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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 4




Han continues collecting the tools to open travel portals and regenerates himself.


*** Twenty-three ***

Holding the crystal in my hand, I went back to sleep to give the drugs a chance to work out of my system.

Huge smiles from Panam and Racewater greeted me when next I opened my eyes. I tested my body and found it all intact and functioning in the proper way.

“If you can make it to the table on your own, you may have your dinner” Panam joked with me.

I made it to the table on my own. I was starving and finished whatever they placed in front of me. Eventually Panam called a halt.

“That is enough for now. I do not want you to get cramps.”

I was feeling much better. Energy was returning to my body.

“Ready to leave?” Racewater asked. He had packed my bag while I was having dinner.

“Already?” I asked, slipping the crystal into my bag. I will secure it in one of Mara’s boots later.

“We are already a day behind schedule” Racewater informed me. “We have been ordered back to Prosia. Panam convinced me that you were better off to rest without disturbance. You apparently do not rest on the aircraft.”

That was true. Sleep did not come there. The time was spent sorting information.

We did not see Hamish again. A guard escorted us to the vehicle-port and we were driven to the aircraft by a driver I had not seen before.

We had arrived at Batista in the sweltering heat of daytime. Now we exited the vehicle in the dark of night and ice particles formed as we exhaled. We all made a dash for the warmer interior of the aircraft, immediately settling down and strapping into our seats.

I could see the pilot’s assistant taking the warmers off the aircraft’s wings. A few minutes later, he came inside and closed the door behind him.

We were already freezing and I could hear Panam’s teeth chattering. At least I managed to control my body temperature and was not that much affected by the sudden cold.

Captain Heraldt must have adjusted the temperature, for we soon felt comfortable again.

I tried to stay relaxed throughout the flight. Panam was right, I did not rest on these flights. I had a heck of a time controlling my thoughts, constantly having to steer them away from the very distant past.

I tried to keep my thoughts in the current, present time. By thinking upon what was still expected of me, I recapped my ‘mission’.

I have been re-awakened as to who I really was and what my life mission on this planet entailed.

At first I had a crash course in awakening my psychic abilities. Then I received most of my spirit memories, encompassing almost every physical life memory I had had so far.

When I received the first key to the Physical Portal I was supposed to eventually find and open, it was presented in the form of a medallion, now integrated into my body’s cells. The only physical sign was a scar on my chest. It still burnt when I was dealing with anything remotely to do with the Portal.

My latest adventure brought me face to face with one of my lifetimes on Creata. The visions re-established long-stored memories that incorporated the closing of this planet’s physical Portals. I had no recollection of where the actual Planetary Portal was located.  

I also received more keys that would help me along the way. There was a box that became part of my energy make-up as well. As yet, I have not had an opportunity to see what information lay there.

Right now, we were on our way to the Capital city, Prosia. The Director requested our urgent attention and Racewater mentioned that he seemed tense.

It must be something serious. Director Thornton does not have nerves, at least, he never presents them to anyone.

After landing, we were escorted to a waiting vehicle and driven directly to the Agency. We were all tired from the flight, and even the usually cheerful Prosia was turning dull with the coming of Winter. The late autumn flowers were not yet blooming.

Most of the trees lining the streets were already losing their coloured leaves. Gold and red was the colour of Prosia. A cool wind was blowing the leaves into heaps against the buildings.

The Gardeners, which were mostly made up of people with Community Service summonses, had a hard time keeping the city neat and tidy.

As we walked into the Planetary Security Forces building I immediately felt that something was different.

I was carefully holding my excess energy locked up in the ‘ice-box’, enabling the cameras and security equipment to function despite my disruptive effect on them. The rest of my senses were struggling to figure out what was different.

I could not put a finger (or sense) on it. It was an itch I just could not reach.

The Director himself came to meet us at Reception. Thornton looked very stressed.

“We will go to the boardroom. It will be easier on all of us.” He beckoned us to follow.

We took the elevator two floors up. From the upper landings one looked down on the central inner garden. Some of the trees were almost reaching the skylights far above us.

There was an irritating tickle in my throat that I had been trying to clear in the elevator.

Racewater gave me an annoyed look as we walked towards some open doors on the other side of the building. I noted a restroom sign as we passed another set of elevators.

