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Lifetimes Differ

Excerpt from Saving Leilaka


When my loved ones were finally asleep in the tent, I sat down by the fire, contemplating the workload that was ahead of me.

   I felt lost, unable to focus, as if this life had been but a fleeting dream and that I was about to awaken in an alternate reality in a Pod, somewhere in another Universe.

   Touching the medallion around my neck, I reflected on the silver it was made from. It was a talisman, a jewel reminding me of my origins, of my previous life as Han Storm and what I had to give up there to assist my people, to assist Creatans.

   In this life as Krish I was luckier, or unlucky, depending on the situation. This was a more normal life for me. One in which I could enjoy domestic bliss, but was still expected to do my Universal Duties.

   I had a wife, a child, friends and all sorts of pets, small and great, to keep me occupied, to make me laugh, to allow me to love them to my heart's content.

   Turning the medallion around in my hand, I thought that Krish's body did not respond to metal as Han's body did. This body could not even incorporate foreign substances to enhance energetic performance.

   I was unable to blend silver, copper and gold into my vibrations as I used to do.

   It felt unfair not to be able to do so. Not to be able to Teleport in the blink of an eye. Not to have all my Cosmic functions available to me in this form of Krish.

   I had to do everything the hard human way, and I found it distasteful to do so.

   Actually, downright humiliating.

   Or should it be humbling?

   I was supposed to have this human experience in this lifetime, but still being expected to perform Universal work when asked to do so, from a limited body that could not do all I was asked to do.

   I missed my previous life. I missed my home. I missed being the powerful being I used to be.

   Here, I was a mere human, having a human experience, and I was discontent with it!

   Ragghwaart joined me at the fire, tossing another log on before sitting down.

   "We are going to have some more snow before morning" he reflected, watching the sky that had opened a bit this afternoon.

   I did not reply. It might be the last snow we would experience.

   It was up to me, little human Krish, to prevent a cataclysmic event and ensure that their perfect little lives went on, undisturbed!

   "Moira explained to Raman what you need to do" Ragghwaart informed me, watching the pained expression on my face.

   "She also said she has the fullest confidence that you can make the threat go away."

   I sat up straight, hugging my body.

   I was cold.

   "I am not an all-powerful being" I hissed at him. "I am not a god!"

   "That we know" Ragghwaart acknowledged, heating his hands by holding them near the flames.

   "But you do know things we do not and you are the only one who can save Leilaka" he insisted.

   "I know" I sighed at him, seeing in my mind's eye what needed to be done when we reached Glyden. I had already started on the planning.

   Some specialized items were needed, but I felt confident that we would find everything in Hannahushah.

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