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Preserving Creata Part Two (Higher Education), Chapter Twelve


*** Twelve ***


    There was a warm pressure against my back.

    I moved away from the pressure, but it snuggled up to me, placing an arm over my chest, holding onto my naked body.

    I had no clothes on!

    Untangling myself from the person holding me, I managed to turn around and saw the young version of Ma-Mara waking up next to me. She too, was naked.

    She propped her head up with an arm, playfully looking at me.

    Universe, she was beautiful!

    Her body was trim, with what I regarded as perfect breasts. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders like a waterfall.

    “Make love to me Han Storm.”

    It was not a request.

    I had never been with a woman before, but as I looked into the pools of her chocolate coloured eyes, all thoughts of resistance dissolved.

    We came together, she guiding me expertly. For a while nothing existed except us.


    Our energies spent, we gently lay next to each other. She looked happy. I certainly was happier than I have ever been before.

    It suddenly seemed as if I was seeing the world from a different perspective.

    I could think and work things out at he same time. It felt similar to a computer running programs in the background. Busy with one thing, but still concentrating on others too.

    I could not stop looking at the woman playing with my hair. I did not want to think further than the moment, but my mind could not stay still, flitting through the repercussions of what had just happened.

    *There are none* Ma-Mara answered for me.

    Ma-Mara’s intrusion in telepathic conversation was handled by a different section of my brain. It interpreted concepts into words whereas the physical hearing section interpreted words into meaning.

    *That is correct.*

    “How is it that you can follow my conscious thoughts?”

    *I have had a long time to practice.*

    She stood up and started to make more tea. The fire danced on her brown skin and I felt embarrassed by my new stirring of desire.

    *And you portray your thoughts openly* she continued. *You may not notice it yourself, but your aura is constantly casting pictures, which I call illusions, of everything that is passing through your pretty little head. You must close yourself from doing so.*

    We were stepping away from the original subject.

    “You were saying that what had happened here” I spread my arms to include the Cavern, “will have no negative effect on our professional relationship.”

    *None whatsoever. To you, I will always be Mara. And you will always look at me and see me for who I am. Sex is an enjoyable tool to be used as needed. Are you not feeling happy and care-free?*

    “Yes. I feel more opened up to everything too.”

    *So have some tea now.*

    She gave me a cup and I looked at her suspiciously.

    *It is not drugged.*

    I smiled. Keeping my mind blank, I enjoyed the tea and the company for the moment. 

    When we had finished, she came to me, pushing me onto the pallet and we satisfied our mutual need again.

    She was lying in my arm and I was starting to doze off when a crow flew into the cavern, cawing horribly. It flew over to the fire and settled on Mara’s chair. Mara looked at it as it squawked and cawed at her, its beady eye on me. She smiled sadly.

    “They will be here soon. There is a bath area around the back of the fireplace. You can freshen up there. You may wear the robe you will find there.”

    Her voice sounded old again as she started to dress.

    I found the bath area. It was cleverly worked into the cave behind the fireplace. Surrounding what seemed to be the chimney, was a container carved out of the rock and filled with water, using the heat from the fire to provide hot water for the crib that served as a bath.

    By the time I was dry and dressed in a brown robe of rough cotton weave, I could smell breakfast.

    I felt a soft pressure inside my head. Mara’s voice invaded. *Are you ready? Breakfast is getting cold.*

    “Yes” I answered back.

    *Try with your mind.*

    I focused on her essence and answered again *Yes.*

    *Good, you are a quick study. Is it not better to talk this way?*

    I came around the corner. “No, it is tiring.”

    *You will get used to it.* “At least you did not have any complaints about it last night” she continued out loud.

    “Trying not to think did not give me a chance to think about it” I told her.

    “The trick is not to stop thinking. It is simply to stop your thoughts being portrayed to the world. It is easy to know when someone tries to intrude.

    You felt it in your head. That slight uncomfortable ache. You must tell your mind that you need a gatekeeper. Something or even someone that will stop your thoughts from advertising themselves and safeguarding you from intruders who do not have permission to contact you. Put a barrier up.”

    “Can I imagine that I have a cloak that makes me invisible to all and my thoughts invisible to you?” I asked.

    “Whatever is acceptable to you. I, personally, imagine myself wearing a dark cloak with a hood.”

    She finished dishing up into plates on a low table. We both climbed into the cooling food with relish. She really was a great cook.

    There was another presence in my head. Sensaii was a constant reassuring pressure. I always felt him. Even now. He was keeping a very low profile.

    I tucked the imaginary cloak tighter around myself. I wanted some privacy.

