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Avatars, bodies and different methods of incarnating

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Blurp:    "What, exactly, is a Puppet Body? Why would anyone want to be split up into more than one . . . piece?" Habieb wanted to know.

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   "The 'immeasurable Creation, The Omniverse, Cosmic Worlds, Galaxies, Universes, Solar Systems, Planets, everything fits together like a tidy, organized, well-planned map.....

   Then we are given the explanation of the different types of bodies or Avatars = Direct, Indirect and Partial Avatars....Puppet Bodies, Ascended Masters, Full Incarnated Bodies, what exactly a Soul is, the Human/Elf/Dwarf aspect/connection...Humanoids, Faeries....and Elementals....and so much more!!  Whew and Wow!!

    It's Magic, that's what it is!!

    Everything in this chapter, as in all the others I have read so far, grab my interest! I slurp everything up, I feed my Soul Spirit, and then I slot it all into a 'folder-of-the-mind', to be pulled out and mulled over again and again!

    And when the memory becomes a little dim, I will haul out the printed copy (I'm looking forward to that eventually!) of SAVING LEILAKA, and refresh my memory once again. Or I might read out a certain 'universal truth' to someone who also wants to know about these things!!!

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Avatars - Excerpt from Saving Leilaka, Chapter 10,

    "So yes, we can help you with some things, but the rest you would have to find for yourself."

    This concluded our official work and Ishmay replaced the notes in a neat stack in front of him before watching me expectantly.

    "What else do you wish to know" I asked him, not sure where we had concluded the last Cosmic discussion, for time was non-existent to me.

    Everything was the same to me, or seemed so in any case. It felt weird to again be at this stage in my life.

    When I looked at the world, everything vibrated with the same energy. Everything came from the same place, everything returned to the same place. Physical, spiritual, ethereal, all were the same. All was The Creator, All was Source. To me, it really did not make a difference, except when I condensed my vibrations and realised that I was working with individual particles that were still collectively part of The All.

    It was not my life that was precious here, but the lives around me, the lives of my people, my friends, my wife and son. It was for them that I was here and I was amused at how they perceived everything as miracles, standing amazed at the simplistic complexities of everything that made up physical life.

    "We ended with Souls being contained in bodies and what you called an Avatar or puppet body, or something like that" Ishmay updated me as to where we should start the discussion in order not to waste any time.

    Jamal and a host of other non-physical bound spirits had assembled while we had been busy taking care of everyday matters. Now they also waited expectantly for me to continue this discussion.
    After a huge intake of breath, I started.

    "Due to my experience, I am aware that Creation is so immeasurable, so beyond words, that no normal Leilakan might be able to grasp The Omniverse, that which The Divine Creator consists of, and beyond.

    Defined by distinct boundaries or borders are the Cosmic Worlds that densify into the different areas and levels of Life, the different Cosmic Higher Worlds that connect with the different Universes, and of course, all the accompanying areas in-between to operate Life" I opened the discussion, knowing that this disclosure was creating awe and interest, as well as trepidation.

    "The picture I see is a vastness filled with life that vibrates all the time, some at the same levels, some faster, some areas slower."

    They did not understand and I took Ishmay's notes, turning them over to draw on the back with a stick of charcoal he had left on the table.

    He did not mind as I tried to show them my vision by drawing their solar system, then showing them that they lived in a galaxy which had many solar systems with other planets.

    Our galaxy was not the only galaxy in our universe and I explained that there were trillions of galaxies, sustaining life-supporting planets in their individual solar systems.

    These galaxies were housed within a Universe, but there were many Universes outside ours, and with the correct technology one could move around from planet to planet, solar system to solar system, galaxy to galaxy and even from one Universe to the next, while in physical form.

    It was obviously just easier to move house while in spiritual form, for then you could take up a suitable body on any planet or create a body for yourself and continue a life-opportunity from there.

    "So I could go places other than Leilaka when I leave my body?" Habieb wanted to know, desperately trying to cope with the overwhelming information, that we were really not alone in what Leilakans considered their Universe.

    "Yes, you can" I confirmed. "When you have discarded your physical body and move to the Higher Realms you may ask to be removed to another realm of existence and they will assist you to move somewhere else. You need not stay on or around Leilaka if you do not wish to do so any longer."

    "And you, your Soul, comes from such a different Universe, therefore you had to take up Krish's body in order to become a Leilakan?" Ishmay wanted to confirm.

    "That is correct" I nodded the affirmative. "I come from another Universe altogether and I have noticed that time, as I knew it, moves far slower on Leilaka than it did in my previous Universe.

