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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 7



All the tools, people and circumstances are in place ready for a first jump to another planet.


*** Fifty-Six ***

We reached Sunloen as the last rays of sunshine left the area.

James was still waiting for us in the boardroom. There was no sign of the Governor. He had not even left an emissary in his stead.

“You are late,” James said. It was a flat statement. He was not upset or angry, having resigned himself to my unusual ways.

 “All the paperwork is in order” he continued. “Governor Strong has signed all of it at the appropriate places. So did all the other parties involved.”

He handed me the original document.

“I hope it is to your satisfaction. If there is anything else, I will be in my suite, hopefully passed out. I need a drink.”

He left.

Sitting down, I scanned through the document. The most important facts highlighted themselves to me.

I was no longer considered ‘Property of State’. A full discharge had been issued and signed by all parties involved.

I was a free man.

This knowledge did not make me feel any different.

The Government had agreed to give me everything I needed, no matter what.

Quill had found the blue-prints of the Toowins. There were commitments included from the Government and various private companies to comply with the highest standards of construction in creating at least four of these enormous space-craft.

The craft were to be assembled at Sunloen near the Portal Cavern.

The relevant education of all humans on Creata would be provided in a responsible manner in order not to panic the population.

Planning the big exodus would commence within one week. As most delegates were assembled in Darkhust already, Governor Strong did not see why they should not stay on and establish the planning force right here.

I was satisfied with the current procedures.

“Black, make copies of this, then place the original within the Pod. It had been programmed to accept your unique energy signature through touch. Distribute the copies to responsible people for safekeeping.”

“Will do” he replied.

He was rearing to go with this new adventure.

As we headed back to my suite, I became aware of how tired I was.

Wishing for a great night’s sleep, I decided that a bit of chocolate would do the trick.

We went past the kitchen where Racewater joined me for a late dinner. Afterwards, I collected cakes covered in dark chocolate to act as a sleeping agent.

Racewater was not yet aware of the true effect the chocolate had on me, and I was not about to tell him right now.

Quill took over my watch and Racewater retired to his own suite down the passage.

After a shower, I prepared for bed by having a last cup of coffee and my cakes.

Quill did not interfere and kept his thoughts very private, hidden away from me.

I had barely finished the cakes when I felt sleepy and turned in.

Instead of receiving blissful unconsciousness, I was standing in front of Grox’ door.

It opened and I entered, finding Grox waiting for me.

*There is someone here that requested your audience* he informed me. *I have allowed it, as your current state of mind is linked to these events from the past.*

Grox opened a door that led from his study, indicating to me to enter.

A cloaked figure was standing in this comfortable reading room, facing away from me. I walked towards the figure while Grox closed the door behind me, giving us some privacy.

The figure pushed the cloak’s hood back and turned around.

I took a seat in the nearest chair.

It was Mara.

*What are you doing in a place like this? Why did you even consider coming here?* I wanted to know from her. It came out a whisper, even in telepathy.

*We are still connected and you are suffering* she answered. *From your memories I found the entities you have befriended before. They brought me here, to this High Lord that now helps you.*

*Why have you come? The memory of you only brings pain to my heart. I cannot bear our separation.*

*I know. I feel the same way. I had to speak to you personally. It would be unfair if you did not have all the facts. That is why Grox allowed me to come here, why he arranged this meeting with you.*

Not once did she make eye contact, avoiding me. Now she looked up, committed to whatever she had come here for.

*I have lived a very long time as part of Creata, and our Planet is dying.*

This was nothing new to me. Giving her a questioning glance, I countered. *I know the Planet is tired. She told me so. I am working as fast as I can to alleviate the problem.*

Mara came over, standing in front of me. Her belly was much bigger than I would imagine for a six week pregnancy. Moira was a comfortable warm light inside of her.

I touched her belly, feeling the delighted ‘hello’ of the little life inside. Moira recognized me. Her tiny body was already very well formed.

Mara’s voice was sad, full of sympathy.

*Alleviation is not enough, Han. Creata’s survival is dependent on my sacrifice. Moira is aware of this. She has agreed to speed up the development of her own body within mine. She will be born as soon as her body is complete.*

I stared at Mara. I heard what she was saying.

I did not want to believe her.

*How can you be dying? You know how to heal yourself . . .

Since when do you know?*

My heart was breaking. The pink crystal was working overtime to heal it, its pink glow keeping everything together.

*I have known this day to come a long time ago, before you came onto my path. I thought I would be able to sustain myself and Creata for longer.

I was wrong.

I cannot.

