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Preserving Creata Part Two (Higher Education), Chapter Thirteen



*** Thirteen ***

    So we had our lovely lunch of fruits, nuts and an assortment of cheeses. There must be a refrigerator around somewhere, for everything was nice and cool.

    After lunch, she took me in her arms and we made gentle love. Afterwards, we dozed together for a while, content to share one another for a moment.

    As the cooler air of evening arrived, I woke feeling refreshed and ready for the telling of the Legend.

    We, once again, settled down at the cave entrance. I was looking forward to this tale and waited expectantly.

    Mara sat cross-legged, took a deep breath and started.

    “This is a tale taught by one generation to the next.

    Long ago, when this Planet had its second start after all the wars and destruction, it was foretold that, when the people were awakening to the higher consciousnesses once again, one special person would become known to all.

    That one person would lead the peoples to regain lost worlds and knowledge.

    That person would liberate all on this Planet and reintroduce them to new frontiers beyond our imagination.

    That time is now. Every generation has produced more and more people connected to the higher worlds of the Other Side. I know it in my heart. And I know that, as sure as I am sitting here next to you, that you are the One we have been waiting for.”

    I felt the bile rising from my stomach.

    I swallowed it down. This was no time to get timid or panic.

    “And if I am this one person. This . . . legend that has been prophesized. What am I supposed to be able to do?”

    “The legend states that you have the knowledge to unlock the portal to other worlds. Worlds where you have lived a physical life before.”

    It was a statement. She believed that I was this person.

    I groaned inwardly. If this portal has anything to do with my dream of that sticky gate, I really did not want anything to do with it.

    “You did not tell me about dreams of gates and portals!” she exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement.

    I pulled my cloak about me. This privacy on/off was really starting to annoy me. I wrapped my arms around my legs and let my forehead rest on my knees.

    I did not want to acknowledge anything at this stage. All I could think about was that sticky stuff running down my throat. Not being able to breathe.

    Terror almost overwhelmed me again.

    Maybe I should go with the vision and see where it takes me.

    I knew it would probably cost me physically.

    “Would you be prepared to visit one of your past life memories? One that contains experience in the use of the portal?” she asked.

    I looked up at her.

    “And just how do you suggest I go about getting in touch with a past life? I do not have the vaguest idea how to get there.”

    But even as I spoke, I knew what to do.

    It was called regression and it could be done very successfully with hypnosis. I knew since I was very little that typical hypnosis did not work on me. I never allowed it to. So if I allowed it, maybe I could hypnotize myself to go to the right place.

    I became aware that Mara was watching me closely, expectantly. I caught her eyes with mine and kept her gaze.

    “I could not follow your thoughts“ she said. “You closed up very successfully. You have found your way of masking your thoughts. That much I can determine.”

    I stood up. She followed suit.

    “I need a quiet place to leave my body” I stated flatly, committed to what I needed to do.

    “You can use my sleeping area. It is utterly secluded when the curtains are drawn and I will make sure you are not interrupted.”

    Inside her sleeping area, I settled down on an animal hide in the middle of the floor. It was soft, warm and woolly under me, providing the comfort I now needed for what was to happen.

    I played a few seconds with the soft, dark brown wool. It could have been from one of the woolly wild goat creatures I had spotted this morning on my walk to the river.

    How long ago does that seem?

    I turned my thoughts for a moment to Tucker. Today was his funeral. I would have liked to show my last respects but it was not to be.

    Mara interrupted my train of thoughts.

    “Is there anything I can do?” she wanted to know.

    “Racewater made me swallow some horrible stuff when I came back from a dreadful trip. Apparently you gave it to him. Do you have some here?”

    “Yes. We call it bitter-herbs. It is a grounding liquid. It helps the spirit and body integrate successfully, restoring the correct energy balance.”

    “I would appreciate some when I am back. Do you have anything here that could bring me back if I lose my way?”

    “I have no modern devices or drugs, but I am confident that my energy work would be sufficient to overcome anything that might happen.”

    She sounded confident enough.

    I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing.

    Calming myself, I made direct contact with Sensaii.

    *Will you escort me to this place that contains all my memories?* I asked.

    *Yes, but we must go to the Universal Recording Halls. We must not enter your private space of experience and feelings. You want to see what had happened, independent of the emotional turmoil.*


    I had decided against self-hypnosis, seeing that I could gain access to my own recordings and Sensaii was guiding me in any case.

    A slight jerk, and my spirit lifted from my body.

    Drifting near the ceiling of the cave, I looked down onto the cold clay of my body, Mara sitting attentively next to it.

    My body looked empty and lifeless, yet the brain and heart would keep it going instinctively until I returned to it once more.

    It looked thin and undernourished and the skin was without lustre. I had to take better care of it if I wanted it to last.

    With this fleeting thought, I shot up to the plane known as astral.

    We passed the lower astral planes quickly and arrived at the Recording Halls in the blink of an eye where we stopped just inside the entrance.

    I concentrated on finding my own recordings, in a different time, in one of the visions I had experienced.

    I waited for the slight pulling sensation. Allowing myself to be guided by this sensation, we followed it down corridors I was not familiar with. These corridors and doors presented themselves as ancient. Decorations of wrought iron and bars completed the setting.

    After passing many doors and turning many corners we eventually came to a passage where the pulling sensation grew less.

