The Chronicles of Han Storm

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80. Releasing Karmic Deeds

December 1, 2012

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Journeys of a Psychic, Leilaka

- Incarnation as Krish Dameous, Universe of Euphranor, Planet: Leilaka



“  “Who are you?” Bru asked, placing his pack on the ground next to him. He was dressed for travel, although I could not pick up on a horse anywhere.

      “Do you not recognise me?” I wanted to know from this person.

      “No, yet . . . yes. I know you, from somewhere. I felt it when our eyes met as you rode away. I had to follow. I had to come to you.”

      “I know who you are. I will take you on for the fighting skills that you bring to my group. If you behave and prove yourself loyal, I will allow you to see more. If you do not, showing yourself disloyal in any form, physically, verbally or even in thought, Iwillslay you. Do you agree to my terms?”

      “Yes, Master?”


      ‘I know the name,’ he thought to himself, trying to work out from where he knew me, trying to work out if this had to do with his unusual skills in combat.

      I left him with his thoughts, taking my tea from Drake, linking with Moira to ask her opinion on my decision to incorporate this man into my group.

      **You are pushing boundaries on things that are not natural to Leilaka** she commented.

      *What is natural about his appearance in my life as Krish Dameous?* I countered. *How did he get here in the first place?*

      Who made the decision to allow him to incarnate in this human form – on Leilaka? This is not his original Universe. Neither is it mine.  Or was this again an opportunity from the Cosmos to assist a single free-willed entity to complete tasks left undone, to make amends, to seek forgiveness?

      And again am the one with the memories. am the one that need to forgive the Soul of this person without this person ever finding out why he felt he know me, why he felt this need to join us?

      Was I even allowed to let Bru know who he was? To me? In a previous life so far removed to the past that it was incomprehensible for him to even remember me still?

      I watched Bru sitting across the fire, seeing that he was sincere in his Soul’s attempt at asking forgiveness.

      Was ready to let go? Was ready to say it is okay what had happened in that lifetime between two Soul-Spirits?

      What had really happened there, except that he was the provider of my circumstance and training to fulfil my duties to a Higher Source?

      Was it not his training that had stayed with me, incorporated within my Soul-Spirit, another weapon Hanuman could draw whenever needed?

      Was it not his training that had given me an edge in every physical lifetime I had had to endure since then?

Was it not me that should fall at this Master’s feet and thank him for his teachings he had bestowed upon me with adversity?

      As I watched him I did not see his current body, but saw him as I had known his Soul-Spirit as the man I called Shaiho, my Teacher and master from another lifetime.

      Non-verbally, on a conscious level, I told his Soul that I forgive him for all the atrocities I had endured under his tuition. I thanked his Soul for the special opportunity that had made subsequent lives so much easier for me. I thanked him for his inhumane training that had instilled discipline in my Soul-Spirit as I probably would not have been able to gain in any other way.

      After this conscious absolvement from my side, the man I saw as Shaiho started changing in front of my physical eyes.

      He became Bru. A soldier disguised as a farmer.

      For the first time I saw him for who he portrayed in this current lifetime and I could step away from Han Storm’s issues with this person, concentrating on the other side of the coin.

      Now I could see what I was supposed to have seen from the beginning. I saw Bru for what he had achieved inthislifetime. As well as his duties to his King, The King of Gobajia.  “


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