    I glanced at Mara. She was apparently very interested in breakfast and did not even look up.

    *Sensaii, is she aware that you are with me all the time?*

    *Of course* he replied.

    *Then why does she not acknowledge you?*


    I really hated it when he talked in single words.

    *Please explain* I prompted.

    *I stay out of her business, she stays out of mine, but together we compliment each other perfectly.*

    *Then none of what had happened here bothers you?* I needed to know from him.

    *No, and neither should it bother you. Accept it. Enjoy the moment, learn, experience, move on.*

    We finished breakfast in a companionable silence.


    *Han?* It was a request for permission to speak telepathically.

    *Yes?* I answered Mara.

    *I cannot see or hear your thoughts any longer. You are learning to keep it cloaked. That is very good.* “Is your head hurting?” she wanted to know from me, reverting to normal speech.

    “Yes, my forehead, between my eyebrows. There is also a tightness across my temples and sometimes a whining or droning sound in my ears.”

    “That is a normal physical response. It is proof from your body that you are connecting outside the normal range of senses. The pressures and headaches will become less with practice. It will not go away completely, though.”

    “What about the headaches I had at the base of my skull?” I wanted to know from her.

    “That is a hormonal gland that opened up completely, releasing extra hormones to allow your body to cope with the new psychic demands placed upon it.”

    “And the sex?”

    There, I asked the question I was actually coming to.

    “Your release of tension helped me open and balance all the energy points in your body. You should have downloaded this information by now. Did you not?” She seemed genuinely surprised that I did not know these seemingly basic things.

    “I think I might have skipped that class. I dream a lot. I experience a lot of night visions. I am actually afraid to go to sleep.”

    Another confession.

    “I see” she commented.

    Before she could continue, the crow started its horrible noise at the entrance to the cave.

    We walked out into the noon-day glare. I had lost track of time within the comfortable gloom of the cave, wondering what day it was.

    I did not have long to wonder.

    Racewater and two of his Clans-men came out of the shadows of the wooded area. The relief on Racewater’s face was evident when he saw me. He must have tracked me here.

    They stopped a respectful distance from us. Then they bowed deeply to Mara.

    I stared at Mara. I saw her as she was to me, but overlapping was the image of an old woman.

    Racewater was speaking and I brought my attention back to him.

    “I lost my brother and tracked him here. Is he well Ma-Mara?”

    “He is well, Daniel Racewater. I sent for him last night. He is in need of much healing and much more training. When we are done, I will integrate you with him so that the two of you can function as a team. There is a third we still require. When will his arrival be?”

    “In a six day when the moon is half” Racewater answered.

    “I will see you then in a six day.”

    The three men bowed again to her and turned to leave. Racewater frowned at me for a second before he started after the others.


    When they were safely on their way through the forest, she dropped the vision of the old woman and became business-like in her manner. We sat down in the entrance of the cave facing each other.

    “Tell me about your dreams, your visions” she requested.

    Where to begin? There was so much to tell her. Should I share everything, or should I be selective only?

    *Selective only.*

    It was Sensaii. As usual, following my every thought.

    “When I was young I had dreams that followed whole lives in a single night. From birth to death I would be that person. I would live a whole lifetime within a night and when day came, I would have to be very careful to know who I was.

    It took me some time to figure out that I was Han Storm, living on Creata. And every time it grew light in this world, I had to make sure who I was, where I was, and what time-period it was.

    It was very confusing, especially because I had so many foster homes and was always waking up in different places.”

    “And now that you are independent, what do you now do at night, when you sleep?”

    “I mostly visit the Universal Education Halls, or Halls of Knowledge, where you can receive downloads or acquire information that you need or want. Most nights when I leave my body, it is with the intention to go to the Education Halls.

    Most mornings after input sessions, as I call it, I cannot remember a thing about the subject or knowledge that I have gained in my sleeping hours. Is this normal?”

    “I will answer your questions later, so please continue. You said most nights. What about the other nights when you actually sleep and dream?”

    “I have dreams. Dreams of real things, or things to come, or things that have been. I have dreams where I know I am dreaming and that it is not a dream but a vision. I have dreams that are so real to me that I actually never want to lay my head down to sleep again, in case I have one of those dreams.

    My biggest problem is to get a good night’s sleep without the help of drugs. I am constantly in a state of exhaustion. If you can help me sort this out, I will be so grateful.”

    “You mentioned that you had been to a psychic teacher before.”

    I could not remember that I had mentioned it to her, but then, I was an open book before, she could have picked up the information.

