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64. The Creator's Servant


Originally Blogged November 15, 2012


Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic


“      “So what did Hulo say about Han?” Madge encouraged Ty to continue with the story. 

      “This is the answer Hulo gave Serata and Black as related by Black to me” Ty replied. “It was such an extraordinary answer that neither Black nor myself could help but memorize it:


      ‘You have summoned me to give service of Universal magnitude. None of you will ever be aware of what goes on beyond the borders of our Galaxy, our Universe. 

      This catalytic event of Universal Growth has been called upon by the Creator and He has sent His most loyal and faithful servant to do His bidding to His specifications. 

     He has sent Hanuman, one of His Original Servants to come and re-open our worlds in order to re-kindle growth opportunities. 

      I, personally, have met Hanuman within a previous lifetime. But he was removed from here when he was no longer of service in his Universal functions and our Dimension has not seen him, or even a similarity of his greatness, for almost nine hundred years. 

      Now Hanuman is returned to us in the body of a man which we know as Han Storm. Yet he is not all that is needed from him to be and he will be changed to The Creator’s specifications for the tasks he is still to perform within his life-term within this area of Creation.’”


      Everyone stared at Ty in silent shock. Racewater glanced over at my body, peacefully drifting within the silver particles of Crio-sleep. 

      “You mean to tell me that what makes Han, Han, his Soul-Spirit is as old as Creation?” he queried Ty. 

      “If what Hulomuanji has channelled is correct, I assume so” Ty replied. 

      “Small wonder I feel him to always be ancient and not the young body I see in front of me” Madge commented. “His energyisancient.” 

      “Then what makes him so special, so revered to be chosen for this immense task I cannot even start to understand?” Alis wanted to know. 

      Ty smiled at this question. “It is the exact question Black had asked Hulomuanji” he told Alis before telling them Hulo’s answer. 

      “‘Because he can’. . .  Yes, that is what Hulomuanji answered them. Exactly that. And Serata wanted to know how Han can do whatever is required from him and the answer was thus:


      ‘Hanuman is The Creator’s Servant. He transcends time and dimension. He lives between worlds. That is his place, his function, his strength. He works hard for the Universe and people do not know this. All they know is what they see and what they experience emotionally. Hanuman has transcended all this. 

       When Han becomes himself, when he becomes Hanuman, people fear him. People cannot cope with him. Hanuman cannot be harmed, but Han Storm, his Creatan Personality or body-consciousness, his human side can be shattered by insensitivity by others and should be guarded relentlessly. 

       Those around Han Storm should remember who he truly is. They should remember that he is a catalyst. Whatever he touches, will change. They should remember how powerful Hanuman really is, and that Hanuman will use his power wisely. 

       They should also understand that through Hanuman, the Creator could be brought into direct contact with His creations when it is deemed needed and Han Storm will not even be aware of this happening’“.     


      “You know what, Ty?” Racewater remarked. “This is a really inappropriate time to come and enlighten us to who and what Han really is. How must I now continue with a ‘normal’ relationship of Handler/Psychic with him, now that I have confirmation of who he truly is? 

      How can I ever not feel inferior to him, yet see him needing my help and guidance all the time, especially when he cannot cope with the things happening to him and around him as his . . .  how did you say . . . body-consciousness? As Han Storm?” 

      Ty sighed. “Black had discussed this issue with me, for I have asked him the same type of question. Now, most people do not know that they are anything more than the character they are playing, the body-consciousness within a specific physical life. 

      They accept that they are Ty Solix, Madge, Alis Elts or Daniel Racewater. But we are sure that Han Stormknowsthat heisHanuman. 

      And we know he is struggling to come to terms with knowing who he truly is and coping in a third dimensional world with this fact. It does not help him any that he knows he is Hanuman and that, in spirit form, he is a very powerful entity. 

      Yes, in human form as well, but he cannot do a lot of the things here that he is capable of doing when in true form, in spirit form. 

      Just think how frustrating it must be for him. To know so much and not be able to share this knowledge with us for it is inappropriate. 

      On the other hand, Black mentioned that Han is just so busy changing our worlds that he is not even trying to come to grips with knowing who he is and being stuck within a body, albeit a very special one.” 

      “Then the Status Quo stays the same” Racewater replied. “Han is, essentially, still our Han. An ancient Soul-Spirit encased within a physical body and subject to most of the rules and regulations of this Dimension he resides within at the moment.” 

      “And here ‘most’ is the keyword” Alis reminded them, “for he is definitely not under the influence of ‘most’ of our third dimensional, physical laws.” 

      “Correct” Ty agreed. “But in the same breath. I’m not sure Han finds being ‘stuck’ in this way overwhelmingly satisfying either. That is why you two are there, why there are so many people to help and assist him, to remind him that a part of him is human too and needs to adhere to our world’s rules.”  “


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