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Han starts using his Mediumship and Psychic skills to gain insight into murder investigations.

Preserving Creata Part One, Chapter Five


*** Five ***

    On our way over to the Dungeon, Tucker commented, totally oblivious of my experience of the previous night “You should take things more slowly. You still have dark rings under your eyes and you are looking downright sick. Even after all that food you packed away.

    I’ve also been thinking about yesterday. I’m going to time you when you have a vision. We’ll work out what your limit is and spare ourselves the embarrassment of having to drag a dead body out of the office every night.”

    “Do you think I’m going to be stuck in the office all the time? I would really hate that.”

    “I think it is just going to be an initial process, until the Captain can figure out exactly what he can use you for.

    Racewater made such a comment this morning. Apparently, the Captain was inquiring from other cities for what, and how, they use their people that have your type of talents.

    Under the pretence of trying to find someone like you, of course! He’ll never let anyone on to what he has here.”

    “So I’m really just an asset and not my own person.” It still made me upset that anyone could be considered 'property'.

    “Don’t worry Han. We’ll look after you really well. The Captain too. He knows that the Government wants to know about all of you. He’ll keep it quiet as long as he can. Just fly under the radar as you’ve done so far and we’ll all be okay.”

    I relaxed back into the seat and stared out of the window, thinking about Creata’s Planetary Government policy upon people like me.

    For the last few generations, people with my skills have been born on a regular basis. We are called psychic, telepaths or super-skilled persons.

    For the last decade or so, anyone presenting with any unusual gifts in this line had to be registered and eventually tested by the Government.

    These people were used as the new first line of defence against crime, corruption and anything else ‘They’ did not like. 

    How easy it was to get the Psychic in. Let him or her examine the crime-scene or situation. Let them tune in to see what had happened or what can happen.

    Then the psychic gives the description and/or location of the perpetrator or event and the law Enforcement agencies go into action. Get warrants, pick the perpetrator/s up; match DNA or evidence and case closed.

    Quick, easy, accurate.

    And the cost to the psychic?

    It depended on training and resilience. Those trained to correctly suppress the violence last for a while. Others do not even finish the first stages of training. And then there are the excellent ones that seemingly go on forever.

    Until now, I’ve managed to avoid the Government.



    The Dungeon seemed a lot busier than yesterday. Some of the Detectives greeted Tucker, but they all avoided contact with me. It was an uncomfortable situation and I was relieved when we reached our office.

    I looked at the files Tucker had sorted and stacked yesterday.

    “It’s in order of importance” he answered my unspoken question. “You did quite a chunk yesterday and if we get it right, we should finish everything by the end of the week.”

    Considering it being two full working days, including today, I guess I did not do too bad yesterday.

    Tucker came prepared with a box of dough cakes and some extra slabs of chocolate. Very strong, sweet coffee seemed to help quite a bit as well against the constant fatigue I was experiencing.

    It was already mid-morning and we had worked through quite a few files by the time Racewater trudged into our office. From his rumpled clothes, I presumed he did not get any sleep last night.

    Good, now I did not feel so alone.

    “I do not know how you did it, but we’ve been putting ants to shame following up on all your notes. So far, you have a hundred percent accuracy rate.

    The other detectives both hate and love you at the same time. Their arrest numbers are skyrocketing, but I’m having them pulling double shifts to keep up. I’m off to bed now and will pick up more files this evening. Thanks guys.”

    Tucker smiled at me. As Racewater left, we returned to business.

    Tucker had been timing my visions or ‘out’ periods and also monitored what triggers and responses I had.

    I usually did not stay ‘out’ of it for more that thirty to sixty seconds physically, or real-time, as I came to see it. The vision-experience time varies from approximately ten minutes before the event to just after the person’s spirit left the body.

    It was becoming easier to do this.

    I was growing in professional detachment, but sometimes still messed up with the emotional, especially where children and women were concerned.

    So far I mostly saw or experienced the event from the victim’s perspective. Sometimes I just saw the event as a black and white film without sound where certain evidence would ‘highlight’ itself.

    I picked up the next file.