    Although it feels fast to us, I am aware that it is not. Time here progresses slower than where I used to come from. It is a peculiar observation and I do not know exactly how to explain it."

    Both friends stared at me, not sure what to make of what I had disclosed to them.

    "You said you would explain this phenomenon regarding housing your Spirit and Soul in different places while bound to a physical body.

    This sounds confusingly interesting and I would like to know more about this subject" Ishmay urged me back onto the original topic.

    "I am not sure what the belief is on this subject on Leilaka" I stated, "but where I originate from, some entities believed that when one had an Avatar, that it meant that you were an incarnation of a High One, a special blessed Soul or an Ascended Master.

    This is not entirely correct as all bodies are Avatars used for the housing of Soul-Spirits in order to experience a physical life opportunity.

    There are different types of bodies or Avatars.

    The first is Direct Avatars. This is how most people incarnate, a single Soul-Spirit encased in a body. In other words a One-on-One, or Full Incarnation.

    The second option is a Partial Avatar, or what I refer to as puppet bodies. This is one Soul-Spirit usually incarnating into more than one body at any specific time. Here the Master Soul-Spirit, also referred to as the Overself, can occupy any of its bodies fully at any time when needed, or partially the rest of the time.

    Or a Puppet-Master in training might incarnate into a body but only have his Spirit in the body, with his Soul still on the higher plane while he practices in using his new body.

    It takes immense skill to be able to run and maintain different bodies simultaneously, and starting with a single separation is sometimes the best method of learning.

    Then we have something called Indirect Avatars. This is also referred to as Inspirational Incarnations where a Master or Ascended Master can overlap or inspire a currently occupied body to be used for the good of the Master entity. 

    These overlaps or Transmediumships are almost always consented to by the owner of the body.

    This is how The Creator can interact with Its creations without harming them; by placing a small bit of Its Conscious Self within any entity trained to be able to handle The Creator's vibrations.

    Representatives or emissaries of certain High Entities', Masters' or Ascended Masters' energies also fall under this category.

    These are Soul-Spirits, whether entities or people, that had sworn allegiance to a certain entity, to take that specific energy signature forward for future generations upon physical as well as non-physical areas.

    There are many more forms of bodies that can be occupied and many forms of what I call Split-consciousness, where we no longer work on the physical planes, but on the real planes of Life where one entity is needed simultaneously in several areas - at the same time.

    Therefore, a highly skilled Overself can concurrently be busy in the physical, as well as in the realms of his or her residing Higher World, assisting the entities that are responsible for Leilaka.

    The same applies to Cosmic Masters who have multiple functions and only occasionally need an incarnated body for specific functions regarding physical realms.

    As with myself. I know when I am here, contained fully, or only partially, being elsewhere as well, yet simultaneously busy with many tasks in different realms of existence."

    Everyone gaped at me. Habieb hung his head, avoiding eye contact. Ishmay bit his lip before relaxing visibly, crossing his arms over his chest, extending his legs under the table.

    This was a load of new information to work through.

    "Confusing, I know" I laughed, cheering up the mood. "I find it excruciatingly hard to explain to people in words, what I know, what I see, what I experience, when not here in my physical body.

    There simply are no words to describe many of these things and then, when you try and describe it, it mostly does not make sense to anyone else, except yourself."

    *Tell them about the translations* Jamal requested from me.

    Knowing that neither Habieb nor Ishmay was aware of the audience attending this meeting, I formulated my words to be part of the discussion. "Language is a difficult and flawed medium of communication. Meanings may be mistranslated and original translations are lost over time. Languages change and the original meaning of words change as people use words in different contexts.

    Just as I had translated the Ancient Text into the current Elfen language, just so had other people done on other places since the origin of written languages through which people had gained a means of recording their own histories.

    Translations are done by qualified Translators to the best of the Translator's ability. When people are tasked with translating an ancient piece of writing, some can do it directly from the medium available in front of them; some can visit the Planetary Archives and bring that information back to include it in the translation. Most of these tasks are done single-handedly, without assistance. But even here, it is difficult to translate Universal Concepts into understandable language."

    They were adjusting. Habieb was watching me again. Ishmay had disengaged his 'time-out' posture, sitting up straight, looking as if he was pondering a serious issue.

    "How do we know if someone is a Puppet Body or occupying a Partial Avatar?" Ishmay asked his next question.

