The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 3



Han Starts working with his abilities, confirms his destiny and comes face to face with his previous life on Creata.



*** Seventeen ***


    It felt as if I was swimming through thick soup. Someone was poking my arm. 

    A voice surfaced. 

    “Get up Han, you are going to miss your flight.” 

    It was Stone. 

    “I am awake.” 

    “Good, now get going!” 

    Comprehension came flooding in. We were at the airport. Racewater already had our bags out of the holding compartment and Panam was helping him carry. 

    Stone held the door of the vehicle open. Bending down towards me he whispered “Well done Storm. We are even now, yes?” 


    Stone straightened up and slapped the roof of the vehicle. 

    “Good luck to all of you” he told us. 

    He was still grinning when he drove off. 

    The aircraft we approached looked huge compared to the small craft Ray had transported us in. 

    This was a private chartered craft. It was black and had lovely smooth lines, indicating that it was built for speed. There was a yellow logo on the tail, the glint of the setting sun disfiguring it. 

    Someone had a lot of money to spend on us. 

    I forgot. I was considered property. 

    I should feel flattered, but I was feeling offended and angry. Actually, just plain mad. 

    I took my bag from Panam and marched determinedly into my new life. 



    The interior of the aircraft turned out to be very comfortable. 

    We had a male flight attendant that served dinner and handed out blankets in case we wanted to sleep. 

    Racewater and Panam settled in for the night. I sat staring out the window. It was already dark outside. We would be in Prosia tomorrow. 

    Prosia was the seat capital of Creata. It was the one City I really would have preferred to avoid. It was three times larger than New Haven and not a friendly place at all. The Government ruled from there. 

    I hoped the Security Forces had all their paperwork regarding me in order. I would hate to fall into Government hands. 

    The flight attendant came up to me. 

    “I am glad you are still awake. The Captain wishes to speak with you.” 

    Following him, we passed the peaceful forms of Racewater and Panam. They needed rest desperately too. 

    The attendant announced my arrival and left me at the door to the flight cabin. 

    “Enter please.” 

    Closing the door behind me, I was surprised to see no co-pilot. 

    “Please be seated” the Captain indicated the empty seat. “So, you are the psychic?” 

    “So they say.” I kept my tone neutral and professional. What did this person want? 

    “For your sake, I hope you are as good as they say you are” the Captain replied. 

    Obviously this man knew a lot more about me than I did in this point of time. Let us find out. 

    “I have been left in the dark about arrangements regarding myself. Would you care to share information?” 

    “As you noticed, I am not just a Pilot.” 

    “And your assistant is not just an assistant.” 

    “Good, you catch on quickly. We are here as much for your security as for your detention.” 

    Now why was I not surprised? “The information please?” 

    “It will take too much time to tell you everything. Do you do downloads?” he wanted to know. 

    I understood. He was thoroughly trained in the possibilities of psychics. He also had experience and training in controlling his mind and thoughts. That was why I could not pick up on the thoughts foremost in his mind. It was easy to do so with people that did not control their thoughts and allowed it to run loose and random. 

    “Yes” I answered. 

    “Then you must be as good as they say” he commented. 

    “I will not chance a download with you flying. Is it possible to use the autopilot while I am busy with you?” 

    “Of course.” He checked the controls and switched to autopilot. Then he turned to me. “What do you need?” 

    “Just your hands, palms up.” 

    He frowned, but presented his hands. 

    I took both in mine, making sure my fingertips touched his palms and closed my eyes. 

    It took only a few electric moments. 

    I broke contact. 

    The Captain looked surprised. 

    “I do not understand. I did not feel a thing. Is it done?” he wanted to know. 

    “It is done” I told him. 

    Standing up to leave, my legs gave way and the Captain helped to steady me. 

    “I know it is a lot to take in all at once. I just think now you will have a fighting chance” he said, releasing me. 

    I simply nodded at him and returned to my seat. 