All I can give you and Moira is a little more time.

I have arranged for Moira to be raised by my Clan. She will be safe there from the Government.*

There was nothing either of us could do. I stood up and took her into my arms. We could only hug each other, finding what little comfort we could in the embrace.

The door opened and Duek came in.

“*It is time.*”

*I will find my own way home* I told him. *Will you make sure my family arrives safely where they need to go?*

He bowed to me. “*Of course. I will see you later.*”

I left Grox’ quarters, intent on getting home as soon as possible, trusting Duek completely to do what I have asked.

It was still night time when I arrived back in my body. Bulwark had replaced Quill in the chair and was watching me.

I ignored him, got out of bed and made my way to my meditation room.

He followed, closing the door behind him before taking a cross-legged seat near it, watching over me.

I learnt since yesterday not to intrude on other people’s private thoughts. It really helped me keep sane. It was not fun being able to hear everyone thinking and to perceive all their emotions.

I lit some incense and candles and took my position in the middle of the room in my meditation position by kneeling first and then sitting back on my heels.

I know I was only to have my hidden memories restored to me as my powers evolved, but I felt that in the light of what was happening to myself and my family, we could not afford to have anything hidden from me any longer.

I relaxed, feeling the slight jolt as spirit left body, allowing my spirit to return to whichever place it would find the hidden memories.

I was surprised to find myself within the memory of the integration process I had experienced at Gaoucom.

Here, I did not experience the intense pain as I did when it had happened. I was an interested observer and could see more than I was able to perceive the first time around. . .

Duek wanted to know if I would accept the responsibility of the powers before me.

I shouted YES.

My heart was opened for permanent integration by a golden stream of energy, running from Source through my medallion scar straight into my heart.

Overlapping this, I saw my spirit and my Creata Personality facing each other within the centremost region of my being, I was forced to face Myself.

Duek announced the fusing of The Creator’s opposing energies within my soul. Another stab of pain followed, chaos reigning while impressions and pictures loomed up before that which I really was, my true Self.

Another stab followed. The Creator’s realms merged and brought forth a new being, a new me.

That which was my real Self saw The Creator that was Birthplace and Life Source.

My own life, from becoming aware that I was an individual entity, all my physical lives, and all the times in between lay open and revealed in front of me.

My current life was stripped bare of the carefully nurtured illusions of my Creata Personality. My Self, that which I really was, saw the reality of this existence in all its starkness.

My body lay squirming under the next onslaught of painful energy. Duek’s voice continued  “*Let Your new creation continue within this being.*”

Within this painful experience I recognized the vastness of what I really was, and at the same time, the pitiful, seemingly insignificant spark of momentary life that my Creata Personality represented.

My Creata Personality, my human side, struggled to grasp the vision it had held onto to keep sanity in an oscillating environment, fighting to shield itself from the awesome view of inner nakedness and weakness of the fragile thing it really was.

The pain was bearable. That which I truly was, listened to Duek.

“*Let this new being’s acceptance of his new state be total and unconditional*”.

The shock of revelation had passed. I made an effort to understand. I concentrated on the images of myself, of physical lives lived before, immersing completely in thoughts, emotions, judgments and motivations that make up this character of Self. It felt both alien and familiar.

The next stream of energy did not hurt at all. My body was calming down. It felt renewed.

“*Let this new being’s acceptance of his new function be total and unconditional.*”

Abruptly, another side of me was revealed. A side I had never been able to recognize, not as Han Storm, not living only on the Light Side.

Revealed in an endless line of events were memories accounting every hurt caused to others, every petty jealousy felt, deep-seated prejudices, self-pity, fears, all that is dark and hidden deeply within my Creata Personality and in previous lives lived.

I saw myself sitting up, allowing the energy free access to shoot through my heart.

“*Let Your new creative energy swirl out from this new entity and touch every living thing he comes into contact with.*”

A golden glow was forming over my scar.

I allowed my mind to open receptively to all memories, expanding outward, embracing them.

I accepted the reality of what I was. A being of both worlds, a being as dark and negative as a black hole and at the same time shining as brightly as a star.

“*Let this new entity’s touch open minds and create the awareness of the connection with The Cosmos and each other.*”

With this recognition of truth about myself, I accepted the weakness and frailty that was part of human nature.

“*Let this awareness spill over from touched souls to others.*”

The golden glow around me had the now familiar pink touches of the Cosmos in it. Peace enveloped me.

The Creator’s Life Energy was flowing through me, entering every particle of me. The connection was permanent, I was not to be closed off from this Energy, ever.

