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Preserving Creata Part One, Chapter Nine


*** Nine ***

    I woke to the familiar sound of Tucker’s voice.

    No, that was not Tucker.

    Tucker had passed on in my arms.

    It was Racewater’s voice.

    Racewater and Panam.

    I expanded my hearing to follow the conversation.

    “Han’s just lost Tucker“ Panam was saying. “The psychics at the facility all had people helping them. The bond became exceptionally strong between the two people and I have only once came across another psychic who lost his handler. He was useless to himself and everybody else. They sent him away for a while and eventually paired him with another person. As far as I know, his services are still being used.”

    “You are suggesting that we find someone to replace Tucker?” Racewater queried.

    “Not someone he does not know. That will make the process too long, and as I understand, you want him back in the field as soon as possible. No. It will have to be you.”

    Racewater sounded doubtful.

    “Me? I have very little knowledge on how to help Storm. I would never be able to do what Tucker did.”

    “You mean you do not want to baby sit, yet, you want Han to operate at full capacity when you need him.

    Just think about it. Tucker died in Han’s arms. Han was covered with Tucker’s blood when you found them. And we both know what his speciality is.

    He probably experienced Tucker’s death as if it was his own.

    If he is not strong enough, and you do not give him a good enough reason to continue, he might give up and be lost to all of us.

    As I see it, you are the most qualified person to take Tucker’s place. You have been with them more than anyone else and you are the only one that has seen Han in action.

    You have a background in psychic behaviour and your Clan has a history of psychics.

    You are the logical choice.”

    “I can see your side of the argument“ Racewater countered, “but it means that I would have to give up my life. Everything I know will change. I am not sure I can make that commitment.”

    Panam, as young as he was, was becoming angry with an obstinate Racewater.

    “You are only thinking of yourself. You expect everyone else to work around the clock to bring justice to all, yet you now want to complain that your life will change because Han gave his whole life to us.

    Han places his life in danger every time he goes away. He goes above and beyond duty. He eats, drinks, sleeps, dreams the job.

    You have no right being here if you do not want to sacrifice your puny life alongside that man. Please, just leave.”

    It was a final ultimatum.

    I heard Racewater’s chair scrape and his footsteps retreating to the door.

    The door closed quietly.

    “Darn!” Panam whispered to himself.

    Hearing him cominging down the passage, I closed my eyes and deepened my breathing.

    He settled in the chair and whispered softly to me “He will come around. I am sure he will realize that he is the only one who would be able to help you. I told myself I was not going to get involved, but here I am. Protecting and helping you.

    Oh! Julie. I am so sorry I cannot be there to help you with your uncle. But you understand and I love you more for that.”

    It became quiet again and we both dozed off.


    I woke with a start.

    Panam was still sleeping in the chair.

    Tucker was standing next to my bed.

    I could sense his wife and son near him, but could not see them.

    “I just came to say goodbye. Be happy with me Han. I am back with my loved ones. My physical troubles are over.

    You must move forward now. You must follow your destiny.

    Tell Julie I love her very much and tell Panam he has my blessing to marry her.”

    He smiled and faded away before I could respond.

    I sat in silence, thinking about ways I could continue our relationship.

    *I want to go to the Personal Recording Halls* I told Sensaii.

    *It is only a place of life-memories* Sensaii replied. *You have those already. If Tucker wants any further association with you, he will present himself as he just did.*

    *But I really want to feel him, just one more time* I pleaded.

    *Even if you went to the Halls, which is only the place for the recordings, you would not be allowed to enter and activate the recently passed over’s life-memories. You know that.*

    *Then what is the difference if I touch a recently passed-over person’s life essence? Is it not the same?*

    *No. What you experience on this plane is mostly only the recording that is yet to be integrated into the life-memory of the person. The less time that passes from the time the person dies, the clearer the recording. The longer the person is dead, the more difficult for you to follow the recording, hence the eventual necessity to actually visit the Personal Recording Halls.*

    *Then I will have to wait a while before I will go* I insisted stubbornly.

    *You will not be allowed* Sensaii answered patiently.

    *Why not?*

    *It is not for the highest good of all. It will be for purely selfish reasons. You have to have pure intent when you enter the Recording Halls, or the doors will be locked to you.