    “Yes. I was probably around six years old, and did not pay a lot of attention to Professor Zane. He was just another teacher then, and I was normally trying to figure out who I was supposed to be that day. I guess I missed quite a bit. Although, I must say that I did take some of his lessons to heart.”

    “How come?”

    “I know I am an individual, and I know that I am special. I am not my own person and I belong to this world. That is what Professor Zane said. He said that we should use our talents only for the highest good of Creata and everything in and on it. I have been trying to do so. Would you care to comment on my questions now?”

    She had her eyes closed, as if concentrating intensely upon my answers.

    “Tell me first“ she responded. “How do the dreams you had as a child differ from the work you do now?”

    “You mean that I might have been accessing people’s life-memories without me knowing so?”

    “Yes. As you recall, is it the same experience you have within the life-memories of other people?”

    “No. It was similar to when I visit my own life-memories.”

    “These dreams. Can you remember where they happened? Was it memories of this Planet, this current time period?”

    This was getting tricky. It was exactly the explanation I had been trying to avoid.

    “Sometimes it was of this Planet, but in a different time period. At other times it was of places vastly different and definitely not of this Planet or time.” That should cover it.

    “Did you have the same dream sometimes, or different dreams continuously?”

    “Different dreams almost every night.”

    “Do you remember these life-memories?”

    “As if it had happened yesterday.”

    Somehow, saying it out loud made it as real as it was.

    Before she answered, I knew what she was going to say. I dropped my cloak and allowed her to see my thoughts.

    It was my own life-memories, in different lifetimes, at different times.

    “Yes, and you are blessed to have all that knowledge at your disposal. To be able to remember all of it, the bad and the good.”

    “It frustrates me“ I countered. “I know of all these places out there, all the different Planets and Universes. Of technology Creata can never hope to experience.

    I know all these things, yet I cannot share it with a single person. They will put me in a psychological rehabilitation facility immediately. It is a wonder that they even accept psychics.”

    “Our planet has dealt with psychic phenomena since the beginning of our time. It is nothing new to us. Everyone accepts it. Certain people have seen the potential, and are exploiting it as we speak.”

    “We are stepping off the subject. What about the memory loss or lag in memory after downloads?” I wanted to know from her.

    “It takes three to five Creata days for the brain to integrate all the downloaded information“ she explained. “People experience downloads differently. Some are quiet and sullen for a few days. Others go into solitary confinement. Some just get on with their daily lives and act like normal. Some have headaches or body aches. It is a very personal experience. But it is worth it.”

    “It is very seldom that I remember the actual content of a download, unless I have instigated a direct download. I do have a lot of information and knowledge at hand when I need it.”

    “Some people are so busy in their waking hours that they cannot give their attention to what had been downloaded” she informed me.  “They store it until needed, and do not worry about where the information comes from when they do access it. They also just know that it will be there when needed.”

    Sounds like me.

    “When you have a vision at night, are you consciously aware that you are not dreaming?” she asked.

    “Yes, I think so. My visions usually start the same way. I always fall for a very long time and it stresses me out.”

    “That is your way of getting to where you need to be. Do you want to tell me about your current nightmare?”

    I turned away from her.

    I was not feeling like talking about it right now. I had too many things milling around in my head.

    Tucker’s death. The integration of his memories, which was still in progress. The constant interrupting visions of a dead boy warning me of pending danger. And this newest one of a Gate that wants to swallow me alive.

    “You have a lot going on at the moment, don’t you?” Mara asked sympathetically.

    Oh boy, I forgot to put my barrier up.

    Not even my thoughts were my own.

    Mara laughed at me. She stood up, indicating that this session was over.

    “Go, take a walk to the river“ she ordered. “I will have lunch ready when you come back.”


    I was relieved to be able to be on my own for a while.

    Mara lent me a pair of her hide boots. They were slightly too small, but protected my feet.

    I strolled through the ancient trees down to the river. It was an easy walk, with rough steps cut into the mountain where it became too steep.

    The air was very clear here and it was cool next to the river.

    At this section the river was a raging beast. It had only a narrow channel to push through before dropping down a chasm, a soft misty spray rising from the waterfall.

    I chose a dry rock near the edge to stand on. It overlooked the small waterfall where the sunbeams playfully created rainbows in the spray.

    It was a lovely place. Not peaceful or quiet, yet soothing.

    The water was hypnotic in its constant motion, not unlike the sea.

    I felt myself grow calmer, the worries drifting from my mind . . .


    I was standing on a yacht.


    How the heck did I get here?


    I was in a cabin.

    A man was lying at my feet.

    I knew this man.

    My hands felt sticky.

    I looked down at the blood dripping from them.

    It was not my blood.

