The Chronicles of Han Storm

Han Storm's World:

Because Han Storm works with so many people, across borders, planets and in between timelines, Universes and Galaxies, it had been suggested by fans that the author compile an easy reference chart.

Due to the elaborate layout extra descriptions had been added as well as a Graphic Universal Map and two Galaxy Maps.


Who is Who, Where is Where, abbreviations and general descriptions:

(In alphabetical order as they are called mostly within the book)


Person:             Relationship to Han Storm, Description, [Meaning of name]                       

Han Storm:            Physical description: Very light skin, black hair, purple/violet eyes, slightly built, (Atlantican) [Han - Gift from God]

Alis Elts:                 Third Handler, Older man, friendly open face, hard grey eyes, brown hair (Creatan)

Andrea:                   Medium helping out with Toowins, Older man, podgy appearance (Creatan)

Annie Storm:          Han's Mother (Atlantican), Regal, Red Hair (now greying), green eyes, [Anne - Favour/Grace/loyal meadow]

Arbodehien:           Pastel Purple energy lady from another dimension (Paleidian) - trainer of new astral/physical experiences, portray a woman with pastel purple skin and huge purple eyes, perky little nose and generous mouth.

Ariel Audra:           Han's Soul-Mate. Enchan Guide and Medicine Woman, Blonde, very attractive, icy blue eyes, full of life [Ariel - Spirit]

Artamos:                 Guardian of Death and Destruction, Portrays himself as middle-aged with a balding, podgy appearance, [Artamos - Butcher]

Asla:                        Spirit Guide in Higher World of Duback, considered to be Layok's daughter, dark purple skin with black weaved braids upon her head

Aquil:                      Quill's cousin, Portal Master - clairvoyant, telepathic (Kwailuan) [Aquil - Intelligent/Wise]

Belicos:                    Telepathic Bird Person from Gly-Terrion [Belicos - Warlike]

Black, Julius:          Major; Security Director in Darkhust, City near Sunloen, Friend and PR person (Gaoucomian), Dark brown/black skin-tone, large person, taller than Racewater, black eyes, shaved head and eyebrows

Brent Maesterson:   Climatologist, Friend (Creatan)

Bulwark Thane:      Portal Master (Kwailuan), Stacey's Husband, Friend, Typical Kwailuan copper skin and dark features, taller than Racewater - almost as tall as Black , body builder, wrestler

Canning, T:             Major of Operations on Encha (Creatan)

Cheryl Papinidis:    First Psychic Case, brunette (Creatan)

Crete:                        Sunloen resident Spirit involved in building the Toowins, Daian's Brother (Altneght Desert Clan)

Cyan:                        Elemental (Gancor Clan)

D'ante:                      Kwailuan Clan Leader, huge (very overweight) tattoos all over body

Daian:                       Spirit Portal Master for Altneght (Altneght Desert Clan)

Daijon:                      Spirit Master of Illusions, Daian's son (Altneght Desert Clan)

Dau-Gaoucom:      Han's Gaoucomian name [He-who-contains-the-father]

Doc G:                     Sheldon Groenhé, Doctor, Psychic, Government Facilitator (Creatan), white hair

Drew:                      Slick's AWA, Normal Creatan, Dark hair and eyes

Drogt:                      Kwailuan Spiritual Leader

Duce Audra:          Hei's eldest son, Light skin-tone, very blond hair, blue eyes (Enchan) [Duce - Leader]

Duek:                      Han's Dark Guardian. Very tall, portrays himself usually wearing a long, dark brown cloak with a hood. Light skin-tone, dark short hair, icy grey eyes. Perfectionist.

Duncan:                  Gancor Clan Elder, Facility Co-ordinator

Ezaya:                     Keeper of Time and Dimension within Parallel World to Universe of Kraita, portraying himself as a human with reddish-blond hair and blue eyes

Fairer:                     Governor Strong's CMC Liaison Person, fair skin, dark hair, grey eyes

Ferrn:                     Sage from Chlophilia, Shaman (Chlophilian plant person)

Frank Chipeka:       Major of Operations: Solerno (Gancor Clan) [Chipeka - stone containing life energy]  

Gaoucom:              Original Father and Wizard of Gaoucom Clan

Gharris:                  Kwailuan Pod Operator, Intuitive Energy Healer

G-Nash:                  Grÿphunite, Cosmic Destroyer. Fiery winged creature with large lion-like head, compact body

Gnog:                      Enchan Leipreachän or Egghnoh, Crystal Keeper Elf

Serpéqua Patrón:    Goubi, Mirragona Province Representative, [Goubi - Ruler]

Grox:                         Mentor, Spirit Guardian of the Darker Recordings of Creata, Creator of the Original Deamon Groxes, portrays the form of a human with very dark skin, two Bazalisqs portrays his live snake-like boots

Gwinn:                      Heifredite Nanny for Moira and Thomas, blond hair (Creatan)

Hack Brannigan:     Friend and Psychic from parallel dimension, Creator of wormholes, Young man, Han got to know him when he was only 17 - dark brown hair, grey-green eyes.

