The Chronicles of Han Storm

Chronicles of Han Preserving Creata Book1 Cover Page ISBN

Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 3



Han Starts working with his abilities, confirms his destiny and comes face to face with his previous life on Creata.



*** Twenty-one ***

I tried not to be too sullen on the aircraft, keeping mainly to myself and declining the food and drink Panam brought me.

I just needed some time to myself to sort through the downloaded information.

Racewater requested everyone to avoid me until I wanted to make contact again. This brought me welcome relief from unwanted attention and I settled into a comfortable position from where I could work.

I brought up the words, hoping that the answers would flow forth.


Entity. An individual spirit experiencing its own memories, emotions and feelings.


Spirit/ Soul. The pinprick of light that is really yourself, without a body attached, with all its memories, emotions and feelings of all its physical and non-physical lives intact.


Astral body. The substance an entity presents when travelling outside a body, but still being connected to it with a strong particle path.


Astral Travel. The journey an entity can undertake when leaving the body behind, but still being connected to it. You can travel wherever your level of training allows you to. You can view everything on your planet, or on other planets.

You can go to the lower astral dimensions where negative entities reside.

You can go to the higher astral dimensions where you can visit the Recording Halls, either for your residing Planet or for individual entities.

Or you could be trained or receive even more information that you might want or need. I, personally, call these sessions ’Downloads ’.

You could also visit higher dimensions and go home for a while to rest or plan something else to do on the planet your body resides on.


Particle/Energy path. Everything leaves an imprint in the Cosmos. These particles are useful in finding your way around.


Ghost/ Passed over Spirit. The spirit of an entity no longer connected to a body. Generally not yet left for the home dimension or visiting for a specific purpose. Usually presenting themselves in a form recognizable to the person they wish to visit.


Body. The electromagnetic matter that ultimately becomes a total receptor of psychic energies and can also be used to project psychic energies.


Psychic. A person sensitive to and aware of forces not recognized as within the natural laws of their physical world.


Energy Points on the body. The body has various energy points that need to work together, in harmony, in order for the body to function at optimum potential. Also referred to as Chakras by some Clans.


Guides, Spirit helpers, Guardians. Entities trained to assist one or more spirits that are connected to the physical planes with bodies. These helpers might have had physical lives before, or none whatsoever.


Matter. Thought is the highest vibration. Thought expands into the vibratory frequency called light. Light’s vibration is then further slowed down to become electrum. Electrum’s vibration is further slowed down to become Gross Matter. Gross Matter is further slowed down to become solid. Electrum can be manipulated to form everything physical. Thus Matter is Light, slowed in vibratory frequency and taken to its densest form.


Electrum/Aether. Whitish, bluish, cloudy stuff smelling like ozone. Usually filling ‘space’ between air particles. The building blocks of all Matter.


Dimensions. Different spaces overlapping one particular area. Every Planet has its own Dimensions. From the 5th dimension onwards are where our spirits usually reside, unless they want to experience the physical. Then they need to re-create a body on the third or fourth dimensions and re-integrate into it.


Inter-Dimensional travel. When you are aware of the different dimensions of a Planet and can move your consciousness and/or spirit from one to the other, or be aware of your consciousness in any one or more of the dimensions at the same time.

Here is were you can consciously travel to the Recording Halls or visit an entity’s life-memories. As long as you know how to get there, and are able to leave your body in a safe environment without interruptions, you are quite safe.

It is when you are unexpectedly interrupted that you can lose your way, get lost or even separated from your body.

Usually a disturbance of any kind pulls you back to your body in an instant, but sometimes, especially if you were away a long time, you cannot reach your body in ‘time’ and it may perish from lack of your spirit being in it. A body needs the spirit to reside to function properly.


Parallel Worlds. The Cosmos seeks infinite experience. Therefore it created different versions of the same thing to ‘run’ at the same time. Sometimes the time continuum is so thin that the worlds actually touch and overlap, creating havoc in both time-lines.