    Now stop feeling sorry for yourself. The quicker you get yourself organized, the easier it will be for Tucker to visit you from time to time.*

    I was not content, and as a naughty child continued *I did not see this coming. I had visions of pending danger, but I could not even save Tucker.*

    *It was his planned time to go home. He died as he chose to, in the arms of a beloved person.*

    *It is not fair. This life is not fair. I do not want any of this anymore. I did not ask for this.* But even as I thought it, I realized that it was not the truth.

    I did ask for this.

    Somehow, I took this specific bodily form with these specific capabilities for some or other specific task.

    What exactly did I know about myself?

    Really, I asked myself.

    Why did I come here to Creata?

    Why did I choose to be the way I am?

    Who am I really?

    The eternal question.

    I felt very sorry for myself and just wanted to wallow in self-pity and depression.

    I pulled the blanket over my head and closed myself off to the world.



    Panam woke me late the following morning.

    “Freshen up, take a shower and I will see you for breakfast shortly” he ordered.

    I did as requested, not feeling like doing anything for myself.

    My head was swimming with Tucker’s memories.

    But it was more than memories. It was emotions, impressions and vast amounts of knowledge congregated inside my pounding head.

    It was confusing and awesome and exhilarating all at the same time. It was as if Tucker had never left. Even his private opinions were at my disposal. I just needed time to sort through everything.

    I joined Panam at a mediocre breakfast. He definitely was not as good a cook as Tucker used to be. I was not hungry anyway, but managed to force some food down.

    Panam placed a mug of coffee with two tablets in front of me.

    “Drink it, it will relieve the headaches.”

    I looked up at him. I wanted to sort out Tucker’s memories. I needed my wits about me for that. I did not want to be drugged at this time.

    He stared me down.

    “I am responsible for your physical welfare and I am telling you to take these tablets. They do not have any psychological effect, only physical. They will not even make you drowsy.”

    Shrugging, I swallowed them with the coffee.

    “Now go do what you must in your special room. Racewater phoned and said he will be around this afternoon. I need you resembling something sane and attentive when he comes. Go now.”


    I retired to my meditation room.

    Panam closed the door behind me and I could hear him starting on the dishes. I stood there in the semi-gloom for a while, deciding on the best course of action to take.

    Firstly, I wanted to find out exactly what had happened at that warehouse.

    My own memory recordings had never been locked to me so I would start there.

    I composed myself in my usual cross-legged position. Relaxing my body and deepening my breathing, I allowed myself to reach my own place of recording.

    Finding myself back at the warehouse, this time as an observer only, I saw myself and Tucker walking towards the store-rooms.

    There was a slight movement in the rafters to my right. I froze for a second.

    It saved my life.

    It took Tucker’s.

    I looked at the place where the sound of gunfire started.

    A man was nestled amongst some rafters. Focussing my attention on him, I requested a close-up.

    Memory told me that this was Regent, the man that had killed the snitch. I memorized his aura, which would enable me to recognize him if I ever saw him again.

    Following the gunfight from an elevated position, I was able to see Tucker’s assassin leaving the building through the landing at the top.

    I was able to follow him.

    It was really interesting to note that my own personal recordings overlapped with Creata’s recording system. I could go where I pleased as long as I entered via my own recordings. Yet, I could not do this when I was visiting someone else’s recordings.

    I could do it when I was following unlogged recordings of newly passed-over people. Maybe the connection lay there. Maybe I am following my own unlogged recordings as a back door into the recording system?

    Anyway. Back to the killer.

    He got into a vehicle and drove up Hill Street where the affluent people lived. After passing the airport he turned off onto Maine Avenue, eventually turning into a beautiful walled garden.

    The house in the middle of the grounds was exceptionally old. It felt as if the oldness oozed out of every stone. The killer parked in front of the house and went up the stairs to the huge double doors. A butler opened it and he was ushered inside.

    I glided through the door. It felt like walking through a hologram. The mind played tricks on the spirit, letting it feel as if it actually walked through matter.

    My enemy went upstairs and entered a room where I slipped in behind him. We were in a study and behind a huge desk sat Mr Custos Morgan.

    I would never be able to forget the face that killed that unfortunate boy.

    “Is it done?” he demanded.

    My enemy visibly cringed.

    “No, the psychic froze as I pulled the trigger. I did kill the handler. It is as good as killing the psychic. My contact in the Government assured me of it. It may actually be worse for the psychic. It will make him suffer.”

