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Preserving Creata Part Two (Higher Education), Chapter Fifteen


*** Fifteen ***


    A repeated word.


    It is my name.

    Whose voice is it?

    No recognition.

    Another voice.

    My name again.

    I knew this voice.

    My brain placed a face with it. Fair hair and blue-eyed open features. A ready smile.

    What is the name?

    I seek for it.

    It came.


    With the name came recognition and flashes of memory.

    I tried to struggle out of the treacle keeping me bogged down in this unacceptable physical state.

    A bitter taste.

    A burning down my throat right to my stomach.

    I fought it, trying to spit it out.

    I shook my head.

    More came into my mouth and I was forced to swallow or gag.

    My mouth was held closed.

    Another voice.

    Comprehension following.

    “Did he swallow?”


    “Keep him still. Force some more into him.”

    Another squirt of the disgusting stuff down my throat.

    I clenched my teeth on something hard.

    The burning in my throat moved to my chest.

    Conscious feeling returned to my body.

    My arms were restrained and I still could not move my legs.

    I could not breathe.

    A furnace was raging within my ribcage.

    I forced my eyelids open.

    Racewater was sitting across my legs. His friends were restraining my arms.

    Panam was desperately trying to find a vein.

    My vision fogged over.

    “Got it!”

    A prick and something cold entering my arm.

    A cold sensation gushing up and racing to my burning chest.

    Welcome relief . . .


    An uncomfortable wetness surrounded my body.


    I felt cold.

    I ventured a peek through half-opened eyelids finding    Panam eyeing me from where he sat on the wide windowsill of the cabin.

    He came to me and laid a very warm hand on my forehead.

    “Dan!” he shouted downstairs.

    I was back in the cabin.

    So I never really left it.

    I recalled the burning sensation from the medallion and tried to feel my chest.

    My limbs did not want to respond.

    I could hear Racewater coming up the stairs.

    He also felt my head. His hand too, was very warm. He placed a small bottle to my lips.


    It was the same horrible stuff I suddenly recalled having forced into me earlier.

    I swallowed. It was still bitter but not as bad as before.

    My body responded almost instantly. I started feeling warmer.

    I tried to speak, but Racewater placed his finger on my lips.

    “Not just yet” he told me.

    It was a pity we were not telepathically connected.

    So I pleaded as best I could with my eyes for an explanation.

    Racewater avoided me, instead, he and Panam started massaging my cold limbs with a pungent ointment. The smell was familiar, definitely not distasteful.

    Warmth and comfort was returning to my body. I was feeling ready to get up and started testing the response in my body, flexing my fingers and toes.

    The two men looked on eagerly while I stretched and relaxed every part of my body.

    I managed to sit up with only a bit of help from Panam. He placed a blanket around my shoulders. Racewater handed me a mug of coffee. It was disgusting and tasted of herbs.

    “I placed some of the potion Ma-Mara brought in there. We need you to finish everything before the end of the day” Racewater told me.

    I managed to down everything but could not help making a wry face when finished.

    They seemed relieved that I had managed to finish the lot.

    “We’re glad you are back” Racewater continued. “We woke yesterday morning and you were not here. We eventually tracked you to the old burial site across the river.”

    Then it was NOT a vision. It actually happened in real time. I felt my body going cold all over again and pulled the blanket tighter around me. The coarse material dug into my skin.

    “We found you at the top of the crevice that led to the Holy Place“ Racewater told me. “You were not supposed to go there. Only the Elders are allowed there. My Clan’s people are very upset about the whole thing.”

    Racewater looked hard at me before continuing.

    “Anyway. You were unconscious and we brought you back here.

    Ma-Mara was summoned. She concluded that you had a massive infection in your chest and it was causing the high fever, placing your body in the unconscious state. She left with strict instructions about her potion. If you are well enough by tomorrow, you are to explain yourself before the council.”

    More like a trial and judgment, I finished silently for him.

    He came back to basics. “Now, when you are ready, Panam wants you to move to the other bunk.”

    I gathered my strength and took the few steps to the other bunk.

