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Death: Guiding Them Home

Excerpt from Saving Leilaka


Moira and I blended in flight, our hearts feeling as if it had been run through with a blade.

    We faltered, tumbling from the sky to hit the trees before crashing to the ground.

    I could hear Habieb shouting at me. I heard Lance's inquiring rumble as he sat down next to his mate.

    Keeping my eyes closed, ignoring Habieb, I allowed my consciousness to rush towards the area of the tragedy . . .


    Krishten and Tornique lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the ravine near Longhorn, their bodies a tangled mass of broken flesh. Both bodies had perished, their spirit forms standing watching in stunned surprise at the gruesome sight.

    "Krishten" I alerted my daughter, making her aware that I was there with her.

    "Daddy?" she asked. "Is this how it is when you are no longer in your body, when you walk in Astral?"

    "No, Honey. Your particle cord has been severed. Can you not see that your body is dead?"

    "Really?" she inquired in shock, watching Kaleb unbuckling her crushed form from her Huracan's saddle, dragging it away from the carcass. "But we did not mean to crash. Tornique's wing snapped with the stress of the sudden change of direction I asked of her, and . . . now we're . . . dead?"

    Feeling her regret, I came to stand by her, gently touching her with my hand which she grabbed, hanging on securely.

    "I was not aware that one could feel in the spirit world?" she asked.

    "It is still just energy and when you vibrate at the same level, you can feel the impulses in an energetic way" I told her, watching Kaleb cuddle his sister to his chest, crying despondently over her.

    "Is there anything else you wish to see before being taken home?" I asked her.

    "I would not be able to stand their sadness. No, I want to say goodbye to Tornique and then leave to the Lands Beyond. I do not wish to stay and say goodbye to anyone else. You are with me now in any case."

    "Come then" I told her, gently pulling her to where her Huracan's spirit was waiting for us.

    She hugged the animal with one hand, refusing to let go of our connection.

    At last she relinquished her hold on Tornique before turning to me.

    "Where will she go?" she wanted to know.

    "To Huracan heaven and you will go to the Higher Entities of Leilaka. Come."

    I walked her towards the Light Portal that is always available when a pure one's particle path had been severed.

    She stopped in front of it.

    "Are you leaving me here?" she wanted to know.

    "No, I will walk you over. I am allowed in both worlds at the same time. That is my function. That is what I do best."

    Hooking her arm through mine, we walked into the tunnel of bright light as so many people had recounted after being returned from so-called near death experiences.


    Upon reaching the inner area of what is commonly known as the Astral Planes, or Pre-Heaven, we arrived at a Holding Area.

    People who had passed over unassisted, yet believed in an after-life, were diverted to this area when they were not quite sure where to go. Most people that were on the verge of Passing Over had their loved-ones (that had gone before them) available to assist them through the transition from physical back into the True Worlds, or Spirit Realms.

    Every Holding Area would be different to every individual, in accordance to how they imagined Life after Death.

    In my daughter's instance, if she had made this journey alone, it would have been a familiar area that was related to what could have been found on Leilaka. As most people would associate with their previous physical surroundings, it would be similar to their environment, just a spiritual place and not a physical one.

    Heaven knows, the change from the physical to spiritual or energetic was big enough not to have to land in a totally alien space as well!

    This specific Holding Area was seen by many Leilakans as similar to an area where a person would await the attention of a healer or to visit the king, normally with the person that had passed as the only occupant.

    As I was in attendance with eons of experience, my perceptions were included in Krishten's, and she saw as I saw, the Tunnel of Light being the entrance to a large, unimposing grey hall lined with benches against the walls and standing back-to-back in a line in the middle.

    All sorts of entities, still portraying themselves as they had been in their physical lives, patiently waited for the Angelic Beings to come and assist them in order to find their place in this new vibrational phase.

    I did not have time to wait for someone to come and assist us, walking through to the front, keeping hold of Krishten that was amazed at everything happening around her.

    We stopped in front of a desk where an Angel attended us.

    "Please state your business" it asked, smiling kindly down at Krishten that still portrayed her body form of twelve years old.

    "Krishten Dameous, accidental death. I am Hanuman and bringing her to the Higher Worlds."

    "Granted" the Angel replied after checking against a list before opening a doorway for us.

    As we passed unhindered into the Land of the Golden Light, Kristen pulled at my hand and I stopped to look at her.

    "Who are those people?" she wanted to know.

    "They are the Keepers of the Gates. They allow those in whose bodies cannot be saved. Some of the people that are still there in the waiting rooms have bodies that are in some form of comatose state. They are waiting in an in-between world, either to move on or to return to their bodies.

    There are even specially trained people that come and assist them with their choices if they so wish. They just need to ask."

    "Where are you taking me now? I do not know anyone that had died before me?"

    "You have to report to the Counsellors at the Memory Halls. They will take you through your memories of this lifetime in order for you to judge yourself. You may choose whether this had been a good life or not. Whichever way, they will go through it with you step-by-step before you will be allowed to become your true self again."

    "My true spirit form and not my planet identity, who I had pretended to be for a little while?"

    "That is correct. Here we are. They are already waiting for you."

    We stopped inside the passage that led to the Meeting Halls that served as Judgement or Memory Halls as well.

    A Counsellor portraying human form came over to us, gently smiling down at her.

    "You must be Krishten. I am Joël, your Counsellor, and I will assist you through the procedures that are to follow."

    Joël looked up at me. "You have brought her here speedily at her request. I have been asked to inform you that you should wait here while proceedings are under way."

    I nodded, knowing that no-one except her Cosmic Guardian, Counsellor and/or Guideline Representative was allowed to stand with her before the Council.

    I waited in the hallway for an extended period, eventually going outside to sit on the stairs leading to these Halls. Watching the people coming and going about their business, wondering if Kaleb and Merrykara were coping.

    I kept my own human heartache in check. It was not as if I was separated from Krishten. It was not as if I could not come and visit her whenever I wanted to.

    She had a good life, even if it was a short one, accidentally and brutally ended by a stupid, childish mistake.

    Everyone did these things at times. Just sometimes it ended in disaster and the body perishes in the process. "


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