Director Thornton and Racewater were already entering the open boardroom doors when my nose suddenly started to run.

I had rarely been sick and knew I could heal myself, which I was trying to do now, but the irritation in my throat was getting progressively worse.

Panam stopped and stared at me. He produced a handkerchief, which I stuck under my nose to try and stop the flow.

“Heal yourself!” he ordered in a whisper. “You are embarrassing us, and the Government is watching.”

The annoying itch was suddenly scratched.

The Government was watching – with brand new equipment.

Last time I was here, I did not have the control over my energy flow as I was presenting now, resulting in a lot of static from their equipment.

This knowledge, unfortunately, did not help me with my running nose or the tickle in my throat.

“I am trying” I answered Panam. “This is not coming from my body. It must be an external factor. Maybe I should go drink water” I told him, turning back to the restroom.

As I entered, I could hear Racewater speak and expanded my hearing to incorporate the conversation.

“What is taking you guys so long? Where is he going now?”

I heard the Director joining them.

“What is the delay?” he wanted to know.

Panam was trying to find out what was wrong with me, addressing the Director.

“I need to know if anything physical had been changed in this building since we have last been here? No matter how small the change. I need to know right now.” His tone of voice was unsettling me.

I drank some water.

It made the tickle worse.

My nose did not want to let up and I was trying to plug it. Panam’s handkerchief was history long ago.

“The only thing we have changed?” the Director thought. “We have installed a new Government issued security system.”

Panam did not wait.

He burst into the restroom.  

“Han, you must get out of the building, right now!”

I was locked in a cubicle, trying to control the amazing flood from my nose. I never knew a body could produce such a vast amount of fluids in such a short space of time.

The tickle was unbearable. I opened the door and started stepping out when my body produced such a violent blast of air I was flung back onto the toilet.

Everything happened at once.

Sudden darkness enveloped me.

What Sensaii had warned me against just happened accidentally.

As the air was released, so was my stored energy. The ice-box was ruptured and the psychic blast of energy was set free.

I took out every electronic gadget in the vicinity.

And probably a few street blocks worth of electricity too.

I stood up and quietly closed the cubicle door, locking it again. Then I sat down on the lid of the toilet and waited for sentencing.

Silence settled over the building.

The generator back-up lights came on.

Everything else was still off.

“What was that?” the Director demanded.

“The reason why you cannot, under any circumstances, bring anything electronic near Mr Storm. He just had an allergic reaction to your new security system, and he just sneezed” Dr Panam Ridgeback informed the Director.

Wow! That was how it felt to sneeze.

Kind of nice.

I might try it again some time.

I was very relieved that the tickly throat was now settled and even my nose had stopped its runaway game.

I did not bother to bring the scattered energies together again. My aura was all over the place by the blast and would settle soon all by itself.

I felt amazingly free and without worries, very much detached from the world, very much as if Panam had given me some of his drugs and I was all there to experience it.

There was a knock on the door.

It was Panam. “Han, open up.”

I was feeling too good to want to respond.

Pulling my legs up onto the toilet lid, I placed my arms around them, effectively curling up into the foetus position.

To hell with them!

I need a bit of a break. This was the nearest I would come to heaven in this place.

*You are scattered all over. That is why you are feeling this way. You must integrate yourself back into your body. Right now you are no good for yourself or anyone else.*

Sensaii was preaching again.

A part of me recognized that he was telling me the truth. The other part just could not care.

I did not bother to answer.

“Han, please open the door. We need to get you back together.” Somewhere, I knew Panam had an idea what was happening to me. It still did not make me want to care.

Go away!

My mind said it.

My voice did not respond.

“Break it down!”

It was the Director’s voice.

There was a crash and Racewater almost fell on top of me.

I stared at him, uncomprehendingly.

I did not understand how he got in.

My eyes were transmitting the images, but apparently my brain was not receiving and processing this information.

Panam brought a little bottle to my lips.

My body did not respond.

I could see the Director watching the whole episode in utmost fascination.

It did not bother me.

Racewater took my jaw and pinched it open.

I could not figure out where the sudden pain was coming from.

Panam managed to empty the small bottle’s content into my mouth.

Racewater released my jaw and kept his hand over my mouth.

The horrible stuff in my mouth could only go two ways. Either down the hatch or out the front.