    It was not so bad. My body was already recuperating.

    I sat down cross-legged on the bunk, tucking the blanket around me once more.

    Facing the window at an angle, I could see outside as well as my reflection. It was a beautiful day. Bright and crispy.

    Racewater left and Panam was busy with the other bed.

    I turned my attention to my chest.

    Looking at my reflection, I opened the blanket to see it. There was an angry red circle right in the middle of my chest. It really did look like a burn mark. It was swollen and looked infected.

    How could this be?

    The medallion looked very real, but I was sure the woman pushed it right into my body.

    A familiar pulsing inside my head claimed my attention.

    *Matter. And energy. Look inside your body.*

    I was suddenly very relieved to hear and feel Sensaii. I sometimes took him for granted, forgetting that he was a readily available source of information.

    I checked on Panam. He was leaving the room with a pile of bedding in his arms, making his way precariously down the stairs.

    Slipping out of my body, I turned my astral form to look at myself.

    For the first time ever, I was looking at my own body in the same way I sometimes looked at other people.

    I saw everything in energy. Millions of tiny golden particles vibrated to form everything.

    The outline of my body looked solid, so I refined my viewing to incorporate the inside of it. I could now see the organs busy doing their work, the heart beating steadily. The blood gushing in tiny spurts of energy in rhythm to the heart. Every molecule of energy working together in harmony, creating the matter that was this body.

    It was a real-time miracle.

    But what else did I see?

    There were some molecules presenting as sluggish blotches inside my chest.

    This must be this so-called infection.

    I concentrated on these areas, trying to speed their vibration up to the same level as the rest of my body. These energy molecules danced and struggled and eventually formed a perfect replica of the medallion’s design over my heart. As if to protect it.

    It was now vibrating at the same speed as the rest of my body. I overlapped my body and returned my spirit to the physical.

    The light was very bright in the room.

    I could hear Panam busy making lunch in the kitchen. He dropped something onto the wooden floor.

    My head seemed to explode with the noise. Every nerve was open and on edge.

    *Close your psychic self* Sensaii encouraged.

    *Thanks.* I closed my open sensory points. The pain subsided. The light diffused. I could bear being back in my body again.

    All in all, I felt whole and healed.

    Looking around for my clothes, I saw my travel bag in a corner of the room. Dressed in fresh clothes and comfortable shoes, I joined Panam in the kitchen.

    “Hi, glad to see you up“ he greeted. “You are looking a lot better. That old lady’s potion sure seems to have helped.”

    A now familiar pain shot through me at the mention of Mara.

    Panam continued “There is still a bit of the potion left and she ordered us to make sure you finish all of it. So grab some coffee and swallow this.” He handed me the little bottle.

    I poured some coffee and tried to disguise the bitter taste of the potion with lots of sugar.

    It did not work. It was even more disgusting.

    Panam took some delicious smelling cakes out of the oven, grinning at me as he saw me eyeing them.

    “Julie always said I was a better baker than a cook“ he told me.

    “Racewater is not a bad cook, and your food is good too” he continued without a taking a breather.

    He was also a chatterbox.

    “Why did you volunteer to help me?” I interrupted the next spurt of conversation.

    “Why not? You are something else. Even Julie sensed it from the start. Tucker once said you were destined ‘For Great Things’.

    I have the training and expertise to help you physically and as a bonus, I do not mind playing nanny and maid.”

    “I know, I know, you just cannot cook.”

    “That’s right!”

    “What about Julie? You cannot start a family from halfway across the world.”

    “How can I put this?“ he mused. “We are realists. We know what we have to do. Yes, we are very fond of each other. No, we are not infatuated, or ‘soul-mates’ or any of that other nonsense. So we have great sex from time to time. But we have dedicated ourselves to people like you. Each in our own way. I just decided to stick with only one.”

    His hands were busy throughout and he handed me a plate with some cakes, cut open with spreads on.

    I drained the last dregs in my mug. Stifling an involuntary shudder, I quickly bit into one of the cakes to smother the terrible taste.