    As I have been doing since yesterday, I quickly scanned through the basic information on the file and then went straight for the photographs.

    Touching the photo, no expectant vision came.

    I looked up.

    My confusion must have shown clearly on my face.

    Tucker was observing me closely with a frown on his forehead.

    The man from the photo was actually standing behind Tucker – and he was speaking to me!

    “I’ve decided to stick with my folder until I get someone who could actually help me” the spirit told me.

    I held up my hand, signalling Tucker not to interrupt. His face went from concern to understanding.

    “You can see me, can’t you?” the spirit inquired.

    Well, what do you tell a spirit?

    Thank goodness Tucker understood.

    “Yes, how can I help you?” I answered, thinking that this perceived one-sided conversation would definitely not be appreciated by others.

    “By bringing my killer to justice” the spirit emphasised this statement by pounding his ‘fist’ into his hand.

    “Do you know who had killed you?” I enquired from the spirit.

    “No, of course not! I was hit from behind, did you not read the coroner’s report?”

    I started to dislike this entity.

    “Do you have any suggestions as who it could have been that had killed you?”

    “I had so many enemies. I could give you a list that would keep you busy the whole day just writing it down” the spirit boasted.

    “Any suggestions as to the worst enemies that would go onto the list?” I encouraged, trying to drag at least some clues out of him.

    “Only about ten of them” he replied.

    “That’s not going to help much.”

    I turned to Tucker. “Tuck, do you think we can have a look at this particular crime-scene?”             

    “That was unbelievably weird” Tucker remarked before realizing that I had asked a question.

    “Yes“ he responded, getting himself under control. “Hand me that file and I’ll drive you there straight away. I would also appreciate it if you could enlighten me as to what had been said in that one-sided conversation? You better not pull such a stunt in front of anyone else. They’ll surely put you in the loony bin.”

    “I know” I replied. 

    I filled him in on the missing part of the conversation on our way over to the address on the crime report.


    The housing development our crime-scene was situated in was one of the most sought after middle-class neighbourhoods in New Haven.

    It ran parallel to the WE1 Highway, taking it out of the rush of the inner city, but still being accessible within minutes to every corner of necessity. The house itself was on the corner of Winding- and Weld Streets.

    This particular house was situated in the middle of the spacious, open property with lawns sprawling to every side. There were only fences on the sides of the property flanking the neighbouring houses, leaving the front yard exposed and accessible to anyone who whished to enter.

    At first glance it looked like a normal, liveable, single storey family house. 

    Homicide tape was still sealing the door.

    Tucker broke it and found the door unlocked.

    Our new acquaintance calmly followed our every move, seeming quite intrigued by what might happen next.

    Sensaii made his appearance on demand, but my new friend did not seem to notice him.

    *What would be the best way to proceed?* I wanted to know from Sensaii. *I cannot see anything that would trigger an immediate vision.*

    *Try the dried blood in the middle of the floor* Sensaii suggested.

    Not wanting to take any chances in case I was swept away and fell over or something, I sat down next to the large brown stain in the middle of the lounge.          

    Upon touching the stain, I was indeed swept to this room just after the murder had happened . . .


    A man wearing a ski-mask was bending over the body. The hardball bat he held was broken and bloodied. He wrapped the bat in plastic. I followed him as he rummaged through the house with gloved hands. He took disks from the study, turned around and calmly walked out of the door.

    I had to follow, as he was my only lead. Briefly glancing back at the body, I followed the man outside.

    A block away, the man entered a vehicle. I took note of the make, model and identification number of the vehicle.

    The man took off his mask.

    I was plunged back into my own body . . .


    I found myself lying curled up in a ball next to the pool of dried blood.

    I felt nauseous and, as awareness and memory returned, I started to struggle to stand up.

    My body did not respond.

    Tucker’s strong arms encircled me, helping me up as I croaked “toilet”.

    We made it just in time for me to release the nausea into the appropriate container.

    I sat down weakly on the floor as the spasms wore off, resting my head on my knees.

    Finally, when the world stopped spinning, I was able to look up at Tucker.