    "There are two ways of recognizing someone as a Puppet Body" I replied. "The easiest is when a person is not always 'present'. Yes, in body form the person will be operating as per usual, but, as Merrykara duly noted, her husband is not always available, even though he is sitting right next to her.

    This is a similar situation as with Servants. Puppets can be seen as Direct Servants to a specific Soul-Spirit.

    It is a good indicator that the person might have other functions, but this is applicable to Servants as well, so how else can we see what is the difference?

    Psychics, Energy Workers or Seers can pick up on the vibration of a Soul. It is a bright golden light at the base of the heart and sometimes a bit more to the middle of the body. Some people see it as a bright star that balances the body.

    Sometimes this bright light is lacking, or faint, and this is a good indication that the person you are looking at might be a Puppet Body. 

    Confirmation can always be achieved by asking your own individual Divine Support Team or Guides for answers in whichever way you usually receive it, for example by making use of a pendulum or similar energetic tool."

    "So, only a specialized person would be able to confirm whether someone is a Servant to his or her Overself" Ishmay mused. "That does not really help me, and the description of a Servant and a Puppet is so near each other that I will no longer bother with this."

    "What, exactly, is a Puppet Body? Why would anyone want to be split up into more than one . . . piece?" Habieb wanted to know.

    "A Puppet Body is a body that had been created by a Source Creator or Puppet Master for its own use" I reconfirmed before continuing with a more detailed explanation on this occurrence. "Ascended Masters who have grown too large within their Soul-Spirits to be able to contain all of themselves within a singular body have to make use of Puppet Bodies or Partial Avatars in order to be of service in a specific physical environment.

    Puppet Masters are usually extremely important Free-willed Soul-Spirits who have been placed in control of extensive areas of Creation.

    In order for them to be able to have control over a specific situation in whatever physical part of Creation they are serving, they split their own consciousness and a part of their Spirits into various parts, incarnating these parts into many, hundreds or sometimes thousands of physical bodies at the same time.

    Sometimes, but very seldom, an Ascended Master will allow a part of their Soul to accompany a specific body for a specific purpose. But generally, only the Spirit is housed within the body and the Soul is lacking.

    How can anyone function without a Soul, you may ask? Not easily, but if you are strictly a tool, run by someone else, you do not know any different. In this regard, you also do not really need a Soul, for your Soul is housed somewhere else, just not in the body.

    Most Puppet Bodies never know, or knew they were Puppet Bodies, returning to their Source Creator when the life-time is over, re-uniting with the Source Creator, giving the Ascended Master all the experiences of its physical life before being incorporated back into the Master's energetic makeup.

    When an Ascended Master starts to become fond of a specific puppet variation, it may choose to keep the energy contained separately within itself until needed for another incarnation. It may even start sending this Puppet, or piece of Spirit, to a new body with a little bit of its own Soul.

    This enables the Puppet to start gathering emotional experiences that will stay its own and soon the Puppet, if used regularly, develops an identity of its own, becoming a juvenile Soul.

    This new, very young Soul learns and grows, safe in the knowledge that it has total backing from its Creator or Puppet Master. When a physical life has been finalized, it can return home without regret or judgement, for the Puppet Master was mostly in control.

    Then comes the joyous and sad day that this juvenile Soul decides that it had had enough of servitude to its Creator and would like an opportunity to grow by itself, to become a fully Free-willed Soul-Spirit entity of its own.

    The juvenile Soul, or child of the Overself, is taken before the Cosmic Council and if deemed fit and ready, procedures for its release from its Source Creator would be initiated. Finally, a release would be made and a pure, new Independent Soul would emerge.

    This is similar as to how all entities were originally created. But The Ultimate Creator, All that Is, had seen that Its creations wanted to become similar to their Creator and had given them the opportunity to do so.

    Mostly, only Free-willed entities, and then only Ascended Masters are allowed to create new Souls from their own Souls."

    "What exactly is a Soul?" Ishmay wanted to know.

    Although we had already covered this subject, it seemed important to him that I explained it in front of Habieb.

    "A Soul is the individual, unique you" I replied. "It is the immortal pinprick of light or life-spark that is really YourSelf, with all your memories, all your emotions, feelings and the awareness of all your life-history combined.

    When encased in a body you usually do not remember who you truly are, and this is fine. You learn, live, experience and then die the body off to return to become an unattached Soul-Spirit.

    You see from a different perspective when you look from the Soul-plane and not from the body where you had been an attached Soul-Spirit for a while."