    They were delicious! No bakery could have done better.

    I watched Panam while eating.

    He was always busy with something. Right now he was biting into a cake. Then he started on the dishes. Then another bite. And moving on to cleaning the stove. Another bite and he was emptying the coffee pot to replace it with new beans.


    That’s the word my still sluggish brain was looking for. He made me tired just by watching him.

    Finishing the last cake on my plate, I excused myself to freshen up.

    In the bathroom I looked in the mirror. My body seemed well. I opened my shirt to make a closer inspection of my new scar.

    It was good to see that the healing I did earlier really worked. The angry, inflamed wound was now a dull red. All the open edges were closed properly and the scar would become light pink within days.

    The mark was very distinct. It looked like an upside down horse shoe. The open end at the bottom was closed with a somewhat squashed lazy eight lying on its side.

    No, that’s not quite it. A message was trying to get through to my fuzzy brain. The drugs must have a drowsing effect.

    Anyway, the horse shoe and eight were connected with a seven pointed star in the inside of the horse shoe. Something told me that I had seen this before.

    A door slammed and Panam called to me to finish up, Racewater was back to see me.

    I closed my shirt, the beginnings of an answer still at the edge of my consciousness.

    “I just received news from Peetra“ Racewater informed me. “Captain Truman needs us back in New Haven as soon as possible. I spoke to the Clan Council and they will see you at dawn. Unfortunately for you, they do not want you to wander around again. They requested that you stay the night in the lockable room at the Hall. Would you agree to stay there overnight?”

    I sadly smiled at him. “If it would make you all feel better. I will consent.”

    Not that it meant a thing to a teleport. I was starting to feel naughty again. A good sign. Maybe I should play with them all a bit.

    *Maybe not. This is serious and it will give you peace and quiet to prepare yourself* Sensaii reprimanded.


    Racewater did not ask what had happened the night before. And I did not volunteer any information. We parted ways and I spent the rest of the day lounging on the porch; sometimes fingering the new scar, knowing that all the knowledge would be available when needed; wondering what was going to happen tomorrow.

    I knew Zadkiel would present himself on my behalf.

    Should I warn Panam to be ready in case I needed him?

    I decided not to. There should not be a problem.

    By evening, Racewater stopped in front of the cabin with the all-terrain vehicle. Panam hopped in next to me on the back seat and we bounced our way to the river.

    One should think they would at least prepare some decent roads!

    As we drove, I realized how far I actually ran night before last. It seemed such a long time ago.

    I felt different too. More mature. More wise, somehow.

    I was right about my feelings regarding the Hall.

    It was basically a cabin consisting of a huge open area, enhancing the feeling of a courtroom. A place where disputes were settled and decisions made concerning the Clan. There was a raised platform at the one end and I could just make out a door leading to an adjacent room.

    This was obviously the Clan’s version of ‘Jail’. I fervently hoped my ‘get out of jail free’ card showed up when I needed him.

    Panam made sure the cell was comfortable, leaving my cold dinner on a chair. There was a bunk, flush toilet and basin. I would be comfortable enough.

    I turned to Racewater. “Just one request. I want you and Panam present throughout the hearing.”

    “I will tell them” he said emotionless, closing the door on me.

    More than that I could not expect and turned my attention to look around the room.

    There was a glow-globe that would give off diffused light if I shook it a couple of times.

    There were no windows.

    A sudden coldness crept over me when I heard the door bolted on the other side.

    I felt squashed. As if the world was closing in on me.

    “Stop it” I told myself, reminding my body that this was not a prison. No Matter could ever keep me imprisoned again, if I did not want to allow it.

    My body calmed down.

    I finished dinner, deciding to stay put – for now.

    Taking off my shoes, I made myself comfortable on the bunk.

    Sleep did not come, so I contemplated on the medallion.

    It was now part of my energy make-up. It could not be detected by scanners as I had incorporated the molecules to vibrate the same as my body. The only outward sign was the scar.

    I traced its outline on my chest, keeping conscious thought at bay.

    Images surfaced.