    One of the doors had the familiar golden glow around the edges. We stopped in front of it. I placed my right hand on the latch, gathered myself, and stepped through the door . . .



    We found ourselves within a desert. It seemed to be the same desert where I had found myself in my dream/vision.

    A person I recognized as myself stood dressed in a white robe, about to enter the sticky indigo ink of the portal.

    Another person, also dressed in a white robe, warned 'me' that this may not work. We had lost contact with the other worlds and the gateway was no longer safe to travel.

    I was not receiving the right point of view with this visualization. I needed to know what I knew then.

    Sensaii tried to stop me, but was not fast enough.

    I stepped into the hologram and blended with the image of the person representing my life memory . . .


    I was terrified.

    I had stepped through the Portal many times before. I knew the risks involved in portal travel. The wormhole could fail at any moment and I would perish somewhere in space.

    The wormholes have been inconsistent lately. Their duration shortened by not maintaining them and abusing them to the point where they wore thin.

    Too many keepers had been killed in the wars to maintain the portals and the expansions of the wormholes. We have lost too many planets already.

    Cut off from the Universal Alliances, these Planets were doomed to deteriorate to their original states of lesser entities. It would be anarchy and survival only. I did not want to see it happen to my Planet too. We had put in too much work and effort.

    I gave my keys to this portal keeper, making him promise to teach his children and never forget. I will return some day. Some day when things were better and the people were more open to this again. No matter what happened, they had to lock the portal behind me.

    I looked at my people one more time before stepping into the sticky stuff.

    I did not step through as I should have. There was no sensation of rushed speed and free falling through time.

    I tried to breathe, but the portal substance engulfed me. I was drowning in goo.

    I knew the portal had collapsed as soon as I entered it. I knew my physical life was over.

    I released my body . . .



    I separated myself from this life-memory.

    Sensaii was keeping himself under the greatest of control. We went back into the passage where I got a hold on myself.

    I knew how terribly close I had come to giving up my current body on Creata.

    Concentrating on Real Creata time, I realized that we still had time for another memory. But not one of my own.

    I needed the life-memories of my gate keeper. I needed to find his children for they would still have my keys. I concentrated on the man and was pulled towards another corridor lined with doors. We eventually found the door I was looking for.

    It too, was unlocked to us and we entered as before.

    We came into the memory I was looking for. The handing down of the keys from father to child. It was a real family reunion on a tropical beach. There were huge red flowers everywhere and I could see a mountain in the background that could have been a volcano once.

    This Clan had detailed tattoos over their bodies and it was of a design that I would recognize even if I was not looking for it. It was in the form of my keys.

    They were the bearers of the keys. I would find them even in today’s time. I would find them when the time was right.

    We left the Halls in a hurry. My body was suffering without my spirit. I had been away a very long time.


    I came back with a shudder and a deep intake of breath, trying to control the sudden onset of shaking.

    I was freezing.

    Mara placed a warm hand on my chest.

    I tried to open my eyes, but did not have control over my body.

    “Lie down” she said.

    I could not comply, my muscles frozen.

    She pushed me flat on the rug.

    “You should have done this lying down. It would have been easier and less of a strain on your body” she scolded.

    She opened my mouth and poured some of the horrible liquid down my throat.

    I managed to swallow gratefully. It tasted slightly different. I tried to identify the difference, the warmness spreading throughout my body.

    She gave me another swallow.

    It was malted alcohol!

    Now that should get a body warmed up right away!

    She rubbed my arms and hands, carefully avoiding contact with my fingers, working her way down to my legs and feet. I started feeling much better.

    Gaining some control over my functions, I managed to open my eyes.

    I tried to thank her, but she placed her finger on my lips and prompted with her mind.

    *Use telepathy, it will save your strength.*

    *Thank you. I am glad you are here.*

    *I am glad too. For a moment there I thought I would have to bring you back. But the moment passed and your heart did not stop beating. I am glad you are back. Worse for wear, but very glad you made it.*

She left me alone with my thoughts and my freshly gained memories.

    Lifetimes of memories flashed through my head.

    Too many to count . . . Many things that I am glad I did . . . Lots that I regret. Always the knowledge of somehow higher service . . .

    Too much to sort out in a few minutes. It would take days for me to sort everything out into logical, serviceable fragments that this brain could handle.

    One thing I was sure of. This had been one of those life changing experiences. I had a specific purpose in life now and I would stop at nothing to succeed at what I came here to do.

    Mara returned with a bowl of hot stew. At first I could not feed myself and she had to help. I was still having shivers, but as my body started absorbing the food, the shivering stopped and I could eat the last few bites myself.

    *It is said that making love after such a journey as you have had helps to restore one quicker. Would you like to put that theory to the test?* she invited with mocked seriousness.

    Of course we did!           



    It was very quiet when I woke in the early morning hours. Mara was still asleep in my arm.

    I gently moved her and quietly went over to the fireplace. I placed a few extra logs on the fire to start it again before making my way around it to the bathroom. After running water into the tub from the primitive but effective water heater, I took a long, hot bath.

    I was busy sorting out the new information brought about by my own previous life memories. When I concentrated, I could instantly find what I was looking for, keeping all the mundane and unwanted memories at a distance.

    It felt similar as when looking for something specific in a library. You did not quite know where to find it, but the Librarian knew exactly where it was filed.