Hadihachmoni:       Keeper of Matter and Antimatter [Wise leader guiding to the light]

Hanitswa:                Han's Kwailuan Name meaning "Promised Storm"

Hannah:                   Sparr's Wife (Desert Clan) Dark hair andeyes, [Favour/grace]  

Hamish:                   Head of Operations of Fuel Fields at Batista (Creatan), later missions took him to reside on Encha

Hei Audra:             Ariel's Father, Leader of the Enchans, Han's adopted father on Encha, Normal Enchan, blond hair, blue eyes, along in years. [Audra - Storm]

Hope:                        First Toowin built

Hulomuanji:           Keeper of the Dead on Encha - Gaoucomian Magi/medicine man, average build, slightly shorter than Han, muddy-black skin, shaved head and eyebrows

Hypock:                  Shield Master on Duback, also Portal Master (Kwailuan)

Illia:                          Han's wife from a previous life lived in Altneght, golden-blond, fair skin, blue eyes [Illia - God is Lord]

Jade:                         Han's Beloved and wife, Telepath, Intuitive Psychic (Plains People/Kwailuan mix, Puppet body for Lumox), Black hair, golden skin, feline green eyes

James Heraldt:       Major; Government SFP Major, directly in charge of Han, past life acquaintance, Brown hair, dark brown eyes, average man

Julie Tucker:           Tucker's Niece, Panam's wife, petite brunette (Creatan)

Katrina:                   Han's Private Spirit Healer Guide, shows herself as Desert Clan, dark hair, fair skin

Kgaitso:                   Psychic, Telepath, Spiritual Leader for Clans on Duback, black skin, stringy hair, dark eyes (Dubackian)

Kin-Allan Samir:    Gancor appointed Handler [Family-Handsome-Harmony-Stone][Samir-Wind Air]        

Kraïyett:                  Quill's brother, Portal Master - telepathic clairvoyant - in charge of Limïer (Kwailuan)

Krush:                      Spiritual Portal Master of Stelārşea, Portal Master and Friend from Han's previous life on Duback, portrays himself as typical Kwailuan

Kryon:                      Arbodehien's friend, purple Paleidian man

Kūrush:                    Slick - Rowland Hawks' Gaoucomian name [means Far Sighted]

Kyira:                        Portal Facilitator, one of Han's Descendents from Desert Clan, telepath, friend, Quill's girl, blonde with darker skin

Layok:                      Spirit Leader in Higher World of Duback, Dark Purple skin, black short curly hair, usually dressed in golden tunic & pants

Leykwõta:               Jade's Father (Kwailuan), typical Kwailuan copper skin and dark features

Light Guardian:      Han's Light Guardian, portrays only energy, no gender

Lugus:                      Lulaban Citizen, Astral Traveller [Light] Pronounced - Lagoose

Luke, Mr & Mrs:     Sparr's Parents, Han's Guardians, (Kwailuan/Plains People mix)

Lumox:                     Leader within Higher Worlds, Grox' Brother, Jade's Overself, Portrays himself either as a Druid or a local Chlophilian plant person

Lurn Rhys:              Dr; Han's new physician, Enchan descent, white skin, vey blond hair, blue eyes

Madge Kawaii:       Han's Friend, Medium, clairvoyant & energy healer (Kwailuan) [Kawaii meaning Charming]

Maeri:                       Portal Master on Duback (Kwailuan)  

Makan:                     General; CMC/GSFP General, Mixed Kwailuan/Creatan/PlainsPeople, Red hair, brown eyes, dark skin with golden sheen [Gift]

Mara:                       Han's First Love, Moira's Mother, Elemental, Telepath, Medicine woman (Gancor Clan) [Mara - Bitter Sea]

Margaret:                Jade's Mother (Plains People), Metallic sheen to her golden-hued skin, almond coloured eyes, delicate features

Ma˜yo:                    Hulomuanji assistant, Black skin, tall, skinny (Gaoucomian)

Merle                      Creata Space Transporter [Falcon]

Mia:                         Telepath, Racewater's Lover, slender girl with boyish good looks and dark, short cropped hair (Creatan)

Midril:                     Lumox' son, Keeper of the Darker Worlds on Duback, Portrays himself as young, handsome, human with light skin and brown hair, [Midril - Thirsty Fiery Lord]

Moira:                      Han and Mara's Daughter, Psychic Telepath (Gancor/Atlantican mix), red hair, green eyes, golden hue to honey-coloured skin [Moira - Exceptional]

Mosse:                      Sage from Chlophilia, Shaman             

Olaf:                          Original Father of the Oliphants, Gaoucom's Friend (White four toothed Oliphant)