    It consisted of the shape of a Portal with the infinity sign at the bottom. The seven-pointed star represented energy points and elements, Matter and Life Itself.

    A similar star was hanging in Racewater’s lounge!

    I drifted with the memory.

    Six more entities stood in front of me. Six spirits dedicated to the upkeep of the Planetary Portal. I concentrated on their auras. I will find them wherever they were.

    One of Mara’s memories pushed to be noticed.

    I allowed it to flow . . .

    She was still a little girl, sitting around a fire with an elder teaching them their Clan’s beliefs.

    “And, finally, when the One received his physical memories and accepts his destiny, the mark of the Portal will be placed upon him for all to see. He will become one, once more, with the Universe, and his physical powers will include regeneration and multi-dimensional consciousness.”

    The memory faded and I returned to the dark room.

    I did not want to ponder on this new-found knowledge. I knew my body needed rest, so I left it  on the bed and went to my safe place.

    A deathly quiet woke me.

    I lay listening.

    No sound interrupted the quiet.

    Not an insect, not an animal, not even the wind.

    I instinctively knew it was just before dawn.

    Why was the Planet holding its breath?

    GET OUT!

    That warning again!

    I closed my eyes.

    A feeling of vertigo overcame me.

    I opened them to a blinding explosion on the horizon.

    I was astonished.

    It worked! I did it again!

    I was standing safely on the rocky beach of the river.

    Scrambling up the bank, I could see what was left of the Hall. Burning wood and pieces of rubble lay strewn over a wide area. Some cabins had caught fire and people were already rushing to douse it. Racewater and Panam were staring at the flames.

    I made my way over to them.

    “How did they find me?” I wanted to know.

    “I don’t know. I can only think there might have been a tracking device in your clothes which activated one of the satellite defence systems” Racewater answered.

    “Or a tracker only activated when you triggered it” Panam commented.

    “It must have been the shoes then” I said. I was glad I did not decide to wear Mara’s boots to the Hall. They were still safe in my bag in Racewater’s cabin.

    They suddenly turned on me.

    “How?” Racewater demanded.

    “Thank the Universe!” Panam exclaimed, grabbing my arms.

    I laughed at them. “Everything will be explained later. Let us find the Council.”

    “No need” a voice behind us said. We all turned to find a small group of people looking at us. The elderly man who spoke first assessed the situation.

    “As the Hall is no longer an option as a meeting place, I suggest we move to the pier, which will give enough acoustics for all to hear.”

    So we all trudged back to the river. No-one seemed to be panicked by the events. The few cabins that had caught fire were already doused and the Hall was left to smoulder. A single person was left to guard the still smouldering bits.

    We reached the bank of the river as the sun pushed its first rays over the mountain. It was going to be another beautiful day.

    The elder stopped me. “You stay here. You would have taken the stage, so you can speak from here.”

    I waited there for everyone to find a comfortable position. The crowd grew quickly. This was not going to be a closed ‘hearing’, as I have come to think of it.

    I waited for silence. The authoritive man raised his arms, effectively silencing the fifty or so adults. They all turned to me expectantly.

    Memory came flooding back.

    Similar scenes played before me in split second timing.

    Confidence replaced the timidness I usually felt in the presence of other people. That mature feeling I had previously had returned.

    I checked that Zadkiel was ready. I felt his presence since we started walking back to the river.

    “I was humbly requested not to speak for myself today” I started in their Clan language.

    My voice carried satisfactorily over the area. I was sure all could hear.

    ”Zadkiel Racewater requested that honour, therefore, I am going to step back and let him present himself.”

    A gasp went up from the people who recognized the name of the person I was about to channel.

    Closing my eyes, I relaxed my body, preparing to step back as Zadkiel started overlapping, taking control of my physical body.

    I released my body into his care and stepped clear, standing behind it, ready to take over control as soon as Zadkiel relinquish it.

    Zadkiel tried my body for size. It was different from what he used to have, but he quickly got it under control. My body gave a single step forward before Zadkiel had complete control.

