The Chronicles of Han Storm

 2 Saving Leilaka

Saving Leilaka - Excerpt - Who is Han Storm?

   It was going to be a beautiful, clear day. No cloud in the sky, good weather for making loads of hay. Rows of dedicated Elfes were already leaving for the grassy slopes that ran up to the mountain that protected Floverne from the extreme elements.

   "I am seeing a group of Pilgrims this afternoon" I told Ishmay.

   "I am aware of it" he replied, not interrupting my thought patterns, waiting for me to continue speaking.

   "I will change when I start interacting with people" I mentioned, more to myself than to him.

   "In what way?" he wanted to know, coming to stand beside me.

   "It will change me into a person you will not know, or recognise."

   "Why will this be?" he asked, stunned that I could change as much as I indicated by allowing people to visit me.

   "The change in vibration I will have to endure in order to accommodate everyone might make me rude and difficult when around my family."

   I turned to look up at him. He was taller than me, of average height for an Elf.

   I sighed, considering that my body looked about thirty or so. Looking the part and feeling it were two totally different scenarios.

   This body of Krish was sixteen years old. The metamorphosis I had to undergo with Moira's growth had forced it to mature to the age it was portraying now, but it was still only sixteen years old.  

   Han, who was the Soul-Spirit that was attending this body, had only been on Leilaka for four short years. I was a toddler in all aspects, if seen in this light. A baby still, occupying a body forced to maturity.

   "I am all that you have mentioned, and more" I stated, watching Ishmay. "I am a Seer, able to Foresee and have Visions. I am a Psychic, a Healer, a Medium, a Trans-medium, a Clairvoyant, a Clairaudient, every aspect of metaphysical phenomenon, I have the gift in those departments as well.

   I am a Telepath as well as an Empath, a death-talker, and animal-whisperer, an Elemental, I am whatever I need to be at any given moment, by these abilities also defines as a Wisnia, a Wizard or what you know as a Magi.

   I am a Destroyer, I am a Navigator, I am a Grox.

   I am changing into who I truly am. My Soul-Spirit is revealing itself upon this planet called Leilaka and I am not sure whether people, including me, are going to like me much when this transformation is complete.

   Who I really am is not the illusion of Krish, this body that people see in front of them. It is not the prince, the devoted father and husband, the friendly, bright being that loves all The Creator has created.

   My true being is one that walks everywhere, one that is used as initiator and destroyer at the same time, one that holds FATE in its hands.

   My first function is being Fulcrum. A hard being without feeling, without a heart, unable to contain emotion."

   Ishmay sat down, desperately trying to follow my words, as well as trying to make sense of what I was disclosing to him.

   "What is a Fulcrum?" he asked.

   "I am the Fulcrum that The Creator uses for leverage. I am the Point of application of Power.  You may have all the POWER in the Cosmos but if you cannot apply it, it means nothing. Therefore you need a Fulcrum, something through which vital powers are exercised or executed. 

   I am aware that I used to be this absolute unemotional being. In my previous life I had been accused of having become the total opposite, ending up as an entirely emotional being.

   I know I can be seen as having no heart at all, yet at the same time, I know I am kind and generous and my heart can break with grief. There still is a soft side as well.

   My second function is being Catalyst. I have been a balancer and un-balancer throughout Creation's history."

   I stood there, knowing, realizing that this body-consciousness was but illusion, a front for things not even other entities needed to know.

   "Then you are truly everything without changing your essential self" Ishmay declared. "Your Soul stays untarnished. Through all your functions you stay an Original. A Master Key from which duplicates can be made. I think I understand now. It all makes perfect sense."

   "I am glad you understand it, for I do not. I have never disclosed to anyone else what I am telling you. You are the first to hear my thoughts upon this.

   Through all my incarnated lives lived, DESTINY was the bringer of Fate, the seal which was broken the moment I was re-awakened and started to remember, the moment I was allowed to become MySelf again.