Parallel Travel. Physical parallel travel is where you can enter a world or time, parallel to the planet you are on. The parallel planet usually represents your own on almost all levels.

You may or may not have a ‘double’ in the parallel. This entity is as unique as you are, as the other planet is.

Travelling in the physical form is safer, as your spirit goes with the housing. Your physical portal may collapse in on you, in which case you lose your body, or you may get stuck on the new planet and be forced to finish your life-term there.


Parallel Travel in the Astral form. Here you can use two techniques. Either enter the parallel world through a portal, which will give you the similar experience I had. I could only follow my energy trail back, thus needing the portal to stay open.

The second, more commonly used, and safer technique also requires specialized training. Here you leave your body behind on your own planet, safeguarded from disturbance and under constant surveillance and supervision. Then you can relatively safely go to a parallel world to do whatever you must and come back to a well preserved body.

This second technique can also be used for inter planetary travel and inter galactic travel.


Universe. The collective consciousness of everything in a certain area of creation.


Galaxy. A lot of star systems forming a particular Universe.


Inter Planetary Travel. Travelling from one planet to the next within the same Star system.


Inter Galactic Travel. Travelling from one star system to the next within the same Universe.


Cosmos. The Ultimate Consciousness, incorporating everything and all the Universes and Galaxies. The Creator of all things, God itself.


Source or Source Energy. The connective Cosmos energy. That which creates everything. It can be tapped into and used for various purposes, including manipulating Matter for various reasons.


Portal. Various fixed spaces that allows for physical (or non-physical) travel between places, planets, either within the same Universe, inter-galactically or to parallel worlds, or spiritual (or astral) travel between different dimensions.


Portal Travel. Nothing. So I still cannot access this one.


Let's try Worm Hole. An expansion of energy between space, creating a pathway to other planets, galaxies, parallel and dimensional worlds.


Time Travel. Multiple choices.

Time Travel - life memories. Every entity has his or her life memories available in a Cosmic recording facility. You can usually gain access to it through the Recording Halls of your own Planet, which is somehow also linked to the Cosmic Recording Facility. You can either go to your current life-memories, or access all your physical life memories in this way. Similar to regression.

Time Travel – physical plane. Currently not allowed. Parallel worlds are created for all the different scenarios and can be accessed by specially trained entities to adjust or re-adjust timelines.


By this time my head was spinning with all the ‘new’ terminology and the memories each one brought up from past lives lived a long time ago.

There were feelings and emotions attached to the memories, some good and others terrifying.

I have been through the mill and made it time and again.

This lifetime seems to be going the same way. Maybe all the memories would help make my life easier. But right now, it was definitely creating more confusion within me.

I felt someone standing in front of me and gave the person my attention.

It was Panam offering a mug of coffee and a sandwich.


“You are welcome. You have had nothing to eat and the Captain let us know that we will be landing in about 15 minutes. So finish that and get ready.”


I obviously did not catch the conversation which stated where we were flying to.

As we exited the aircraft, a burst of super-hot air assaulted us. It snatched the breath right out of us, sending rivulets of sweat streaming down our bodies almost immediately. The glare of the sun was so bright, we had to squint to see where we were going.

A low, long vehicle, with six doors instead of the usual four, was waiting at the edge of the landing-field. It drove up to us slowly. A back door was opened and we followed Racewater into the air-conditioned luxury.

We settled opposite a hard-faced, dark-haired man dressed in a business-suit. 

The driver headed out into a desert area that looked like a sea of sand.

“I am called Hamish. I am the local Agent for the Batista County” the man introduced himself.

The county name brought memories of organic fuel of the type most vehicles used. It was one of the richest counties with almost unlimited resources available to them.

“I am sorry to say but you do not look like the team of specialists I have been promised” Hamish told us disappointedly.

Racewater, already irritable from the travel and the hard days we have just been through, snapped back “We have just wrapped up a very difficult case in Atlantica and we have been ordered straight here. I would appreciate you backing off a bit and giving us some space to rest up before we proceed. If that is in order?”