    Morgan lost his temper, becoming pink with rage.

    He slowly rose out of his chair and placed both hands on the table, leaning forward.

    “I do not want him to suffer!” he told the man through clenched teeth. “I want him wiped off the face of this planet!

    He touched my boys. Anyone who touches my children must be killed. Now get to it and do not come back unless you have the desired results.”


    I was pulled back to my own body in a whirring motion, landing with a thud. A splitting headache started up right away.

    This was no decent way of coming back.

    What brought me back?

    The front door!

    It slammed.

    No, crashed!

    I expanded my hearing.

    There were intruders on the premises and they did not worry about being subtle.

    I scanned for Panam. He was not in the apartment and I found his essence two blocks away in the vicinity of the grocery store.


    I concentrated on myself. I needed to hide, being in no condition to fight anybody at the moment.

    There was no-where to hide in this room, and also everywhere.

    I braced myself for what I had to do. It would take a lot of energy.

    I pulled all my life-force within myself, then heightened the rate of vibration to all my cells. This is an exercise usually done under great control over a longer period, but I knew I needed to be invisible to the untrained eye right now.

    I felt my body responding, becoming very light.

    Requesting all my cells to vibrate even higher, I had the satisfying feeling of my body dissolving into pure energy.

    It was such a lovely feeling that I almost wished I could stay there, but the feeling was short lived.

    The door to the room was thrown open. The light switched on and two people armed with firearms rushed in. They had a quick look around before retreating to the living area.

    “No-one’s here, yet you said you waited all day and did not see the psychic leaving the building. Are you sure you have the right bloody building?”

    It was Regent, my enemy.

    “Of course. Our information is accurate. I double checked the address myself” the other man replied.

    “Well, there is no-one here right now. You better find him – and fast, or I’ll kill you in his place!”

    I heard them leave and when I could not hear their footsteps any longer, I let myself go, landing very hard.

    In all the excitement I had allowed my body to float up to the ceiling.

    I forgot to check my position before I slowed my cells' vibrational rate back to normal. It would have been hard to explain to someone how I managed to get stuck with my head in the ceiling, had I floated any higher.

    As it was, I now had a sprained ankle that was already turning blue.

    Being exhausted and on the verge of passing out, I knew I desperately needed help.

    I needed Panam.

    Focussing my remaining energy on him, I gave a psychic shout in one long silent scream.


    Panam stormed into the room.

    “I’m here. I heard you! I came as fast as I could.

    Dear Universe. What happened here?”

    I did not answer. I was totally depleted and lying on my back on the carpet.

    Panam left for a while and returned with a small bottle. He placed it to my lips.

    “Drink, you will feel better instantly. Guaranteed!”

    I took a sip and swallowed quickly.

    It was the most bitter, disgusting stuff I have ever tasted. It burnt all the way down to my stomach.

    It had the desired effect though. I immediately felt better and struggled into a sitting position, wincing when I moved my ankle.

    “I told you you will feel better right away. What happened here anyway? The door was wide open when I came back.”

    “There were some men with firearms. They did not see me inside the dark room, above the door” I tried to explain my narrow escape.

    It sounded lame, but it was the nearest to the truth I wanted to venture at this stage.

    “They left and I did not make a graceful landing” I continued.

    He seemed to believe me. “Okay, I am quickly going to get hold of Racewater before seeing to your foot.”

    He left me there and I could hear him requesting backup from Racewater. He brought me some water when he came back.

    “Racewater is sending backup so long. They should be here in the next few minutes. There is a squad patrolling not far from here.”

    He started examining my ankle.

    “What is in that potion you gave me?” I wanted to know from him.

    “It is actually something Racewater gave me this morning. He apparently received it from some or other herbalist that he knows. I am more inclined to think it comes from his own Clan.

    You know he comes from a highly psychic Clan?”

    I shook my head in the negative.

    “That is odd. Tucker used to speak of it all the time. Anyway, I am glad it works.”

    I pulled my leg away under his probing fingers.

    “Sorry. It does not seem broken, just badly sprained. I am sure you can heal it if you tried.”

    I looked at him. The thought never occurred to me.

    “How?” I asked, intrigued.

