard time if their families decide to cremate the body within the allotted three day waiting period.

They usually experience the cremation of the body as a cold burning of the spirit and end up in hospital if they are lucky.

The Clans whose spiritual beliefs dictate leaving a body alone for three days before burial or cremation know that they are playing it safe, giving the spirit the natural time to separate completely and peacefully from the body before doing anything to dispose of it.”

“How did Duek bring me here. As far as I know, he cannot enter the realm of the Light side?”

“He did not bring you, your Light Guardian did” Tucker said. “You came to us surrounded by it, in what we call a ‘non-committal’ state. It is when not even your spirit wants to respond to normal impulses.

You were literally only a pinprick of light, not committing to anything around it, not even Source Energy.”

Sensaii tried to explain it in a different way. “When The Creator created us, we were brand new entities without any experience, memory or emotional input. Then The Creator placed us in situations where we could start to gain experience and memory. Soon we grow beyond The Creator’s initial boundaries and He allows us to go out into the world.

When we are ready, we choose to have emotional experiences. For these we need the physical world in which to gain these emotional experiences, and so the ‘Wheel of Life’ is born, with birth onto a physical environment and death back into the spiritual or true home.

Most entities want or need repeat emotional experiences and live one physical life after another. Some entities only survive one such a physical experience to be put off from it forever.

What happened to you is where your spirit went into ‘shock’, becoming unable to deal with either realm. Not acknowledging the physical and also not the real plane of existence. Not committing to anything, refusing to exist.

You became a non-entity for a little while.”

“Then where did I go while being a non-entity?”

Tucker answered me again. “As we said, your Guardian brought you to the Hospital. This is your private room which you had used before. If you check your memories, you will recognize this room.

No-one can do anything if a spirit chose to be a non-entity. What we did was to talk to you, calling you back, reminding you of who you are and what you can do. Reminding you of all the entities that dearly love you and are waiting to be reunited with you when you finally come home, on the physical and spiritual planes.

We also used Moira to force you back. The mention of her did seem to have done the trick.”

“What happens to other spirits that do not want to acknowledge life after physical death, where do they go if their loved ones cannot bring them back?”

Sensaii gave me a pained expression. “Their spirits are lain out in fields where they are constantly monitored in case they become aware that there is life after physical death.

Their loved ones visit them regularly, spending time with them, talking to them, trying to wake them from their state. We call them ‘lost souls’. It is such a tragedy that a higher, thinking entity can believe that there is no life after physical death, or worse, that someone will some day come and ‘wake them up’ to go home.

How can anyone wake someone that is not prepared to be woken?”

“So what happens to me now? I am back in the land of the truly living. My body is in a comatose state in the land of the physical, and I am stuck in a hospital bed with a mission that I was unable to complete.”

Tucker smiled, patting my hand. “Now you sleep and take a break while they organize you another host that can help you complete your mission.”

“Your healers will be here any second” Sensaii continued. “Relax and enjoy, you will feel like a new entity afterwards.”

They both left the room through a door behind my head. I was strangely at peace in this place. My thoughts turned to the devastating events I had just lived and died through. I played the whole scene through, this time standing emotionally apart from it.

This really happened to a body I had possession of for a little while. For that time, it was my body. The animosity between my host and the cannibals were evident in the playback of the memories.

One thing was for certain. When I can get my own body to Encha, all hell was going to break loose on that planet. It was a very private promise to Huii, an entity I had yet to meet.

As the door to my room opened, I brought my attention back to the present. Four healers dressed in long white robes entered. I could not discern their features. They looked more like Guardians than healers.

They came to my bed, positioning themselves at each side of it. Then they all extended their hands over me. Each hand was held over a major energy point on my spirit, but not touching me.

From toes to head I could feel their healing energy entering my spirit.

Stress left me.

Perceived pain left my spirit.

Warmth returned. And with the warmth, the Creator’s pink cloud surrounded me.

A sense of love, peace and harmony filled all that was truly me.


Excerpt: Chronicles of Han, Preserving Creata, Book 1, Part 1-7. Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009. 


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