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Astral Travel Training Continues (Part 2)

Han gives introductory Astral Training to the volunteers on his team     

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Excerpt from Chronicles of Han, Reclaiming Duback, Page 436-440

James had been informed of our ambitious endeavour and joined us at the central elevator for our first practical session in Alfa-Crios.

      Descending in silence amongst a gaggle of nervous people was not my idea of preparing for what was to come.

      "I am sure all of you will breeze through this experience" I told them, sounding far more confident than what I was feeling.

      "What if we do not like the experience?" Mia piped up, barely whispering in her nervous state.

      "If you cannot handle the feeling, then you discard the effort and write it down as an experience you are not satisfied with. You do not venture to do it again" I told her.

      James was facing the doors, waiting for them to disgorge us at the burial level of Sunloen.

      "I am quite excited to see results today" he told us. "It would mean that we would at least have a back-up for Han in case something should happen to him."

      "Hardly likely" Racewater contradicted. "Han is the only one that can teleport and gain active memory of other worlds and languages. I am not so sure that anyone of these volunteers would be able to learn these things as easily or quickly."

      The doors opened and we stepped out.

      "Of course. You are totally correct" James answered, non-committantly.

      Quill had picked first position, being the one closest connected to me and the logical person to succeed in this endeavour.

      Gharris took his position as operator and Quill stood in the Crio-sleep chamber, while I settled in a cross-legged position on the floor.

      *Calm yourself and go with the flow* I told Quill, making the connection to him, keeping myself available at all times.

      *You will soon see me in a very different light* I encouraged him to relax.

      When ready, Quill nodded to Gharris to start the procedure.

      The red particles enveloped Quill, staying within the round tubular chamber, forming an enclosure from which there was no escape until the effects were reversed.

      We had decided to give each person five minutes of proper expansion. It was all that was necessary to allow for a first introductory exit from the body.

      Standing within my own spirit form next to my body in its serene seating position on the floor of the Pod, gave me all the perceptions necessary to help adjust my colleagues to this new way of perceiving.

      Quill emerged effortlessly from his body. He had the advantage of having close connections with me, allowing him to see as I do. It was easy to show him what it felt like and what he could expect.

      Drifting just outside his body, he separated himself entirely from his body to drift over to stand in front of me.

      He looked at his spirit form as if seeing himself for the first time.

      *Can one speak in this way?* he asked, amazed that he was actually seeing consciously what was going on around him.

      *Yes, just think and it is* I confirmed. *Now turn around and behold yourself as we see your body.*        

      Quill did not seem impressed with himself. Being of average build, with a more athletic body than Racewater, his handsome face was well formed, looking calm and relaxed within the copper of his skin tone.

      It was not as if we did not see our bodies within mirrors. It is just so much more to see your body without you actually residing within it!

      *I can see what you mean with it being hard to get back into it* Quill remarked. *I am sure I would manage quite well at travelling, but coming back might be a problem.*

      *Your time is up, prepare yourself* I told him.

      Gharris disengaged Crio-sleep and Quill was sucked back towards his body.

      Remembering to turn around to enable correct alignment, his spirit held a sad expression before becoming one with his flesh.

      Returning myself to my own body, I stood up to wait for the Crio-sleep to finalize shut-down. It was the best to allow the machine to do it automatically, although it could be disengaged immediately in an emergency.

      Bringing a person back through all the steps to embodiment allowed the spirit to accept the burden of being encased within the flesh. Some people handled it better than others.

      Quill was an absolute professional, stepping out from the chamber to smile at us.

      "I did it!" he commented to the others.

      Cheers went up for the first person that had tried it and succeeded.

      I simply watched the children having fun with their new toy. If they only knew how easily this fun could become unbearable.

      "My turn" Hack said, pushing an advancing Slick out of the way.

      Hack did not even wait for his body to start drifting within the red haze of Crio-sleep. He simply stepped out of it as he had seen me do many times before.

      *It is not that bad to be without a body in this way* he commented, making himself comfortable next to me, watching his body starting to drift in the Crio particles.

      *Do you think I would actively use this skill for anything?* he wanted to know from me.

      *If there is anyone that can replace me, it is you* I told him. *You have all the makings of a teleport and you know what I do intimately, although not actively participating or using your skills. At least not that I am consciously aware of.*

      Hack gave me a knowing smile. He could do a lot more than anyone ever suspected. He simply preferred to keep himself well hidden from everyone, including me.

      *Time to return* I told him.

      *And then just when we started having a private conversation. I will see you in a bit. Again.*

      Hack emerged unscathed by the experience.

      "Not much time, five minutes, is it?" he commented to Quill.

      "No, just enough to get you interested in wanting more" Quill replied. "I hope this is not addictive."

      "It can become, so watch yourselves" I warned them. "You all have lives to live and duties to see to within the physical realm. Time spent consciously astral travelling should be seen as work time as well. At least from my point of view."

      "Right! I am up!" Slick announced, stepping onto the Crio-sleep circle, preparing himself by breathing deeply and closing his eyes.

      It took his body a longer time-period to adjust to the Crio-sleep particles, as if his body was fighting to stay conscious, in control, as if physical consciousness was the only thing Slick was allowed to experience.

      With a sickly, sucking noise, he forced his spirit out of his body to drift freely for a few seconds while he stared at his own body in astonishment.

      But as forceful as he had forced himself out of his encasing, as violent was his re-entry as his body sucked him back when he realized that he had actually managed to separate body and spirit.

      "Well, what happened?" Jade wanted to know as soon as I helped him to regain his balance after exiting the Crio-sleep chamber.

      "I became excited and went right back into myself" Slick announced disappointedly. He was not impressed with himself for not being able to stay out of his body a little bit longer.

      "Next time" I tried to soothe, patting his shoulder lightly.

      "Thanks" he replied, moving out of the way to give Mia a chance.

      "Like I stated before" she told me. "I am not comfortable with doing this."

      Watching James, she allowed the process to start. I was watching her from my astral form next to my body.

      Nothing happened.

      I waited.

      Absolutely nothing happened.

      Gharris disengaged Crio-sleep after the allotted time and Mia came around, standing still in the circle, swaying lightly.

      Racewater supported her out of the circle.

      "I am sorry" she apologized to James. "It does not seem as if it works on me. It felt as if I was being given anaesthetic. Going to sleep and waking up with no recollection in-between."

      "It is okay" James told her. "There are three that we can use already."

      Yes, I thought by myself. Government interference and taking over was imminent.

      Double-checking with Gharris to make sure he had actually used the correct sequence of vibrations with Mia not to induce full Crio-sleep, I confirmed that her mind and spirit was not acceptable to the idea of separating consciousness.

      In this regard, there was nothing we could do about it. She would be able to do this when she had come to terms with life after death. Of a spirit world surrounding and overlapping the physical. Of the physical being just an illusion brought forth for the experience of a physical environment. The ultimate emotional playground!


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