The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 3



Han Starts working with his abilities, confirms his destiny and comes face to face with his previous life on Creata.



*** Eighteen ***

   We passed the night without further interruptions and daylight found us preparing to leave early. Panam provided breakfast and I took my time to finish a good portion of it.

   Racewater did not want any, preferring coffee. We were finishing up when there was a knock on the door.

   Racewater admitted the same person that drove us here from the airport. We all followed him to the vehicle we came in last night.

   We were finally receiving our first good look at Prosia. The apartment building we spent the night in was of monstrous proportions. It looked as if it spanned the whole block and as we turned the corner, I could see another entrance in that street as well.

   Prosia differed in one huge way from New Haven.

   It had plants and trees wherever you looked. As far as I could see, trees lined every side of the wide streets. Every spare bit of ground was covered by shrubs or flowers. The late Autumn flowers were almost ready to bloom. Birds could be seen and heard everywhere and the buzz of insects were evident even inside the vehicle.

   Prosia also did not smell like the typical city. We had already passed three public parks and everything looked very neat and clean.

   Panam asked the question in my mind – addressing the nameless driver.

   “Does all of Prosia look like this?”

   “Most of it, but we do have our slums too” the driver replied. “We try and keep those elements to the outer edges of the city. Midcity and the living and business areas mostly look similar to this.”

   “How do you keep it so neat and clean?” Panam asked his next question.

   “Everyone found littering, or not recycling, is fined heavily. You could even be sentenced to a period of service with one of the clean-up crews if you cannot pay the fine.”

   “Are there any other rules and regulations we need to know about?” Racewater wanted to know.

   “I will make sure you are issued with a code of conduct list. That should cover all the city common rules. Not that I think you will need it, as your flight is booked for this afternoon.”

   Racewater gave us a quick glance. “To where, if I may ask?”

   “The destination is as yet unconfirmed. I am to take you to headquarters now and then back to the apartment to collect your things. Those were my only orders.”

   We stopped briefly at a gate leading to a huge building situated in an impeccably sculpted garden. The building was as black as the plane that brought us to Prosia. The same yellow insignia that I had noticed on the aircraft was on a plaque above the front entrance. It was a bird of prey with open wings.

   We stopped in the back of a parking area and had to walk all the way to the entrance. Judging by the good quality vehicles in the parking area, this place spelt money with a capital M.

   As we neared the building, I relinquished my easy, natural manner and found the icy place that kept my energy inside my body, my senses scanning the outside.

   While practicing last night I had found this iced place. It kept the energy locked up until I released it.

   It was cool inside the building. The reception area was open all the way up to the roof. There were plants growing in the middle of the building. Ancient trees and giant ferns reached for the skylights.

   We passed by reception and the receptionist gave us a long interested stare. I was nervous enough as it was and did not want to break my concentration by trying to scan her mind.

   We entered an elevator and the Driver pressed Basement number three. There were six levels under ground and twelve stories above.

   The doors admitted us into a sterile environment. The Driver led us down the corridor and opened one of the doors, indicating that we should enter into a room that was fitted out as a small boardroom.

   “Please wait here” the driver requested and closed the door behind him.

   Up until now I was satisfied that all scanning equipment and cameras were minimally affected by my energy output. There was no indication of scanning equipment in this room and I released some of the energy to a more comfortable level.

   One side of the room had a huge mirror and any fool in the Security Forces knew that it was an observation window.

   Panam settled at the table. Racewater stared out the window. I lounged in the corner behind the door, next to the mirror. This was the only angle where they could not see me.

   I expanded my hearing to incorporate sound from the room on the other side of the mirror.       

   The driver was speaking. “They seem to be a very tight unit. Racewater is your PR person. He speaks for all of them.  Dr. Ridgeback is very inquisitive and is constantly asking questions.”

   “And the psychic?” another voice wheezed. This person did not sound well at all.

   “He is a very quiet fellow. I have yet to hear him speak” the Driver answered.

   “What is your honest first impression regarding the psychic?” a voice with a lot of authority behind it asked the Driver.

   “Director, all I can say is that the man scares me.”

   “In what regard?” the wheezing voice asked.

   “He makes the hairs on my neck rise. It is the kind of scared you can do nothing about except circumventing the cause.”

   “Thank you for your honesty. You can return to your duties now” the Director said.