Awareness returned to me.

I sat quietly, consciously going through the revelation I just lived through.

I abruptly forgave Han Storm, my human side, for unfair treatment.

He had the right to get upset, to show emotion, to love and live a full and happy life.

He chose, I chose, to incorporate all these things to help other souls experience physical lives.

Anger drained from me.

Determination replaced it.

I was equipped with all the tools I could ever need to finish this assignment successfully.

I thanked the Cosmos, the ultimate Creator for this absolute unique opportunity.

I felt peace all around me. I knew The Creator was aware of all that had transpired and I could almost imagine a smile from It.

Standing up, I was ready to face the new day with excited expectation and anticipation.

From beyond the door Racewater was asking Quill if I had some rest.

“Not at all. He left his body straight after lying down and has been in the meditation room for almost four hours.”

Bulwark opened the door for me and we joined the others in the common room.

“Morning” I greeted everyone cheerfully.

They stared at me, speechless.

It looked as if Racewater was trying to form words, but nothing could be heard. The words came out after the third try. “It seems that little or no sleep does you good.”

I had to smile. For once I had him confused.

He had a folder in his hands and did not look as if he had any sleep either.

Quill was already brewing coffee for us. I made myself comfortable near the coffee table. Racewater joined me, placing the folder in front of me.

“We need you to look at this. It involves a lot of questions everyone still want answers to. Haste was suggested to clear up some controversy.”

I waited for Quill to hand me a cup of coffee before opening the folder.

It was a Government issued document with lists of questions and open spaces to answer them. The document was dated ten days ago, the day I left for Gaoucom.

I understood. It was a list of questions neither James nor Black could answer before we left.

Jade joined us, relieving a tired Quill and Bulwark. She was looking fresh in a light green suite, accentuating her feline green eyes above her high cheekbones.

She was from mixed parentage, having a Plains People mother and a Kwailuan father. I appreciated her beauty.

She mistook my gaze as interest and pulled herself to her full height, showing off.

Racewater clearly showed his disapproval of my appreciation and brought my attention back to the documents, tapping them with his finger.

“When can we work through these? It is very important that we finish these as soon as possible.”

I dared a quick pre-sight of how the Universe had planned my day. First things first. The crystal at Altneght needed fixing. Then Hack’s newest find needed attention. Ramton’s equipment will be delivered this afternoon, so we could start on rewiring the computers.

“After lunch” I answered him. “I need to get to the Pod. There is information I need to take to Altneght. It will be a quick roundtrip. I should be back by then.”

Jade looked from me to Racewater. “I do not understand. What do you mean by quick roundtrip?”

Racewater realized that we had not disclosed to Jade that I was a teleport too. For now, I wished to keep it that way.

I beat him to the reply. “It is just a term we sometimes use. “

“Oh, it sounded like a real trip you were going to take. I was wondering when I would have the chance to see this miraculous Altneght Kyira is always going on about.”

The two women communicated a lot telepathically.

Racewater closed the file.

“A quick breakfast and then I will take you to the Pod. Do you want Jade to come along?”

Jade looked hurt. “I thought I was part of this team now. The Professor offered my full co-operation to help out. I have been with you to Gaoucom. It should stand for something!”

She was really upset.

Racewater looked at me. I nodded to him to go ahead.

Addressing her, he invited her to sit down.

“Please. Sit. If you feel up to the challenge and agree to become one of Han’s ‘inner circle’ you will need to adhere to a few rules.”

“I thought I was already serving him?” she whispered.

“One, whatever happens between us and Han, between you and Han, or to Han, whatever you see or experience, needs to stay within the group. Nothing may leave the sanctity of this group. Ever. Is this clear?” Racewater wanted her consent.

“Of course. That is how I took it from the start” she replied, still unsure about the situation.

“Two. You do not work for anyone else but Han. You have no other loyalties besides him. Not to the Professor, your sponsors or even yourself. He comes first.”

She seemed a bit shocked by that statement, but could see the reasoning behind it. Racewater was also reminding himself of the silent oath he had taken when finally committing completely to our task.

“And three?” she asked.

“If you consent to adhere to all this, and in your heart you know that this is where you must be, then welcome.”

“Thank you.” She turned to me, coming to her knees in front of me.

“I vow here, in front of this witness, that I commit henceforth to serve you, under the rules as lain out to me.”

Great! Now I felt like a guru or something. I tried to lighten the mood.

“Do not take it so seriously. It is a bunch of rules the guys came up with to safeguard me. Let us get some breakfast, I am starving.”


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