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Engaging Chlophilia - Oracle Cards on Creata

Oracle Cards on Creata

Exclusive Excerpt from Han Storm:

The Chronicles of Han, Book 5, Part 12- Engaging Chlophilia

(WIP unedited)

"  Annayeke was sitting at my kitchen table, busy laying out a pack of Oracle cards.

    Seemingly absorbed in what she was receiving, she did not even notice me entering to stand at her shoulder watching what she was doing.

    She turned another card, showing two people holding hands, the Portal Sign on my chest in the background, highlighting the eerily white skin of the male, the golden sheen of the female figure.

    *Hi, Han,* she stated into my head.

    So unobtrusively did she enter my mind that I was shocked by it, slamming the connection shut between us.

    "Please. Sit," she invited and I sat down next to her, scrutinizing the familiar scenes in front of me.

    "Lovers," she told me, touching the card of the couple.

    "You and Jade," she confirmed what I was suspecting.

    "They made a Universal Card Pack about your life." It was a matter-of-fact statement.

    "Who made it?" I wished to know, just to say something and not feel so absolutely threatened by the physical connection to me on the table.

    "The Hannigan Corporation."


    "Because people wished to be able to be near you. In this way you can sort out individual lives without having to get involved on a conscious level."

    "But I am involved. I feel when people pray to me. I feel when they think about me."

    "This we know," she confirmed. "So now you do not have to give them your conscious attention. Some of your energy might be diverted, but it would interfere less."

    "How accurate are the cards? Who designed them?"

    "Oh, I would say scarily accurate. The designs were carefully considered by everyone in your inner team, including Racewater. We are saddened that he did not see the final results of our labour before he had to leave."

    "Then you were aware that he would pass over?"

    "Yes. I saw the probability, but not the timeline. The Universe refused to give me a timeline."

    I hesitantly touched the cards on the table with my fingertips, expecting the eruption of visions, sighing with relief when none were forthcoming.

    Maybe I could actually see for myself with these cards?

    "Would you like to go through them?" she encouraged, gently scooping all the cards in her layout together, placing them back in the pack before lightly shuffling them.

    "I would actually first wish to have a good look at them. They seem to have been made with love and understanding."

    "We have seen that every card was carefully imprinted with the correct vibrations," she confirmed.

    "Did Rabecca do the artwork?" I asked, taking up the pack, turning the cards to face me before starting to sort them into their different houses.

    "Yes. You recognise her style?"

    "And her energy," I smiled, seeing who had given meticulous input into every aspect of the cards.

    So very interesting. Han Storm had his own set of Universal Oracle cards, designed, imprinted and made for the people of Creata and the Universe of Kraita.

    For a moment I wondered what this would bring into my already chaotic life.

    In the same instant I realized that what Annayeke had stated was the truth.

    These cards were already imbued with my vibrations, as well as the vibrations of the people around me. The user would receive everything that we were, and we would be able to assist without having to be bothered unduly as these cards were generic answers to combination question sets which have been asked by mortals and Free-willed Soul-Spirits for millennia.

    Is it then not better to train them to do for themselves, see for themselves through a handy tool for easy interpretation?

    "You seem pleased?" Annayeke wished to ascertain.

    "Yes. I am pleased and content not to have to foresee for everyone."

    "I am overjoyed as well. We have orders coming out of our ears. It seems that just about everyone on Creata wishes to have this specific pack of cards!" she disclosed.

    With all the cards sorted into their houses, I placed the twenty two major house cards face up and in order on the table, scrutinizing the exquisite artwork on them, each card representing an aspect or telling a snippet from my life as Han Storm.

    Some of the depictions were scary in accuracy, where others you could see were mere hearsay interpretations, but still incredibly accurate, making me wonder where they had received their inspiration from.

    The blue backing of the cards was that of two mirror images of the Portal Sign, each showing the infinity sign to the bottom of the card, making it impossible to see if they were up or down when turned over.

    They have used the Clans for the Minor Houses.

    Gaoucom for the Earth Energies as they were the Keepers of the Land.

    Kwailu for the Air energies because they were the Energy Workers and Healers as well as the Portal Masters.

    The Mountain Clans of Gancor represented Water for they were the Elementals, Handlers and Holders of Life.

    The Fire Element of Guardianship was given to the Desert Clans of Altneght.

    "Do you wish to do a reading for yourself?" Annayeke encouraged when I had finished inspecting the cards.

    "Yes, why not? I can just as well try them out and see where we are going with this," I replied, gently shuffling the cards before splitting the pack, setting it face down on the table in front of me.