    Now that is a great idea! Let us see if I can start delegating things around here.

    I appointed an imaginary record keeper, called him Lasco and now I could ask him to find whatever I needed from my own memory without effort.


    I found that Tucker’s memories, which was now part of me too, was filed in a separate place. It was as easily accessible to me as my own memories.

    I thought of the possibilities this brought about. What would happen if people in physical form had all their memories intact when they came to a physical world?

    Would they be able to cope, knowing what lives they had lived before and what they had done with it?

    I suddenly felt old. Older than anything on Creata. I felt all my life-memories weighing heavily upon me. All my lifetimes came together in one mass of knowledge, one experience after the other.

    It was incredible.

    It was too much for a single brain to assimilate.

    I let it go, focused on enjoying my bath, then dried and robed myself.


    There was a single step down to the cave floor from the bath area. I took the step and . . . there was no ground!

    Only an abyss and the sensation of falling into empty space.

    My senses reeled from the utter shock of falling and then, abruptly, I found myself within an ancient chamber.

    There was a council of ‘older’ humanoid entities seated behind a carved rock projection that served as a long table. This table looked as if it had been carved from the same stone-like walls of the chamber.

    “Welcome” said the ancient entity in the middle – there were five humanoid entities in total. The one that had spoken looked like a druid or wizard with his white robes and long beard.

    “Your life is about to change” he informed me.

    A statement of fact, as if I did not know this already.

    “Your training has advanced to the point where you can now be of more service to us.”

    “Who exactly are you?” I enquired, curiosity getting the better of me, as usual.

    “We were appointed by yourself to help you on this life’s tasks. We are here to remind you of what you had agreed upon to do” the Elder explained patiently.

    I was speechless. Then asked in a whisper “So I asked for all this?”

    “Yes. This is your planned path and when you become quiet within yourself you will know it to be your truth.”

    Great! I groaned to myself.

    Feeling that these entities had great influence over my life, I answered as politely as possible, “I do not entirely understand, but I do feel that I need to trust you. Where do I go from here?”

    “A path is being opened up for you to find Creata’s Physical Portal. When it is found, you will be reminded of the knowledge that goes with the responsibility of inter-galactic travel.

    You will become an integral part of the system, but that is for later. Right now, know that we support your every move and are available whenever you need us.”

    Just as suddenly as I got here, the elders receded and I felt my essence being returned back into my body. It was a familiar feeling by now, this travelling in and out of my body.

    I lay still on the cave floor, orientating myself and eventually managed to turn onto my back.

    Staring at the ceiling, I noticed it was starting to get lighter with the breaking of dawn.

    Where was Sensaii?

    I reached out with the part of me that was connected to him and felt his presence at my left shoulder.

    *Did you know this was going to happen?* I demanded.

    *Yes, but not when. It took great effort from me to let your body fall softly. I will prefer you having someone physical to stick around all the time from now on.*

    *And be totally dependent on others?* I asked in disgust.

    *Yes, I am afraid so. Your work is going to start taking you out of your body at times, a most inconvenient thing indeed, but it is the easiest and most accurate way of doing things precisely. As Source wants it.”

    I was suddenly feeling very angry at myself and cursed under my breath, not too loud for the Universe to eavesdrop, but loud enough to make me feel better.

    Staggering to the area that served as a kitchen, I did not manage to find the mysterious fridge. Eventually I sat down on the floor, feeling like weeping.

    Mara found me a little while later still sitting on the floor. She looked at me with concern.

    *Are you alright?*

    She was right about the telepathic connection. It was much faster than trying to voice everything in words. You could include any emotion you wanted to as well. Her emotions were of real concern followed with an embarrassing amount of tender love.

    *No, I just wanted something cold to drink but I cannot find the fridge.*

    *There is none. I cooled the fruits under the water outside.*

    *Great!* I replied with a sulking attitude.

    She took a glass and went outside, returning shortly with sweet, cold water, which I drank gratefully.

    I was feeling hot again and my body was aching all over. I was scared that I might be heading towards another episode like the other day.

    I must have forgotten to cloak my thoughts for Mara’s concern was growing. She felt my head.

    *You are hot. I better prepare some herbs for you. Can you make it back to bed without my help?*

    *I will try.*

    I made it, but I was not feeling well. I tried leaving my body, but I was somehow stuck. By the time Mara came with her potion it felt as if I was burning up.

    *I am sure it is just another opening up of some kind. I should be fine in a day or so* I tried to explain.

    *We do not have the luxury of time. You must be ready and integrated in the next few days. We are already cutting it thin with a week as it is.*

    I could not care any longer.

    This was beyond me.

    This was beyond my limited healing skills.

    I drank from the cup that Mara held for me. It was a very sweet mixture with a hint of lavender.

    I lay down and gave up the struggle.

    My head swirled as I closed my eyes. The whole world was spinning. No comforting blackness came to envelop me . . .


    But I found paradise.

    A diffused light shone over everything as I walked down a flight of stairs to a garden. A person was standing at the entrance to the garden.

    It was Tucker.

    He was smiling up at me, welcoming me to his world.

    The Real world.

    So this is where we go when we die. Not a bad place at all.

    Tucker must have read my thoughts. *No, this is just an intermediate state of being. Almost like neutral ground when you need a temporary release from the physical.