I came back from the spaced-out state with a crash. I suddenly had motor skills back and started fighting them.

Panam, expecting this, was already hanging onto one arm. Racewater somehow positioned himself behind me and I could not reach him to push him off me. I had no choice but to swallow the horrid stuff.

It did the trick!

Every particle of myself returned and in one swift moment all the fuzziness and happy feelings the brain had allowed were gone.

Integration and understanding was back.

I stopped struggling against them.

At this moment in time, I knew that what had happened was very serious indeed. I also knew that I was not to blame for any losses there might have been in the form of electronic equipment.

Which was probably everything in the building, if I did my job right.

Racewater released me carefully, ready to reinforce physical restraint if need be.

“Oh crap!” I said, sitting back down on the lid.

I buried my face in my hands. I did not want to face the Director.

He was there throughout the whole episode.

These fall-outs usually happened in private, with only Panam and Racewater witness to my less glorious moments.

“I think I am starting to understand” Thornton said, handing Racewater a card. “This is my father’s address. Please take your friend there to recuperate. I will sort out the mess here and join you as soon as I can.”

He stepped up to me and brushed my hands away from my face.

Lifting my chin, he waited until our eyes met before he said “This was my fault. I had no idea how special you really are. Not until now.”

He released me and turned to go. Stopping, he looked back at Racewater “You should know that what happened here, will be kept strictly between the four of us.”

“Come” Racewater unceremoniously dragged me up by an arm. “You can really pull your tricks when we least need it” he grumbled as we reached the restroom door.

He allowed me a minute to pull myself together before we walked back to the vehicle.

He gave our driver the address where we needed to go to. We did not discuss anything on the way. I busied myself by watching where we were going.

We left the spacious grounds of the Planetary Security Forces and drove back into the business district of Prosia. There were huge office buildings, incorporating living quarters and penthouses at the upper levels.

I thought the address might lead here, but we left these buildings behind and drove past the docks to the piers. The address turned out to be a docking bay for a yacht.

And what a yacht! It was enormous, beautiful and sleek all at the same time. The name Sheygall was stencilled on the stern. I had no idea what it meant, but it sounded seductive.

A butler was on hand to receive us. He took our bags and showed us to a suite on the lower deck, requesting us to remain in the suite until further notice.

Racewater insisted that I sit down in one of the luxury comfort chairs. They settled opposite me in similar chairs.

“May I please have an explanation?” he wanted to know.

Panam silenced me with his hand before I could answer. “I think I must answer that for you.” 

He swivelled his chair to face Racewater.

“Sometimes, given what Han has been through the last couple of days, there is not enough rest time between events and accidents happen.”

That was an accident?” Racewater seemed slightly taken aback.

“I am afraid so. We are only starting to see what Han is capable of doing. We need to put a solid lid on this. If the Government finds out, they will confiscate him immediately.”

I was again being referred to as Property of State. For now, I let it slide. The phrase ‘Psychic Weapon’ came back to haunt me.

“And how long have you known that he was capable of pulling a stunt like that?” Racewater made it sound like a personal conspiracy against him.

Panam was unconcerned. This was doctor/patient privilege. “We were aware that there might be a problem when we came to Prosia the first time.”

“And you did not tell me?” he accused.

“Han had it very well under control. Most of the time” Panam informed him.

Racewater stood up, throwing his hands into the air. “Most of the time!?”

“He was actually doing great before he presented an allergic reaction to the new recording equipment.”

“An allergic reaction? Or a psychic reaction?” Racewater was busy losing control over his temper.

Panam tried to stay unaffected. “Well, if you put it that way, we should rather call it an adverse reaction. His body was responding adversely to it, as well as his psyche. Han, is there a way in which you can explain it easier?”

“I can try.”

*Sensaii. Help!*

I breathed deeply, giving myself the few seconds to receive Sensaii’s answer.

“Two things happen at the same time when I keep my energy away from electronics, especially the fine electronics used in security equipment.

At one end, I need to keep all my psychic senses open to monitor the devices for tolerance levels. This also enables me to pick up on a lot more things going on around me than would usually be perceived by the normal human.

At the other end, I am compressing all my ‘excess’ energy, the energy that temporarily makes the equipment malfunction, within my body.

This delivers loads of stress to my body. I can tolerate this for prolonged periods under controlled conditions.”