Hamish gave Racewater a really hard look. Then he took a closer look at Panam and me. It seemed to dawn on him that we all looked under the weather.

“The mine cannot proceed until this situation is sorted out and I am receiving pressure from every angle. We already requested forensic help a week ago, and now they sent me a bunch of overworked people. Any suggestions to sort out this mess?”

Racewater visibly calmed himself.

“Give us until tomorrow morning to rest up. In the meantime, you can fill us in on what your big problem is. We have not yet received the documentation, except to get here as soon as possible.”

“Our biggest mine had authorization to dig a new tunnel at a very deep level. Our specialized Organic Fuel Scanners indicated that there is an exceptionally large deposit of fuel at that level.

Before they were able to reach the level, the digger fell through the roof of a huge cave.

When my people reached the digger, they found the bottom of the cave covered in human remains. We were scared that it could be the site of a plague and requested the Government’s involvement. They have run tests and assured us that there is nothing to fear in that regard.

But, it is still a mystery, and the bosses want to know who those people were and why they were down there in the first place. The whole place will have to be cleared out as it is right on top of the fuel deposit. Our local doctors did not want to estimate how long the bodies have been there. I really hope you will be able to help.”

We were driving towards a double gate with guards. They threw the gates open in time for the vehicle to pass unhindered.

We entered a compound surrounded by mean looking fences. Guards in special hot-suits were posted every hundred meters. It made fascinating viewing and I wondered exactly how the suits worked. It looked as if they could be recycling body-water.

“Why all the security? It is surrounded by desert” Panam queried.

“Yes, it is surrounded by desert and the desert is swarming with desert people not wanting us here“ Hamish replied.

“The war has raged since the beginning of the mines. Lately, the intensity had increased dramatically. No-one is safe outside the fence any longer” he informed us.

I was wondering if the war had anything to do with the graveyard somewhere under the sand.

“Has anyone ever asked the desert people why they are waging war on you?” I asked.

“I honestly do not know. I have been posted here for almost ten years and know the habits of these people as well as anyone else.

They are very wild and do not mingle easily with anyone not from their own Clans. No-one ever left any notes as to why they waged war on all strangers. I must say that the mines in the rockier areas do not have quite so many attacks.”

Definitely something to do with the cave. I would really want to get down there and have a look for myself.

The vehicle stopped in front of a domed-shape building. Double doors automatically opened and we drove inside. The doors closed with a whoosh as they sealed. Only then were we allowed to get out of the vehicle. This place was air-conditioned as well.

Hamish escorted us to an underground sleeping facility. We were shown a comfortable room with all the facilities needed to freshen up properly.

“The water is rationed, so you only get a three minute shower each” Hamish informed us. “I will send some food. There is bottled water in the fridge. Do not drink or brush teeth in the wash water. Let us just say, it is not to be trusted.

I have to see to my other duties now. I will leave a guard at your door. You can ask him to get in touch with me if you need to. Otherwise he will organise whatever else you might require. Rest well gentleman. I will see you bright and early.”

Racewater closed the door and bolted it. Turning, he looked at us.

“Well. It does seem as if they are a bit paranoid. Han, you shower first. I want you fed and rested as soon as possible. I have a lot of work for you.”

I nodded and went ahead to receive my three minutes of cold water. It really did wonders to the body to be clean. By the time I was finished, the food had arrived and we lunched on cold meats, sliced fruits and an assortment of biscuits and cheeses. Not a meal that would go a long way, but satisfying enough for now.

Racewater unceremoniously ordered me into bed to get a head start on rest.


He woke me what felt like late afternoon. It was confirmed by the electronic time-keeper above the door. Dinner was served and there was enough solid food to go around. We had a hearty meal in silence.

“You ready to go to work?” Racewater asked as I pushed my empty plate to the middle of the coffee table.