    You have come here to gain whatever is needed for you to be able to continue in the physical realm. We only come in for guidance. You are really having a hard time without me, are you not?*

    *Yes. I really miss your intuitive knowledge of things. I feel lost without you.*

    *It is easy for us to see everything from our side. I know how difficult physical life might seem. You will resume your rightful place soon enough. Then everything will be clear to you.*

    *Is my body to die soon then?* I wanted to know.

    *Far from it* he answered.

    He motioned me to join him on a bench overlooking the garden’s green lawn and rainbow of flowers.

    *Then why am I here?* I asked him.

    *You need rest and encouragement to continue your work in the physical realm. That is your first and foremost function.*

    *Why is Sensaii not here?*

    *He was not invited by your essence. This is a special place for you and whomever you invite only. You have invited me here due to the close relationship and connection that we had on the physical plane. *

    *Why can Sensaii not help me as you do now?*

    *His task is to assist you in keeping on the right track. To protect you from bodily harm if need be, and to push you in certain directions to follow your path. That was your agreement with him, before you took this assignment.*

    I knew he was regretful of those thoughts as they came through.

    *What assignment?* I wanted to know.

    *I am not authorized to disclose that information yet. You will be informed in due time when your physical form is ready to accept your truth.*

    None of this made sense. It must be another of those very real life-like visions. But let us play along, I have nothing but Creata time to lose anyway. The fact that I could not pick up on Sensaii’s vibrations confirmed my suspicions of this being only a vision.

    *Here you are totally cut off from everything. You would not even be able to pick up on your body’s vibrations* Tucker informed me.

    *And if I close myself off, could you still read my thoughts?*

    *No, I would not be able to follow your thought patterns any longer.*

    He smiled. *Typical, obstinate, Han Storm.*

    That was me all right!

    *Rest now. All your strength will be needed again soon. Your path is going to bring you great work. You must never feel alone. We are here to help support you. Just call on us when you need anything.*

    *Okay, my need is to return to Mara.*

    *What you want and what you need are two very different things. What do you think is going to happen when your few days with Mara are up?*

    *I will have to return to my duties. I will have to go with Racewater and will probably never see Mara again.*

    *Do you love her?* he suddenly wanted to know from me.

    Okay! Where was this leading?

    I forgot, ‘they’ can read my thoughts here.

    *Do you love her?* Tucker asked again.

    *Yes. With all my heart and my whole being. I would love her forever, even if we never see each other in physical form again.*

    *Love as pure as yours is rare these days. It is just another sign that we have picked the right entity.*

    I knew the interview was over the instant Tucker stood up.

    *We each need to return to our own worlds. I am glad that you can travel inter-dimensionally. It makes visits much easier to meet entities halfway* he told me.

    I did not know what he meant, but agreed. It was not an uncomfortable place to come to.

    He walked me to the garden’s gate and took my hand in farewell. It felt very real and solid to me. I did not receive any impressions from the handshake, although my fingers touched his hand.

    He left me standing alone at the gate. I pushed it open and went out.



    I was lying on the pallet, the aroma of coffee coming from the fireplace.

    Coffee! After days of tea, I am finally allowed coffee.

    *Addict!* Sensaii informed me.

    I was so glad to have him back too.

    I almost leapt out of bed.

    What a funny vision/dream/reality?

    Who cared, there was coffee coming up.

    Mara stared at me in surprise.

    “You are looking chirpy this morning. Your fever broke through the night and you slept comfortably.”

    I kissed her on the cheek and left to freshen up.

    Breakfast, coffee and a huge smile greeted me when I returned.

    “So where do we go from here?” I asked.

    “I will show you what I know, the accumulation of my knowledge within this lifetime and all my others.”

    “You have total recall of all your other lives too?” I asked, surprised.

    “Yes, but with me, I had to regress frequently until I gained most of my memories from previous lives. It took me quite a few years. You were aware of your previous lives from the beginning of this lifetime.”

    “Not all of them. I recently received access to most. Actually in the last few days. It is part of me now and I can access the knowledge successfully, but there is a lot of information I still need to go through.

    I also need to remember to leave out all feelings and emotions. As you said, it takes physical Planet time to integrate everything into this body.”

    We sat in silence for a while. Each absorbed in our own experiences through many lifetimes.

    A commotion at the entrance to the cave brought us back to this reality. Indignant squawking was followed by a grumbling sound. Mara’s eyes lit up like candles, a happy smile on her face. She rushed to the entrance, throwing her arms around a huge black bear.

    Lifting a paw the size of her head, it returned the embrace. Mara literally disappeared into the fur of the creature. They released each other and she took its head in both hands, kissed it between its eyes, then looked around at me.

    I had decided to play possum and sat very still, willing myself not to be noticed.

    “Come here. I want you to meet a friend” Mara requested friendly.

    *I prefer not to* I thought at her, afraid that a sudden sound would focus the monster’s attention on me.

    She laughed at me. “Scared of a little old bear, are you?”

    Turning back to the bear, she shook the furred head until the bear pulled back and sat down on its haunches, making a face at her.

    She whispered to it in a loud enough tone for me to hear.

    “The mighty Han Storm does not have the courage to say hallo to you. Do you think we can scare him some more? “

    Oh boy! Now I was in for it.

    The bear was already making its way over to me. I was not going to just sit there and play their game. My whole body went into survival overload.

    Closing my eyes tightly, I wished with my whole being to be somewhere else.


