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Astral Travel Preliminary Training

Han Storm starts his team off with the essentials in gaining the ability to Astral Travel.


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Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback, The Chronicles of Han, Book 2, Page 420-435

      "Hi everyone" I greeted the crowd.

      Smiles and nervous giggles were the response.

      "I know this is quite new to you all" I informed them. "Very few people on Creata actually practice the art of separating consciousness, or as it is commonly known, Astral Travel.

      A lot of you will recognise this form of moving about in spirit as a very clear dream-state. Have any of you ever had the experience of floating around outside in the sunshine or moonshine? Or swimming under the sea without having to hold your breath?

      Have you ever dreamt so clearly that you knew that it was not a dream but your spirit walking freely, unattached to the body?

      Have you ever fallen right back into your body with a thud or a shudder directly after dropping off to sleep?"

      I received quite a few yes nods to these questions, including from Sparr, Slick and Racewater!

      "Then you all have the ability to consciously travel outside your bodies" I told them.

      A murmur filled the air as people settled down to that idea.

      Taking a marker, I drew a small stick man standing upright on the white plasticized display board. Around the stick figure, I drew the energetic layers as I saw them surrounding the human body.

      "These lines represents the energy-layers of the physical body, incorporating the energy-layers of the soul and spirit as I, and I am sure other energy workers, perceive when looking at someone with special sight.

      I know this is new and confusing information to some of you, but it is vitally important that you understand how we are put together energetically in order to split yourselves on a conscious level to bring that back which you need to. Just as I do."

      Turning to the picture, I indicated the first layer around the stick figure which presented the human body.

      "This first layer runs close to the body. It is called the Ethereal Body, or shield and presents as a grey outline normal people can sometimes perceive when someone is standing against a dark background.

      This energy layer or shield gives the body protection against outside influences and foreign bodies such as viruses. This shield uses Creata and solar energy to regenerate and function properly.

      The grey shield, varying from three to twenty-one centimetres in thickness, is the excess energy that is running around a body. This excess energy is given back to the environment and is vital to help re-energize the planet.

      Stress, substance abuse and general neglect to the body leads to too much energy being used and weak places or holes may appear in the shield, allowing foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria to gain entry to the unprotected body.

      Energy healers can detect the possibility of serious illnesses by the depletion in this shield. If detected early, they can indicate if the illness has manifested within the body, or not yet, warning the patients about potential disaster in the making if they do not change their ways.

      It is quite easy to heal this shield by re-energizing the Ethereal body and treating the emotional state of the person involved."

      "Or simply take a relaxing swim in the healing waters of Altneght!" Slick piped up.

      Looking annoyed at him, I continued with my education.

      "The next layer is called the Aura Body, and is seen by energy workers as the emotional colours a person has around them. 

      I see this as cloudlike colours swirling around the body, especially whirling out from the major energy points in the body. These colours are usually the rainbow colours in normally vibrating humans. The sharper and more defined the colours, the higher the vibrations.

      When I see a highly evolved person, their colours start becoming enhanced with metallic sheens and changes from the normal rainbow colours to the forth or fifth dimensional crystal colours.

      The aura mirrors all your feelings and emotions unless you wear a shield to hide it from other psychics."

      "Or hide behind an illusion" Slick interfered.

      "The normal human aura mirrors all our feelings and emotions" I continued, repeating the phrase for importance. "That is why those psychic people that are more sensitive than others can pick up on other people's feelings easily by simply watching or energetically entering the aura of the other person.

      A normal person's aura ranges from right against the etheric shield, up to three meters away from the actual body. 

      The aura's main function is to store all the emotions of the current and previous physical lives lived, and accounts for a lot of irrational fears, aggressions, feelings of loneliness and rejection, as well as a lack in self-confidence.

      If you are not consciously aware of what your aura does, know that you are unconsciously passing messages out into the world which causes mutual attraction of the same vibrations.

      Therefore, if you constantly put out negative messages, that is what you will attract and will receive back.

      It you consciously put out positive messages, you cannot but attract positive people and circumstances.

      When you find your connectedness with your Higher Self, the soul spirit which you really are, it can only lead to higher vibrations and forgiveness of negative experiences.

      If there are any unresolved issues from previous lives lived, or within this lifetime, it will be seen by energy workers mainly as blockages at the solar plexus energy point.