    It was amazing to watch. Even the features of my face changed into more rugged lines. A voice not my own came out of my mouth. It was husky and spoke in the Clan’s older, more poetic version of the language.

    “I am Zadkiel Racewater. Many of you know me. Many of you know about me. I was a keeper of the Keys when I was in body form. I am a keeper of the Keys in the Spirit World.

    I requested the use of this body to come to you this day. The High Lord came to this body to lead this Planet and Worlds back to the Light. He was requested to visit the Caves of the Ancients by us. There he received what he needed to fulfil his task.

    We request your assistance in this regard. We have to work with him to accomplish Source’s wishes. If anybody doubts this message, or doubts who I am. This is my proof.”

    He opened my shirt, exposing my chest for all to see. The symbol burnt into it brought a murmuring from the crowd.

    “With this,” he closed my shirt “we invoke the Wisdom of the Ancients. May they always linger among us. May their teachings ever be heard and adhered to. As prophesied, the One has finally arrived!”

    He started fading and I had to jump to catch my own body before it fell.

    I sat down heavily.

    Panam was there in seconds.

    He gave me some of the bitter herbs to swallow.

    It worked wonders. Body and spirit integrated almost immediately.

    Looking for Zadkiel, I found him at the edge of the crowd.

    *I am sorry* he spoke into my mind, *the toll was on both of us. Neither of us was trained to do this. I am sure it helped make up their minds.* He smiled and disappeared from my perceptions.

    The small group of leaders stood around me. The man who spoke for them looked down at me.

    “Well, that is that then” he said, turning to the crowd.

    “I do not need to state anything more. The word of Zadkiel is enough for us. We will do as we have been taught throughout our history.”

    He turned back to me, but addressed Racewater, keeping his eyes fixed on mine.

    “Take this man. Do whatever need to be done until all is in place. We will give you assistance wherever it is needed. I presume you are leaving now?”

    “Yes, we are ready to travel immediately” Racewater answered him.

    “Good” the Council leader replied.

    Addressing me, he continued “You are in our minds and hearts. There will be prayers for your success every minute of every day. Our assistance is yours to have whatever you need. Look after yourself well.”

    It was a dismissal.

    Panam helped me up and we made our way to Racewater’s vehicle while Racewater still conversed with this elder man.

    Panam settled next to me on the back seat.

    “I do not really understand what that man that came through you meant. He called you a High Lord. What does that mean? How did you do that, switching spirit thing? What are we going to do with you, now you’re supposed to be dead?”

    From quiet men to this! This must surely be a curse.

    I picked up a chuckle from Sensaii. He was really having a ball at my expense.

    “Stop! Too many questions at once. First a question for you. How do you know what Zadkiel said? You do not understand their language.”

    “Dan was kind enough to translate for me.”

    “Okay. The High Lord bit just means that I have been around a very long time, nothing serious.”

    Not the whole truth, but good enough for now.

    “The switching thing is called channelling, and more specific what we did, Trans-medium channelling. It is where you relinquish control of your own body in order for someone else to take it over for a specific task.”

    “Then where do you go when this person has control of your body?” Panam wanted to know, absolutely fascinated by this new experience.

    “There are different ways of doing this. If it is a short channel, like we did, then I stick around to get back into my body as soon as it is left vacant. As you saw, we had a slip-up and almost lost it there for a moment.

    If they need to occupy your body for any length of time, you leave to the Land of the Golden Light until you are needed to get back into your body.”

    “That’s now what you term ‘Heaven’ right? Sounds complicated.”

    “The organization is considerable to get everyone involved and the timing right. But it can be done” I assured him.

    “But what are we going to do with you now you are supposed to be dead?”

    “Nothing” Racewater answered him, climbing in behind the wheel.

    “What do you mean nothing?” Panam with his eternal questions.

    “Whoever wanted to kill Han, does not know that they were not successful. Therefore, we are going to try and slip into New Haven and out again unnoticed.”

    “What if they want to confirm the kill?”

    Racewater gave Panam such a look, that he closed his mouth so hard you could hear his teeth snapping together.   


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