The Chronicles of Han Storm

  Krish and Ravens   1 Leilaka

Han meets a feathered friend.  


- Excerpt from Leilaka

    Halfway through breakfast a Raven made his appearance on the windowsill. 

    "Give me some" he ordered me, following the demand with an indignant squawk. 

    "Excuse me?" I asked the bird. 

    He hopped onto the bed, cocked his head so he had one beady black eye on me and demanded again "Give me some!" 

    I gave him a piece of the bread. 

    He pecked it out of my fingers without harming me, swallowing the piece whole. 

    "More" he insisted. 

    I put the plate down in front of him. 

    He ate every last crumb before hopping onto my lap. 

    Here he settled, comfortably starting to preen his feathers. 

    "I'm Han" I introduced myself. 

    "I'm Strongclaw" he replied. 

    "How can you understand me?" I wanted to know from the bird. 

    "How can you understand me?" he wanted to know back. 

    I had no way of knowing. 

    Strongclaw hopped back onto the windowsill. 

    "Thank you" he squawked before flying off. 


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