    "What about Indirect Avatars?" Habieb frowned at me. "I know about Shamans and Healers who allow Spiritual Healers to use their bodies to heal people. I know you do not do this but use Cosmic Energy directly. How does this taking over of bodies work?"

    "This 'taking over' of bodies, is also called Channelling or Trans-medium Channelling" I informed Habieb. "In normal Channelling the Free-willed individual does not give up or relinquish the hold on his or her own body, they merely allow the Spiritual Guide or Healer to use a part of their body in a symbiotic manner in order to accomplish a specific goal, mostly to heal another person.

    In other areas it is called Automatic or Intuitive Writing, Composing, Painting, and such, when a Soul-Spirit channels their message or gift though the body of a volunteer. These volunteers usually do not lay claim to the writing or artwork, but credit the Master that had channelled it though them. They were merely the tools that had given the Master the opportunity to express themselves for various reasons.

    The Healer Guides or Healer Spirits have extensive experience in their fields of expertise and can help heal the physical body faster than normal. In most cases they assist in addressing depleted energetic fields as well as working on the emotional and physical fields.

    These Guides are sometimes referred to as Surgical Spirits for they are mostly present when physicians are performing operations."

    "And Trans-medium Channelings, what happens there?" Habieb wanted to know.

    "When a person is a Trans-medium, which is considered a separate psychic gift, an individual relinquishes total control over his or her body for a period of time in order to give another spirit a chance to enter their body and use it for whatever reason, usually to bring a message or specialized knowledge to someone else."

    "This is what happened between you and Krish, is it not?" Ishmay wanted to know.

    I shook my head in the negative. "No. I am not a walk-in. Krish had already left his body by the time I was placed inside of it. His body was basically dead but my entry had revived it and I therefore took command over his body."

    "You said 'placed' inside of it" Habieb stated, a confused expression on his handsome face. "I always thought you took Krish's body over. Was it then not your decision to come here?"

    I saw what he was thinking about . . .

    . . . two boys on a beach after a fight over a hunt. The one's illusion of his friend being an invincible, perfect god, shattered; the other, knowing that being here was not his choice.

    "I know you think I am perfect in every way possible, but I am not, Habieb" I told my disillusioned friend.

    He wore a pained expression on his face, real sorrow showing as he concentrated excessively on tying his laces.

     "I might be this mighty invincible Soul when not contained in a physical body" I told him softly. "But here I have taken the body of Krish that had been created totally Human in all respects. This body had been occupied by a native Leilakan Soul. It had not been specifically manufactured for me.

    Here I am as mortal as everyone else, subjected to the rules of third dimensional physical life on this Planet.

    I still struggle to cope with simple things you take for granted. Sometimes I battle to come back after having left this body, praying that it would start working when I return to it."

    I stood up, walking a few steps towards the sea, running my hands through my hair before turning back to him where he was watching me with an intense expression on his face.

    "The Universe knows I do not belong here!" I stated, upset with this world, upset with the mind-set of these people, thinking me a Saviour, and all I wanted was a normal life!

    Habieb just kept on staring at me, as if I was the insane one for not understanding what they saw in me.

    "But you are here now, helping us" he said. "If you did not want to be here you should not have come."

    It was a simple statement that made me mad as anything.

    "I KNOW!" I shouted at him, turning back to look out over the sea.

    "I know" I whispered to myself.

    I had given up my life in the Universe of Kraita to be here, and now I get upset because people acknowledge who I truly am. They would expect me to be perfect. They would expect miracles from me.

    I was not yet where I had to be. I was not yet all that I needed to be.

    "I will become a better person" I stated as much to Habieb as myself . . .

    And now I was almost there. I felt it in every upgrade that terrorized my body with agonizing pain impulses.

    "Yes, Habieb. I was initially not aware who I was and I had no choice in the matter of coming here, even if I thought I had some say, I really did not.

    Servants do not have a choice in where they are needed to serve."

    "You once told us that you had given up a very special body to be able to be here with us, do you wish to elaborate on that discussion or may you still not disclose anything of your previous life?" Ishmay asked with sympathy, as if understanding my plight.

    "And how does the body you had differ from this Leilakan one?" Habieb asked. "Was it also Human? Did you . . . occupy other types of bodies? I mean, I am considered Human and Elfes do look different from us."

    "Good question. I always assumed that you were Human in your previous life, no matter where it was. And while we are on the subject, what makes us different? What makes me an Elf, Habieb a Man and Reif a Dwarf?" Ishmay wanted to know.

    "I was not completely Human in my previous life" I disclosed the truth about Han Storm, the body I had occupied on Creata.