Omnipass Guardians:            Guardians looking like silver Guardian Angels - Cosmic Guardians - Four in Han's direct service

Panam Ridgeback:                 Doctor, close friend and confidant (Creatan), Blue eyes, reddish-golden hair, [Panam - Eagle who is the Keeper of Flocks]

Papinidis, Steven:                  Senator, Sponsor & Politician, Biggest Fan and Benefactor (Creatan), brown hair, kind brown eyes

Perle:                          Elemental (Gancor Clan)

Quaba:                       Enchan Wisnia/Priest, Sightless, old man, white hair, had blue eyes (residing on Mirragona)

Quill:                          Friend, Telepath, Communications Master, Portal Master (Kwailuan) [Quill - Warring Scribe]

Ra-até:                        Leader of Higher Heaven known as Paleidia [Ra-até - Divine Sun]

Rabecca:                     Hack's Wife, Moira's caregiver, red hair, green eyes (Atlantican)

Racewater, Daniel:    Second Handler (Gancor Clan), Han's adopted brother

Ramton:                     Facility Co-ordinator - Sunloen (Desert Clan)

Ramūnas, Raymon:                Mirragona Resident Portal Doctor, Normal Mirragon looks - blond hair, blue eyes, middle aged [Ramūnas - Calm]

Sastycian:               Record Keeper, Higher Worlds of Encha, Blue-Green humanoid spirit

Serinlia:                  Daughter of Dr Ramūnas, Racewater's sweetheart (Mirragon)

Sensaii:                   Spirit guide, Han's Twin Soul and Eternal Friend, [Sensaii - Master Teacher] Reincarnated as Thomas Brannigan

Senator Karl Lavendish          Senator, Brogania, Limier

Serata:                     Gaoucomian Medicine Woman, old but feisty [Serata - Sharp Edge]

Schoon:                   Head of CMC PR - close friend of Black (Creatan)

Signyō:                    Keeper of the Light Residence upon the Higher Worlds of Encha, Enchan spirit wearing white robes

Sitachoros:              Twin to Taraïdril, Arbodehien and Han's daughter, purple person with black hair [Star Dancer]

Skye:                        Jade's Sister, Black hair, dark brown eyes, copper skin (Kwailuan/Plains People mix)

Slick:                        Roland Hawks, Friend, Double agent for both Han's inner circle and Government, long sandy red hair, far-sighted, glasses, freckled face, gangly frame, turquise blue eyes

Sparr:                       Portal Master, Friend (Kwailuan/Plains People mix), Lighter build, metallic sheen to skin, amber eyes

Stacey:                     Colleague and Fond Friend, Quill's Cousin (Kwailuan Clan), married Bulwark

Strong:                     Governor; CMC Head (Creatan), Used to be thickset, now thinned with stress, dark hair and blue eyes, lightly tanned skin-tone

Talc:                         Atlantican Pilot, usually flying Hope, White skin, black short hair, bright blue eyes, [Talc - Powder]

Taouron:                 Han's Oliphant Friend, leader of the Oliphants

Taraïdril:                 Twin to Sitachoros, Arbodehien and Han's son, purple person with black hair [Star Shower]

Tempodium:          Keeper of Time and Dimension within this part of Creation, special friend to Sensaii and Grox, usually hidden in robes, this slightly built person represents a walking energy field

The Dame:              Dr D'amé, brunette (Creatan), GSFP Psychologist

Thomas:                  Han's Son, Sensaii, incarnated as 'Hack' and Rabecca's child (Atlantican), Black hair, bright blue eyes, [Thomas - Twin]

Thornton, Angus:   Sponsor, Fan, Benefactor, Private Longevite Client, (Creatan) light blue eyes, grey hair, very old

Thornton, Director:  Son of Mr Thornton, Director of Planetary Security Forces (Creatan)

Tomotswe:              Unofficial Dubackian Leader, Kgaitso's elder brother

Tsanika/Petra:       Han and Jade's Daughter (Atlantican/Kwailuan/Plains People mix), black hair, light green eyes, creamy coloured skin [Tsanika - Rock/stone (solidity) that belongs to God]

Tucker:                     First Handler, close friend and spiritual confidant. Older man, balding with brown hair and eyes

Ty Solix:                  Collected Fighting Skills Master (Plains People), yellow skin, slanted eyes

Unrad:                     Elemental (Gancor Clan)

Victoria Swift:        New Haven News Anchor and wife of Alis Elts, pretty blonde woman

Xplorer:                    Second Toowin Built and James Herald's preferred Toowin

Zadkiel Racewater:  Moira's Spiritual Guide, Moira's original physical father, Mara's original Gancor husband [the righteousness of God]                 


Grox Preservation Pods

Alfa-Crios                Red - Altneght [First]            