    I was going to have to spend another sleepless night sorting out some-one else’s memories. I was thankful that the Captain had kept his private life closed and I did not probe for it anyway. I took only the information that he had foremost in his thoughts. 

    I started sorting through the information he had provided me with. 

    One: - The Planetary Security Forces had special permission from the Government to make exclusive use of my talents – for now. 

    Two: - My name was not flagged. I came under the spotlight through a connection Morgan had in the government. 

    Three: - I found my Government Case File and the Captain was privy to it. I duplicated his memories. 



Name:     Han Storm 

Mother:  Anne Storm 

Father:    Unknown (Note: the mother claims there was no father – claim pending further investigation) 

    The date of birth made me almost twenty-three Creatan years. 

    Then followed a long list under the heading of Current Status. It started with a list of about twelve or so foster families. 

    There was a single note at one of them. The date indicated that I was about six years old. 

Seen Professor Zane, Private Psych Teacher. Three weeks in attendance. Not much interest shown. Minimum participation in classes. 

    There was another entry in this handwriting stating that they had ‘Lost’ me. It was dated near my tenth birthday. 

    I remembered that day very clearly. It was when I ran away from a neglectful couple and started making my own way in the world. 

    There was a newer entry dated about three weeks ago. It was typed. It read: 

Status: FOUND. 308 Heights Building, Market Square, New Haven. Current occupation: New Haven Security Forces Psychic, Homicide. 

    I guessed they probably were not going to lose me a second time. I ‘turned’ the page as the Captain did in the memory and faced a page on what ‘they’ said about me. 

Psychic abilities untested. All information unconfirmed. Specialty seems to be visions of events in the past, present and future. Also displaying signs of telepathic skills. Worked missing persons. Success rate: 99.9%. 

Recommendations: Keep in semi-private environment with Level 1 Security Status. Monitor closely with daily reports on events and performance. Case referred to 24 hour monitoring service. Satellite Tracking Implant advised. 

    I smiled at myself. Let them try. Universe, just let them try! 

    Something brought my attention back to real-time. 

    I was floating about six inches from my seat and I could feel myself preparing to teleport. 

    I now realized this to be panic mode. 

    I calmed my heart rate and slowed down my vibration. No use revealing my most powerful weapon just yet. 

    I slumped back into the seat. 

    My chest burned. 

    Opening my shirt, I had a peek at the scar. It seemed red and inflamed. Ignoring it, I went back to the memory. There was one more entry dated two days ago. 

Trans-medium skills confirmed. 

    Right! Who spilt that bit of information? 

    Not the Clan I now considered my people? 

    Or Racewater and Panam talked about it and we were bugged. 

    Oh, Crap! 

    If that mobile home was bugged ‘they’ would know everything! 


    *Not so. Your aura’s energy output disrupts most sensitive electronic equipment, especially when you are vibrating at a higher level.* 

    *Do you know how they received that last information?* 

    *The same way Morgan found you originally, through the Government.* 

    The face of an old man came up. 

    I did not want to believe it. 

    Peetra was the Government spy in our midst! 

    I thought of him as an old man. I took another look through different eyes. 

    There was a shadow over his aura, reaching within, only half overlapping and seemingly carried on his back. 

    I shuddered. He had a dark entity attached to him. This was what the Government could do. He did not even know he was giving information away. 

    I was shocked and revolted. Racewater would have to be told. But just not right now. 

    There was nothing I could do at this stage for Peetra, so I came back to the interesting bit about me disrupting sensitive electronic equipment. That was news to me. 

    *How do I disrupt electronic equipment?* I wanted to know from Sensaii. 

    *The same way most people cannot see me. I vibrate too high. 

    You can take out everything in your path with a thought. Check your memories.* 

    I did. 

    I was an electromagnetic time-bomb. I could literally ‘take out’ all electronic equipment around me if I so wished. 

    Even better, I could create such a force around me and others, creating disturbance in the environment not even the best equipment could penetrate. 

    *Then a tracking device would be insufficient?* I asked Sensaii. 