   In this lifetime I had to give up my special body from another incarnation in order to fully take over this one of Krish. Only when this had happened and I had sacrificed my other body could I remember all that I do. All my lives lived before and my own history as the Soul-Spirit known as Hanuman.

   Not in a single incarnation was it easy for me to step into Destiny, to fulfil what The Creator needed from me. Always, my tasks seem so difficult to commence. From the viewpoint of the body I occupy, it is hard, but when I am functioning from spirit, from Hanuman, it is manageable.

   It is the coping with life in between being aware of all the other things going on that makes me miserable. I know that I still have to live within the physical world I currently occupy.

   This makes for huge amounts of stress within the body, leading to feelings of lowered spirit and becoming aware of the magnitude of the tasks I am given to perform within an incarnation.

   It has always been an indescribable situation for me to cope with physical life and LIFE itself - at the same time."

   Ishmay was attentively listening to my disclosure, working things out for himself.

   "Then what happens when you deal with people?" he wanted to know, returning to the original subject. "What might happen this afternoon when you give this interview, this assembly the Pilgrims expect from you?"

   "It all depends where I have my vibrations" I tried to explain. "Too high, doing other Universal work, the body-consciousness will suffer, bringing most of who I really am down to Leilaka in a cloud of wrath and irritability.

   Too low, and I become my normal human form, I become Krish, able to fully live within the moment.

   It is also not always up to me to where I am deemed needed. The Creator will have me where It wishes. Whether vibrational, spiritual or physical, It will see that I am at the correct location at all times."

   Turning to look out of the window, I sighed long and deeply. "I am still training myself within this new way of working. I have not done this before. I need to allow whatever vibrations, whatever changes The Creator wants, to flow through me unhindered.

   I dislike change. I have always disliked change, although that is all that I have ever known.

   When I have received my next task and fully accept what is needed from me, only then would I be able to move forward within Servitude."

   Ishmay suddenly laughed. It was a happy sound that filled the area and I turned back to him with a scowl on my face, wanting him to explain his unexpected jubilance.

   "Han, you know what?" he asked, a huge, relieved smile on his face.

   "What?" I replied as he wished me to.

   "You have just proven to me that you are totally in control of your life here on Leilaka. You know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to handle any situation. You have confirmed yourself that you are a total Proficient sent here by The Creator for His Personal functions.

   You are on a Cosmic Mission that none of us can comprehend, yet you possess the ability of explaining to me exactly who and what you are. You know your functions; you know you are awaiting the next Mission.

   You know you can cope with anything happening here to you. And while you are waiting for the next big task, as you see it, you still have other duties to perform. 

   I cannot believe that you can be so naive."

   He stopped smiling, looking seriously upon me before continuing. "Then again, maybe I can. If you look at where you come from, you are still inexperienced in dealing with people, in relationships with them.

   It is not easy for you to be one of us, is it?"

   It was my turn to give a scornful laugh.

   "No, it is not" I confirmed.

   Ishmay stood up and came over to me, pulling me into an embrace as if he was a father to me.

   "It will all be fine. Just hang in there and be yourself. You will know what to do and as you have stated, The Creator places you exactly where He needs you."

   He hugged me tight before releasing me.

   "Besides, as Emmaceria had once explained to me, she believes that we only meet people we are destined to meet and the duration of the relationship or involvement with each person is also predetermined.

   So see it as such. As you do not fall into the category of being, strictly speaking, human, or as you call it, Free-willed, people will be destined to meet you, but you will only be the catalyst to activate their Higher Selves.

   You will stay unchanged in these encounters. You will do your function as ordained by The Creator. You are here for others and not for yourself.

   I am sorry, Han. But from what you have disclosed, it is the reality of your life.

   I can only assist you as best I can in my limited abilities to help organize your life into effective outcomes for all involved. That is all I can do for you.

   You will have to do the rest, keep your own balance, find your own place of comfort, learn to become proficient in your dealings with other entities.

   This is actually a good field of education for you to acquire. Make use of this opportunity."   

   I nodded to him. He was correct. I should see this as a learning curve, as well as a minor Cosmic function.

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