The Chronicles of Han Storm

2 Saving Leilaka 

Oracle Cards on Leilaka

Excerpt from Saving Leilaka: 

    "Hmm . . . " he replied, closing his eyes, as if going into a meditative state.

    Intrigued, I left my seat on the bench to join the man on the floor. Leaving a gap of about half a meter between us, I sat down in a meditative position facing him.

    He sat still for a while, as if absorbing the quiet and soothing effects of this mystical area.

    "I want to show you something" he told me in his mixed language.

    Opening his dark brown eyes to watch me, he produced a silk-wrapped package from the inside of his jacket.

    Placing the hand-sized package between us, he instructed me to open it.

    Carefully opening the folds of the bright yellow silk, an ancient pack of Universal cards was revealed.

    Stunned, I allowed Prahava to see what I was thinking by projecting my thoughts through my brow energy point to display clearly to him. No-one else would be able to see this except a Clairvoyant, as he clearly was.

    Prahava nodded at what I showed him. "Yes. I knew you would know what this tool can do. It has been in my family for generations. Some of us have used it instinctively to foretell the future, but some did not receive this gift. Unfortunately my grandmother did not pass the teachings on to me for she died unexpectedly."

    "I am sorry for your loss" I told him, seeing that he was severely distressed about her death. He had loved her very much and missed her intensely.

    "Can you instruct me?" he asked, desperate to be able to utilize this Universal tool that could be used for many things, not just allowing one to see the possibilities of the future.

    I carefully picked up the pack of frail cards. They were well worn, the paper yellowed with age.

    It seemed similar to the packs of Universal Cards I had used in my previous life. As I cautiously shuffled the cards, familiarising myself with their feel and vibration, I received countless flashes of information upon touching the different cards.

    The backs of the printed cards were adorned with interlaced Ladona, or Earth Dragons. This was a Dragon Pack, based on the teachings of the Leilakan Dragons.

    After familiarising myself with the cards, I spread the yellow scarf they were wrapped in between Prahava and myself.

    Then I turned the pack face-up and started to put all the houses together, counting as I went along to make sure this worked on the same formula as I was used to.

    When sorted, I started with Prahava's education. "You will see that the cards run in numerical order. Each card has a different meaning, but the overall meaning is seen by the number it bears as well as the house it belongs to.

    The first twenty-two cards are called the Key House. They are the major players and represent important aspects, occurrences or happenings that you should not ignore. They are the probabilities in the Universal timelines and planning.

    The next fifty-six cards belong in Secondary Houses. These are made up of Four Houses which represent the Elements. In this specific pack you will see the Secondary Houses are the Ladona, the Earth Dragons; the Huracan or Water Dragons; the Typhoeus or multi-headed Fire Dragon, and the Tiamat, which is an Air Dragon.

    These minor cards reflect the extra information that completes the full picture of what you ask from the pack's Guardian.

    As every Universal Tool has its own Guardian or Guide, so does this pack of cards, and it is best to ask the blessing of this Being before you start with your inquiry.

    I usually ask the blessing on the work the pack is to perform, and then ask the Guide or Guardian to connect to the inquirer's timeline and planning department before asking the question they wish to know.

    We do not always receive all the answers, but we can get a good enough picture of what the person in front of us needs and what they can handle, or not."


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