The Chronicles of Han Storm


Why you should be afraid of Spirit Walkers     


(Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm, Preserving Creata)


A bit of murder on the sideline -  


    Psychic weapons!

    Small wonder the Government wanted to control all of us.

    I lay thinking about the man who had killed Tucker. I had followed his life-memory before. I could find him if I concentrated.

    Relaxing, I slipped my spirit out of my body onto the plane of active entities. This place presented itself to me as a dark background with tiny pinpricks of light moving around within it. Every light represented a living entity with a distinct aura around each one.

    This was how I found 'missing' people. By concentrating and matching their vibrations to their auras, I could pick them out of the crowd.

    I orientated myself by concentrating again on the aura I had seen within the recordings. I knew the area where I should start seeking and the intuitive response to the 'feel' of the energy always helped me.

    I soon came across the group of entities I was looking for, the group where I would find Regent, my enemy.

    Found him!

    I forcefully bumped my enemy out of his body. He knew immediately who I was and what was happening.

    Untrained and with no natural psychic abilities, it was like taking sweets from a baby.

    I excused my stolen body from the card-game and went to a public comm in the passage.

    While dialling Morgan's private line, I ignored my enemy's silent screams.

    "Yes!" Morgan shouted.

    I did not waste time. Speaking with my enemy's voice, I gave Morgan the ultimatum.

    "I have him with me. I'll bring him to your yacht. One hour. Be there" I told Morgan, hanging up before he could say anything.

    Fear welled up in my enemy's body.

    **Keys?** I requested.

    **Right pocket** came the involuntary response.

    I went outside, ignoring questioning glances from colleagues. They knew better than to ask uninvited questions.


    **Yellow Mont-Marie.**

    This was probably too easy.

    I squashed any doubt.

    I found the topless sports-vehicle. It turned out to be a real joy to drive. A feeling of pride from the owner came through telepathically. It was followed with a feeling of regret.

    We made good time to the pier where the yachts were moored. We arrived early and I invaded my enemy's memories to confirm that his boss' vehicle was not there.

    Driving past the parking bays, I hid the little yellow vehicle behind some containers at the water's edge.

    Checking the firearm in the shoulder-holster, I thought it would do perfectly for my purposes. Using my enemy's memory, I found the right yacht.

    I expanded my senses to check that no-one was on board before hiding in the cabin.

    I did not have long to wait as Morgan walked into the cabin a few minutes later. He did not have his usual body-guard with him.

    It was a foolish thing to do. He had a habit of coming alone onto his yacht, which I was counting on.

    He was totally surprised to see Regent here. Surprise turned to fear when I lifted the fire-arm.

    It kicked into my palm, but the hand holding it was strong and the body well trained. The sound was deafening in the small area.

    Morgan dropped to his knees, a red patch forming over his heart.

    I was trained as an accurate shot in the Academy. My enemy never missed a target. We made a lethal combination.

    Once more the trigger was pulled.

    A second explosion and a second patch of blood on Morgan's chest.

    His body-guard should be on his way already.

    A third explosion and Mr Custos Morgan's body perished.

    I left the body of my enemy. He was done for anyway . . .




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