      You can help yourself resolve these issues when you are trained a bit more by using the eyebrow energy point in order to 'see' unresolved issues. Then you can forgive the situation causing the issue, sending love to the resolving issue from the heart energy point to the solar plexus, or other blocked area, in order to completely heal the negative issue.

      When your aura is cleared in this way, it opens a miraculous ability to be able to attract love and happiness on all fronts.

      Your aura radiates love and joy when it is in balance with the rest of yourself."

      "I know now why you can get so upset at times with us. You see our moods before we figure it out, is it not?" Jade asked.

      "True" I told them. "And do not try and distort the truth, or hide something. I simply switch to psychic sight and see what is going on within your aura. And sickly green always betrays it when you are hiding the truth."

      Most of the people in the room changed position uncomfortably. They all had something to hide and it was never welcome news to know that someone can look into your aura and see what is amiss.

      I moved on to the next line around the stick figure.

      "This represents the Mental aura and I usually perceive it from right against the body, filtering through the emotional body or colour aura to anything from three to nine meters away from the body."

      Looking at Racewater and Panam I continued. "This is what you 'feel' when I am back from my travels, but not yet integrated within my body. You feel my awareness around you, although I am not consciously home in my body.

      This mental body contains most of the thoughts, ideas and perceptions of an individual entity.

      And yes, you have guessed it. You do carry all of it on your sleeves to see for people that are specially trained.

      This field works on two distinctly different levels.

      The first level is the rational level. Here you deal primarily with lower vibrations and physical survival.

      At this level one unconsciously and spiritually processes feelings into verbal thoughts. Unresolved emotional issues distort the incoming feelings, resulting in a rational mind that is biased and unbalanced.

      The second level is the intuitive level, functioning from a higher vibrational level.

      When you consciously become aware of your own Higher Self and realize the wisdom and universal truths, you can apply the same to concrete situations, resulting in harmonious and balanced solutions.

      This will become part of the training with conscious astral travel when you can go to the Education Halls and consciously collect information on things that you need.

      The last, and extensive energy level, is the spirit body that encases everything else, keeping it together for us to be able to function within a physical dimension.

      This is the spiritual body" I told them, indicating the last ring around the stick figure.         "Having our consciousness within this way of being, we experience inner unity with all of life. This is where we connect with Source. When we operate from this plane of existence, we gain inner access to all that exists in creation. This connects us to the Divine, Immortal part of us.

      When working through spirit, we recognize Source and also gain insight in the goal of our being and the purpose of our lives on this specific chosen lifetime.

      When we allow ourselves to be opened up to experience living from the spirit level, our lives are enriched and our actions will express inner wisdom, self-confidence, peaceful bliss and, when tapped in directly to Source, absolute and all-encompassing Devine Love."

      Having worked myself into Divine Remembrance did not help to see the doubt within the people in front of me.

      Everyone was thinking their own thoughts and being opened by this speech that somehow simply rolled off my tongue, did not help to close me one bit to the combination of Source and Creata energy that was circulating freely through my own auric fields.

      "How does the Soul fit into all of this?" Sparr asked.

      "We have always been taught that we are a pin-prick of light, in essence. Now you are telling us differently?" Quill queried.

      "You also refer to yourself as 'Soul Spirit'" Jade mentioned.

      "Neither is wrong" I answered. "And yes, Sparr and Quill are quite correct. We are but a pin-prick of light - in essence.

      When I work on the plane of existence, and this is a totally different way of being, not astral travel, I see people for who they really are. Tiny stars, surrounded by their auras and shining beautifully bright!

      Your soul, the pinprick of light, that which you really are, records and stores in the form of feelings, every thought you have ever embraced in physical life.

      In this tiny light is collected everything that you have ever been since you were created of the Cosmos.

      The body was created to house this most complex energetic system of light variables that makes up and constitutes the true entity-self, the soul. The body enables the soul to experience in a physical environment.

      The spirit surrounds all molecular structures of your body, housing and supporting the mass of your embodiment.

      Your soul, that which really are you, is usually housed within the material mass of the physical body, near the heart.

      Therefore, what you truly are is spirit and soul, a light entity and a feeling entity combined."

      "Can you see our souls as we sit here?" Quill asked.