    A sensation of vertigo was followed with sudden flashes of light against my closed eyelids. I felt somehow displaced, half in and half out of my body, very much like when I overlapped another living person’s body.

    It was cool around me and I could hear water rushing. My backside was getting damp.

    The bear’s mauling did not come, so I ventured to open one eye . . . and jumped up.

    I was at the bottom of the waterfall!

    My pants were indeed wet from the rocks I sat on.

    Was this just another vision?

    I was not sure.

    *Han? Where are you?*

    The question came loud and clear in my head, with a hint of panic attached.

    I was overjoyed to have contact with Mara. At least I now knew I was not in a vision but in real time.

    *At the bottom of the waterfall!*

    It came out a yell.

    *Are you safe?*

    Stupid question. I could have been killed.

    I mentally checked my body for physical injury. It seemed to be all in one piece.

    *Dazed but whole* I replied.

    *I am sorry. I will meet you back here at the cave. I will send Mutt away if you wish.*

    A fond image of The Bear came through.

    So its name was Mutt. I made a note to myself to ask her about that name when we were together again.

    *No, it is not necessary. Just keep introductions with your friends gentle.*

    A sigh of relief followed along the telepathic connection before she closed it.


    It was a long climb to the path that led back to the cave and I had to give it all my attention. Drenched in the mist of the waterfall, I eventually made it to the top, shaking from the effort it took.

    Sitting down in the path to regain my breath, I relaxed my exhausted muscles.

    I now thoroughly realized what tremendous strain psychic work placed on a physical body.

    My mind turned to what had happened. A strange thing, the mind. It always runs away with one, unless you train it really well. Mine was definitely not trained. It mostly went wherever it wanted to go.

    Let us see what had happened here.

    One second I was in the cave. The next I was very far away from it. What exactly did I do? And more importantly, how did I do it?

    *It is called teleporting.* Statement. Sensaii.

    *Thank you. So how did I know how to do it?*

    *It is similar as to what you did when you made your body invisible to the people who wanted to kill you. You just took it a step further.*

    *I did not try that again?*

    *It seems as if it is a safety mechanism you use in times of physical danger. You do what best suits the situation* he explained.

    *I was not consciously aware of what I was doing today.*

    *Your brain did not know, but your spirit remembered. Just as you can leave your body consciously, on demand, you can train your body to teleport wherever you need it to.*

    I accepted that explanation and put this ‘talent’ into my arsenal of psychic weapons.

    What am I thinking about!?

    These talents are not weapons, or can they be used as such?

    I better take some time and go through all my newly reclaimed memories carefully.

    This thought. This belief, as I now know it to be, does not come from no-where. Just as my fear of the bear came from a past life-memory of being mauled by one, so this belief must come from something that had happened to me before.

    *You on your way?* Mara interrupted.

    *Just taking a short break. Will proceed soon* I sent back.

    I caught a glimpse of what she was experiencing, receiving the distinct impression that she was running in my direction. On all fours!

    She was a shape-shifter! She was the dog.

    I decided to spoil her surprise.

    *I will wait for you here* I answered her back.

    *How did you know I was coming?* she queried.

    *You forgot to cloak yourself when you took the form of the dog.*

    A big black dog came bounding down the pathway. Gathering itself, it flung its body towards me.

    She changed back to her human form in mid-air, hitting me full in the chest. We went down in a heap of tangled arms and legs.

    “You really like to play rough, don’t you?” I told her.

    She just laughed at me, wresting me to the ground.

    Giving up, I allowed her to sit on top of me, pinning my arms to my sides, her weight keeping my legs imprisoned. She was incredibly strong for such an old wench.

    She bent down and kissed me tenderly. “You dropped your cloak too. I heard that last remark.”


    She released me and we sat up. She was flushed from the exercise and looked even more beautiful than usual.

    She was glowing.

    For a moment it looked as if she wanted to tell me something, but decided against it. I could not catch a hint. She had her cloak around her.

    “Enough play! We do not have a lot of time left and I still need to give you my knowledge.”

    She stood up, offering me a hand.

    I declined with a smile. I was afraid to touch her hands in case it would trigger another vision.

    On the way back to the cave we kept our thoughts separate and enjoyed each other’s close company. We would probably have been holding hands if we could.

    Mutt met us in front of the cave, glaring at me, suspicion written all over his face.

    “Mutt, this is Han” Mara introduced me formally.

    Mara took my arm and placed my hand in front of the huge nose. The bear sniffed, opened his mouth, showing rows of gigantic teeth, and closed it on my hand.

    I managed to keep my body under control. The bear's teeth were making indentations in my hand. He could bite it right off if he wanted to. His saliva flowed freely over my fingers, allowing me to see his life.

    Mara had rescued the cub from a raging river. She took it in and in turn, he adopted her as family. Mara used to call him Mangy Mutt, for his fur fell out in tufts after his ordeal, but as he grew up to become a sleek and handsome bear, the Mangy bit dropped away.

    Eventually, when he became an adult bear, he preferred his own company. This was one of his infrequent visits, but his loyalty and love for Mara was limitless.

    Mara let go of my arm. Mutt released my hand.

    Mara looked at me. “So you see, we have a special bond, just like you and me.”

    We entered the cave.

    Mutt stayed outside. The crow was, thankfully, somewhere else.