    I was thrown into the life-memory of one Custos Morgan . . .


    No-one could do anything right!  The frustrated RAGE coursed through my veins.


    I had lost my firstborn to a professional killer. I knew it, as the facts in the file pilfered from the New Haven Homicide department pointed to it.

    That psychic must know who did it, for he had handled the case, the only unsolved case marring his otherwise flawless record.

    How I hated that psychic. As far as I knew, their ethics demanded of them to tell the truth, no matter what.

    And now he’s flown the coop.

    He did not even attend his partner’s funeral. We thought we would have him there.

    I tried all my contacts at the precinct, calling in favours or paying for them. I only know that a Lieutenant Daniel Racewater took him away from the city.

    No trace. No public transport. No-one knew where they had gone.

    I took my yacht to the islands. I needed some time alone until my men could get back to me with answers.

    I started drinking. It was something I seldom do.

    I slipped, hitting my head . . .


    The pain brought me back to my own body.

    I must have slipped with the vision.

    I had hit the back of my head on the rocks.

    Gingerly feeling the gash, my own blood covered my fingertips. I never knew that I would respond in a similar way to my own blood . . .


    Dressed in a white robe, I stood in front of the gate that I had previously dreamt of in the aircraft. It had that sickly, sticky filling in the middle.

    People were standing around, as if waiting for something to happen.

    I stepped up to the gate and into the sticky mess.

    I found myself in a tunnel.



    Terror engulfed me.


    Refusing to have anything more to do with this petrifying vision, I blacked out . . .


    Mara was washing my face with cool water. I would recognize her berry scent anywhere. Allowing my senses to return to me slowly, I found my head hurting. Opening my eyes, I was greeted with a relieved smile.

    “I came looking for you when you did not return for lunch. You did not respond to my telepathic probing either. I knew then that something was wrong. You must have slipped and hit your head. It is not too serious, but I have done some healing on it.”

    I looked at her. The fear I felt must have shown in my eyes.

    “I am here now” she soothed, holding me close. “I will take care of you. Everything will be fine.”

    Fine, but not sorted out.

    I needed answers.

    She helped me up into a sitting position. I looked at my hands, thinking that she must have cleaned them.

    My head did not only hurt physically. I had an indescribable headache as well. Every step we took up that mountain threatened to let me pass out again. I probably had a concussion.

    We finally reached the cave where she helped me to the pallet.

    “Now let us see about you healing yourself completely.” She probed my wound, gently cleaned it out and sealed it with some ointment.

    “Now you heal your body” she ordered, sitting down opposite me.

    Obediently, I concentrated and opened myself to allow Source Energy, the energy that kept this Universe together, to flow into the top of my head. It felt warm and soothing and I was at peace for the first time in what felt like ages.

    The healing energy started to take effect on my head. It took a few minutes, but as I allowed the energy to swirl around my body, I could feel the cells responding and regenerating swiftly.

    After a while, I let go of the peaceful feeling and closed off the influx of energy. My body was feeling rejuvenated.

    Gingerly touching my wound, there was only a slight swelling left and did not hurt any longer.

    Pain was the body’s only way of telling the brain that something was wrong. If you know what has happened to you, the injury experienced is usually a lot less painful. The brain knows what has happened to the body, so does not need the pain stimulus.

    I opened my eyes.

    Mara presented me with a cup of tea.

    I raised an eyebrow at her, smiling at myself. It was a typical Tucker response.

    “No, it is not drugged” she replied to my obvious question.

    The tea tasted minty and was very refreshing.

    “You did well“ she congratulated me on my healing ability.

    “Do you want to talk about your visions now?” she encouraged.

    No. I did not. But she was here to help me learn.

    *How should I put this?* I asked Sensaii.

    *Just spit it out* he concluded. The typical short, to the point reply.

    *Thank you.*

    So I spat it out.

    “I had a mixed vision.”

    Mara looked at me expectantly, shuffling into a more comfortable position. “Explain?”

    “I had a vision while being aware of my body and my position at the river. I shared the life-memory of a living person. As far as I know he is still alive. I shared it by touching his blood in my vision. I had both hands soaked to the elbows in it.

    Yet, when I returned from the vision, I knew that it could not be, for my hands were clean. How can I share life-memory in vision form?”

    “This is indeed rare. You are starting to overlap boundaries. It is very unusual. In all my time on Creata I have never heard of a living person doing so. It is only spoken of in the legends.”

    I had almost forgotten that part.

    “What does this legend say? This prediction I keep on hearing about in whispers” I inquired from her.

    “It is a tale that might take some time to tell. Let us first refresh our bodies with food and energy sharing.”



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