“After coffee?”

“No, you can have coffee when you come back. It would be an incentive to return quickly.”

He was serious. I have never seen him this way. “What do you want me to do?”

Even Panam was getting in on the act. He lent forward in a conspiring way, waiting for Racewater to give me the order.

“I want you to go see what this Hamish guy is up to. I do not trust him one bit and I have this gut feeling everything here is about money and nothing about any-one’s welfare.”

“I have scanned the room. There are no bugs. Does that let you feel better?”

“No, not really. Now get going.”

I made my body comfortable and left on my astral quest. Concentrating on Hamish’s aura and his particle path quickly allowed me to go where I wanted to be.

This was an enormous underground facility. There might be a few domes sticking out on the surface, but under the sand, it was a city.

I had to travel down, into the bowels of Creata, passing through a few layers of sleeping quarters, followed by a whole floor that served as a mess-hall with kitchens and dining areas, before coming to the office areas.

Hamish was easy to track. He had a very strong aura, shining brighter than all the people around him.

He was busy on a video-link with what I could only presume to be one of the bosses, judging by the apologetic way in which this usually authoritive person was speaking.

“They only arrived a few hours ago” he told the person on the screen.

“Have they been to the cave yet?”

“I am sorry sir. They seemed exhausted and I thought it best for them to rest first. We will go there tomorrow first thing.”

“I have deadlines to meet. I cannot afford to waste even one day. Do you get me! Not one single day!”

“I know sir, but the other investors first want to find out what is going on. As you know, the government is involved now and we cannot do otherwise but adhere to their wishes. They have requested a full investigation and that is what we have to give, or they shut this shaft down.”

It looked as if the balding man on the video-link was going to have a fit.

“Okay, okay. Just get it over with as quick as you can. That is what I pay your bonus for.”

He logged off. Hamish spat at the screen.

It would have been an eye if the other man was still on.

“Fool, always hurry up and then I have to clean up the mess” he muttered to himself.

A shadow detached itself from a darkened corner.

Hamish was not surprised.

“How do you want to handle the Planetary Security Force people?” Hamish asked the shadowy figure.

“Very carefully. The Captain seems straightforward and the Doctor is fine. I cannot pick up on that Storm guy. He is the one that might be a problem.”

I suddenly recognized the shadow. It was a specialized person too.

I quickly brought my shields up to guard myself from being noticed.

I need not have bothered. This person had heightened senses, but was not a trained psychic.  I softly scanned him. He did not even detect my scan.

This person was Hamish’s edge in this place. His own, private edge that could perceive beyond the normal. That is probably what Racewater picked up on.

“I would advise to leave them to do their job. Then we can re-assess the situation and make plans from there” the person with heightened senses said.

“I will play along with it for now. But I cannot afford more delays. You know it as much as I do.”

With that remark, Hamish left the room. The would-be psychic went back to reading in a corner, the light barely lifting the figure out of the gloom.

I carefully ‘snuck’ up for a closer look.

And was shocked right back to my body.


I landed hard and stood up with a shudder, the grisly features engraved on my mind.

Both Panam and Racewater were taken unawares and jumped up as well.

It took me a second to get my body under control. Then I sat down again and related to them what I had seen and heard.

“Is there anything you could do for that poor deformed man?” Panam asked when I had finished.

“No, not unless he wants to he healed and look normal again. Even then, it will take a great deal of energy to realign all that tissue damage. It is a much bigger task than I had with Director Thornton’s father.”

“And we really need to stick together on this one. It looks as if we might be in for some fighting. Panam, as Han does not know what might happen tomorrow I want you ready with everything you have” Racewater added.

We discussed some more strategies and safeguards and then Racewater ordered all to bed.


My sleep was invaded by dreams of caverns covered in strange markings. Dancing and chanting people filled these caverns. They were inviting me to join them. 

By the time Racewater woke us, I was feeling more exhausted than before going to sleep.