    *Even if they do manage to place one in your body, it would be rejected.* 


    *That you would probably be violently ill and not be able to control yourself. Let us hope it never happens.* 

    I carefully opened up and scanned the aircraft for bugs. 

    There was a recording unit in the pilot’s cabin and one in the cabin where we were seated, as well as a direct link camera at the tail-end of the cabin. 

    I smiled as I scanned them from up close. Some-one, somewhere, was having a hard time explaining why they were receiving static. 

    This would unfortunately not do. 

    *What if I wanted ‘them’ to be included?* 

    *Then you would have to bring your disruptive output close to your body. The equipment should work then. It would be your choice what you wanted them to know.* 

    *But it would also interfere with my normal functioning. I would have to be alert at all times. This restraint would not be an automatic reaction.*

     *I am sure practice would make it easier* Sensaii replied confidently. 

    *If this disruptive effect of my energy output is so severe, why do I not affect the aircraft’s normal electronics.* 

    *Aircraft are specifically built to withstand high levels of electronic interference. Security devices are not.* 

    *In other words, I could still have an adverse affect on an aircraft?* 

    *You could, but until now, you did not need to control your energy, making the possibility for an accident virtually impossible.* 

    I sat thinking about that. 

    *Thus my untrained body is quite safe. If I trained it, changing it to become a weapon, then I would need to constantly monitor all electronic equipment in my immediate vicinity. Am I correct?* 

    *You will have to monitor your energy first and then the equipment to judge your success.* 

    *I will also have to warn the others. It is a pity they are not telepathic.* 

    *Yes. Do you want to practice non-interference now?* 

    *Yes, let us do so.* I definitely did not want to rest and had nothing better to do, anyway. 

    I pulled the blanket over me, pretending to sleep. 

    It took a while to enter into the state where I could see the energy particles. My natural aura enveloped a huge area of the aircraft. 

    I brought my energy levels back, compressing it in my solar plexus from where I could use it for anything, including a weapon if need be. 

    I now had a small area glistening around me. The energy was very concentrated and it felt as if I was going to explode at any time. I kept my energy contained for as long as I could bear the pressure. Then I released it slowly to the original, breathable distance. 

    I was suddenly feeling dead tired. 

    This was very hard work. 

    *Would you keep track of my energy field for me while I try and rest a bit?* 

    *I will wake you if it changes.* 

    My last thought before drifting into a restless slumber was that I was glad for a guide and helper that knew what he was doing. 



    Racewater woke me by kicking my foot. 

    “Get ready, we are landing in fifteen minutes.” 

    I checked the scanning equipment on my way to the ablutions. They were still ineffective. 

    After freshening up, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. There seemed to be more grey hairs at my temples. Otherwise, I looked tired but determined. I was still fuming inside. 

    Good. Let that work for you. 

    I took the seat between Racewater and Panam. Racewater was sitting at the window. We were halfway across the world and definitely not in a familiar environment any longer. 

    I felt it was important that the others be aware of what our new environment held in store for us. 

    “I need to tell you. From now on we will be under Government Surveillance around the clock” I informed them. 

    “How do you know?” Panam asked. 

    Racewater answered for me. 

    “He is psychic, for Universe sake.” 

    “Sorry, this is such an adventure for me, I forgot for a second” Panam apologized. 

    Racewater was not the easiest man to get along with. I continued before the atmosphere could tense up. 

    “Whatever happens in the next few hours, I will deal with my issues on my own. Panam, I want your promise not to interfere. No matter what happens. Agreed?” 

    “I cannot do that. I am here to keep your body safe and healthy. I will not allow you to harm yourself.” 

    The determination in his voice and eyes convinced me. 

    “Okay, will you at least do it if I promised not to destroy my body?” 

    He thought about it. The landing sign came on. 

    “Okay” he finally agreed. 

    I turned to Racewater “The same goes for you.” 

    “You know something we do not?” Racewater replied. “And you are not going to share, right?” 

    “Let us just say that there is a possibility of events that we are trying to avoid.” 