      "That is how I connect with you all" I confirmed. "Mostly, and most embarrassingly, I see the soul first, ignoring the body. This leaves me in various predicaments, for I can find a person by his or her soul-aura, but when in a crowd and it becomes a jumble of interconnected energies, I cannot find the person in physical form, for I have not looked at his or her body and do not know what the person looks like in normal day-to-day life."

      You could hear the a-ha moments in the group in front of me. Suddenly a lot of things made sense, not only to me but for everyone involved as well.

      "Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, we can get down to business. Any questions so far?" I asked.

      Mostly receiving negative nods from everyone, Slick had a question.

      "What can we expect to feel when going into this alternative way of being within the Pod?" Slick asked.

      "When your body goes into induced Crio-sleep, you will feel it becoming 'heavy', as if it is no longer a part of you, as if all your limbs go to sleep. But not in the sickly, pins and needles way, it simply becomes peaceful and too heavy to bear.

      When this happens, you are ready to consciously separate your spirit from the body.

      When this happens, you imagine yourself drifting a few inches out of yourself, halfway up towards the ceiling if you are lying on a bed, or when in the Pod and your body is drifting around in the red particles, simply see yourself drifting slightly out of your body.

      You might experience a noise, such as electrical crackling, or even a loud thudding. This will be followed by either a mild electric shock, or a cloying sucking may occur as your spirit separates from the flesh.

      All or none of these symptoms might or might not occur to you. I am simply running through the whole list to cover all angles.

      This gentle, conscious separation will ensure that you are not shocked right back into your body; that devastating thump you experience when just nodding off to sleep and something disturbs you.

      A word of warning. When you have reached this stage and you get excited because you actually see yourself floating free from your body, you will be forced back into the body with a thud and wake up with a heck of a headache.

      This is where the Pod works beautifully. It places the body in such a relaxed state that it prevents the shock to the body when the conscious separation is attained. It also allows you to re-align your spirit for re-entry into the body without the side-effects of a misaligning entry, again resulting in a headache."

      "So we can actually try this without using the Pod?" Slick wanted to know.

      "Of course. There is just the risk of losing your body and accidental cutting of your particle path resulting in death to the body. I would advise practicing in the pod first, before attempting to do it on your own. The misalignments are frequent, even for me, and lead to all sorts of uncomfortable troubles like headaches, vertigo and out of sync energy vibrations."

      "Okay" Slick remarked. "Scratch that idea until I know what I am doing. If you still struggle, it must take special practice."

      "How do we return to the body and get back into it?" Sparr wanted to know.

      "After your conscious 'walk-a-bout' as Jade calls it, you think of your body and your particle path takes you back to the place you have left your body.

      When you reach your body you will actually see it lying peacefully beneath you. Here you drift softly down to it, fitting your spirit over it, then you turn your spirit around to face the ceiling, when lying on a bed, or simply face your body in the same position it is floating in the tank.

      Give yourself a count from three to one and allow your spirit to be sucked back into the flesh.

      Now, this is the messy, icky part for me. While in astral or spirit form, you are free to go where you want without the hindrance of a body. You see everything in a glistening light and feel really good about yourself and the world.

      But when coming back to the physical, three dimensional world, you have to encase your spirit back into the body for the body to function in this world.

      It is an unpleasant experience to take up the burden of the flesh and blood body. Sometimes the flesh is so cold you may experience difficulty in breathing, or perceive it as a clingy feeling, as if your body is made from dank clay.

      Again. The Pod negates most of this uncomfortableness."

      "What happens when I misalign my spirit, like you have just told us and wake up with a headache, or worse?" Slick asked. He was seriously contemplating practicing without the Pod. I could see disaster in the making.

      "You go back to sleep. This will allow the spirit to separate naturally and settle again within the body in the natural way, without having the consciousness interfere in the normal workings of the body."

      "It sounds too easy to be true" Panam announced. "If this really was so easy, anyone on Creata could do it, and would do it."

      "Not so" I disagreed with him. "Now that you have the preliminaries, it is time to learn the rules.

      As with anything in life, there are guidelines to be followed. If these guidelines are seriously violated, you will not be allowed to travel in this way by your guides and guardians. You will simply not be able to separate spirit from body in a conscious way."