“Like in the aircraft?” Panam prodded.

“Yes, in order not to disturb the sensitive equipment.”

“And that is why you do not sleep on the aircraft. You are constantly monitoring yourself to keep us in the air. Now a lot of things are starting to make sense. You should have told me!” Racewater barely had his temper under control.

“We did not think it necessary at the time” Panam covered for me, pulling himself more upright, preparing for a fight.

“Anyway” I quickly interrupted. “What happened today was that the new equipment was super sensitive and it emitted particles that I could not define.

Some of these particles became lodged in my throat. I have already mentioned my reaction towards foreign electronic bodies and my body’s reaction to it. The result was devastating, just as much to the building and equipment as it was for me.”

Racewater sat thinking for a while. “You said it was releasing particles. Was it physical particles we are talking about?”

“Yes. It was as small as spores. Do you think it was tracking markers being placed on people?” I wanted to know.

“We will only know if we can get hold of some of those particles” Racewater responded.

I was not convinced. “That would prove a difficult task. I am afraid the blast would have deactivated all of them and destroyed the ones in my immediate vicinity.”

Panam suddenly sat forward. “Maybe there are still spores left inside of you.”

I was surprised. “I cannot see how?”

“You drank water before you sneezed” Panam informed us. ”Maybe some went down with the water. It could be that some of these particles survived your body’s unique reaction towards them due to the fact that you swallowed them and they were not injected into you?”

We stared at Panam.

Gross! How does he want to get to it?

But as this thought came to light, I immediately knew that I needed to find out if I did ingest some. I did not want to be a walking beacon for the Government.

“Okay. Panam, I know what to do. Find paper I can stand on. Racewater, I will need your trust on this one. If you can stand over here” I showed him to stand in front of his chair, “and catch my body when it re-materializes.”

He stared at me as if I was mad, but obliged and stood where I indicated.

Panam brought over a newspaper. I opened it on the floor where I was to stand. “You close the paper after I step off it. Whatever is not supposed to be in me, will be sifted onto the paper and Thornton can have it analyzed.”

I stepped onto the paper.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated on consciously increasing my cells’ vibrational rate. It was becoming easier to achieve this and I had the attention of every cell in my body within seconds.

They were all responding very well and I picked up the vibrational rate a notch.

I knew that I would soon be invisible to the untrained eye and it would scare my friends. Let me get this over with as quick as possible.

It felt as if my whole body was shaking and I briefly opened my eyelids a crack.

There was horror in Racewater’s eyes.

This was going to be a bad memory to live with for both of them. I sped up the process, using the last of my excess energy for another purpose. I knew I would be completely drained after this.

I kept my vibration in light form only a fraction of a second. It was all that was necessary. It made me totally invisible for only the blink of an eye, and my friends would never be sure if they really saw me disappear or not.

I stepped forward and brought my vibration down to normal, allowing my body to slump into Racewater's outstretched arms.

Weakness engulfed me and I could not bear my own weight. He placed me into his chair. I was breathing hard, but deeply, still trying to bring my racing heart under control.

This really took a toll on the body. It made it age rapidly. I heard Panam closing the paper. Racewater kept a bag open for him. They sealed the bag and came over to me.

Panam touched my arm. I turned my head towards him, but did not open my eyes. Not just yet. I knew how they would perceive the strange light that was still shining through it.

“You need anything?” he asked.

“I could do with more bitter-herbs and then as much sweet stuff as you can find.” I smiled at them. They were unconvinced that I was truly back.

Racewater gave me a sip from a little flask. The bitter potion worked its miracle and I was feeling ready to face Panam and the food when the butler knocked.

I took a peek as he came in with a tray laden with sweet and savoury eats. Panam thanked him and took the tray, bringing it over to me. We had had nothing to eat since leaving the aircraft, and we all dug in, Panam and Racewater considerately eating only the savoury treats.

We were finishing our cold drinks Panam had found in a small cabin fridge when the yacht started to move. Panam looked out the one window.

“We are definitely moving away from the pier” he announced.

The sugar in the treats was counteracting my body’s chemical imbalance. I was suddenly dead tired and allowed my eyes to droop and my body to relax. Before I could prevent it, the gentle rolling of the yacht rocked me to sleep.


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