    I suddenly realized that the day was halfway gone and I was starving. Mara must have felt the same way for she came from the kitchen with a plate of breads, spreads and cheeses.

    After washing our hands in a bowl Mara provided, we had another great meal, followed by cool, minty tea.

    *Teleport!* Mara suddenly exclaimed. It was a statement coupled with awe and respect.

    *Shape-shifter* I countered back. *A neat trick. Do you take other forms too?* I wanted to know from her.

    *I can, but I prefer the wolf and effortlessly take the form of a raven or owl. Sometimes I play the part of an elemental.*

    *How do you do it?*

    *I cannot explain really. I have done it since I was a small child. I think it is similar to your visions. For me, it just happens.*

    *What does it feel like being in another form?*

    *Not much different from being me. I think it is as when I portray the old person. I am still me, but in a different form. I do see the world from different angles though.*

    A comfortable silence settled over us. It was becoming much easier to communicate through the telepathic link. Our cloaks stayed on most of the time, so there was no cross-interference of thoughts.

    *How did you do it?* she asked.

    *Do what?* I knew perfectly well what, but made her work for it anyway.

    *Teleport of course! You drive me insane with your lack of attention.*

    I laughed at her. I knew her frustration with unsatisfied curiosity. I tried to explain that this was an accident that had happened because my body over-reacted in survival mode.

    *I am sure you could do it if you really put your mind to it.* She looked at my shocked expression and quickly followed *in a controlled way of course.*

    *To end up where? A place I do not know? Another Planet?* Now where did that come from? *I was lucky to have re-materialized in a safe place. What would have happened if it was in the river, or worse, back in the City?*

    *And I am still sure that you could do it with practice. Other Planet indeed!*

    If she knew the images that announcement brought to the fore in my mind, she would also be on the edge of hysteria. I turned away from her. Breathing deeply to control my suddenly racing heart.

    She stood up. “We need to discuss the best way for me to give you my knowledge.”

    We were back to the teacher/student status. No tender lover any longer.

    “What happened when you received your partner’s memories?” she wanted to know from me.

    I avoided her eyes. “He died. I relived his life as his life-force drained from his body. I shared all his memories and knowledge of his current life.”

    “Then you share through physical contact with blood?”


    She pouted her pretty lips as she thought. “And you see through your fingertips too.”

    “Yes, but only surface thoughts, and in vision format. Although,” I thought of Mutt “I did experience Mutt’s life-memories, but very superficially.”

    She thought some more.

    I waited expectantly.

    Sensaii offered a possible solution. *You could visit the Halls.*

    “What if I visited your life-memories?” I asked her.

    “What would that give us?”

    “I usually visit as an observer only. Direct contact gives me experiences and emotional feelings as well.”

    “Then we must rather blend with direct contact. You need my emotional experiences as well.”

    Her mind was made up. “How much blood do you need to establish contact?”

    “A drop would be sufficient.”

    “We have refreshed our bodies and our energy levels are still high. I suggest that we lie side by side. I will prick one of my fingers and then we can touch hands. Mutt will stay at the entrance to guard against possible disturbance.”

    She went outside to organize security and came back with a needle. After pricking her finger and making sure a proper drop formed, we lay down next to each other on the woolly rug and touched hands . . .


    It was an electrical shock to both our bodies.

    Our spirits were flung out together and we found ourselves on the darker plane where I went when I wanted to find a living person.

    We recognized each other’s auras.

    I was stuck for answers, as this was totally unexpected.

    *As this is not what either one of us expected, we should try something else. What do you usually do in this situation when you find another person?* Mara asked.

    *I usually overlap or semi-enter that person’s body to see what they see so I can pinpoint their actual position. It worked wonderfully with lost entities. This is new to me.*

    *Overlap me here, now* she insisted.

    My distress must have been evident. I was not about to risk losing both our bodies.

    *I am sure it would be fine. Come, see all that I know.*

    It was an open invitation. Whatever happens, we would be together. Being together was all that mattered anyway.

    We came together in energy form.

    It was a mutual blending with a most unusual effect.

    Instantaneously, I gained, as with Tucker, all her knowledge, all her memories, all her emotions and feelings, her deepest fears and regrets, her hopes and dreams and something totally unexpected.

    She was pregnant! With our daughter.

    I immediately realized what was happening. We were not only swapping memories and knowledge, we were giving it all to our child too!

    The same instant I became aware of this knowledge, Mara came to the same conclusion. She now had all my information and as I came to the realization of what we were doing to this pinprick of light, so she also gained that knowledge.

    We could only embrace the spirit that would grow to be our physical daughter. Now there would be three entities on Creata that had all the knowledge of each other . . .


    The download was complete.

    We separated and re-entered our own bodies.

    The cold was bearable as I willed my limbs to function properly. I started rubbing my hands and arms and progressed to my legs and feet.

    I was relieved to see Mara doing the same. She caught my eye and smiled at me.

    “Why did you not tell me?” I softly accused her.

    “And do what about it? You know as well as I do that this is the only time we would be able to do this. The only time we were to have for ourselves.


    I really wanted a child. Besides, Moira has been waiting a long time for this opportunity.”

    “And now she got more than she bargained for ” I reminded her.

    “I will deal with that when the time comes. She will be special and the Clan will know it and understand it.”

    “A child born to a woman considered too old to bear children? A great legend indeed.”