    “Who are ‘we’?” Panam asked. 

    Racewater leant over to hear the answer. 

    “’We’, like in Higher Forces, Mission, etc.” I answered Panam. 

    “And would this influence us negatively if this event does happen” Racewater wanted to know. 

    “It all depends on how I would be able to manage the situation.” 

    I lowered my voice even further and placed my head near Panam’s. 

    “I need to let you know that I tend to have severe reactions to foreign objects placed within me.” 

    “Like needles?” he whispered back. 

    “No, that is acceptable.” 

    I touched the scar on my chest. 

    Panam’s eyes widened again. 

    I nodded my head. “It gets dissolved.” 

    Shock registered in Panam’s eyes. “You mean that that is in you?” 

    “Yes, but it is no longer in the same format.” 

    Panam stared at me, thinking about the morning they had found me at the caves. 

    I would have to teach both of them to control their minds. 

    The aircraft started its descent. 

    Sitting back in our seats, we braced ourselves for the final bump of the landing. 



    We were met by two professional Planetary Security Forces personnel and ushered to an unmarked vehicle. 

    It was a tight squeeze in the back seat with the three of us. The sinking sun was very bright and mostly in our eyes, so we could not see much of where we were going. 

    I was tired and did not want to chance it to expand my senses in order to find out more about my new environment. 

    We were dropped in front of a huge building that looked more like an office block than living quarters. We retrieved our bags from the storage facility of the vehicle and followed one of the men up a flight of stairs to the lobby. 

    A professional woman was in attendance. She retrieved keys without speaking to the man. He silently took the keys from her and we followed him into the elevator. 

    I was not fond of elevators. This one felt as dubious as the one back home. 

    Back home. 

    I did not have a home any longer. Home was with Mara. I would not see her or my daughter again, unless a miracle happened. I knew that in my heart. It brought a pang that made me gasp for air, breathing hard against the racing emotions. 

    Panam gave me a concerned glance. The man with us looked at me suspiciously. I closed myself to these feelings and made anger surface again. 

    We reached the fourth floor. Our apartment was 403. The man unlocked and we walked into our new quarters. It was not uncomfortable, being very similar to the apartment I had in New Haven. 

    We would cope. The man gave Racewater the keys and they remained in the passage to discuss procedures. 

    Panam was already investigating the kitchen. He had been watching cooking disks and he could not wait to start practicing his new knowledge. I sincerely hoped it pays off. 

    Walking to the middle of the lounge, I quietly extended my senses, looking for bugs. I found one in each room, including the bathroom. I did not pick up on any hidden cameras. 

    Sensaii explained that I had to expand to monitor the devices and at the same time contract to let them operate. 

    How I have to do it, was up to me and another matter entirely. 

    Trial and error, I guess. 

    But I had no room for errors. At the moment I knew the bugs were only relaying static. All my senses were wide open.

     I took the room with a single bed for myself and dumped my bag on one of the two chairs in front of the window. 

    I needed to speak to Panam and called him into the room. 

    “I need to see what you saw when you worked at the facility” I requested. 

    “Where do you want me to sit? Is this going to be uncomfortable for me?” Panam wanted to know. 

    “In a chair, and no, you will not feel a thing” I assured him. 

    I settled on the edge of the bed across from Panam. Racewater closed the front door, locking it. He joined us, dropping my bag on the floor and settling on the remaining chair. 

    “What are you up to?” he asked. 

    “Han wants to know some things and I can help him. He is going to read me” Panam announced with pride, as excited as a little child. 

    “We are being monitored with recording devices in every single room“ I informed them. “At the moment I am disrupting their input/output modes and the recipient is only receiving static. They will try and rectify the situation as soon as they can, which should be tomorrow when we leave. 

    It seems to be an automatic response that I create a disturbance near electronic devises, but we cannot allow them to have static all the time. They will most certainly arrive at the conclusion that something is out of the ordinary. 