“You did not rest, did you?” Racewater asked me.

“No. I kept on having the weirdest dreams.”

“Did you get any specifics?” he wanted to know.

“No, it was very vague, filled with things I feel I should know.”

“That is weird” Panam chipped in.

We had no further opportunity to discuss my dreams. The guard knocked and Racewater opened up.

“I am to take you to the Chief. Come, follow me.”

We were in a labyrinth of passages, steadily working our way to the middle of the complex.

We eventually emerged at a central transport system. I took a quick peek over the edge. Up and down went on for what looked like forever. The whole shaft was lighted with a bluish tint.

A cage came to a stop and opened up. We stepped onto a mesh floor.  We could see almost all the way down.

Then it felt as if the ground did drop out from under us!

My stomach threatened to pop out my mouth. Racewater kept his usual unconcerned calm. Panam looked as if he was going to be sick.

The guard smiled. “It takes some time getting used to.”

“Why is the elevator not solid?” Panam gasped at him.

“Security reasons. This way everyone can see if someone does not belong here.”

Good point.

We kept on going down for a very long time. I stopped counting floors when I reached approximately twenty.

I was just getting used to the idea of falling when we came to a sudden, bone-jarring stop. The doors opened and Panam and I stepped out on unsure legs.

Racewater kept on moving and we had to hurry to keep up. The guard was already on his way back up.

“At last. I expected you ten minutes ago” Hamish complained. There were two more guards with him. Racewater followed behind Hamish and the guards brought up the rear.

We all entered another cage at the end of the passage. Cool air was blowing from an air-conditioner unit. It was actually cold.

The Elevator did not have a light and we went down in darkness.

It was even scarier not being able to see. Small lights lining the walls threw some light from time to time. It was just enough to make us aware that we were now faced on all four sides with bare rock. This was a new shaft.

We stopped, dust settling on us.

Hamish threw a switch and most of the cavern was thrown into the glare of spotlights.

It was of gigantic proportions. The roof could barely be seen in the glare. The cave made a natural theatre.

We were at the top end. It sloped down gradually to a slab of rock which could have been used as a platform or stage. Heaps of dust lay everywhere. There were definite open passages between these mounds.

Hamish walked over to one of the heaps of dust and carefully moved it with his foot. A dried-out face of a mummy became visible.

“All these little heaps represent mummified remains of people. Even the clothes are still discernable. Unfortunately, the few mummies we tried to move crumbled to dust. The Government people did not find any known viruses floating around, so it should not be dangerous to us.

Still, for so many people to have died all at once, whatever happened, must have been of catastrophic proportions.

That is why you are here. The investors want to know what happened. My bosses are taking a tremendous loss because of lost time. So I am advising you. Whatever you have to do, needs to be done quickly.”

Racewater nodded. Turning to me he asked “When you are ready?”

I nodded back in silence.

My heart was racing with excitement and apprehension. This place was ancient and a memory was trying to surface. It was stuck somehow, but I knew it would come.

Ignoring everyone’s stares I started walking through the crowd of mummies.

I found a path running along the back of the cavern.

I have been here before.

Firelight was dancing off the walls.

People were milling around.

Those nearest me were reaching out to touch me, but every time stopped short of the actual deed.

I looked back at Racewater.

They were still standing in the bright glare of the spotlight.

They were still watching me.

At the same time I could see more torches, held by white-robed priests. They were also standing where Racewater was standing, sharing almost the same space.

I was experiencing an overlapping vision.

One part of me saw the exact current time, yet at the same time some other part of me was experiencing what had happened here eons ago.

Continuing, I started to walk through the crowd.

They were calling my name.

I knew it was my name.

I knew they were revering me.

I smiled at my people, extending my arms to acknowledge their gestures. They moved back to open more space around me.

I turned into a passage left open between the people. It would take me all the way to the raised platform.

The people were chanting now. I knew I was supposed to know this language.

*Request a download.*

Sensaii’s voice was a long way off. It was barely audible against the noise of the chanting inside my head.