    It was not meant to come out sarcastically, but it did.

    Her eyes flashed with anger.

    “I see you have a nasty streak in you. I know now why they use you for these assignments. You have the exact right temperament!” she retorted.

    I was suddenly intrigued.

    What did she see within me that I could not gain from my own memories?

    The overlap was supposed to give me her memories, but it included her opinions too.

    I quickly scanned her download. It was becoming easier, especially now that Lasco and I were working together.

    Let us try ‘Assignments’. That should do it.

    Mara was saying something. I quickly thought back to regain what she had said.

    “Let us not fight. Tomorrow will be our last day alone together. I am going to fetch us some more food and then we can both retire to look over each other’s knowledge. I know we are both upset about the unfairness of our pending separation.”

    She brought us fruit and fresh water. We enjoyed the meal, thankful for the opportunity to spend the time quietly together.

    It is strange that when a relationship is acknowledged, one took it for granted that the other person would forgive you if you lashed out at them.

    We always hurt the ones we love. We always expect them to forgive us. We always forget that they are individuals in their own rights and need to be respected and treated as such.

    I speculated on Moira. Mara said she had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I asked Lasco to find the information on Moira.

    Nothing came, so I tried to keep my mind on the immediate necessity of biting, chewing and swallowing.

    Suddenly I had access to it. The holographic pictures played before my mind’s eye.

    Moira was born to Mara a few hundred years ago. She was just a little girl in body form when she was savagely killed in front of her mother. Mara killed her daughter’s murderers and has been wandering the world ever since.

    Moira would look in on Mara from time to time, especially when Mara showed interest in a probable sperm donor.

    I wondered about Moira’s first father.

    The information was accessed almost immediately.

    He was a handsome fellow. Strong and a very good hunter. He was the son of the leader of this particular Clan. He died one winter after falling through the ice on a lake.

    The Clan must have stayed pure, as this man’s build and features were very similar to Racewater’s. They could have been members of the same family.

    The knowledge came with the speculation.

    Mara’s life partner was the brother to Racewater’s great, great, grandfather. Another interesting thing also came to the fore.

    Mara was not the only long-living relative in this Clan. There were several people that possessed this knowledge of longevity.

    I wondered about Racewater. He was only thirty-two in body years, ten years older than me. Mara was a different matter altogether. One never asked a lady her age.

    True to her word, Mara retired after supper to her sleeping area. I was not invited so snuck off to the bathroom, feeling very rejected.

    I made it safely through a warm bath with no further visions or interference, feeling really relaxed by the time I reached my bed. I hoped to have a good night’s sleep, I deserved it.

    Lying quietly on the pallet, I released my mind to wander through three people’s memories, now contained within my brain.


    ‘Assignments’ came up.

    At least someone was learning to function properly. I relaxed totally and allowed the information to flow consciously.


    I saw the panel of Elders before me. I did not present myself in physical form but only as light, as I saw and felt myself on that dark plane when I am looking for a living entity.

    All around us was a holographic Starmap.

    One of the Elders pointed at it.

    *This is the Universe of Kraita.*

    I recalled that Kraita was the name of one of the Creators.

    *This Universe is stagnant and needs to move forward into evolutional growth again. We have many agents there already. You have served us well from the beginning. You have proven your worth time and again.

    We assign you herewith to return and reconnect these planets and peoples that evolved there. Evolution needs another dawn.*

    Lots of planning followed, entities were negotiated with. Source itself was used to create a suitable body to which I could return to start a new cycle of physical life.

    And here I was.

    In a new body of twenty-two Creatan years, with most of my memories and masses of knowledge available to me.

    With this available knowledge I knew who I really was and what needed to be done.

    There was a major difference between Planet time as our bodies experienced it, and Cosmos timing.

    Cosmos timing is, essentially timeless, encapsulating different dimensions and parallel worlds.

    Creation had a start but no end. You could travel for Trillions of Planet years and not experience all of it.

    Forever was indeed a very long time.

    Most entities in physical form cannot comprehend another planet with life on, or something existing in more than three dimensions. How much more all of this?

    I thought about Mara and Moira. They had all this information available to them too. Would they cope with it?

    I would have to wait until morning to find out. I closed my mind, confident in my new knowing that it, and my body, would do my bidding.


    It was early morning.

    I was wide awake but lay still.

    Mara crept into my bed and snuggled against my back.

    She was cold.

    She cuddled against me, hugging my body to hers.

    She gently reached out to my mind and was surprised to find it fully aware.

    *I did not know.*

    There was sadness in her statement, her emotions spilling over me.

    I closed the link.

    She silently sobbed into my back, clinging to me as if I was her only reality.

    I turned around, taking her into my arms and kissed her tears away.

    I kissed her mouth.

    She responded and kissed back with passion.

    The flame was once again lit, and we struggled to remove our clothes.

    We came together in our need and for a little while we left everything else behind.


    By the time we woke up, it was day outside.

    Mutt was grumbling at the entrance. I did not speak bear and looked at Mara.

    “He is complaining that we are sleepy-heads and should get up. Can you clean fish?”

    “I am sure I can find a memory of how to do it.”

    She faked a shocked look at me. Then smiled.

    I robed myself, fetched a knife from the kitchen area and took the fish Mutt had provided outside.

    Mutt followed me, grumbling under his breath. It was annoying not to understand him.