   A door opened and closed.

   “I made a very expensive investment here. I want to see results. You know this is a first for this institute. You better not fail me” the wheezing man threatened.

   “Do not worry, father. I am sure you will make your money back quickly.” The Director went out into the passage.

   I brought my expanded hearing back to normal but stayed where I was, folding my arms over my chest.

   The scar was burning again.

   Almost immediately, the door opened and we had our first glance at the Director of the Planetary Security Forces.

   I was not impressed. He was a head shorter than me, balding with spectacles on his nose. His hands and sculpted body indicated that he was trained well in the arts of hand-to-hand combat. He was a very dangerous little man.

   He closed the door, keeping me in his sight at all times.

   Racewater came over and Panam stood up too. Formal introductions were to follow.

   He held out his hand to Racewater “I am Director Thornton.”

   Racewater returned the handshake. “I am Captain Racewater and this is Dr Ridgeback.”

   Panam shook his hand too.

   “As you can see, our Mr Storm is not inclined to physical contact” Racewater covered for me.

   The Director nodded at me. I returned the gesture, not moving out of my corner.

   We were all watching Thornton for his next move. He was visibly becoming uncomfortable.

   He finally cracked under our stares.

   “This is as new to me as it is to you. Your Captain contacted me with this special request and through a lot of effort and financial input we secured Mr Storm for our institute.

   You are probably aware by now that the Government Psych Department will be monitoring the progress of this unit. They also reserve the right to terminate the project at any time.” He sighed, then continued.

   “All I really mean to say is that you guys need to perform top notch, or I will terminate you myself.”

   Well put. At least we knew where we stood.

   “Your cases will be varied and I am sure, challenging. You are flying out to Atlantica in the Southern regions this afternoon” the Director continued.

   Thornton turned and looked me straight in the eyes. “There was one more request the Government insisted upon. Mr Storm is to be fitted with a Satellite Tracking Device.”

   Racewater stared hard at the Director.

   I kept my cool and did not flinch under Thornton’s stare.

   It was Panam that did the talking now.

   “I am afraid that that would not be possible” he told the Director.

   “Excuse me?” Thornton broke contact and turned on Panam.

   “Mr Storm shows severe reactions to foreign bodies in his system” Panam informed the Director. “It would be unwise to insist on placing any sort of device or foreign body within him.”

   “And what sort of reaction could we expect from Mr Storm?” Sarcasm was dripping from Thornton’s words.

   “I would rather not enter into details right now, but be assured that your ‘investment’ would be harmed and unable to operate at full potential for a considerable time-period.”

   Thornton glanced at the mirror. Then made up his mind.

   “Would you consent in accepting the device on behalf of your patient?” he wanted to know from Panam.

   “It will not do you much good, but if you insist, you can place the device within me.” Panam was facing me now. He knew that I would render the device useless as soon as we were alone.

   Racewater was forewarned not to interfere and kept quiet.

   Thornton looked from Panam to Racewater.

   “You do not look surprised or concerned by any of this?” he queried Racewater.

   “I was forewarned to stay out of it” Racewater answered the Director.

   “By whom?” Thornton was really looking interested now.

   “I am partnered with a psychic. There is not much that they miss.” Racewater made it sound like an everyday occurrence.

   Thornton looked at me. “And you have absolutely nothing to say to me or anyone else?”

   I positioned myself in front of the mirror. Expanding my senses, I could clearly see an old man sitting in a wheeled chair, wheezing with an automatic breather pumping air into his lungs.

   I had a notion that this man was telepathic. I reached out to him asking permission softly.

   His eyes widened in recognition of one telepath of another.

   *Do you need healing?* I asked him.

   *No-one can help me with this dreadful disease.*

   *Do you wish healing?* I repeated the question.

   *Yes. Can you help me?*

   *With your consent I will help you.*

   *I would be eternally in your debt if you could prolong my life and help me regain some comfort in the process.*

   *Then tell your son you want a private word with me and my Doctor.*

   I broke contact and turned back to Thornton. The whole telepathic conversation took only a few seconds.

   There was a crackling noise as the intercom was activated.

   A wheezing voice announced “Director, I wish a private word with Mr Storm and his Doctor. Would that be possible?”

   “Yes, of course. I will take Captain Racewater to the offices to hand over the case-file we need his team to investigate.” Thornton looked puzzled, staring hard at me for a moment before he and Racewater left.