    Breathing deeply, I asked that the Universe ensure that the message I needed at that moment would be revealed in the cards.

    Waiting a few seconds, I saw a golden light encircling the pack. Only when this Spiritual Re-shuffling had stopped and the light dissipated, did I venture to remove the first five cards from the top of the pack.

    These I laid out in a star format. The first card in the middle, the second to the left of it, the third to the right, fourth to the bottom of the middle (or first) card and the fifth card to the top of the first card.

    All the cards were still face down. I really did not need to know immediately what they were or what message they were supposed to give me.

    Again I waited a few seconds, making sure there was no further Spiritual re-shuffling needed.

    When no light could be seen I turned the middle, or first card over, revealing The Emperor.

    Sitting on a Throne in a darkened cavern was the King of Altneght. It was a scene as I remembered from Hulomuanji's memories, at the time I had been Hanuman to these people, before the Portal crumbled and Galactic Travel came to a halt.

    Representing Will and Confident Authority, this card showed me that ambitious people will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

    As the position of this card represented the overall nature of the situation, I took it as the Migration, as well as the attitude of the CMC and my own.

    Nothing short of My Creator would stop me from doing what I knew I had to, no matter how depressed I felt or how sorry for myself I might look. I will still do the work, regardless of my own feelings.

    The next card I turned over was the left hand one. This position represented the energies the situation was receiving at the moment.

    The card in front of me was the Star of Hope. In this instance the Portal Sign, ensnared at the bottom with the infinity sign, a seven pointed star in the inside with a bright light shining through from the middle.

    It was a beautiful card, its meaning being new beginnings as well as bringing Universal Blessings over the overall situation, which was the Migration.

    The next card I turned over was to the right of the Emperor. This position represented the probable outcome if we kept on doing what we were doing.

    The card I overturned was that of Temperance, a graceful depiction of Annayeke in her garden on Duback, embodying the ideal conditions for life to flourish.

    Thus the outlook for success seemed within reach.

    The bottom card, under the Emperor was the crux of the situation, that which brought it all about.

    When I overturned this card, I sat back, realizing that this spread was not just about the Migration but aimed at me personally, as well as my own foreseeable future.

    In this pack, The Hierophant, Teacher, Shaman or Priest was depicted as Father Gaoucom, hidden in his traditional Black Tieger Hide, riding the white, four-toothed Oliphant, Olaf.

    The backdrop was the savannah of Gaoucom, a typical picture as many Gaoucomians had in their houses or in their constant possession, carried on their person in the form of jewellery, key chains, and all sorts of memorabilia.

    For me, this card represented more than just the regular meaning. I was called Dau-Gaoucom, the re-incarnation of Father Gaoucom, thus this card represented all that I stood for. I was literally the Foundation upon which this Migration was being built or executed.

    This reminded me once again of the huge responsibility resting squarely on my shoulders.

    I was carrying Creata!

    The other meaning of this card was that the Hierophant was usually the provider of comfort and security with the wisdom of all the Ancients combined.

    This notion would obviously play into the traditions of all the Clans, especially that of the Kwailuans, because of me receiving their Clan History from their Shaman as my twenty third birthday present.

    'Okay,' I sighed.

    Let us see where I was heading towards.

    Overturning the last card, which was above the Emperor, I found a shining being on a background representing Space, pointing towards a planet that might have been Duback.

    "What is the meaning of this one?" I asked Annayeke.

    "That is numerical nine, The Hermit. We wanted it to be Navigator, you in other words, but you do not represent any of the pictures we have seen of previous Navigators, thus debated and decided that it would be best to show you when you are working in Navigator vibrational format.

    I hope this depiction is to your satisfaction as the people had taken to that picture and love it."

    "But why the Navigator for The Hermit?" I wished to know.

    "Why not, Han? Navigators know just about everything. They live in solitude, are surrounded by mysticism and are mostly detached from everything, except when they are needed. It is the ideal impression for this particular pack of cards."

    'Great,' I thought by myself. Thus it seemed as if my path of Navigator was set in front of me.

    None of the cards were negative. All represented positive outcomes. Thus I took it that I was on track and we were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing.

    "Why are you here?" I asked, genuinely surprised to receive a visit from my mother, so far away from her comfort zone.

    "You need Kosima," she stated, getting up to start water for coffee.

    "I do not want her," I told Annayeke, slipping the cards on the table back into the pack before shuffling it again, clearing my human vibrations out of the pack by willing it so that the next user may imbue it with their own before asking for a reading.

" End of excerpt.

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