Crios-Solvario           Silver - Duback - Stelārşea [Peaceful River Leading to the Sun]

Crios-Tariq               Blue - Duback - Ground Zero [Picking a Fight]   

Crios-Domineo         Maroon - Encha - Tri-Dinnia [Smooth/fine/small belonging to God]

Crios-Cetiri               Yellow Pod - Mobile [Dazzling Firelight]             

Crios-Galenos           Light Blue Pod - Dōhr [Calm]              

Kryon-Crios              Gold Pod - Chlophilia [Loving/caring/kingly]   



SFP                          Security Force Personnel - Government

CMC                       Creata Migration Committee

SAT                         Specialized Astral Travel      

AWA                      Astral Walker Assistant       

TSE                         Thermal Scanning Equipment              



Apaceous                 Being of a hasty nature, being restless 

Bazalisq                  Dragon-like Snake 

Egil                          Gly-Terrion Blue-black huge ferocious catlike creature [Terror]

Grÿphunite              Cosmic Destroyers. Fiery winged creatures with large lion-like heads and compact bodies   

Imse                        Creatan, red deer   

Lacc                        Light Air Combat Craft able to fit six people, similar to small helicopters

Oliphant                Creatan, four toothed Elephant            

Tiegar                      Creatan, local black lion        

Toowin                    Robust Portal Travel Craft, can double up as aircraft or space Transport carriers  

Wisnia                      Magi - Wise One or Wise Person          







(Han's Home Planet, very similar to Earth)         


New Haven            Han's original city of residence

Gancor                    Racewater's Mountain Clan's Land

Prosia                      Capital City of Creata

Atlantica                 Most Southernly Island, Han's birthplace

Batista                     Facility in the middle of the Desert near Altneght

Altneght                  Portal City of the Desert Clan, Growth Centre for Wormholes

Kwailu                     Island Group where most of the Kwailuan Clan resides

Gaoucom                 Home of Gaoucomian Clan

Sunloen                    Planetary Portal Facility near Darkhust

Darkhust                 City near Sunloen (Gaming City)


Creatan Clans

Creatan - common:               Mostly lightly tanned skin-tones, full range of hair and eye-colour

Mountain Clans of Gancor: Dark brown skin-tone, dark hair and eye-colour

Atlantican Clan:                    Very light skin-tone, black or red-haired people, usually green, bright blue or sometimes purple eyes.

Altneght Desert Clan:           Darkly tanned skin-tone, dark or golden-blonde hair, usually brown eyes, but could be other colours as well.

Kwailuan Clan:                     Copper skinned, dark features

Gaoucomian Clan:                Very dark skin-tone (sometimes purple-black) dark eyes and hair that is either shaven off, coiled, frizzy or very curly

Plains People (Orientals):     Golden hued skin-tones, usually almond or light green eye-colour, brown eyes not uncommon



(First Planet opened, cold planet, no moon only asteroid belt, huge sun near it)              

Dubackian Galaxy:              Planetary Portal that links into Galactic Portal system - to Limïer

Stelārşea:                               Universal Portal City on Duback

Native Dubackians:             Black to dark purple-skinned people, black stringy hair, dark brown eyes



(Second Planet to be opened, water rich planet, two moons, small sun approximately same distance as sun from Creata)         

Tri-Dinnia:                             Facility within mountain near portal

Current Enchans:                  Mostly lightly tanned skin-tones, full range of hair and eye-colour

Native Enchans:                    Lightly tanned skin-tones, very blond hair with sky or icy blue eyes


Limïer    [Determined Guardian of the Universe]

(Planet in next door Galaxy)

Brogania:                                Galactic Portal City



(Planet on other side of Galaxy, no moon, medium sun)    

Terramin:                                Holding compound for sheet metal [clever land]

Glyterons:                               Bird people [Masters of the Sky]




(Planet in isolated solar system at undisclosed position - Lumox' Residence, 4 suns, no moons)   

Chlophilians:                          Green, higher intelligent, plant people



(Third Planet opened for Creatans, near Creata, small sun, large moon)          

Igheim:                                     Dohr's Portal Facility [He Establishes] 

Igon:                                         The city around Dohr's Planetary Portal [Ascension]         



(Fourth Planet System opened for Creatans, Multi-dimensional Planet)           

Mirragons:                              Natives to Mirragona, similar to native Enchans



Non-physical, Vibrational World at the edges of the Realm of Life, located in the Higher Heavens




(Morleno's smaller sister planet, nearer to her sun)

Ra-Isha:                  Portal City in Solerno [Master-of-the-sun]



Strigham    [Hot Flowing God]

                Water rich, friendly, like Encha



Pardione    [Stone Flower]

                Crystal producing planet




Lulaban  [White Light]


Azzagag   [Powerful Measure]


Kortoiba    [Maiden Dove]




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