    As soon as I started on the fish, the crow arrived with some friends, eagerly awaiting the guts and heads. My hands skilfully knew what to do and I allowed them to clean the fish on their own.

    Accessing Mara’s memories, I found ‘Bear Language’. My hands stopped working for a few seconds while I downloaded the information to my conscious memory.

    Finding myself in her language section, I simply continued and filled myself with every language she knew.

    It occurred to me that this was a selective sharing, not an automatic one. You could only use the memories of someone else when you consciously needed or selected it.

    Noise turned into understandable language. The crows, excuse me, Ravens, were screaming at me to throw them the scraps. They were squabbling amongst themselves as to who may have the next piece.

    The bear was sitting on his haunches with his hind legs straight out. He grumbled that he could not understand why this two-legged has stopped cleaning the fish. He knew Mara was waiting for it and she could get upset when she was hungry and food was not forthcoming.

    I hurried to clean the rest of the fish. Tossing the last bits of skin to the ravens, I hurriedly left the crowd.

    Mutt followed me back to Mara. The bear kept muttering comments, some of them not very flattering.

    His one-sided conversation went something like “Put front paw here. Mind that stone. There is a grub. Am I hungry for it now? No, leave it until later if the Raven did not get it. Scratch itch. Ooh, feels good. This two-legged is too pale for Mara. Their cubs will be a funny colour.”

    Okay. That last comment really did it.

    I closed my ears.

    It was NOT a good idea to acknowledge these new languages. Noise was sometimes much better than understanding.


    We grilled the fish in the fireplace and finished our meal in silence.

    “We will escort you to the cabins tonight. I suggest you take some rest this day. Your task is about to commence in full force.”

    She stopped speaking.

    There was more, so I prompted *And?*

    She bit her lip to stop from crying. She did not succeed and huge drops spilled down her cheeks.

    *Why did you make love to me, after coming to the realization of who and what you are destined to be?*

    *I have a body. I am a person. I love you dearly.*

    *As you love everything and everyone in this whole Universe?*

    *No, you are very special to me. And so is Moira. She is body from our bodies and I am honoured that she chose us as her parents. You must help her understand when her body is ready to leave yours.*

    I touched Mara’s belly. As yet, the baby’s body was just a small speck, secure inside Mara’s womb. Her spirit’s light was shining bright for anyone with sight.

    We hugged each other for a while.

    *Can I check up on you from time to time?* I asked the question, but knew the answer already.

    *You, of all people, can dare ask that question.* 

    It was not said in anger.

    I lay down on my pallet as she glided to the bathroom on her lovely long legs. I watched her go before closing my eyes, willing my body to sleep.

    I gently separated myself from it and went to the place I called my own. I now knew where it was as my long forgotten knowledge had been restored.

    I entered the Land of the Golden Light. This was what people commonly called ‘Heaven’. The place where you go when your body has perished.

    Well, this has been my particular place of rest for myself in previous lives.

    I found myself in a grove of trees. It was always Autumn here in my special refuge. Not too cold, just crisp.

    I walked under the falling yellow and orange leaves to the middle of the grove. A flat pedestal was in the centre of a small grassy clearing. It was very quiet except for the soothing wind constantly playing through the trees.

    I lay down on the marbled surface of the pedestal. It felt cool, and strangely, not hard. This was my safe place. My place of rest for my spirit.


    A prompt brought me back to my body.

    I gave it my full attention the moment my body started responding.

    It was Mara.

    *You must wake up. It is almost time to leave.*

    I opened my eyes and sat up. She was looking down at me. She was dressed and held my cleaned clothes out to me.

    I discarded the robe and put on my own clothes. I still did not have shoes and noticed Mara staring at a spot behind me. She pointed to a pair of soft leather boots standing there.

    How did she do that? There was nothing in that spot when I had started dressing.

    A flash of shared memory and understanding!

    Of course, she had materialized it.

    She was very good at that. She has had hundreds of years of practice in bringing energy’s vibration down and solidifying it into matter.

    I could just wish to have so much control over energy. Some day, with loads of practice, I just might.

    *Thank you* I sincerely told her.

    *You’re most welcome. Consider it a parting gift to remember us by.*

    I did not answer her. A bitterness lingered around her. Physical life for us was a harsher reality than for others.

    We worked in both worlds simultaneously and it was extremely hard to return to a Planet and the physical when you knew how easy it is on the other side.

    That is probably why I try to make the most of my physical moments. I enjoyed what it had to offer as part of a physical experience, whether you had work to do on both planes of existence or not.

    I stomped into the boots. It was a perfect fit. Mara looked very pleased with herself.

    Since our sharing, I had no further visions when we touched, allowing us to walk hand in hand through the woods where the path allowed it.

    The moon was already up and shining brightly by the time we arrived in the last stretch of woods. We could already see the lights of Racewater’s cabin.

    “This is as far as I will go in true form. I will be unable to sustain the vision of Ma-Mara” Mara said, promptly turning into the dog again.

    With a bear on my right side and the dog on my left, I walked through the last trees, coming out onto the grassy verge and bright moonlight.

    I turned to Mutt and took his head in both hands, looked into his beady little eyes, and told him to look after my family.

    I turned to Mara and squatted down. She came to me and buried her head in my arms. I hugged her briefly. Then stood up, turned my back on them and forced my feet to walk down to the cabin.













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