Noise became words.

They were singing the praises of their warrior that would go forth and plead for their childrens’ lives before the Galactic Council.

It was a song of survival and love and passion for life. It was a song of regret and the pleading for forgiveness.

I came to the raised platform.

In actual time, it was a slab of rock, covered in dust with huge blocks of rock strewn on the top.

I turned back to the people. They were all kneeling. The singing and chanting came to an end. They were no longer looking at me.

I could still see Racewater’s group watching me. It seemed unimportant, yet my brain recognized it.

I turned to a man in a white tunic. He was waiting on the platform. An upside down horseshoe shape formed the back of the stage.

The man spoke to me. “We only have one chance to open this portal before total collapse. You must make it to the Planetary portal. Only then will we be able to save our children. All these people are sacrificing their life-energy to open this portal for you, our only hope.”

He took my hand in his. Even now, in this vision, my psychic senses took over.

I saw the surface of the planet covered in green growth. Children of all ages and some adults were waiting on the surface, praying silently that their parents would not give their lives for nothing. If they lived through the next seven days, they would know that their parents were successful. If not, it would not matter anyway.

The man turned towards the people. I stepped up to the now non-existent portal.

I could feel the electricity of thousands of people draining their life-energy to open the portal for me. They channelled their energy to the man on the stage. He was starting to glow, taking in all their energy.

I waited expectantly.

He touched the portal.

It started to form the sticky substance I had encountered before.

I knew the people were dying. I could feel their spirits leave.

The portal was ready to enter.

I looked back at the priest one more time and stepped through. . .


And off the other end of the stage.

My body did not have far to fall.

I knew I relived one of my lives. Suppressed memories were flooding back.

I could hear running.

I placed my back against the granite of the stage. Encircling my legs, I buried my head in the gap between my chest and thighs and wept.

This was a holy place.

The desert people were my descendants too. They were trying to protect this place. Creata’s history was intertwined with this cavern system.

Racewater, Panam and Hamish came to a stop in front of me. Hamish tried to say something, but Panam hushed him.

“He is still busy” Racewater whispered. “Let him be until he returns by himself.”

They backed off a bit, but I could feel all eyes expectantly on me.

I made my decision.

I stood up, keeping my face blank and my eyes unfocussed, hoping that Racewater would not see through the deception.

I addressed them in the language of the vision.

It really created consternation amongst them.

I walked up to Racewater, touching his arm I pointed in the direction from which they just came.

Again I requested him to follow me. Again using the old language.

He nodded. I started walking.

“What is going on?” Hamish whispered at him.

“He is still in a vision. He seems to want us to follow. Come.” Racewater started after me. Panam and Hamish followed. Hamish indicated to the guards to stay put.

I took them to the back of the cavern. There were several entrances here which led to further chambers and I was sure one would lead directly to the fuel-fields.

The entrance I was heading for was still sealed. I read the markings, which were no longer strange to me, before placing my hand on the entry panel, letting a small bit of my life-energy drain into it. I hoped the door would respond after all these years.

I have never heard such a joyous sound as the grating of that door. It opened up without difficulty, as if it had closed only yesterday. I marvelled at the science, now lost to this Planet and its people.

It was dark in the passage.

Memory – Light!

I wondered if the crystal would still respond to the order to make light. If it was built as good as the door, it should.

“Neono!” I ordered.

Wonder above wonder, the blue haze flicked and sputtered and then blinked on. One panel after another.

I was smiling from ear to ear. I could not help myself any longer.

This was once my home. I guess that after never having had a home as a child in this current lifetime, this still was my home after all the years in between.

My home.

Ancient memories surfaced. Memories of loved ones. Loved ones left behind in order to save them.

I walked to the travel capsules or elevators as they are now called.

I pressed in the code from so long ago.

The capsule did not respond. It was deactivated.