      "But if there are rules, or guidelines, as you put it, then why are you teaching us?" Mia asked in general, not quite sure why they were learning all this.

      "You have asked me to help you learn what I do. To learn how to use the pod. I am doing my function of teaching. What you need, or want to do with these skills is up to your own conscience. I cannot prevent people from re-learning skills that have been around since the beginning of time. I am but an enlightenment tool. Just as the Portals are expanding your world and experiences, the Pod will help you on your way of spiritual awareness, leading you back to Source, within this lifetime."

      "Back to the rules please?" Racewater returned me to the point I was trying to make.

      "Astral travel should never be used for self-gain. That is the easiest way of getting yourself into such a heap of trouble from all sides, I am not even going to mention it here.             

      So, please do be clear on why you are doing it, and what you need to go do before you leave your body.

      Secondly. While travelling, never interfere with other travellers. You may make them lose their particle paths if you startle them, resulting in serious complications in the body or even death. Do not acknowledge other travellers, even if you know them.

      Some may just be sleeping and having a deep dreaming experience within their bodies, and here you come along and greet someone who is just minding their own business - not worth the risk of killing your friend or acquaintance.

      That reminds me. Please dress accordingly. It is no use travelling naked in the astral form, it may lead to embarrassing situations, especially if you have work to do and someone similar to yourself, a medium or energy worker sees your spirit or astral form."

      Encouraging smiles from the men and blushing from the woman indicated that they had all experienced this embarrassment at some time or another, albeit in a dream.

      "How do we dress our spirit forms?" Jade asked.

      "By imagining clothing. In spirit you are free to think whatever you wish and it will be so. If you want clothes, you will portray clothes to those that see you.

      If you want to change form, say, from your current corresponding human form to blend in with a pod of whales, you can change your astral form to blend in with them. They will not know the difference and you can have a wonderful telepathic conversation under the sea with them."

      Racewater's features showed that I was drifting again and I returned to the point I was making about the rules.

      "Thirdly, adhere to basic privacy and courtesy. Do not go and play a peeping Tom. You will get into trouble with your guardian and your astral privileges may be revoked, if not worse.

      As Panam observed. Why can not everyone do this? It is because of misuse and abuse that we have forgotten this form of spiritual enrichment. Most people have become obsessed with self-preservation, spying on others to further their own advancement and their privileges had been revoked. In time, people started forgetting about telepathy, astral travel and all the other nice things we used to be able to do, all of us.

      Now is the time of re-enlightenment and people will slowly but surely start to learn the original ways again. Creatans had kept some of the secrets alive in the Clans.

      But even here, stagnation and misuse had corrupted the people, making them forget who they really are."

      Turning back to the drawing board, I wiped the picture of the stick man and rings around it clean. There was an inexplicable sadness in my heart.

      I have been here in this same position many times before, re-educating people to who they were and what they can do. It sometimes felt so pointless to re-awaken the sleeping forms to their former glory.

      "So what can we expect to do with our skills, once we can astral travel consciously? I mean, other than swim with whales and spy on people's private lives." Slick placed the very serious question in a humoristic way.  

      "You need to be very clear about your goals of what you need to bring back before attempting to leave your body" I told them. "This will streamline your conscious memory and you would be able to relate all that had happened and where you have been when back in the land of the living.

      If you are not clear about what you want to bring back, you might experience the whole effort as just a very clear dream, without any active conscious thought on anything learnt or experienced.

      Astral travelling is not just for having fun and games, it is for training the whole person, body and soul spirit.

      Conscious astral travel can be used for many things. Firstly, I am going to allow you all just to get used to the joyful feeling of running around without a body.         I will come with you and guide you on your first trips, which is more than most people get.

      Then you can practice on your own, find your way to your old haunts. The places where you grew up. Bring that information back consciously and you will be ready to move on to the more difficult things.

      After this, I will teach you how to interact with other beings coming across your path while astral travelling on Creata.

      When you can handle other entities, we will move on to higher education and I will show you how to negotiate the different dimensions of spiritual awareness. This is an option you may choose not to do. It will teach you of yourselves and has nothing to do with your functions as individuals within the human system here on Creata.

      What you can use this for, if in service of the people, is to negotiate different densities to be able to look beyond closed doors, into hidden elements where no physical form can go.