   I indicated to Panam to fetch the old man from next door. I listened in on the conversation.

   “Hi. I am Dr Ridgeback, but you can call me Panam.”

   “Good day to you Doctor.”

   So it was to be kept formal then.

   After drawing the blinds open, I took a stance in front of the window. The early morning sunlight spilt into the room, blinding both the old man and Panam.

   Panam pushed the old man into the room. Closing the door, he stood to the side, giving me room to do my work.

   “Do you wish complete and permanent healing?” I asked my client.

   “Can it be done?” the old man wheezed.

   “Everything is possible when you believe.”

   “Yes, I wish complete and permanent healing.”

   “Then relinquish your fear of taking in life and release all feelings of being unworthy to live. You have done many great things, including raising a good man and changing the path of this Planet.”

   I had his full attention.

   I was weaving a hypnotic web, aware that this knowledge was coming from Mara’s memories. This was her speciality.

   I allowed myself to be guided by Source Energy that was already pouring into the top of my head. Stepping aside, half out of my body, I became an interested observer.

   A voice that was my voice, but yet not my voice, hypnotically continued “It is your birthright to live fully and freely. You love life. You love yourself.”

   The old man repeated after me with half closed eyes “It is my birthright to live fully and freely. I love life. I love myself.”

   “You are safe and loved by the Universe and yourself. All your needs are always met.”

   “I am safe and loved by the Universe and myself. All my needs are always met.”

   He had reached a deep hypnotic state.

   I saw the golden energy running down my arms, collecting around my hands.

   Stepping forward, I placed my hands near the old man’s torso.

   The energy increased in brightness, surrounding the torso, penetrating the damaged tissue. I had control over it and as I had healed my own foot not so long ago, I started vibrating the cell’s molecules into acceptable form.

   The damaged tissue dissolved into new, correctly formed cells.

   The old man’s breathing deepened. The wheezing became less and less.

   I kept up the energy flow until I could not see any further cells that looked damaged.

   Even his enlarged heart was vibrated back to normal proportions and the clogging of the arteries was dissolved. I solidified the matter and softly disengaged the energy. Everything in the upper torso was healed.

   This would indeed go down as a miracle healing. The excess energy dissolved around my hands and I could no longer perceive the golden light. I closed the connection to Source Energy, taking enough energy to sustain me.

   I was once more, just myself.

   “On the count of three, I want you to wake up, feeling refreshed and ready to do whatever needs to be done.”

   I waited for a response and there was a slight nod from the head.

   “One, two, three.”

   The old man opened his eyes. He took a deep breath before switching the automatic breather off, taking a breath of air all by himself. There was no evidence of a wheeze.

   I backed off.

   Panam stepped in.

   “Your body is not used to being well again” he informed Mr Thornton. “Your muscles are atrophied and need to be rebuilt slowly, including the muscles between your ribs.

   You need to see a physician as soon as you can to confirm the healing and to be advised as to the best course of action to rebuild yourself completely. For now, I would suggest you still use your inhaler from time to time to help the muscles cope with the new workload.”

   The old man stared at me. The feeling of euphoria I had was coming down on me with a crush. I knew I would regret this later.

   “Is he going to be okay?” he asked Panam.

   “In time, yes. All he needs is a bit of rest” Panam answered.

   The old man looked at me with very soft features. “How can I ever repay you for what you have done for me” he asked me.

   “By keeping me out of the Government’s clutches until the time is right” I replied.

   “I do not understand“ Mr Thornton replied, “but I vow to do everything possible to help you, including not adhering to their preposterous insistence of a tracking device.”

   “In that regard, I thank you.”

   “Your friend will meet you at reception. I will call on my son now. I trust you will find your own way upstairs?”

   “Yes. Look after yourself.”


   We met Racewater at reception and walked back to the vehicle. Our Driver was already waiting.

   Racewater looked at me with concern and Panam gave him an “it is going to be okay” stare. The two of them were starting to create their own type of rapport.

   I was tired and relaxed into the back seat.

   Panam woke me when we reached the airport.

   Racewater already had our bags out of the storage compartment, ready to board. The Driver was standing next to him.

   Boy, I must have been wiped out. I missed everything from Headquarters to the Airport. I really wished to see more of Prosia and felt extremely disappointed.



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