    "I was Humanoid but looked Human to everyone who saw me. Those people who knew me, and those who could ascertain my origins, knew that I was only part Human" I tried to explain without upsetting them too much.

    I did not succeed, they were distressed with this disclosure.

    "Take it as such" I tried to soothe their fears of the unknown, the inexplicable. "When you incarnate into a certain environment, you usually use one of the accepted methods or normal channels of incarnation for that environment.

    In other words you are conceived, spawned, hatched, fertilized, spliced, grown or cloned. Your body would be a normal body for that environment and would be appropriate for that area of Creation.

    It is only within certain Cosmic situations that it is deemed necessary for the use of specialized bodies. These are created to the specifications of The Creator, using a mix of Cosmic and physical building strands, creating a hybrid, so to speak. This gives scope for on-the-spot change and The Creator can change the Servant on a physical level into whatever is needed at any specific point in that Servant's incarnation."

    "Then you were not completely Human in your previous life, but now you are too Human and cannot do what you used to, can you?" Ishmay gently asked.

    "No, I cannot do what I used to" I confirmed. "Krish's body has changed with Moira's metamorphosis and it is changing still - to an extent. Krish's body will unfortunately always just be a Human body and I will never be able to wield some of the skills I used to. I am regretting this fact, but Jamal has explained that it is how it is in this life and I cannot wish for things that cannot be.

    On Leilaka I am bound to a Huracan, which is more than what most people get. I should be thankful, and I am thankful to be Human in this lifetime."

    "You speak of many incarnations before this last one where you were a hybrid, may you disclose some of the other bodies you had occupied?" Habieb wanted to know, thoroughly uncomfortable with the possibility that not every world 'out there' had Humans.

    "This I can disclose. In most of my incarnations I had taken a body that resembles the Human form, in other words, a Humanoid. In some lifetimes I did not, and these I will not disclose."

    "Why not?" Ishmay demanded to know.

    "It is too different to explain to you" I stated flatly. "I also do not have permission to disclose this to you" I added for them not to keep on pestering me with questions I did not want to answer.

    "If you cannot answer this, then explain what the difference between Elf, Man and Dwarf is?" Ishmay asked instead.

    "You are merely different Races of the Human Species or Genus" I stated. "Just as there is a variety of breeds in animal groups, so there are different Races in Humanity, you are still all Humanoid. Therefore you can interbreed with the different Races and your offspring would still be Humanoid.

    Elf, a Race, and Man, a Race, creates highly intelligent Humanoid children, and the distinction on Leilaka might be evident in the form of slightly pointed ears. On other places where I had had incarnations there would be no physical difference, for the Elfen Races on other planets might or might not have pointed ears.

    In my previous life, some of the Faed there had dark skin tones, like Habieb's, with blonde or black hair and most of them had brown eyes. They did not have pointed ears, none of the Races there had. They looked completely human, as if belonging to the Race of Man, yet I knew they were different from normal Humans.

    A mixture of Elf and Dwarf blood would also result in a normal Man-type child, except that the child might be petite or bulky in build depending on what genes, or building strands, the children received from their parents.

    Habieb, a Man from the Bedien Race, might marry a red-headed Crosshaven girl and their children would have a darker skin tone with either black or red hair. It is mix and match or what is known as selective breeding. On Leilaka the Races have mainly stayed true to their origins as different Races, yet you are all still from the same Species - Humanoid."

    They pondered this information, mulling it over in their minds.

    Then Ishmay's eyes lit up with the next question.

    "Then what will your offspring be with the Faery Queen? She is NOT Human, that I know?" Ishmay seemed elated, as if he was expecting victory, for the answer to this question I certainly could not know.

    "My daughter with Queen Ariëtte would be an Elemental-Human" I told him confidently. "Or rather, Faye-Man" I stated, thinking along breeding lines.

    Ishmay smiled at my sudden confusion. This was becoming complicated as I saw more than only the physical in front of me and was combining selective choices with how I perceived the function of a person's Soul-Spirit.

    "What is an Elemental?" Habieb wanted to find out from me. "I am familiar with Fairies and Elves and Pixies. They are from the Faye realms too, and take care of the plants and wildlife, but we are rarely involved with the other Elementals, those that are responsible for the Elements and the overall health of Leilaka."

    "You already have a good grasp of the subject" I told Habieb. "Those who you have mentioned are all from the Faye Species and are considered Faery Races. There are actually many more including Sylphs, Naiads, Dryads and Nymphs.