I hit the door in frustration. I turned around, walking back the way I came, passing a slightly flabbergasted Racewater. Panam had concern written all over his face. Hamish wore one of awe.

I found the back-up system. Punched in the code.

Again nothing.

This was bull!

There was a way in, so there must be a way out again.



Ah! Yes, the hidden stairwells.

I started knocking on all the panels, listening for the distinct hollow sound. I found it almost all the way back to the start, at the beginning of the tunnel.

I put my shoulder to it, breaking the fragile crystal into millions of shards, cutting my hand in the process.

I had the common sense not to touch my own blood and allowed it to drip.

The next assault made the base material shatter. It was not built to withstand so much shock after thousands of years.

I came out onto a landing. Aluminium stairs ran up and down in a long vertical shaft.

There were no lights here, only torches. I took one and put the flint next to it into action. It took like tinder.

I did not wait for the others but started up the stairs, two at a time.


It was Racewater’s anxious voice.

I ignored it.

“Han, Wait!”

It was an order.

I stopped. I did not dare turn around.

Another flick and another burning torch started coming up the stairs.

“Please,” Racewater’s voice was soothing now, “please Han. If we lose you now, we will spend an eternity looking for you and might never find you again.”

I did not answer but started up the stairs again.

We passed three more landings before we came to the one I was looking for. It had a sign on it that read Sub-Level 44. To the others it would just be a bunch of scribbles.

The door was bolted from my side. I opened it and asked for the lights, which also responded promptly. I doused the torch and replaced it carefully in the rack holding other torches.

Racewater was right behind me. Panam came up behind Hamish, who also followed my lead and put away his torch too. I proceeded down the corridor.

This was where I used to live with my family.

I wanted to see and feel my home one more time. I was here, and this would be the only opportunity I would ever have again.

I remembered the route to take as if it was yesterday. The other people kept close to me.

I stopped in front of my door.

Would it respond to my new body?

The life-essence is supposed to stay the same.

“Where are we?” Panam asked without thinking, making Racewater jump and almost give him a slap.

“Home” I answered in their language.

Somehow, I was still part of the past, not the time where the other three individuals resided.

For me, time, at this moment, was turned around.

Sensaii was trying to warn me that I am going too far. That what I am doing is very dangerous.

Right now it did not matter. He was no longer my concern. Only my family was.

I released some life-energy into the locking mechanism.

I was right. The life-essence stayed the same, no matter what body you occupied.

The door opened and I walked back into my life . . .


My beautiful wife had her finest on. A gilded flowing dress, revealing her graceful arms and shoulders, placing emphasis on her long, graceful neck. Her golden hair was fastened on top of her head, one lock hanging down the side. Her strange hazel eyes bored into mine.

I stopped just inside the door.

Her eyes were accusing me. Accusing me of leaving her and the children to fend for themselves in the wild world on the surface.

These were the memories I had locked away. Now I had opened them up and was having a total emotional flow-back.

I should have listened to Sensaii.

It was too late now.

My children were already up on the surface. No-one would ever again come here. All this luxury would eventually be forgotten.

“Why did you volunteer?” my wife was asking me.

Once again I gave her the same answer “That is what I was born to do.”

Judging from the stares I was receiving from my companions in the exact present time, I must have spoken out loud. I was just not entirely sure in which language I had answered her.

“Take the crystal. It will protect you on your journey” she continued, holding a protection crystal out to me.

The first time I declined it. It was still lying on the marble table in the middle of the floor.

I stepped up to it and took it into my hands. It started images I did not want to have right now.

Pushing it down into the pocket of my pants, I left, continuing to walk very fast to the other landing at the end of the passage. I did not wait for anyone anymore. They will just have to keep up.

I wanted to get out, do what I needed to do and retire to be by myself. To grieve by myself - once more.

 I heard the others hasten after me. Someone closed the door behind them. The typical ‘whoosh’ of the seal told me it locked securely. No-one would disturb my old home’s peace.

From this landing I led them into another stairwell. We proceeded down another four flights.