      Those of you that become adept at travelling without adverse effects, I could personally use to help find and open cities or other pods and things. The functions of this skill is almost limitless and one that is highly prized by myself.

      Without it, we would not be anywhere close to having opened the planets and cities that we have had."

      "Speaking of closed doors" Slick winked at Mia. "Would you describe what you feel or see, or whatever, when in astral form and going through obstructions?"

      "Yes, of course. This will be your first hurdle and the most difficult one in my opinion.

      As most of you are not trained in the ways of the spirit and most people still believe that things are real and three dimensional, instead of mere vibrations, doors and ceilings and roofs may still seem solid to you.

      In actual fact it is not. When you leave your body and see it lying underneath you while you are drifting like a balloon just under the ceiling, you might find it hard to let go of perceptions of solidity.

      But, as you see your body beneath you becoming cold clay, slowly but surely shutting down because the owner has left, you will see that you are attached to it as a baby to its mother with a shimmering silver umbilical cord. This is your particle path and it will pull you back to your body with any disturbance, or the shutting down cycle of the crio-sleep within the pod.

      It gives you enough time to get back home to your body, re-align and enter without too much disturbance.

      Anyway. Coming back to the doors. When you want to leave the room you find yourself in, or the pod, you simply drift through the obstacle.

      You can either close your spiritual eyes as you perceive it and open it again when you think it is safe, or you can keep it open and experience the whole event in two ways.

      Sometimes, depending on my vibrational level of spirit which may differ at times, depending on where I need to work, you will either experience it as density or holographic.

      When experiencing it as density, your spirit is not vibrating very high and will be Creata-bound. You will see the fibres of the door as you pass through it. It makes for interesting viewing and you can detect what a certain material is made of if you are not sure.

      Within holographic format, it will simply be energy vibrations you are passing though and you will not experience density. When you experience that around you as holographic, you can be assured that your spirit is dimension-bound. You are travelling far that night, either to the Halls of Education or other places not near Creata.

      Does this answer your question?" I wanted to know from Slick.

      "Yes thank you."

      "What happens if we use these techniques you have discussed, say for spying work for the Government?" Mia asked.

      "You can" I answered, "as long as it is for the highest good of everyone. If it is for the preservation of all involved, it would be allowed. If it is for self-gain, it will not be allowed, or if allowed, you may get into other trouble you do not want to face as a mere human."          

      "Like what?" Slick pushed.

      Swallowing hard, I cleaned an already clean board, giving myself some time to answer that one.

      *Like what?* Hack forced me to answer quickly.

      Turning to face the people in front of me was not easy. This was something I still battled with, every minute of every day.

      "Like facing yourself or becoming a Rogue Lord, shunned by the Light Side" I told them, exasperated.

      This training session was turning into more than just astral travel and pods and I was not feeling up to continue this conversation. Duek encased me in his cold embrace, dropping the temperature between me and my students in an icy blast.

      Slick, sitting in the front row, pulled his feet away from the sudden cold.

      Jade, knowing trouble when she saw it, stood up.

      *You are scaring us. Whatever you are doing, please stop it. It was a legitimate question. If we need to know the rules, we need to know the down side as well.*

      I backed up a few paces, allowing the cold to only wrap around my body.

      "When you start to grow within your knowledge of the other worlds, your soul spirit will start growing within yourselves. It might become uncomfortable at times with what I call 'upgrades' into new energetic vibrations to accommodate your new skills.

      These energetic upgrades need to be incorporated within the body to enable the whole entity to grow, not just the body or the spirit.

      When your intentions are not pure, or when you want to engage in astral travel for self-gain, you open your aura to negativity.

      Because you have lowered the vibrations of your body with your negativity, this may leave your body vulnerable to be attacked psychically by negative entities that are always on the prowl to find unprotected bodies.

      Again, I have to state that the pod protects even against this form of attack, making it the ideal way of working in this way. Absolutely nothing can interfere with your body while in the crio-particles.

      A Pod is just not always available and in the end it would be better if you can do it the natural way as well. But let us just start with the Pod. It is the safest and easiest."

      "You mentioned something about negative energy" Slick encouraged me to continue. "I know some Clans practice the darker worshippings, do you know anything about this?"

