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00 Saving Leilaka Training in Astral Walking - Chronicles of Han Storm

Training in the art of Astral Walking

            - Excerpt from Saving Leilaka

   Moira was quite thrilled when I informed her about what had been decided and planned for her future. Eager to start the process, she was like a child, not giving any thought as to the consequences, just happy at the prospect of having a new toy to play with.

   But soon, as I discussed things with her, she realized that this was very real and not just a game.

   I informed her that she would have to be able to Consciously Astral Walk in order for her to finalise her transformation into a Tiamat.

   **But, Han. I do not know how to walk in the Astral. I do not even know if Huracan can do so?** she asked, a bit more reserved as the reality of the situation she found herself in sank in.

   *If Raman can do it, so can you* I encouraged her. *How do you think he guided me when I came here? He took hold of me while in Astral, flying me to where my spirit was needed.

   That is how he introduced you to me when you were born. Do you even remember that moment?*

   She thought back.

   **I am not sure if it was a dream. I can remember seeing you, then Raman told me to bite you, which I did.**

   She smiled at this memory of our first meeting.

   *It was when you gave me this* I told her, showing her the scar on the inside of my wrist.

   **The Huracan Mark.**

   *We were bonded even then. We will be bonded forever.*

   **And only The Creator will be able to separate us.**


* * *

   Our first training session was inside Moira's cave.

   I lay down next to her where she was resting.

   Habieb and Lance sat nearby, interested observers, watching over us, making sure nothing disturbed us.

   Staying in conscious communication with Moira, I slipped out of my body to stand in front of us, seeing myself lying lifeless next to the gigantic dragon.

   Moira heeded my advice on Astral walking, managing to separate her spirit from her body, drifting right out of it to hover while looking down on both our bodies.

   Upon seeing me standing in front of our bodies, she became excited and was bumped right back into her body from where she grumbled, becoming fully aware to stare first at my spirit form before looking around at my body.

   I joined with my body, waking it up, sitting up to pat her on her soft nose.

   *It is fine* I soothed. *When one becomes excited the first time upon seeing yourself out of your body, you will be bumped back into it. It is a safeguard* I told her, trying to console her disappointment with herself.

   **Can we try again? I am sure I will do better now that I know how it feels to separate my spirit from my body!** she pleaded.

   *No* I told her firmly. *When you at first do not succeed, it is safer to rest and go to sleep, now cuddle around me so I can have some decent sleep for a change. We can try again tomorrow, after our rest.*


* * *

   Moira succeeded in accompanying me in Astral on her second try. From then on I practised with her on a regular basis, taking her with me when checking over my people.

   We sometimes travelled as far as Fernlands, staying for a while to make sure an aged but willing Connor was indeed in good form. He still stood in for me whenever I was not around.

   Due to these excursions Moira softened towards me and I noticed a new endearing look in her eyes whenever we were active in our bodies.

   Asking her about this, she stated that she had a new understanding and appreciation for what I did for them all the time.

   She, too, was not resting any longer. She felt as if she was also working continuously. Where previously she could lie down to rest, she could no longer do so in good faith to receive the rest she needed. When unchecked, she found she had separated her spirit from her body and would join me wherever I was busy.

   I instructed her to condition her body on command into sleeping without going into Astral.

   This did not seem to have much success, for I regularly found her watching me when she was supposed to be sleeping.

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