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00 Saving Leilaka - Truth is a Complicated Business 

Truth is a Complicated Business

- Excerpt from Saving Leilaka

   "We see you as a Divine Being" Prahava informed me after a short period of silence. "What would you say is the Prescription to lead an honourable life?"

   "This is an interesting question I have not been asked before" I replied, taking a moment to formulate an answer.

   "It is my opinion that one should always live in a manner that is non-harming to yourself, nature, the animal kingdom or your fellow man" I replied with conviction.

   "If you live honourably, you should be able to expect others to do onto you as you would do onto your loved ones. That is a good rule to stick to, but I know it is a flawed rule, for there are dishonourable people out there and you must always be alert.

   Live in truthfulness, for the Universe records everything, and you would never need to worry to remember lies" I laughed.

   Prahava did not think it funny and scowled at me. Okay, so he was not one for witticisms.

   "What about not disclosing the truth? Is that an untruth as well?" he asked. "Being a Diplomat, we do not disclose everything about ourselves or our countries. It is not in our best interest to allow other people to know everything about ourselves. It could become dangerous."

   "In this regard I am sure it is best not to disclose all of the truth. As you have seen, and come to experience from me, I cannot disclose everything I know, see or foresee to those around me. I only reveal that which they need to know. The rest I keep for myself."

   "This I have seen" Prahava confirmed. "You only tell us what you perceive we can handle, or are ready for. The rest you keep securely hidden behind shields not even I can infiltrate with my gift of clairvoyance."

   He sighed, thinking about things. "Then if you say 'tell the truth', for me it means to disclose only that which is not going to harm anyone."

   I smiled. Truth was a complicated business. In my incarnated lives as Han Storm, in my Soul-span as Hanuman, I have always had to hide the Actual Truth. For many reasons; from silly ones such as people not wanting to accept my truth, to being persecuted for who I truly am. It had never been the ideal to reveal all that I was, all that I knew, and even here on Leilaka, I constantly used illusion in different forms to hide myself, the truth about MySelf, and the truth these people did not need to know.

   "You are absolutely correct. We get different kinds of Truth" I told Prahava. "Your truth, my truth and the Actual Truth are just part of it."

   To this he responded with a deepening frown.

   "The Public Truth is what we allow others to know and see about ourselves" I continued with my explanation. "That is our public personality or public appearance.

   The Personal Truth is what we know about ourselves; that which we are not willing to disclose to outsiders, but willing to disclose to our family or very close friends.

   Then you get your Internal Truth. This is what you know about yourself and will never share with anyone else. It is also what you believe to be your Truth."

   "And the Actual Truth is as it has been recorded by the Record-Keepers" Prahava concluded.

   "Correct. The Cosmic Truth includes all of these different perceptions as well as the Actual Truth. This is where those that know how to use the Recording Halls, can go to in order to see or find the Actual, emotionless, unabridged Truth about a situation."

   "Only when you are allowed, and I am not" Prahava stated.

   More sighing followed from both of us. The Universe was a complex place.

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