    “I have seen a lot of miracle healing being done at the facility. The psychics there call it energy healing. They place their hands over an affected area, either themselves or another person, and heal them. As easy as that.” Panam clicked his fingers.

    Energy healing rang a bell.

    So this is how the downloads worked!

    You do not have access to the information until you actually needed it. And then sometimes, you needed a trigger to unlock the knowledge.

    A floodgate opened in my mind with that one phrase.

    Energy healing!

    Anything from broken bones to walking through walls. Just not with the energy depletion I have just experienced, because one used Universal or Source Energy and not one’s own.

    I placed my foot between my hands. Cupping my ankle loosely, I opened the top of my own auric field to the Universe and felt the energy racing into my head, down my arms and out the palms of my hands. I could see a golden orb surrounding my hands, engulfing my ankle.

    It felt like pins and needles and I could see the tissue and cells’ vibration picking up. Now it was just a part of my body’s cells being raised in vibration to be healed, not my whole body as to become invisible.

    It felt odd and it looked even worse. From dark purple to greenish to yellow and then back to normal. I had a warm feeling around my whole foot and knew the healing was complete. The energy orb dissipated to nothing.

    I felt strangely revitalized, not drained as usual.

    Wow. How many things did I not learn today?

    I became aware of Panam staring at me.

    “I knew you could do it” he congratulated me. “I just did not expect to see it happen before my own eyes. I do not want you to ever say to me you feel sick again. You can heal yourself.”

    “Only if I can focus on what I am doing.” I smiled up at him, impressed with my newfound talent and suddenly aware that I could have saved Tucker.

    *Not so.*

    The eternal Sensaii was constantly there.

    *If I had access to this knowledge I could have healed Tucker* I countered.

    *Even if you were aware that you could have used this, you still would not have been able to bring Tucker back from the other side* Sensaii insisted.

    *None of this makes sense.*

    *It was Tucker’s time to go home. He knew that and would not have allowed you to keep him here. You can only heal people when they ask and want healing. Source Energy will only flow if someone chose complete healing.*


    We were interrupted by a knock on the door.

    Panam opened it to the Uniforms Racewater had sent. One of them came inside my apartment and took a stance near the door. The other stayed in the passage.

    They insisted that we lock the door.

    It was not broken, as I almost always found it unlocked. I have come to suspect that Sensaii took charge to keep the door unlocked.

    We busied ourselves with replacing some of my lost energy, with me doing the cooking! I ate a bit, but was surprisingly, not as hungry as I used to be.

    We were almost finished with coffee when flashes of visions started dancing and quivering in my minds eye. It was incredibly hard to concentrate on what I was doing or saying physically. The visions came so fast and were so varied that I found it almost impossible to keep track of any one of them.

    I saw that Panam was looking at me with some concern, but could not concentrate long enough on his face to figure out what he wanted. Eventually I felt a hand on my arm and was led to my room.

    “Where is a bag? We better start packing. Racewater will get you away from here. It is no longer safe for you.”

    I heard and understood the words, but did not bother to respond. It was as if everything happened from a very far distance away. I watched as Panam scrounged through my cupboards until he found my travel bag.

    It amused me to think that I had last used it at the academy. It was not so long ago, yet, it felt like years.

    He went through my drawers, placing an assortment of clothes into the bag.

    I sat in the chair, watching him finish packing.

    Tucker’s memories continued to surface. Important knowledge kept on coming to the fore, playing off in my mind’s eye. It stayed for a few seconds, and moved on, to be replaced by the next image.

    I somehow managed to slow things down a little, or my brain was adjusting to ‘read’ it more slowly. It felt as if I was trapped in a kind of half-life. Not asleep and yet not awake.

    Somewhere, I was concerned to stay alive in this body. Somehow, it did not matter. Not really.


    Panam left the room for a few minutes.

    He returned with Racewater.

    “He is having some kind of episode. He is not really responding, but you would be able to handle him. He does what he is told.

    Please be gentle with him. I have packed essentials only. I have also prepared three knock-outs if you need them. Use them only if you really have to.”

    He placed the three syringes in the top of my bag and zipped it closed before coming to stand in front of me.

    “Han, I will join you as soon as you are settled. Tucker expects better of you.”

    “I know. Thanks” I managed to reply, getting up.

    I took my bag and followed Racewater out to his vehicle, relieved to leave New Haven.



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