Using the torches as before, I found the door that led to the fuel reservoirs. We almost never used fuel, as the clean, inexpensive crystal energy was freely used in my time.

I smiled at myself. My time. I was still very much within my own vision.

I placed the burning torch in a niche specially cut for this reason. No fire was allowed into the reservoirs. The door was unlocked and I entered, indicating with a hand for the others to wait for further orders.

I fumbled around in the dark until I reached the manual switch that was used here. Flipping the switch, the whole area was washed in brightness.

Hamish doused the torches before entering.

We were standing on a landing at the top of the reservoirs. A guard rail ran the circumference of the cavern, preventing people from accidentally falling into them.

This was the hoard that Hamish and his men were digging for.

They may have it, as long as they avoid the sacred ground. I turned to him, switching back to present time and our shared language.

“These are the reservoirs. They are filled with fuel. The office would have the exact figures in storage, but it is at the bottom level and the elevators are out. I am not going to walk twenty floors down to get that for you.”

I was suddenly feeling tired.

“Where do we get out?” Panam asked, always the practical one.

“There are doors on the surface leading here. We never used them, as the quantities of fuel needed from the reservoirs were so little. I will take you there” I told them.

Hamish was still in shock. “This beats drilling any day. Where exactly is this surface entrance?” 

I was already on my way to the other side of the cavern and did not bother to answer him.

They followed.

I found the stairwell I was looking for and lit another torch. Handing it to Racewater I flipped the switch behind us, hiding the cavern in darkness. I made sure the door was locked and proceded up the stairs.

Another few flights later, we reached the loading bay.

Hamish and his team would just have to figure a way out to get the cargo lifts working again.

The huge double doors were still sealed. It had been made to admit cargo aircraft. I headed across the empty floor to the side of the doors. There should be smaller entrance doors at the side.

I found one on the left-hand side, hidden behind some storage containers.

After moving these out of the way, I inspected the locking mechanism. It was another energy lock.

Only authorized personnel used to be allowed here. I was confident that I used to have this authorization, so placed my hand over the lock and released some of my life-essence.

We all waited in expectation.

Nothing happened.

I tried again, releasing a bit more energy.

Still nothing.

I backed off from the door.

There should be writing indicating what type of lock this was.

Signage in red presented over the top. These doors could only be opened through DNA identification.

Now that opened memories I really did not want to remember. The darker side of our times. I sat down heavily, holding my head in my hands, as if this could make the sudden, invasive flashes of memory more bearable.

“Han, we need you to get us out of here” Panam’s voice reached me from far away.

I pulled myself together, shaking my head to clear it.

DNA markers were still swimming around in it.

Could it be that this body I now occupied still had some of the same markers of my previous body?

Highly unlikely.

A memory hit my mind like the crack of lightning.

I involuntarily ducked down at the force of it. Panam helped steady me.

I have always been born from Source Energy. Always!

In all my physical lives, I have not once known a father. NOT ONCE!

I pushed Panam gently away from me and parked myself in front of Racewater, holding out my hand to him.

“Knife please” I requested.

He handed me his pocket knife without a word.

Opening it on the way back to the door, I noticed that everyone was closely following my every move.

Holding my hand over the key, I cut my thumb, letting the blood drip into it.

A holographic screen appeared, showing the markers of my blood.

I cleaned the knife on my sleeve, closed it and handed it back to Racewater.

The screen was sifting through hundreds of possibilities. Panam placed a plaster around my thumb to stop the bleeding.

The screen beeped. It showed two sets of markers matching my blood exactly!

We all stared at the screen. This was supposed to be a physical impossibility. This was not natural.

The sound of the door unlocking brought our attention back to the immediate crises of getting out of this maze.

We hurried to the door, making our escape. As we started down the tunnel towards a light somewhere at the front, we heard the door close and locking behind us.

The DNA match was something both Racewater and Panam were going to want answers to.

And me too. 



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