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On Gossamer Wings - Similar to Chronicles of Han - Leilaka 

Dragons are not Horses!

Except from Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka:


   I dreamt of Huracan inside caves on the other side of the city, a minute's flying distance from Floverne.

   Sheltered in their catacombs, I recognized the area where I had been when Moira had hatched.

   A huge green dragon stood in the entrance of a cave, patiently waiting for other Huracan to wake up properly. Some grumbled, stretching in their caverns, some fell about, giddy from their long sleep.

   All were ravenously hungry.

   The huge dragon scuttled outside, into the snow. Picking up its head, it tested the air. The wind was blowing in from the City.

   Backing up a step, it extended itself forward and up, bellowing a challenge that could be felt within the air-currents . . .

   "That will be Raman" Ragghwaart softy laughed, somewhere to my left.

   **That is my father** Moira informed me. **It did not take long for them to wake up from your order.**

   *How long did you make me sleep?*

   **Just through the night. You healed easier than the first time. I think the growth we had forced on your body had helped you to handle this situation better.**

   I stirred, stretching before sitting up, still being hidden under Moira's wing. She turned her head to touch my shoulder.

   **Thank you, Han.**

   *You are welcome. Do you wish to go to your kind?*

   **No. I will wait here for them to come. They will first hunt, to satisfy their hunger and to wake up properly before coming here. You know how grumpy some entities can be before breakfast.**

   "I am apprehensive" the one young Elf stated. "What if they do not remember us?"

   "They will" I told them, stepping up to the fire that was burning at the edge of a make-shift shelter. "They have also not felt time as we know it, patiently waiting for you to come back to them."

   "When will they come and join us, Master Han" Ragghwaart asked me as I settled down next to him. Ishmay was not with this group and I scanned for his energy, finding it in the City, near Emmaceria and other, unfamiliar energies.

   "Master Han?" Ragghwaart enquired, concern on his face as I focussed on it.

   "Not yet" I told him, reaching for a cup, pouring some hot tea from a pot for myself, ignoring the short vacant period they had experienced from me. "Moira said they will first hunt before coming to see you."

   "Moira? Your Huracan?" Ragghwaart asked.

   "Yes, did you not converse with your Huracan as we are talking now?" I frowned at him, unsure about what kind of communication used to exist between a Rider and his beast.

   "It differs from Rider to Rider" Ragghwaart tried to explain. "Some of us feel what our Huracan want from us, as do we instruct them with feelings of what we wish them to do. Some Huracan respond to verbal commands, or physical ones. Some you can think at, as with me and Raman. I can show him pictures of what I need and he can follow orders in this way."

   "He never tried to talk to you, as we are having a conversation now?" I asked, flabbergasted.

   "No. He sometimes will show me a picture of enemy or food or flight, but no comprehensive sentences of ideas or concepts" Ragghwaart frowned back at me.

   And here I thought all Riders were Telepathic and their Dragons were amiable companions within these links.

   "But Sprungh said that if a Huracan was killed, it was the worst kind on punishment to be without your Huracan linked in your head?" I was confused about this issue. I did not understand this concept.

   "We feel our Huracan linked to us all the time" Ragghwaart tried to explain. "We feel their great magic giving us strength of unequalled measure, surety that within this link it must be impossible to fail. When we lose this link, for whatever reason, we become only Elfes, and most of us cannot go back to being just humble Elfes, devoid of this great magic that is always sustaining us."

   I thought about that. It was similar to when I feel cut off from my Master, from the Great Aura of The Cosmos. I understood what they were talking about. 

   It was just such a let-down to find out that no other Rider except Habieb might be a true Telepath.

   But then, it was only when I came into the picture that he realized that this is what he will experience when he finds his Huracan. That he was able to link with me in this absolutely fascinating way.

   Moira had been following this conversation and grumbled a comment, making the earth vibrate with her low sound.

   I laughed out loud at what she had to say, totally aware that the Elfes around me could not understand Huracan.

   "What do you find so laugh-worthy?" Ragghwaart wanted to know.

   "Moira commented that none of you had ever tried to have a proper conversation with your Huracan. You have always treated them as beasts of burden instead of equals, as partners" I told them.

   Moira made another indignant comment before moving off into the forest to go and hunt something for herself.

   "She also says that Huracan are not horses!" By now I was laughing so hard that I had to put my tea down not to spill it over me. To see the incredulous faces in front of me was hysterical.

   "Then how did you know you can talk to your Huracan, and do you use words or your mind?" the young Elf wanted to know from me.

   I stopped laughing. This was really not a laughing matter. I came from a background where Telepathy was second nature to me. This was not so with these people. They did not even understand the basic concept that one could speak without sound, without words.

   It was an unfair assessment Moira and I had towards them and I told Moira my conclusion. She disagreed, her grumbling reaching even the ears of the Elfes.

   "It is not fair of me to judge you for being who you are" I apologised. "It is so easy to forget that not everyone experiences what I do. I have just always talked to Moira. I have never seen her as anything other than an equal to me.

   I can talk to other animals too, including horses and my stallion will definitely agree that he understands exactly what I mean when I talk to him.

   I do not have a language barrier, as such. But I am still sure that more of you have this ability of speaking with your minds. It is called Telepathy and I really think it is just a matter of practice."

   Ragghwaart watched me, making up his mind about me, finding me absolutely strange and also something totally new to experience. A thoroughly interesting subject.      "



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Picture Details: Quote from Game of Thrones: Viserys Targaryen: The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them. Unfortunately I could not trace the origin or artist of the picture except the website address as included.

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