      "Yes, unfortunately I do. It is also called dark or negative energy work. It has its place in the larger scheme of things to maintain balance within life. These Clans mainly use the negative energies for the greater good of mankind, helping to negate or remove the negativity or negative entities."

      I could see Panam and Racewater visibly cringing at this remark. They knew what such an attached 'tick' can do to a person.

      "We have experienced that the Government actually uses some negative techniques to enslave people to spy for them" I continued our discussion. "It is disgusting, but the Witches and Wizards of the Clans that practice these things can remove these negative influences.

      Energy workers usually pick up on, what I personally call ticks, or dark attached entities, referring the sufferer to a qualified person to remove it successfully.

      The long-term damage may be permanent to the bearer and the faster a tick is picked up on and removed, the better for the victim."

      "I have heard that these Witches and Wizards can use the dark energy, as you call it, for their own purposes, and not always for good" Mia stated. "Can you comment on this?"

      "Yes. There are Witches and Wizards that do not use their gifts for the good of all, and here comes the uncomfortable part. Not a single one of us is exempt from turning to the dark side in an instant. The temptation will always be there. The hunger for power can overwhelm anyone, turning them to imbalance.

      When working where I do, it is very easy to use, or want to use your own energies, instead of keeping the higher purpose and Universal energy, or Source Energy, as the most important factor.

      When you forget, even for an instant, you will pay dearly for your mistakes. You may even pay with the termination of your particle path and instant death to your body.

      Do not give in to temptation, no matter how innocent it may seem to just go and peek what someone is up to. It is not your concern unless for the higher good of everyone." Or yourself, I privately thought. I sometimes had no choice as to find out what people around me were doing. I was never involved in conversations, not where I was the subject.

      "Then what happens to these people that had turned to the Negative Side, and what about the Rogue Lords you mentioned?" Slick asked.

      "Mostly, here on Creata, these people are eliminated quite quickly if they pose a threat to sustained balance. They are not allowed to stay practicing, to upset the balance of negative and positive energy for too long. And by elimination, I mean, removed from the physical environment.

      Rogue Lords are a bit more difficult to infiltrate as they hide within host bodies, becoming so intertwined with their physical victims that it is difficult to find them.

      This allows them to hide for years, doing underlying damage for a long period of time before anyone picks up on them. But when found, they are quickly dispersed of by specially trained people and entities.

      Most humans are not even aware that something is amiss before the whole event is over and done with."

      "So we would probably never know who was a Rogue Lord or a Dark Wizard or Witch?" Slick wanted to know.

      "No. Probably not" I replied.

      "But the threat is quite real, is it not?" Mia asked.

      "It is" I replied. "As I said, it is better to use the pod to do this. It protects you all from all sides and with me helping you along the way, there is nothing to fear from anyone."

      "You said the Government uses these dark entities to spy on the Clans?" Racewater wanted to know.

      "They are. I am not sure what they do to some people with all the experiments on telepaths, but I know that one can plant these dark entities or ticks and receive information via a trained telepath or empath directly from the victim.

      I am not sure that the average Government official knows about this."

      "I will have people look into it" Racewater replied, a determined set to his jaw.

      Jade had been watching me intently. Now she asked the question I most dreaded.

      "Everything you have told us here is from your own experiences. How did you receive your Dark Guardian? Was it difficult to face yourself, to regain your own individual balance?"

      Everyone had been wondering about this. Not even the people that had travelled with me to Gaoucom understood how things came about. Panam had a good idea and was apprehensive of my answer.

      "I made a stupid mistake" I told them. "And yes, perceived gods can make mistakes, especially in universal terms. I stuffed up really well and the only way to save myself for the people on Creata was to regain my own balance of dark and light, of negative and positive.

      In order to do so, I had to face the negativity within my spirit and now I need to comply with both worlds' rules. I may walk wherever I need to. Either on the dark planes or on the light planes. I work in both worlds, on all levels, within all fields of experience. Sometimes all at the same time.

      Confusing? Just wait until you start to experience more than one way of being at the same time. Living here, and then doing astral travelling, knowing that you are still attached to a living, breathing physical body.

      I never said it was going to be easy. All I can promise is growth on all levels and adventure beyond the normal range of perceptions."

      There were no further questions forthcoming and we finished up for the day, everyone scattering to their own places of residence to quietly contemplate the information I had provided them with.


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