    He and the spirit were eagerly awaiting a reply. I suddenly found myself in a huge pickle.

    The Low-life standing in front of me had ruined lives as far as he went and now he demanded justice!?

    Sensaii had already indicated that it was up to me to make my own decisions.

    What I had to do would be on my conscience.

    “How long was I gone?” I asked Tucker.

    “About two, maybe three minutes. Do you want to share?”

    “No, not right away. There are too many things to sort out. Please take me home. I feel horrible.”

    Tucker did not make any comments, but he looked greatly concerned.

    He took me home and even climbed the stairs with me – the elevator still being out of order.

    He left me at the door.

    “I’ll call you later to see how you are doing” he said.

    The Low-life was no-where in sight.

    I thought back along my short term memory and saw him staying in the vehicle, faithfully guarding his file.



    After freshening up, I briefly stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror before walking through to the kitchen.

    It was disconcerting seeing myself losing weight overnight, this, despite the volumes of food I was consuming. I fixed myself a nourishing shake before sitting down on my bed to have a heart to heart with Sensaii.

    *First, explain to me why the Low-life did not see you* I asked him.

    *I vibrate at a much higher frequency than those passed over. Their vibrations are but slightly higher than physical bodies until they move on to the other planes of existence.*

    *Then how is it possible for me to be able to perceive both of you at the same time?*

    *You are a medium. That is one of your specialities. You can switch between vibrations simultaneously. With practice, you will be able to switch between timelines just as easily – without the effort it requires from you right now.*

    *What do mean by ‘switch’?*

    *You have the potential to consciously experience many places or dimensions at the same moment. Currently, you are doing it sub-consciously. With training, you would be able to do it consciously.*

    That information was a bit tough to swallow, so I moved on.

    *Do other psychics have guides too? Are they able to see and communicate with them like we do?*

    *All entities on this Planet have a Divine Support System* Sensaii explained. *Each individual is usually escorted through life by two specially appointed and trained spirit helpers. You always have a permanent Guardian watching over you, making sure no unauthorized harm comes to your body. The other is usually a guide, or guides, similar to me.

    And no, most entities, including psychics, are not aware of us. Those physical entities called mediums, vibrate at a higher level than most people and are able to pick up on our vibrations or even see us.

    Sometimes, with special assignments, we have to bring our vibrations down in order for physical entities to see us.

    Passed over people with Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, or Other Side, as you simply refer to it, have the advantage to be able to choose where they want to go. They can ‘appear’ to their loved ones before they finally go home, or they can come and visit from time to time, if they so wish. It is really their choice.*

    This made sense. I’ve always heard about people talking about spirit Guardians saving their lives. A common occurrence is vehicle keys disappearing, making a person late for appointments, in the process avoiding other disasters. Or people had a feeling or compulsion not to go somewhere, only to find out later that this feeling or compulsion had saved their lives.

    *Then, if I really wanted to, could I see other people’s guides and Guardians too?* I asked Sensaii.

    *Yes, but for now you will be prevented of doing so. You first need to concentrate on getting the basics of your gifts under control.*

    I understood. I would be able to see them only when I needed to, and the rest I would not be able to pick up on. I guess it made sense.

    *Did you follow me on my last vision? Did you see as I saw, or how does it work? Do you know what I know now?* I really needed to know how deep the connection with Sensaii ran.

    *Until you break the link, I know everything of you, everything you know, every emotion and thought, every experience. Everything.*

    His answer left me slightly uncomfortable not to have any privacy at all.

    *Therefore, I cannot hide anything from you, can I?*

    *Unfortunately not* he smiled at me.

    *You know how I feel right now. How must I proceed with a clear conscience in this case of the Low-life? Must I be a Security Force man and do my job? Or must I be the judge and jury and just let it go?*

    *That, fortunately, is not for me to decide. It is up to you to do whatever you think best. I may only give advice and guidance with the spirit things. I am not allowed to make your decisions for you where it comes to your own conscience.*

    *Great. Thanks*.

    I resigned myself to this information and went to sleep for a few hours.




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