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      I've had past lives in which my soul had incarnated into donated bodies. This was done for specific reasons. Those who follow the #ChroniclesofHan will understand as the text should be read in context and not pulled apart in excerpts.

      Two of these adventures are related in the #Leilaka adventures.

      The first time I visited Leilaka was a bit of a struggle as the owner (Krish Dameous) left in a brutal incident and my soul took over the body just after he left.

      My second visit to Leilaka was done with arrangement as the owner (Macian Jamal) no longer wished to continue with his life-term.

      Both times my soul committed to complete the tasks they had planned to do in their lifetimes, on top of the purpose I had re-incarnated for.

      Leilaka and Saving Leilaka had been published and are available to the public in epdf/epub/kindle formats. I am still writing Return to Leilaka.


Excerpt from Leilaka:

      Connor seated himself in the extra chair.

      "What about his memory? How are we going to repair the damage there?" he wanted to know from the Dwarf.

      "The memory is a strange thing" Reif explained. "I have heard of people losing it in such traumatic instances, not to regain it ever again. At other times, it was regained a few days after the accident, and sometimes only years later. And then quite by accident, literally a bump on the head."

      "I do not want to go that drastic route just yet" Connor informed him. "Could it be that the death of his family could have acted as a trigger to close his mind?"

      "Probably not, for he remembers the incident clearly. I think it is simply the injury. Give it time. It will heal. The headaches are a good indicator that his memory will restore. At least most of it."

      They both looked at me, each thinking their own thoughts. I fleetingly wondered if I would be able to pick up on their thoughts like I did with Merrykara.

      I went ahead and tried.

      Reif was thinking that I would probably not regain anything, the injury to my head being too severe. He, personally, reserved judgment that it was the actual Krish sitting in front of them. He was almost sure that it was some other spirit that took over Krish's body and was hiding behind the injury.

      Connor's mind I could not read. I wondered if he was thinking along the same lines.

      "You mentioned something about my head injury leaving an opening for someone else to enter. You said we would discuss it when I felt better" I prompted the Dwarf.

      "Yes, I did" Reif replied. "When someone has an injury such as yourself, and you almost die, or a person does die with the body and brain shutting down, there is a possibility that someone else can claim the body."

      "And you think that is what might have happened in my case and that is why I do not have my memory?"

      "Exactly" Reif concluded.


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