    I am trying to see if I can rectify the situation by not interfering with bugs” I explained to them. 

    “And when you no longer do so, we are going to have to be very careful what we say and do” Racewater commented. 

    “Yes, and what you think too. They have telepaths that can pick up on your uppermost thoughts. You are going to have to train your minds not to think openly. It helps me to pretend that I wear an invisible cloak that no-one can see through. 

    But sometimes I have to drop it. Like what I am attempting to do now, with Panam. It is an exchange of memories. I have to open up in order to receive Panam’s memories and make them part of me. I am totally exposed at times like that.” 

    “Will I receive your memories too?” Panam looked concerned. 

    “No, I will not allow it. You are not a telepath. It should be almost impossible for me to give you any of my memories anyway. It is quite safe” I reassured him. 

    “Will I still have my own memories when you are finished?” Panam was not entirely convinced of the safety of being read. 

    Good question. Could I take his memories away from him if I so wished, instead of sharing them only? 

    *Yes. You could. But it is a practice only to be done in very specific instances. It is mostly used for healing purposes.* 

    Thank you Sensaii. 

    “No, I will only be sharing your memories, not taking them” I reassured him again. 

    He sighed with relief. “Okay, I am ready.” 

    “I need you to think about the Psychic Facility and only about what you saw there. Let it play back as if you were watching a movie” I advised. 

    I gave him a few seconds to concentrate on what I wanted from him, and when he nodded, I took his hands into mine, again making sure I had contact with my fingertips. 

    It took a few seconds only. I released his hands and lay back on the bed, curling up into a ball. 

    Panam came around the bed and looked into my eyes. 

    “It is terrible, is it not?” 

    His voice was soft and full of sympathy. He knew he did not have to carry his burden alone any longer. I shared it with him now. 

    Panam indicated to Racewater to leave me. 

    “I will tell you about that place someday” he told him. “Right now, Han needs to sort out what he can use.” 

    The facility where Panam used to work as a Doctor’s aid was a terrible place. Psychics were tested and abused to the point where they killed themselves to get away from their unbearable lives. 

    I was thankful that I have been able to skip their fate so far. 

    I scanned through Panam’s memories quickly, looking for something I could use to help me. 

    Right now, I could not determine anything. I left it at that. 

    Sitting cross-legged on the bed, I concentrated on working out this expansion/contraction of my energy fields. An idea was forming and I wanted to act on it right away. 

    I allowed part of my aura to expand even larger than normal, incorporating the whole apartment. Then, while keeping myself open and expanded like this, I tried to bring the highest vibrating energy particles back into my body. I focused on them to go to my solar plexus. 

    When I reached a not too uncomfortable level, I carefully scanned the bugs with the part of me that was still extended. The energy in me did not want to stay put and started leaking back into the expanded area. 

    For a moment I had the satisfying feeling that the bugs worked for a second before I lost control and the bottled up energy escaped. 

    It was a messy release and it blasted through the Matter, shattering a vase and rattling the mirror in the bathroom. I heard at least two more breakages in the kitchen. 

    I was not feeling worse for wear and poked my head around the doorframe. 

    “Sorry, just practicing a bit.” 

    Racewater looked absolutely inconvenienced with a broken glass in his hand, his drink spilt all over him, but said nothing. 

    “Just be more careful next time” was Panam’s response as he started to clean up the mess. 

    Next time came immediately. I tried it again, managing better control over the release. 

    I was not entirely satisfied with the result and tried it again. 

    Walking around the room, I concentrated hard on what was needed. I wanted this to become second nature for my body. It needed to respond in an automatic fashion. 

    I had a lot more control over the release of the energy, but was tiring. I joined Panam in the kitchen. Racewater had retired to the other room with the two single beds. 

    “Enjoyed yourself?” Panam asked. 

    “No, but I am happy enough with the result I was looking for. Tomorrow will be an entirely new day of course.” 

    Panam just smiled at me and dished up some hot stew with loads of veggies. 

    It was delicious. The cooking lessons were paying off.



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