    But back to your question about Elementals. It is not a straightforward answer.

    A true Elemental is someone who takes care of a Planet. That is their sole responsibility. They may do their service in Spirit form or in physical form. They may be Free-willed Soul-Spirits or Servants to the Creator.

    A true Elemental can come in any form or guise; incarnate into any Species; into any Race that suits their function best, or, as I said, they can work from Spirit form. When incarnated into Human form, people will seldom know that such a person is an Elemental.

    Then you get those who have Elemental elements to their Soul-Spirit ranges, like me. Some of my functions are Elemental, as when I have to transmute Source Energy to help heal Leilaka.

    And then you get the Race which is called Elemental. This is what the Leilakan Earth Faye on Leilaka primarily is. They are an Elemental Race. Most of them on Leilaka, from what I have seen, are Giants. By this I mean really huge Humanoid-seeming people. Yet they are not Human in their make-up. They can manipulate matter and change their form to suite the situation.

    I know Queen Ariëtte is of gigantic stature, yet, when I have dealings with her, she presents herself as a stunning Human woman.  And no, before you ask, Habieb, she does not have pointed ears as Ishmay does."

    Habieb chuckled at this, knowing that I had seen the picture he had made up in his mind about how Ariëtte looked.

    I helped him out, showing him a stunning blonde woman with icy blue eyes.

    *Wow, she is gorgeous* he thought back at me, blushing, as he was unable to close the connection fast enough for me to perceive his follow-up thoughts indicating that he now knew why I wanted to rather stay in that world.

    "On other places I had visited before, the Elemental Races were Humanoid, living amongst Man as a separate Race" I continued before we got side-tracked too much. "These people did not serve the planets, but rather exploited their Elemental sides, using it for self-gain and to see or calculate the future; if the probabilities they saw were favourable to do things or not. They had the ability to blend with the elements or to bend the elements to their will.

    Then again, on other planets these Elemental Races would use their skills exclusively for the good of the environments and their fellow Man. There really are no rules involved, and as I have stated, it depends from world to world, planet to planet, dimension to dimension. Every area is unique."

    Habieb nodded in agreement, thoroughly aware that some people were inherently good and others - well, not so good.

    "Your translations of the Ancient Prophesy Book spoke about the Elfes that had given their power away to the Faye when they had moved to this dimension of Man" Ishmay informed me. "Is this true, did we originate from that dimension? Are we then also actually Faye-Man?"

    "Yes to both questions. The Elfes originate from a Celestial Humanoid Race called Faed. These people were the original Caretakers of Planets. They wanted to interact with the physical life on the places they were to protect and care for and moulded suitable bodies for themselves to incarnate into. The Elfen Race can intermingle with either Man or Faye. Both lines are suitable to take forward."

    "Then, when we moved away from the Central Worlds of Leilaka, my Race no longer had the responsibility to look after this planet. Is this why the Elementals, the Faye, had taken over this function that was originally ours?" Ishmay scoffed sullenly.

    "No, Ishmay. By the time the few remaining Elfes realized that they were left all by themselves and that the rest of the Celestial Souls had moved away from Leilaka, they knew they could no longer care for their Planet exclusively.

    They made a pact with the Faye to take over this function. In order for them to survive as a created Race, they had to leave their familiar world and join the world of Man.

    Your kin had sacrificed so much for you to still be Elfes. Keep the Race as pure as you can. There are not a lot of you left and if this situation does not change, Elfes will eventually be incorporated into the other Races and die out as a separate Race."

    "One thing I want to know" Habieb turned my attention back to him. "Why does Lance refer to you as a Faeid if you are not from Faye descent?"

    "I think because it is the common term used for someone who knows, visits or communicates with the Faery Kingdoms" I replied.

    "It is an ancient word that was regularly used by Emmaceria's generation. Back then people still freely visited the lands of the Faery Folk, but now, access is reserved only for the specially invited" Ishmay told Habieb, his Aura radiating colours indicating envy towards me. Ishmay would have liked to be able to visit those magical dimensions of his ancestors too.

    Our discussion was interrupted by a knock on the door.

    A messenger entered, came over and handed a note to Ishmay.

    After scanning the note, Ishmay stood up, thanking the messenger, telling him that he would be there right away.

    "Well, friends, it seems as if I have some urgent matters to attend to, so we will have to terminate the discussion at this point.

    If there are any more questions, I will let you know" he told me.

    We said our goodbyes and we left the Palace area, heading back towards our home.


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